Monday, December 7, 2015

The Voice: Season 9 The Top 9.... It's the Semi Finals

Team Blake: Barrett Baber sang Ghost by Ella Henderson-- That was rough cause I love Barrett, but I didn't love that song for him. Gwen thought it was a powerful performance. Adam found the song choice unpredictable and thought that it was the right move for right now.

Team Adam: Shelby Brown sang Even God Must Get the Blues by JoDee Messina-- Wow, what a touching performance and at the perfect time. Adam was on his feet, and rightfully so, she did everything she could. Blake said she sang beautifully, perfectly in time and in tune, so good. Pharrell said she connected to the moment so well. Gwen said it was her favorite Shelby performance. Adam said you have driven me so crazy, and she said, the feeling is mutual. Adam told everyone to vote her through because she deserves to be in the finale.

Team Gwen: Jeffery Austin sang Believe by Cher-- I loved this performance, he took a meaningless song, and made it important. I loved the vocal interpretation, I loved how he made this a classic ballad. Jeffery does deserve to be here, and I hope he moves on to the finals. Gwen said obviously he is going through to final, vote for this guy please.

Team Gwen: Braiden Sunshine sang Amazing Grace-- I think Braiden did a great job, I think what this comes down to is that everyone cannot get through and therefore it's going to come down to who is the strongest and most relevant. Adam said your journey on the show has been so unique. You've proven you can do anything. Pharrell said this kid has given so much hope to younger kids. Gwen said to watch you get up there, you did this so beautifully. It was so spiritual.

Team Blake: Zach Saebaugh sang The Climb by Miley Cyrus-- I love the sincerity of Zach's vocals and his performance, I really felt that what came from him tonight was genuine. What a beautiful and strong vocal, when he said keep the faith, I believed him. Gwen said that was so good and that was one of my favorite songs ever. I have a feeling that you are going through for sure. Adam said everyone tonight is so special and poised tonight. Blake said whatever happens, that was your best performance of the season.

Team Pharrell: Madi Davis sang Big Girls Don't Cry by Four Seasons-- I like Madi but I didn't think that there was enough to this song and this performance to keep her in the competition. She sang "big girls don't cry" over and over again. Adam liked that this was expected and called it awesome. Blake called it a Disney movie.

Team Blake: Emily Ann Roberts sang 9 to 5 by Dolly Parton-- Gwen thought her vocal was crazy and loved the spunky side of her. Blake said if I was someone who owned a record company, I would be calling around for you. I too loved Emily Ann, I thought she was great, so engaging, and such a professional in terms of stage presence. I know I have mentioned that about other contestants but Emily has that in spades.

Team Adam: Amy Vachal sang To Make You Feel My Love by Bob Dylan-- I need to agree with Adam tonight, he always makes such good points. Amy shut down the entire audience she had tonight, everyone stopped to hear her perform and it was not disappointing, rather it was so beautiful. Pharrell said your voice seems like it is made of what clouds are made of. With all the crazy things going on in the world, we need your voice for clarity. Adam said we did what we wanted to do tonight, this room completely stopped and was silent. What you do is refreshingly raw and honest.

Team Adam: Jordan Smith sang Somebody to Love by Queen-- Oh my gosh, whenever I think I cannot be moved more by Jordan Smith, I am moved more. Jordan's vocals, his heart, his everything just transcend everything else. Adam was up screaming, pumping his fists, and he declared it a drop the mic moment, which it was. If Jordan does not get in, there is no justice in this world.

My prediction for the top 4........
Jordan Smith
Emily Ann Roberts
Amy Vachal
Zach Seabaugh

Monday, November 30, 2015

The Voice: Season 9 The Top 10 Try to Make the Semis

Team Gwen: Jeffery Austin sang Jealous by Labrinth-- I love this guy, I just felt the song went around in circles. The song wasn't my favorite, but Jeffery is amazing and I hope people appreciate him enough to vote him through. Gwen said we struggled to find a song for you, and it was perfect for you. I disagree Gwen, that was not a great song choice.

Team Blake: Emily Ann Roberts sang She's Got You by Patsy Cline-- This performance I am loving! Her voice is pitch perfect and so clear. Emily has such great performance quality, and she already seems like a country star. Coach Blake is on his feet! Pharrell said that was fantastic, and she sings with such an old soul. the fact that that is in a 17 year old girl is impressive. Adam said you were good when you started, now you're phenomenal. Blake said I have never had a better collaborator than working with Emily Ann.

Team Gwen: Braiden Sunshine sang Radioactive by Imagine Dragons-- I am very mixed on this performance. I like the idea of the song, and Braiden seemed genuinely excited to do it. That being said, I don't think he had the range or dynamics to make the vocal really pop. Gwen said every week you improve and you were so relaxed tonight, everybody loves you.

Team Adam: Shelby Brown sang Go Rest High on That Mountain by Vince Gill-- Very heartfelt and authentic performance from Shelby. She does seem to get stronger as a competitor every week. Pharrell said this was her best performance, and she connected to the intention of the person who wrote the song.

Team Gwen: Korin Bukowski sang Same Old Love by Selena Gomez-- I actually really like this performance, and I feel like Korin improved immensely from one week to the next. She really stepped it up in terms of performance value an vocals. There was a lot more conviction and sass.

Team Adam: Amy Vachal sang Bye Bye Bye by NSYNC-- Adam said the way you sing these songs is creative and you should be rewarded. I didn't love this as much as I loved Hotline Bling but this was good. Amy should move through to the Semis.

Team Adam: Jordan Smith sang Hallelujah by Jeff Buckley-- Wow, I loved all the personal touches that Jordan put into that performance and vocal. Once again, everyone is on their feet, and so rightfully so. Jordan, if that doesn't hit number one, I do not know what will. Blake said every time you get on the stage we have the same response. Pharrell said there is not much we can do to compliment what you do, the best word to describe it is effortless. Adam said I had a taping of this I was watching and it literally gave me chills. You lift me every time I hear you sing, it is an experience. You are beyond what I ask for and you astonish me every single day.

Team Blake: Zach Seabaugh sang Crazy Little Thing Called Love by Queen-- Zach is a natural born performer and vocalist. I feel like he and Emily Ann should be co-headlining their own tour. The vocals were so good, I could see him on Broadway, I could see him doing his own country album. I think sky is the limit for him. Adam said it is a shame you have no confidence, awesome job. Blake said I don't think we have ever heard the screaming from girls we have heard here before. I am going out on a limb here but I will see you in the finale.

Team Pharrell: Madi Davis sang Girls Just Want to Have Fun by Cyndi Lauper-- Blake and Pharrell on their feet. The vocal just blew the roof off the place. Madi sounded amazing, and her interpretation was so different. Adam said it is amazing to see how far everyone has some, weird, awesome version of the song... really beautiful. Gwen said you're amazing and talented, and I want to buy your album. Blake said I am about to download that. Pharrell said that was sick.

Team Blake: Barrett Baber sang I Just Want to Lay You Down by Conway Twitty-- I think this was one of my fave Barrett performances because it was super controlled on the vocal yet powerful. Adam said that was my fave performance from you in a while, it really went back to your roots, it was real and it was you. Blake said top ten on Itunes, I have never heard you sing better than that. What a great moment.

My prediction: Someone from Team Gwen is going home

Monday, November 23, 2015

The Top 11 Live! Season 9 The Voice

Team Adam: Shelby Brown sang You and I by Lady Gaga-- Dynamite song choice and amazing vocal. I was so impressed with Shelby tonight, I think Adam knows she nailed this, her voice was so good throughout all those big parts. Blake said that was my favorite performance from you so far. Pharrell said you came out like a cannon, you were comfortable with this performance. Gwen said she felt that was one of her songs. Adam said Shelby, you're the best.

Team Pharrell: Evan McKeel sang Smile by Charlie Chaplin-- I feel like besides Evan having such a great voice, he also seems like such a great person. There is something so genuine and like-able about Evan, it's quite special. Gwen said it was her favorite Evan performance. Blake said he is such a professional, Pharrell said he sounded great like always, but he let people in, and he feels like he really connected with people.

Team Blake: Barrett Baber sang Delta Dawn by Tanya Tucker-- I enjoyed his vocal. I am unsure whether or not I feel that song was special enough for people to remember it. He is strong enough as a performer, powerful enough as a vocalist. Adam said you're awesome, energetic, a showman, very fun. Blake said you took as all to church. #StorageWars

Team Gwen: Korin Bukowski sang Only Hope by Mandy Moore-- I think she may have saved herself. I believed her performance, and I believed every single word. That was genuine and heartfelt, and she should be really proud of how she stepped up. Adam praised her individuality and said he is proud of her. Pharrell said you recognize the importance of being yourself. Gwen said she is so happy for her.

Team Adam: Amy Vachal sang Blank Space by Taylor Swift-- Amy is just so special, I loved the way she and Adam flipped this song. It honestly sounded like this was her song because it was just so different from the original. Her vocal was perfect too, not too much, but just enough. Blake said I love the flips you guys are doing, and I thought this was my favorite one because I could hear the bottom part of your voice, great singing sis. Pharrell said the performance framed her voice so well, go on Itunes and buy this. Adam said the way you won this season is by taking your own approach on songs. I love your artistry, I'm so proud.

Team Blake: Zach Seabaugh sang Are You Gonna Kiss Me or Not by Thompson Square-- I just feel like every time I watch and hear Zach perform that I am at his concert. Blake is on his feet and as he should be, this was genius yet again. Gwen said perfect song for you, I am a huge fan of yours. Adam said, it's a shame the girls don't like you. You have the chops, and you can sing, it kinda pisses me off a little. Blake said he thinks there is a little bit of Elvis in him, and great vocals tonight.

Team Pharrell: Madi Davis sang Love is Blindness by U2-- The vocal was haunting, but yet so real,  I think I need to echo Adam's sentiment and say that I did not realize she had that in her. I loved it. Adam loved it and said it was amazing, and that he didn't know that she had it in her. Blake said that was the best performance of the night so far. Pharrell walked onto the stage to give her a hug when the performance was over. He said that was so amazing.

Team Gwen: Braiden Sunshine sang True by Spandau Ballet-- I think he honestly did as best he could with that song. I agree with Blake, it was an odd song choice. However, I do like the pairing between Braiden and Gwen. I thought that there were a lot of good moments in that song but whether or not that will get him through is another story. Pharrell said the big note in the middle of the song was crazy, there's so much control in your voice. Gwen said I am just blown away by you, and I love you.

Team Adam: Jordan Smith sang Who You Are by Jessie J-- Jordan did it again! I think I held my breath for his entire performance. I could tell that the lyric genuinely spoke not only to Jordan but so many other people. Adam was on his feet, Jordan's mom was crying. Pharrell said it is so effortless when you sing, people feel it, and they feel your intention. Gwen said it is hard to speak after that, how great is it for you to use your gift like that, I am so happy for you. Adam said Jordan has an insecurity and he doesn't think he is as good at performing as everyone else. But he said, Jordan, you are one of the best performers I know because you sing like you do, and you sing with so much conviction that you keep everyone listening, everyone is mesmerized by you.

Team Blake: Emily Ann Roberts sang Why Not Me by The Judds-- I think whether or not Emily Ann wins this, she is going to have a definite career in music. I loved the arrangement. Pharrell said you have a super classic feel, your runs are so clean, and who are you? Blake said you are going to be around for a long time. She just did a blue grass version of a Judds song live on national television.

Team Gwen: Jeffery Austin sang Dancing on My Own by Robyn-- Another extremely believable vocal. This is a song I have loved since it came home, and to hear this version of was really exciting. Jeffery's vocals were on point, and I think he really showed some emotion in this performance because I was totally feeling him. Adam said I always look forward to hearing you sing, there's something about your voice, you can't teach the unique quality you have. Blake said Jeffrey could win The Voice. Gwen said I love you, I'm blown away, you moved me to tears, I am so grateful to know you and be a part of this.

Monday, November 16, 2015

The Top 12 Live! on The Voice Season 9

Team Gwen: Braiden Sunshine sang Renegade by Styx-- I think Braiden has a great voice and a ton of talent. I question the song selection and whether or not that was right for him. Adam said he loves watching Braiden and that being in a band since he was 9 is bad-ass. Blake echoed the sentiment. Pharrell said you can do anything you want. Gwen said he was confident he wanted to do a rock song, and she said she is proud of him and that he was so brave tonight.

Team Adam: Amy Vachal sang Hotline Bling by Drake-- Super hot performance! Adam's song choice was ingenious. Amy sounded amazing, it was understated but strong. Blake said that song is so big, even he knows it, and he said Gwen sang it to him on The Tonight Show. Pharrell said this is your moment, Amy, you always make songs yours, not many people have that ability. Gwen said, you look so pretty, amazing idea, I thought it was gorgeous. Adam said you made a brave choice in listening to me. You did something bold, I want that version of that song in my life.

Team Pharrell: Mark Hood sang Against All Odds by Phil Collins-- I loved all the vocal acrobatics Mark did throughout that song. I don't think it was necessarily the right song for him, but I felt like he gave it everything that he had. Adam said you want this badly, almost more than anyone. You have a great voice, but it's so inspiring to see you give 200% every time you come out on stage. Pharrell said you gave them another side to you, and you deserve to be here for another week.

Team Blake: Emily Ann Roberts sang Blame it on Your Heart by Patty Loveless-- I was not a huge Emily Ann fan, last week, I wanted Morgan Frazier in that top three for Team Blake more than anything, and now I watch Emily Ann this week, and I see amazing poise, maturity, and growth. I am glad she's there. Gwen said you are so good, it's like you're a star already. Adam said you're awesome, this person has grown up before our eyes. Blake said you've always been a great singer but now you're finding that out about yourself. You're treating this like it's your stage.

Team Gwen: Korin Bukowski sang Titanium by Sia-- I definitely felt like she rocked that lyric. It was very Korin. There was a little bit of pitchiness. Blake said you are so unassuming, and he thought she nailed the lyric. Pharrell said it was cool to see you live that moment. Gwen said that song was written for your life, beyond cool. At the end you nailed the vocals and showed your range.

Team Blake: Barrett Baber sang Right Here Waiting by Richard Marx-- I loved the country version of that song. Barrett just has a knockout voice, it's so strong, and emotional, and genuine. Adam said he loves how he attacks every song. He loves his determination and passion. Blake said what comes out of you is real, and you are a great singer.

Team Pharrell: Madi Davis sang Who Will Save Your Soul by Jewel-- I was half and half on that performance. The vocal was amazing at certain points, but at other points there were awkward breaks.  Blake said Madi you have snuck up on me at different points in this competition. Pharrell said you know exactly what you want to do.

Team Gwen: Jeffrey Austin sang Let it Go by James Bay-- Adam was totally right, he said Jeffrey's voice is so strong and he has become one of the best voices in this competition. Adam believes he could win, I agree, I think he is in the thick of it. Blake said that he has an average voice in comparison to Jeffrey. Jeffrey has a confidence about him when it comes to his voice that isn't obvious. I love it.

Team Adam: Shelby Brown sang In Color by Jamey Johnson-- Shelby's voice is huge, it has almost no limit in terms of her vocal range and ability. I loved the emotion she poured into this song. Wow! Blake said her voice is so powerful. Adam said I am glad Blake brought up that you got ahead of the band. You recovered with a powerful note, you made a mistake and came back with maybe your best moment on the show.

Team Pharrell: Evan McKeel sang This is It by Kenny Loggins-- Evan's vocal is always great. I just didn't care for the song choice. Evan should go through on pure vocal talent alone, but I felt like the song was too karaoke. He does deserve it as Pharrell said, and he did go out there with his heart. Gwen thought he sounded so free tonight.

Team Adam: Jordan Smith sang Great is Thy Faithfulness-- I just have to stand up because this was so moving and gorgeous. I literally felt like I was listening to him pray. How simple, poignant, and yet powerful. That was beautiful. Adam went up and hugged him, and all the coaches were on their feet. Blake said after everything that happened this past weekend over in Paris, thank you for that, that was beautiful. Pharrell said I was standing up in the middle of the song, go to Itunes and buy this song from this guy. Adam said there is so much about the world that can be confusing and sad, and we listen to you sing and there is so much hope, thank you Jordan,

Team Blake: Zach Seabaugh sang My Love by Little Texas-- I can already see this guy playing stadiums, he has the x-factor. He seems really comfortable and so ready as a performer, I can almost hear the type of record he would put out. Pharrell said the range you have is so crazy, you're a pro, and you're 17. Gwen said your stage presence is so seasoned, and you have so much confidence; I think you're gonna be a huge star. Adam said last week was a break out, but I loved seeing this side of you and what you can do. I don't think you can do any wrong. Blake said I feel like you could walk out this door and into a tour bus and go on your own headlining tour.

Bottom Three: Braiden, Madi, and Korin or Evan

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

The Voice Season 9: Live Again! Team Blake and Team Pharrell

Team Pharrell: Darius Scott sang Love Lockdown by Kanye West-- I loved the beginning, there were a lot of interesting choices, but I felt like it fell apart in the second half, and I wasn't an interested and intrigued. I agree with Adam, his vocal choices were cool and soulful, but again, I felt it came undone in the second half. Blake said he has never heard that song but is buying Darius's version.

Team Blake: Ivonne Acero sang One of Us by Joan Osbourne-- I don't know if this is necessarily the right song for her. That being said, she sang it really well. Gwen felt she was confident on the stage, and so strong and sure. Adam said she keeps getting better and she has grown in such a short amount of time. Blake said you're not a shy performer anymore, enjoy this moment.

Team Blake: Morgan Frazier sang Lips of an Angel by Hinder-- A star is born, I loved this performance, everything about it, killer vocals, crazy emotion, and pure power. She needs to move on. Pharrell said he knows why Blake snatched her to be back on his team. Blake said, you're like a country standard to me on the stage already. He said, if you don't make it through, people must be full of hate.

Team Pharrell: Evan McKeel sang Overjoyed by Stevie Wonder-- This was literally one of the best performances I've ever watched live on The Voice. I love the way Evan expressed himself. Gwen told him to watch his stage presence. Blake said the way you were able to navigate through that melody was incredible. Pharrell said, there were great notes you hit, I read your body language as genuine. I loved your honesty.

Team Pharrell: Madi Davis sang Song Bird by Fleetwood Mac-- I actually dug that performance too, it was very melodic and rhythmical. Adam said you just kinda popped up on my radar. Pharrell said you're 16, so talented beyond your years.

Team Pharrell: Celeste Betton (comeback artist) sang Something in the Water by Carrie Underwood-- I was a little bit confused with the beginning of the song, but in the end, she really brought it together. I loved how by the end, she found her voice. The vocal was beautiful. Pharrell said I have faith people are going to vote for you.

Team Blake: Zach Seaubaugh sang Brand New Girlfriend by Steve Holy-- I am loving his charisma, you need to have personality to sell this song, and he sold it. This was one of the best performances on the night, he has it in spades. Adam said you did everything you did really well, you have that thing, congratulations. Blake said I think you just bought yourself a ticket to the lives from here on out.

Team Pharrell: Riley Biedier sang It Should Have Been Us by Tori Kelly-- Gwen said she misses her and loved her confidence. Pharrell said you always had a great voice, I thought you fought. Okay, so I love that Tori Kelly song, she is major right now! I felt like Riley was definitely fighting, however, I did not feel that she was confident in the big notes. I felt like she hesitated and therefore, it didn't sound as good as it could have. She has tons of potential.

Team Blake: Nadjah Nicole (comeback artist) sang Upside Down by Diana Ross--  I felt like she was straight up channeling Diana Ross, she brought soul and rhythm. She really came alive in the second part of the song, and I think she made herself a contender to move on. Adam said I thoroughly enjoyed myself, thank you for that. Blake said I liked seeing you in this moment.

Team Blake: Emily Ann Roberts sang In the Garden-- I liked it but I was really distracted by her closing her mouth on a lot of the notes, and it sounded like "e" a lot. I think she has a sweet yet strong voice. Adam said the performance was so pure.

Team Pharrell: Mark Hood sang What Do You Mean? by Justin Bieber-- Totally wrong song for him. I think that song is way too simple, I would have had Mark sing Usher, Chris Brown, Marvin Gaye, that's his jam, not a Justin Bieber song. Adam said that was awesome. Blake said you sounded amazing, great job.

Team Blake: Barrett Baber sang I Drive Your Truck by Lee Brice-- Gwen said there is so much emotion, and you give so much of yourself and it's very powerful. Adam said I believe what you do is really powerful, and you have so much passion and belief in what you do. Blake said the only other artist I have seen give that much of themselves in a performance is Garth Brooks. I was overcome with emotion watching Barrett perform. I know a lot of people don't see the significance of that song, but it's about your memory of someone after you've lost them.

Team Blake moving forward: Barrett, Zach, Morgan..... long shot Emily Ann or Nadjah
Team Pharrell moving forward: Evan, Riley, Mark... long shot Madi

Monday, November 9, 2015

The Voice Season 9: And We're Live! (And "Comeback" Artists)

Team Adam and Team Gwen perform tonight!

Team Adam: Blaine Mitchell sang Never Tear Us Apart by Inxs-- That performance was so powerful. Blaine sounded like the lead singer of a great rock band like Queen Blake said it's hard to believe that you used to do country music. Pharrell said it felt like he wrote the song. Gwen said I love how free you are, that was the perfect song for you. Adam said I could not be prouder as a coach.

Team Gwen: Regina Love sang Hello by Adele-- Love Regina, and love this song, but I am unsure whether or not it was the right thing for her to sing. I felt like her voice cracked a lot. Gwen said she is glad to take this journey with her, and Adam said he misses her. She might be going home after this performance.

Team Adam: Keith Semple sang To Be With You by Mr. Big-- I love that song, and Keith is such an amazing singer that it sounded great. Gwen said Keith did a really great job with that song. Adam thought it showed Keith's identity.

Team Adam: Shelby Brown sang You're No Good by Linda Ronstadt-- Shelby crushed this! I feel like it was as good as the original, if not better. She has a strong voice. Blake said he is upset that Shelby is not on his team. Adam said her ability at 17 is a testament to how talented and special she is.

Team Gwen: Korin Bukowski sang Adia by Sara McLachlan-- I think this was a weird song choice, it was very boring, and I didn't feel like it showcased Korin's voice. In fact, it may have even exposed some of the weaknesses in her voice. Blake said she connected with the song, I didn't love it, I don't know what Blake is talking about.

Team Gwen: Ellie Lawrence (comeback artist) sang X's and O's by Elle King-- Adam said she picked a great time to have her best performance. Blake said it was his favorite performance of the night. Pharrell said congratulations. Gwen said it was awesome because she manned the stage and gave her personality. It felt like her show. Well Blake, it was a great performance but it wasn't the best of the night. I would say it was the best Team Gwen performance thus far.

Team Gwen: Jeffrey Austin sang Say You Love Me by Jesse Ware-- Adam said Jesse has it all, and he could win this whole thing. Pharrell said easily the best performance of the night, and you did the right thing by taking an emotional path, the dynamics were great. Gwen said, what was that? You were an artist.I think Jeffrey was one of the best performers and vocalists of the night. I feel like he has as powerful a voice as someone like a Sam Smith. Jeffrey could go far in this competition if America takes to him.

Team Gwen: Braiden Sunshine sang Everything I Own by Bread-- Adam said his wife is obsessed with him more than he feels comfortable with. Adam said it was like he wanted to do more than what the song would allow him to do. Blake said you have been one of my favorites since the battle rounds, and I do get what Adam was saying. I agree with Adam. I think he needed a stronger and better song, but I like him.

Team Adam: Amy Vachal sang The Way You Look Tonight by Frank Sinatra-- Blake said please do a Christmas album someday. He said that was really good, it felt like home to me. Pharrell said congratulations, that was effortless, those super colorful runs. I feel like you could win, you're awesome. Adam said that was not The Voice, that was watching an artist perform. I am so thrilled for you. Amy absolutely lit up the stage, that was so beautiful and Pharrell is right, so effortless.

Team Gwen: Viktor Kiraly sang All Around the World by Lisa Stansfield-- I liked Viktor's performance but not as much as I thought I would. The high notes were a little too high. Adam said I miss you, but I am super proud and happy for you, you did an amazing job. Gwen said Viktor that was crazy, you did so good. Blake started talking about how Team Gwen is whooping Team Adam.

Team Adam: Chance Pena (comeback artist) sang Barton Hollow by The Civil Wars-- I loved loved that performance! That was just so authentic, and I loved it. His voice was so on point, and I thought the style of the song suited him so much. Blake said he gave everything to that performance. That was such a sweet performance, I think it kicked the ass of anything Gwen's team did.

Team Adam: Jordan Smith sang Halo by Beyonce-- And everyone is on their feet and should be! Jordan is so so special, I don't care if Adam doesn't want to cry, I am going to cry cause he is so good and he gives so much every time. The emotions are just overflowing. Pharrell said God has signed your voice, that's crazy. Gwen said that felt so good. Adam said, you're a figure everyone is so drawn to you. I am honored to be a part of it man.

Team Gwen moving forward: Jeffrey, Braiden, and Viktor-- long shot is Ellie
Team Adam moving forward: Jordan, Amy, third spot is between Chance and Blaine

Monday, November 2, 2015

The Last Night of Knockouts on The Voice: Season 9

Team Adam: Shelby Brown sang Jesus Take the Wheel by Carrie Underwood versus James Dupre sang Sure Be Cool if You Did by Blake Shelton-- To put this very simply, Shelby took her performance to a different level than James. James' performance was very laid back, it's almost like it was the wrong song choice for a Knockout round. Shelby's vocal was effortless and soaring when she got into those runs.
My choice: Shelby
Adam's choice: Shelby

Team Pharrell: Mark Hood sang Stand by Me by Ben E. King versus Siahna Im sang Back to Black by Amy Winehouse-- Mark's performance was solid but uninteresting. The song was a little too big for him and went flat in several places, but Mark is the stronger singer here. The coaches were careful not to criticize Siahna, but she was probably too young for this point in the competition. Her vocal was all over the place. She just wasn't strong enough to get through this.
My choice: Mark
Pharrell's choice: Mark

Team Gwen: Jeffrey Austin sang Turning Tables by Adele versus Kota Wade sang Baracuda by Joan Jett -- I loved Jeffrey, his performance was very sincere and heartfelt. He did seem to connect to the song which was nice. Kota's performance was screechy at points, she seemed a little bit off key. Adam said Jeffrey has a very identifiable tone. Gwen said she was shocked at Kota's song choice but felt it reflected her personality. Gwen was blown away by Jeffrey because he let them into his heart today.
My choice: Jeffrey
Gwen's choice: Jeffrey

Team Blake: Emily Ann Roberts sang Cowboy Take Me Away by The Dixie Chicks versus Nadjah Nicole sang A Woman's Worth by Alicia Keys-- Gwen liked Emily Ann's intuition, and she likes how Nadjah is really into the song. Blake liked Emily Ann's sound and it looks like he is leaning towards her. I liked both of them, but I felt like Emily Ann was a little bit more clear about who she wants to be and that transparency made her the better choice.
My choice: Emily Ann
Blake's choice: Emily Ann

For Team Blake it was Zach Seabaugh over Chris Crump

Team Pharrell: Evan McKeel sang Dare You to Move by Switchfoot versus Tim Atlas sang Torn by Natalie Imbruglia-- I loved Evan's vocal so much, it was just so big and impressive. I like the inflections in Tim's voice, he is also really special. This is going to be a hard choice. Who has a steal left? Blake said Evan has so much energy and fire, and he said there is no one who sounds like Tim. Pharrell said Evan did the right thing not playing the guitar. Pharrell liked how Tim interpreted the song.
My choice: Evan but steal Tim
Pharrell's choice: Evan

Team Gwen: Regina Love sang Midnight Train to Georgia by Gladys Knight and the Pips versus Riley Biederer sang XO by Beyonce-- I was impressed with Riley. I wasn't expecting her to come that hard. It's never easy to do a Beyonce song because she is so special and stylized. She's Beyonce, but Riley brought so much of herself to this interpretation. Regina's voice is so rich, and she really sings like a professional. Gwen literally had tears in her eyes, she testified in that performance. Everyone was on their feet. Adam said, Regina I miss you, you just crushed this. Riley killed it too. Adam said it was impressed tremendously. Blake said Regina blew the roof off this place. Pharrell said Miss Regina you had people up on their feet and you were giving people goosebumps, and Riley there is no reason why you should go home. Gwen said Riley's voice is so unique, and Regina you're unbelievable, I love your spirit so much that I was brought to tears. Both of you should be on the show.
My choice: Gotta be both!
Gwen's choice: Regina
Pharrell stole Riley back!

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

The Voice: Season 9, I'm Loving the Battles!

Team Gwen: Korin Bukowski sang All I Want by Kodaline versus Summer Schappell sang Little White Church by Little Big Town-- Okay, wow, I was so into Summer's performance. I just found it catchy and full of energy. Adam said he would take Summer down to the little white church. Blake said Summer is an entertainer. Pharrell said Korin, it didn't require you to do a lot with your body, and Summer you were like a firecracker on stage.
My choice: Summer
Gwen's choice: Korin

Team Adam: Dustin Christensen sang Free by The Zac Brown Band versus Keith Semple sang I Wanna Know What Love Is by Foreigner-- I like Dustin, I think he is one of those artists that is underrated in this competition, and I felt like I didn't hear him til tonight. He turned out a solid performance and he related to the song. Keith was crazy! I loved his whole performance. Blake thought both guys were great. Pharrell said Dustin is a natural talent, and Keith you were really fighting. Gwen said Dustin's voice is beautiful and soothing, and Keith I love your personality, and your vibe and energy really comes through. Adam said Dustin you are an amazing singer, and Keith you called your spot, this was a ballsy move.
My choice: Wish it could be both, I lean more towards Keith
Adam's choice: Keith

Team Pharrell: Darius Scott sang On Broadway by George Benson versus Morgan Frazier sang Even If It Breaks Your Heart by The Eli Young Band-- The way that Darius's voice navigated this song was crazy. I think it goes to show you what great vocal control he has. Gosh, I think Blake should steal Morgan back, the coaches are all on their feet. Her vocals were ridiculous. Gwen said Darius was odd, amazing, and magic. Blake said everyone is stepping it up, Darius uses his vibrato to change notes, and Morgan you encompassed that song. Adam said he would probably choose Morgan. Pharrell said Darius you shared your ambition with the world, and Morgan you did exactly what I asked you to do.
My choice: Morgan
Pharrell's choice: Darius
Someone steal Morgan! Blake stole Morgan back!

Monday, October 26, 2015

It's Time for the Knockouts on The Voice: Season 9

Team Adam: Andi & Alex sang Stupid Boy by Keith Urban versus Blaine Mitchell sang Hold Back the River by James Bay-- I loved Blaine's performance, there was something so ethereal about it. I felt so much from his vocal and the performance was just genuine. I think this beats Andi & Alex by a mile. I like these two ladies, but Blaine is in another class. I think that the girls needed a more powerful song to beat Blaine. Blake said, I screwed up by letting you go Blaine. He commented on the twins voices but said that they needed a more dynamic song. Pharrell said there is so much more than we ever thought with you Blaine. Gwen thought Blaine's performance was incredible. Adam said the ladies shined on their own, and with Blaine he said his power is amazing.
My choice: Blaine
Adam's choice: Blaine

Team Gwen: Braiden Sunshine sang Feeling Good by Michael Buble versus Ellie Lawrence sang Cool for the Summer by Demi Lovato-- Braiden's voice is so pure, I swear he has perfect pitch. To be 15 and to be able to sound like this, musical prodigy! Wow!   Ellie's voice cracked a couple times, it slurred a little, and I felt like it was too gravelly. Adam said Braiden has grown incredibly, he commended Ellie for keeping it together, but he said this is Braiden's. Pharrell said who would have thought a 15 year old guy could take on a song like that; Ellie I thought you fought up there. Gwen said Ellie was a little off tonight, and she was so proud of Braiden and his choice of song and knowing who he is.
My choice: Braiden
Gwen's choice: Braiden

Team Blake: Barrett Baber sang Colder Weather by The Zac Brown Band versus Blind Joe Mama'a Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up to be Cowboys by Waylon Jennings and Willie Nelson-- Both of these guys are clearly pros. I think tonight Barrett beat Joe, his performance was slightly stronger than Joe's performance tonight. Pharrell said Joe took the song to different heights; he said Barrett you take people on an excursion every time you sing. Gwen said Joe's voice is so powerful but with Barrett, you naturally know who you are. Adam said Barrett is already established and so authentic, but he is also a fan of Joe's. Blake said that they have both overcome so much in their lives, and it makes him want to be a better man. Blake said he finds Barrett a little bit more polished.
My choice: Barrett
Blake's choice: Barrett

Team Pharrell: Madi Davis sang A Case of You by Joni Mitchell versus Amy Vachal sang A Sunday Kind of Love by Etta James--Amy's voice is absolutely hypnotic. I loved everything about her performance, and I definitely saw the influence Rihanna played in it. I didn't love Madi's performance for some reason, odd song choice. Adam said he turned into a huge Madi fan, he said Amy, one of my biggest regrets was not being able to turn for you. Blake said Amy, the notes you sing blow me away, and Madi you snuck up on me today. Pharrell said Madi there is something magical about where you take the song, and Amy is special.
My choice: Amy
Pharrell's choice: Madi
Someone steal Amy! Please! Adam and Blake are trying to get in on the steal for Amy. Adam said, I know your moves before you even make them baby! Blake then said are you really gonna choose Sinead O'Connor down there, he might have time for you after he is done with his Blue Man Group audition.
Amy chose Adam

Team Blake: Chance Pena sang Demons by Imagine Dragons versus Ivonne Acero sang Part of Me by Katy Perry-- I think Ivonne wins because she chose the better song. It really allowed her vocals to fly. Being that he is 15, Chance did really well, I think with that song, it was hard to hear his voice. Gwen said she wanted to get on stage and sing harmonies with Ivonne. Adam wanted Chance to have more of an emotional breakthrough and thought that the song was wrong. He said Ivonne has had an unbelievable amount of growth and loved her today. Blake said he got the two best steals in these two.
My choice: Ivonne
Blake's choice: Ivonne

Team Blake: Jordan Smith sang Set Fire to the Rain by Adele versus Viktor Kiraly sang If I Ain't Got You by Alicia Keys-- Oh my Lord! Jordan literally made me smile and cry at the same time. I loved Viktor too! Can both win? I didn't see any problems with either performance. Viktor's voice was powerful. Blake said Viktor I wasn't expecting that from you. Blake said Jordan that was one of the best vocals I have heard. Pharrell said Viktor was like a tiger and took it to the next level, and Jordan sang eloquently and effortlessly. Gwen said Viktor you are incredibly talented, and Jordan you're a freak of nature, I don't know how you are able to do what you do. Adam said Viktor struggled in practice but he came through today and did not get rattled. Adam said Jordan, we refer to you affectionately as the unicorn, no one has affected me like you have.
My choice: Both!
Adam's choice: Jordan
Someone steal Viktor please!
Jordan is backstage cheering as Viktor is stolen by Gwen!

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

The Last of the Battles on The Voice: Season 9

Team Adam: Amanda Ayala versus Shelby Brown singing Edge of Seventeen by Stevie Nicks-- I think I preferred Amanda's voice to Shelby's, I just found the tone pleasant. Pharrell said Shelby had big unapologetic notes, and he thought Amanda had so much control with her voice. Adam thought Shelby sassed it up and believed in herself.
My choice: Amanda
Adam's choice: Shleby

Team Pharrell: Amy Vachal versus Jubal and Amanda singing To Love Somebody by The Bee Gees-- I would find it tough to make a decision. I think Amanda has such a big strong voice. Gwen thought Jubal and Amanda's voices are so strong, and Amy's voice is so gentle. She thinks Amy on her own is a star. Adam said Amy shined on her own and she was awesome. Blake said Jubal and Amanda were better today than their blind audition. Blake said Amy, I am still heartbroken you didn't choose me, and I don't know how we move forward in this competition without you.
My choice: Amy
Pharrell's choice: Amy

The ones we never got to see:

Team Pharrell: Daria Jazmin versus Darius Scott singing Lean on Me by Bill Withers-- Pharrell chose Darius

Team Blake: Cole Criske versus Nadjah Nicole singing Hit Me Baby One More Time by Britney Spears-- Blake chose Nadjah

Team Gwen: Hannah Ashbrook versus Summer Schappell singing Leave the Pieces by The Wreckers--Gwen chose Summer

Team Blake: Emily Ann Roberts versus Morgan Frazier singing I'm That Kind of Girl by Patty Loveless-- Adam told Blake he was crazy for putting them together. Blake said Emily Ann matured, and he loved the big note Morgan did at the end.
My choice: Morgan
Blake's choice: Emily Ann
YES! And Pharrell uses his last steal for Morgan!

Faves of the night: Amy Vachal and Morgan Frazier

Monday, October 19, 2015

The Last Week of Battles on The Voice: Season 9

Team Blake: Blaine Mitchell versus Blind Joe singing Old Time Rock and Roll by Bob Seger-- I loved the way their personalities came out in the song. Both of them sounded great, very on point. I liked how Blind Job spoke throughout the performance. I honestly think both of these guys deserve to go forward. I also felt like both of them had a great deal of soul in their voices. Pharrell thought Blaine took it up a notch and he didn't except Joe to be as soulful as he was. Gwen loved how Blaine worked the stage, and she thinks Joe has such a gift. Adam loved how unruly the performance was, he said he loves Joe, but there was something revealing about Blaine. Blake asked Joe if he could borrow his cane to beat Adam, and he thought this was a tie.
My choice: Blaine but steal Joe
Blake's choice: Blind Joe
Someone steal Blaine! YES!!! Adam steals Blaine!

Team Adam: Cassandra Robertson versus Viktor Kiraly singing Nobody Knows by Kevin Sharpe-- I didn't love the song, but I thought these two vocalists did the best that they could with it. They blended well and made it seem easy. Blake said he is impressed with Cassandra, and he said Viktor was even more impressive for sticking with her. Pharrell said Cassandra was effortless and he would give it to her. Gwen thought Viktor had a beautiful voice, and she is blown away by Cassandra. Adam said not only are the technically amazing but they connected emotionally with the song.
My choice: Viktor
Adam's choice: Viktor

Team Gwen: Chase Kerby versus Korin Bukowski singing Samson by Regina Spektor-- Despite the fact that the song was so quiet, both of these singers were really powerful because of the performance and delivery. Adam liked Chase's falsetto and full voice but thought the transition was tough. He said Korin was gifted. Blake seemed to lean towards Chase and how emotional his voice was. Gwen found it intense, awesome, and so good.
My choice: Chase
Gwen's choice: Korin

Team Pharrell: Evan McKeel versus Riley Bieberer singing Higher Ground by Stevie Wonder-- I loved both of them, I thought they both kept making each other raise their game. It was fun to wtch. I definitely give the edge to Evan, he's not just a voice but a performer and a personality. Gwen loved Evan's presence. Adam thought both of them had triumphs but he would go with Evan. Blake loved Evan's performance but thought Riley's voice was more different.
My choice: Evan
Pharrell's choice: Evan
And Riley is stolen by Gwen! Yay!

Team Gwen: Braiden Sunshine versus Lyndsey Elm singing No One is to Blame by Howard Jones-- They were very well matched. I enjoyed both of them. Adam said you really cannot go wrong with either one of these people, no help for you Gwen. Blake said we have only seen the tip of the iceberg with Braiden, flip a coin Gwen. Pharrell said Braiden there is so much more behind you, and Lyndsey you colored the song beautifully. Gwen said Lyndsey your star came out tonight, and Braiden it's incredible to work with someone like you.
My choice: flip a coin, love them both
Gwen's choice: Braiden

Team Adam: Andi & Alex versus Chance Pena singing Wherever You Will Go by The Calling-- I love all of them, all three of them! Chance is a total heartthrob to me, I think he can go deep in this competition. Andi & Alex have something very special about them, the way they sound together is like nothing I've ever heard. Blake said he loves the sound of Chance's voice. Pharrell said when Andi & Alex sing, it is nothing short of magic. Chance you sound unbelievable and your voice lead in this performance. Gwen said you guys are magic, candy in my ears, Chance, I wish I could turn back time, I'd be losing my mind over you. Adam said Andi & Alex are so in sync, and he believes that a group should be born of the three of them.
My choice: Chance........ Andi & Alex
Adam's choice: Andi & Alex
Blake said you proved that you should be on this show, I missed it in the blinds, but I am not missing it here-- Blake stole Chance

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

The Battles Continue on The Voice Season 9

Team Adam: Keith Semple versus Manny Cabo singing Baba O'Riley by The Who-- Love both of these guys, someone has to steal one of them cause they are both too good to go anywhere. I love how they harmonized and fed off each other throughout the performance. The coaches were all on their feet. Blake said that was one of the best battles ever. Pharrell loved Keith's reaching notes, and he felt like Manny's voice is stratospheric. Gwen said Manny knows what he is doing, and she said Keith is a natural star. Adam said this was like a tennis match and the presence was felt on both sides.
My choice: Keith
Adam's choice: Keith

Team Blake: Chris Crump versus Krista Hughes singing When I Get Where I'm Going by Brad Paislet and Dolly Parton-- Pharrell said Chris's performance was strong. I actually preferred Chris here because I was more affected by his performance, it was emotional. Gwen thought Chris was better. Adam said the battle was exceptional.
My choice: Chris
Blake's choice: Chris

Team Pharrell: Madi Davis versus Sydney Rhame singing Riptide by Vance Joy, Pharrell chose Madi Davis
Team Gwen: Alex Kandel versus Kota Wade singing It's My Life by No Doubt, Gwen chose Kota Wade
Team Gwen: Jeffrey Austin versus Noah Jackson singing I Can't Feel My Face by the Weeknd, Gwen chose Jeffrey

Team Pharrell: Ivonne Acero versus Siahna Im singing You Keep Me Hanging On by The Supremes-- I like both ladies. They both need some refining. I would say that Siahna comes across as a little pageanty, and Ivonne comes across a little more believable. The coaches seemed to like both ladies and think that this was a tough choice. I would go with Ivonne. Gwen and Blake are trying to steal Ivonne. Blake said in regards to Adam, isn't Howie Mandell on America's Got Talent, what are you doing here right now? You're not even on this show!
My choice: Ivonne Acero
Pharrell's choice: Siahna Im

Look out for Keith Semple and Chris Crump

Monday, October 12, 2015

The Voice: Season 9 The Battles Begin

Team Adam: Jordan Smith versus Regina Love singing Like by Sam Smith-- To me, I expected Regina to do well cause this song was totally in her wheelhouse, but Jordan sounded unusually good. The tone and the notes coming out of him were ridiculous. Pharrell called the performance masterful. Gwen said their abilities were shocking. Adam said they were both powerful and both commanded attention. Adam said, I don't think anyone could have handled singing with Regina except for you Jordan.
My choice: Jordan
Adam's choice: Jordan
Gwen stole Regina!

Team Blake: Tyler Dickerson versus Zach Seabaugh singing I'm Gonna Be Somebody by Travis Tritt-- I actually love both of these guys and I hope that whoever doesn't get chosen it stolen by someone else. I love Tyler, the tone of his voice is crazy. However, Zach really impressed me because he is not a country singer really, but his performance was credible. Adam said Tyler's comfort level may have hindered him a little bit. Gwen was so impressed with Zach and how old he is. Blake said he is so proud of Zach, and knows how talented Tyler is despite throwing notes away.
My choice: Zach
Blake's choice: Zach

Team Gwen: Ellie Lawrence versus Tim Atlas singing Sweater Weather by The Neighbourhood-- I enjoyed that battle because these two were both evenly matched artists. Adam liked how compelling Tim was. Blake thought Ellie was exciting and Tim was intense, and he'd probably go with Tim. Pharrell found Ellie super convincing, but believes both of them are gifted. Gwen said she would love to hear an album from Tim because he is so different, and she said that the reason Blake and Tim picked Tim is because they want to steal Ellie. Someone steal Tim!
My choice: Tim
Gwen's choice: Ellie
Pharrell stole Tim! YES!

Team Pharrell: Celeste Betton versus Mark Hood singing Ain't No Mountain High Enough by Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell-- This was an epic battle, I was standing on my feet. If both of these people do not get through, there is injustice in the world. Gwen said Mark was incredible and the light was coming out of him. Gwen said Celeste's attitude was infectious. Adam said they both lit this place up and we felt every second. Blake said either one of them could be a star. Pharrell said they made Missy cry and tonight they raised the bar again, he feels he made a mistake putting them together because they are both amazing.
My choice: I cannot choose! Edge to Mark
Pharrell's choice: Mark
Someone steal Celeste!

Team Adam: Dustin Monk versus James Dupre singing Fortunate Son by Creedence Clearwater Revival-- This battle was a little underwhelming. I don't think the song choice really brought anything out of them. First time tonight that I didn't care for either. Blake and Pharrell liked James better. Adam thinks both of them are good, both of them rose to the occasion.
My choice: doesn't matter
Adam's choice: James

Team Blake: Barrett Baber versus Dustin Christensen singing Walking in Memphis by Marc Cohn-- I love how much soul they both brought out of the song, their voices were so on point. I enjoyed both of them but I am really sold by Barrett's personality, it's so strong and it just makes me happy. Carson said, oh Blake you are so screwed. Pharrell said Barrett, you are such a big deal. Gwen said, Barrett you're incredible, and Dustin, you're voice is crazy, I love listening to you. Adam said Blake is an idiot for putting you two together and the fact that one of you is up for grabs is crazy. Blake said Barrett is like a linebacker and Dustin your voice is so special. Blake said this is a tie.
My choice: Barrett
Blake's choice: Barrett
Adam and Gwen both want Dustin! Blake said are you gonna go with Super Woman or Lex Luther. Dustin chose Adam!

Faves tonight: Jordan Smith,Celeste Betton, Mark Hood, and Barrett Baber. Watch.... Dustin Christensen

Monday, October 5, 2015

The Last Night of the Blinds: Season 9 The Voice

Dustin Christensen sang Downtown Train by Rod Stewart-- Blake told Dustin that they are the same person. I liked Dustin's voice, there was somewhat of an old school, vintage quality to it. Dustin said that he had to go with his gut and he chose Blake.
Dustin chose Blake

Berdine Joseph sang Hey Mama by Nicki Minaj-- I liked the flavor she added to the song. Berdine has a definite style, I think she could benefit from one on one training from a coach, but I like her. No one turned, so sad.

Dustin Monk sang Bright Lights by Gary Clark Jr.-- It's a Blake and Adam battle. This is another guy I liked. Adam said he liked everything in his voice. Blake said I am a fan of yours. I agree with Gwen, I loved his vibratto and the fact that it is natural is amazing. He sounded good.
Dustin chose Adam

Chase Kerby sang The Scientist by Coldplay-- I cannot believe that Gwen is the only chair who turned for Chase. I thought he had a strong sound and tone. Blake says Chase is with the right person in Gwen. Gwen calls his voice special.

Dawson Daugherty sang Problem by Ariana Grande-- No one turned for Dawson. I liked him, but I didn't think this was the right song choice. Maybe someone should have given him a chance and asked him to sing something else?

Shelby Brown sang Stars by Grace Potter-- I cannot believe that this young woman is 16! She is so amazing, her voice is so mature and experienced. Adam is pitching this last spot on his team to Shelby. Gwen said she sounds like she has so much experience. Blake said he wants to download her version right now. He loved her pitch.
Shelby chose Adam

Amy Vachal sang Dream a Little Dream-- Adam's team is full so all three remaining judges turn. I like Amy, but not as much as the coaches seem to. I hope she proves me wrong. She definitely seems like she would be great with Pharrell or Gwen. I liked her tone, and the fact that this seems effortless to her. Adam says he would have turned if his team wasn't full. Blake thinks she is a superstar and Adam thinks she could win the whole thing.
Amy chose Pharrell

Blaine Mitchell sang Drops of Jupiter by Train-- I wasn't that impressed, but nonetheless, Blake and Gwen turned and....
Blaine chose Blake

Gwen picks up her last artist in Summer Schappell who sang Strawberry Wine by Deanna Carter-- this young woman has a great vibe and comes with some performance quality.

Pharrell picked up his last artist in Sydney Rhame who sang Photograph by Ed Sheeran-- This girl was actually really good. She can clearly sing, and it's too bad that everyone's teams are fill except Pharrell.

My Faves Tonight? Shelby Brown, Sydney Rhame, and Chase Kerby

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Night 4 of The Blinds on The Voice Season 9

Darius Scott sang You Make Wanna by Usher-- I think Darius has a good voice, but not a great voice. I liked when he got towards the middle of the song, the vocal embellishments were interesting. Adam turned followed by Gwen and Pharrell. Gwen said she's had the longest career and he should pick her cause she's going to help him.
Darius chose Pharrell

Korin Bukowski sang Cecilia and The Satellite by Andrew McMahon-- Gwen was the only one who turned around. I liked this girl, and I think she is so different that she might do well. The trouble I have with her is that I think, based on that performance, that her voice is just average.
Gwen chose Korin

Krista Hughes sang Angel from Montgomery by -- All four of them turned around and rightfully so, this girl has an amazing voice. I think Blake is right, she could potentially win this thing.  Adam thought she was flawless. Pharrell said he takes his hat off to her. Blake said I take nothing for granted. Blake told her to pick him because he knows and understands who her musical influences are.
Krista chose Blake

Janae Strothers sang Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars-- No one turned. Sad face. Blake said she was having a party on stage, but he felt like she was falling out of the pocket. I agree with Blake.

Chance Pena sang I See Fire by Ed Sheeran-- Adam is the only one who turned. Adam said you guys screwed up so badly. Pharrell said he gave a flawless performance. Gwen said she has no idea why she didn't push. What I liked about Chance is the maturity in his voice and how he sounded so different.
Adam chose Chance

Viktor Kiraly sang What's Going On by Marvin Gaye-- Another four chair turner! This guy impressed me, I was smiling throughout the performance cause he was so good. His dynamics were good, and just when I thought he reached as high as he could in that song, he took it to another level. Adam turned at the beginning and he was trying to keep a poker face, but he said it didn't work because he was so good. Adam told him that he could win this entire thing. Blake asked if he performs a lot, and called him a phenomenal singer and said he could win this thing. He said he may not be the obvious choice and Adam said, certainly not. Pharrell liked his voice paired with his personality. Gwen liked the richness in his voice.
Viktor chose Adam

Julie Broadus sang Brand New Key by Melanie-- No one turned. Blake liked the vintage sound of her voice. Gwen encouraged her to come back and said she would recognize her voice.

Cole Criske sang Dreaming with a Broken Heart by John Mayer-- The fact that he is 16 and sang with that much conviction and sincerity is amazing. He got Gwen, Pharrell, and Blake to turn. Blake said he has recorded with Xena and he's won The Voice four times. Gwen spoke about "Tragic Kingdom" and how tragedy in her life inspired her to write that album. Pharrell said he'd love the opportunity to work with him.
Cole chose Blake

Alex Kandel sang Bright by Echosmith-- I actually really like this girl. She has a lot of personality and it really came out in her vocal and in her performance. Gwen liked the character in her voice. Adam felt like it started out so strong and the vocal only needed small tweaks.
Alex chose Gwen

Celeste Betton sang Love You I Do by Jennifer Hudson-- I liked her, there were some small weird things in there that need to be taken care of but it is nothing Pharrell won't be able to fix. Pharrell said she is great and amazing. He said he pushed his button because of the ambition she had.
Pharrell chose Celeste

Andi & Alex sang Thank You by Dido-- All four chairs turned and all four coaches were on their feet. This interpretation of the song was so inspiring. Adam said you're one of the most perfectly fitting duos I've ever heard. That was astonishing. Blake said, oh my God, that was phenomenal, I'm the only person that has taken a duo to the finale. Gwen said obviously that version came from you guys and it was super creative, we'd be an amazing team. Pharrell said I would consider working with you another lesson.
Andi & Alex picked Adam

Faves of the night: Viktor Kiraly, Cole Criske, Alex Kandel, and Alex & Andi

Monday, September 28, 2015

Night 3 of The Blinds on The Voice Season 9

Morgan Frazier sang I Want You to Want Me by Cheap Trick-- Gwen turned right at the beginning and Blake turned right at the end. She is definitely a country singer. Gwen liked the honesty in her voice. Adam said you did a cheap trick song which means you think outside the box. Blake called her voice fragile and powerful. Adam urged her to listen to her mind and not her heart. LOL! I loved this performance, it was everything that Gwen and Blake said. I really enjoyed her creativity, and her voice is soft but there's a confidence in it that is not deniable.
Morgan chose Blake

Amanda Ayala sang Mississippi Queen by Mountain-- This young lady reminds me a little bit of Avril Lavigne. The guys turned. Amanda is only 17, it's amazing that she has the maturity and tone in her voice. Pharrell asked her if she would like to take it to the next level. Blake said it's great that she loves classic rock. Adam said she never gave up on that last note, and he wants to help her progress.
Amanda chose Adam

Jeffrey Austin sang Lay Me Down by Sam Smith-- He has a strong voice, and this is my fave Sam Smith song, this was butter. Gwen was the only one who turned , and the guys are stupid. I cannot believe that they didn't turn. Jeffrey said Adam's concert was his first concert, and Adam said, I feel double stupid now.
Gwen chose Jeffrey

Lyndsey Elm sang Lips are Movin' by Meghan Trainor-- I liked Lyndsey but didn't feel this was worthy of a four chair turn. Towards the middle to the end of the song, she seemed to lose some control over her vocal. I think she's talented, but she'll have to watch this carefully if she advances. Pharrell is trying to relate to the songwriter in her. Adam said she is the girl version of him, and called him a badass. Blake liked where she took the song.
Lyndsey chose Gwen

Joe Maye sang Word Up by Cameo-- Pharrell said he has a super soulful voice, and he loved that song. Adam said he shouldn't have moved around as much and should have dug into the vocal. No one turned. I found the vocal a little too affected. I think he should work on the things the coaches said and come back.

Manny Cabo sang Here I Go Again by White Snake-- Yes, this was 4 chair worthy! Manny has an awesome rocker voice. Blake said you turned this place into a hair band. Blake said I don't trust grown men who roll up their jeans. You seem like a man's man and I want a man. Pharrell said your voice just kept going in different directions, we haven't heard a voice with your dynamics in a long time. Gwen liked how well he controlled his voice. Adam said your voice ignites me because that's where I come from. You brought me back to the roots of where everything started for me.
Manny chose Adam

Madi Davis sang It's Too Late by Carole King-- Gwen and Pharrell turned. I wasn't a huge fan of the song or of the vocal.
Madi chose Pharrell

Caleb Lee Hutchinson sang The Dance by Garth Brooks-- Adam said you would have whooped my 16  year old ass. Blake said you're the real deal, you were just a little bit under. Pharrell told him to come back to the show again.

Riley Biedier sang Invincible by Kelly Clarkson, and went to Team Pharrell
Cassandra Robertson sang Ghosts by Ella Henderson and went to Team Adam
Daria Jazmin sang Dear Future Husband by Meghan Trainor and went to Team Pharrell

Chris Crump sang Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran-- Amazingly well deserved four chair turn; Chris has such a pure, sincere, and strong voice. I loved this performance from start to finish. Blake said there was a warmth to your voice that made you sound emotional. I may not seem like the obvious choice to you but I am. Pharrell said there were some small things he may need to work on.
Chris chose Blake

Tyler Dickerson sang Hard to Handle by The Black Crows-- Wow, Blake was the only one to turn, I thought this young man had a ridiculous vocal. Pharrell said his vocal was so clean. I am so impressed with Tyler, I actually thought his vocal was better than the original. Blake knew Tyler from in and around Nashville. He said they were calling him the next Travis Tritt. So amazing that Tyler gets another chance, he has such a touching story.
Blake chose Tyler

Jubal and Amanda sang Seven Bridges Road by The Eagles-- These two were so fun and so good.  think they were so surprised to see coaches turn for them. Pharrell and Gwen turned. Pharrell wants to see what he can do to add to what they already have going on.
Jubal and Amanda chose Pharrell who is excited to have his first duo on Team Pharrell

Could it be that this is the year of the guy on The Voice? My faves tonight were Jeffrey Austin, Manny Cabo, and Tyler Dickerson .... all had great strong voices.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Night 2 of the Blinds and Season 9 of The Voice Continues

Blind Joe sang If It Hadn't Been for Love by The Steeldrivers-- Good for Joe, four chair turn! Adam says I am sick of losing, I want to win. Gwen said Blake is in charge of the country mafia. Gwen found Joe's performance honest and raw. That is honestly an amazing description; I loved Joe because his tone was just so warm. The song choice really suited Joe's style. Blake said he would be honored to introduce Joe to Nashville, and Adam urged Joe to shock him with his choice.
Joe chose Blake

Ivonne Acero sang Style by Taylor Swift-- Gwen and Pharrell turned. Gwen liked how creative she was, and the fact that it wasn't at all like Taylor's version. Pharrell liked her voice and how different she is. He said he made the mistake of not turning the first time, but not this time. For me, the performance grew as Ivonne sang on. At first I was disappointed hearing a totally different version of Taylor's song, but then I was pleased that she took such a stylized song and made it her own.
Ivonne chose Pharrell

Gage Navarro sang Ain't No Rest for the Wicked by Cage the Elephant-- I really liked Gage, but this song choice was too obscure. Gage wasn't coming through in the song, and that's tough because he has such an amazing story and he has been through so much, it definitely should have come through.

Regina Love sang Rock Steady-- Wow, all the coaches seemed to love her, and why not? Her voice is so powerful, she reminds me of an Aretha Franklin. Blake and Adam kept telling Regina that they loved her. They asked her what kind of music she wants to make and she said music for your soul, when you're sad, I want to make you happy. And Adam said, Regina, I'm sad. Ultimately, Adam's argument was too strong, and too good.
Regina chose Adam

Zach Seabaugh sang Take Your Time by Sam Hunt-- The guys turned; Gwen missed out, I wouldn't have. Zach had a mature voice, I thought he stood out because although he is a country artist, he had a soul vibe to him, it's the same vibe Sam Hunt has which is why it's amazing he chose that particular song. Pharrell said he'd love a shot with him, after Zach said he is a country artist. Adam asked him if he is Superman, and he wants to win The Voice with someone who is different and unexpected. He doesn't want him to get lost in country land with Blake, and Blake said Superman won't get lost.
Zach chose Blake

Evan McKeel sang Typical by Mutemath --This turned out to be a four chair turn. I didn't think it was the best song choice, and it got a little screechy at times, but it was good. I do agree with Adam, I think he improved as the song progresses. Adam said I am your man. Gwen liked his rock and pop fusion. Pharrell asked him if he would sing Stevie Wonder. He asked him his favorite song, and he said Overjoyed, and he sang it on the spot. Wow! That was beautiful, this guy is the real deal.
Evan chose Pharrell

Bryan Bautista sang Locked Out of Heaven by Bruno Mars-- No one turned!

Emily Ann Roberts sang I Hope You Dance by Lee Ann Womack-- Adam and Blake turned, this is going to be a duel. Adam said sometimes the thing that fits best is the most different. Adam said risks will pay off, don't let him scare you Emily. Blake said why would you choose a middleman like Adam when you can just come to my team and get advice from me. He thought Adam wouldn't know who sang the song Emily chose, but he did.  Emily has a sweet yet strong voice, I think she will do well.... I actually think that she should have chose Adam this time around.
Emily chose Blake

Ellie Lawrence sang We Don't Have to Take Our Clothes Off by Ella Eyre-- The intonation in her voice is crazy! She has a unique sound, and her song choice was so different, yet it worked with her cause of who she is. Adam said he would help her in the upper register of her voice. Pharrell liked the rasp in her voice. This girl is a huge Gwen fan, this is no surprise.
Ellie chose Gwen

Lightning Rounds
Noah Jackson sang Elastic Heart by Sia .... Team Gwen
Tim Atlas sang Give Me Love by Ed Sheeran..... Team Gwen
Hanna Ashbrook sang Closer.... Team Gwen

Natalie Yacovazzi sang Oh Darling by The Beatles-- No one turned, I feel like, no offense, the coaches don't turn for these traditional performances.

James Dupre sang Let Her Cry by Hootie and the Blowfish-- All four coaches turned. Adam said that none of the coaches fit into a box, and he said James does not fit into a box. Adam said, I believe you can make it the distance on my team. Blake said country music is my life, and I will make sure you end up in the wrong hands. Blake told Adam, you just completed destroyed that guys life.

Most amazing of the night! There can only be one-- Evan McKeel, this guy is the real deal, remember my words.

Monday, September 21, 2015

The Voice: Season 9 is On Fire!

Mark Hood sang Use Me by Bill Withers-- All four coaches turned around. I loved his soul and how he made the song his own. Pharrell mentioned the jazz embellishments that he sang throughout the song. Blake put on the same hat as Pharrell in the hopes that Mark would choose him. What was telling is that Mark said he wants to be John Legend meets Pharrell.
Mark chose Pharrell

Kota Wade sang Bring it on Home to Me by Sam Cooke-- Everyone but Adam turned. Her voice sounded like it had a country quality to it, and I think that is probably why it was so appealing to Blake. She did have a Gwen Stefani vibe though and she is in a rock group, so it seems logical for her to choose Gwen.
Kota chose Gwen

Keith Semple sang I'll Be There for You by Bon Jovi-- I love Keith, what an amazing rock voice! His voice is so strong and there's so much credibility when he sings the lyrics. Adam name dropped Bono, and Blake said, come on Gwen, say something quick. Adam loved Keith's powerful voice, and thinks he belongs on his team; I agree! Gwen said what he has is very melodic and it's very different from what is on the radio today.
Keith chose Adam

Alyssa Sheridan sang I Will Remember You by Sara McLachlan-- No one turned, and sadly, it's because the performance was too sleepy. The song was not right, it was not interesting enough.

Siahna Im sang Fever by Peggy Lee-- This young lady is poised beyond her years. Her voice and her soul is completely on point; she is right, she's an old soul for sure. Everyone but Adam turned around. Blake said it is incredible that she is 15 years old. Gwen said she turned right when she heard her voice. Pharrell said regardless of what happens, you're new and different,  I wanted you on my team. Blake said there's something special about you to be able to connect with that song at that age. I think she should choose Blake, he is good at fostering young talent.
Siahna chose Pharrell

Jordan Smith sang Chandelier by Sia-- So unexpected to see that voice coming out of this young man. I like the little imperfections in his voice. I also like how he went up and down, his range was really good, and the things that he did were so difficult. Pharrell said all your individuality is coming out now. Adam said that you chose a song that is technically very difficult and you got better as the song went along and as coaches turned. Blake said he thinks he is the best coach for him. Adam said the world needs a person like you, you're probably one of the most important people that has ever been on this show.
Jordan chose Adam

Dr. Paul sang Mama Tried by Merle Haggard-- Blake loved his tone, but felt like he went flat at the end of phrases. He told him to come back. No one turned. I actually liked him.

Nadjah Nicole sang Tight Rope By Janelle Monae-- I loved this girl! Her tone, and the way she phrased everything was awesome. Adam turned first, and Blake just got in at the very end. Adam said he was blown away, and did not know what to expect when he turned around. Blake said, you could not be any cuter than you are. Blake said that is a freakin' hard song to sing, and I don't know who Janelle is, but I turned around for Nadjah.
Nadjah chose Blake

Braiden Sunshine sang The Mountains Win Again by Blues Traveler-- Pharrell and Gwen both turned at the last minute! Wow! You know what, I like this kid, but I don't think he chose the right song. It was an odd song choice. Pharrell said you're a special kid, and there will never be a voice like yours. There are a couple of things you can work on. Gwen said if you choose me you're gonna make my day. Blake said, this is like a custody battle.
Braiden chose Gwen

Michael Woolery-- Say by John Mayer-- No one turned, and I like Michael, and I liked his story, but I was not inspired by the vocal. Adam said he seemed unsure of himself, and that's what took him out of it. Pharrell said, perform for super tough crowds and get out of your own head.

Barrett Baber sang Angel Eyes by The Jeff Healey Band-- Barrett really got into the performance, and I loved it. The tone in his voice for so impressive and attractive. He deserved every single one of those four chair turns. Blake said I feel like I am watching Garth Brooks in concert right now. Barrett said he would love to do country music with some soul. Adam said Barrett could tell by his voice that he likes all kinds of music. Gwen said she grew up on blue grass and fold music. She loved the theater, personality, and his voice on that stage. Pharrell said he deserved four chairs to turn around, I support that. Blake said you and I blazing  a path, Barrett, we can do it. Adam said I want you on my team so badly, I am on fire for you.
Barrett chose Blake!

My picks for who to watch on The Voice: Mark Hood, Keith Semple, Jordan Smith, Barrett Baber

Saturday, September 19, 2015

What You Must Watch: Fall TV Season 2015

I'm excited, are you? This coming week kicks off the new prime time fall TV season. So many great shows are returning and so many new shows are coming on that are so worthy of our time. I know that especially with how tired I have been lately from work, sitting down and watching some quality programming will allow me to escape from everything polluting my mind. 

Let me know which ones are your favorites.... 

Are they here? Are they missing from this list? Did I put something on this list that you think isn't time worthy? Speak now!


Blood & Oil: Series premiere on September 27th @ 9 pm on ABC-- Chace Crawford (Gossip Girl) and Rebecca Rittenhouse (Red Band Society) play husband and wife Billy LeFever and Cody who move to North Dakota as a result of the biggest discovery of oil in the nation's history. Don Johnson (Miami Vice) plays oil tycoon Hap Briggs and Amber Valetta (Revenge) plays his socialite wife Carla. I am excited that Wilson Bethel (Hart of Dixie, The Astronaut Wives Club) has just joined the series in a recurring role as a food truck owner. Other stars include, Scott Michael Foster plays Hap's son Wick who is a villain on the show, breakout star Miranda Rae Mayo is Hap's illegit biracial daughter Lacey who is having an affair with Hap's driver AJ played by Adan Canto. The beautiful India de Beaufort plays Jules Jackson, the town's loan shark and lastly Delroy Lindo plays sheriff in town Tip Harrison. This is advertised as a primetime soap, guess that means the ladies are all in, while guys may watch cause it's about the cutthroat oil industry.

Quantico: Series premiere on September 27th @ 10 pm on ABC-- This one looks a lot more exciting and intriguing than I thought it would be. Priyanka Chopra stars as FBI Trainee Alex Parrish, she's a real firecracker, and I am so glad to see Jake McLaughlin (Tate on NBC's Believe) as her love interest and also FBI Trainee Ryan Booth. The series centers around a group of FBI recruits training at the Academy, there are flash forwards, and it seems one of the recruits is responsible for an attack bigger than 9.11. If you watch the previews, they give it away, it's Chopra's character. Nevertheless, it does look good, and I will watch.

The Good Wife: Season 7 premieres on October 4th @ 9 pm on CBS-- In order to fill the void left by Archie Panjabi and Matthew Goode, Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Grey's Anatomy fame) will be joining the show as investigator Jason Crouse. His character will be essential to the survival of Alicia's firm. Alicia resigned as lawyer for the State's Attorney's Office as a result of threats and scandal. Jane Curtin will guest star as Judge Farley and Margo Martindale will guest as Willa Eastman who works on the campaign team for Peter who may be running for President and may have Alicia's help. Willa and Eli will have an interesting relationship.

Back to Morgan's character, he will be both the new "Kalinda" as well as a love interest for Alicia. Excited yet?

The Simpsons: Season 27 premieres on September 27th @ 8 pm on FOX-- In the season opener Marge and Homer are separating! Say it ain't so! Apparently, all these years, Homer has had narcolepsy, and it's taken quite the toll on their marriage. Following their legal separation, Homer falls in love with his pharmacist voiced by Lena Dunham (from HBO's Girls).

Also this season, Lisa will befriend a homeless woman who turns out to be an amazing singer. There is an episode that is based on the movie Boyhood. Sofia Vergara will play Bart's attractive new teacher Mrs. Berrera


Dancing with the Stars: Season 21 premieres on September 14th @ 8 pm on ABC-- Len Goodman will not return as a regular judge this season, he is taking some time off, and appearing on the British edition of the show. Carrie Ann Inaba, Julianne Hough, and Bruno Tonioli all return as judges with Goodman set to guest judge every once and a while.

Andy Grammer is paired with Allison Holker
Alexa Vega is paired with Mark Ballas
Bindi Irwin is paired with Derek Hough
Chaka Khan is paired with Keo Motsepe
Paula Deen is paired with Louis Van Amstel
Hayes Grier is paired with Emma Slater
Nick Carter is with Sharna Burgess
Carlos Pena is paired with Witney Carson
Gary Busey is paired with Anna Trebunskaya
Alek Skarlatos is paired with Lindsay Arnold
Victor Espinoza is paired with Karina Smirnoff
Tamar Braxton is paired with Val Chermovskiy
Kim Zolciak is paired with Tony Dovolani

The Big Bang Theory: Season  9 premieres on September 21st @ 8 pm on CBS-- The show will have a "force awakens" inspired Star Wars episode.  Penny and Leonard will tie the knot in the season premiere, but it will not be smooth sailing ahead for the long time couple, after all, Penny has commitment issues.

Also this season, a fun road trip for the guys to Mexico.

Supergirl: Series premiere on October 26th @ 8:30 pm on CBS-- Based on the DC Comic about Superman's cousin Kara Zor-El, Supergirl flash forwards to Kara at 24 years of age and still trying to keep her powers a secret. As a child, she was adopted by the Danvers family, she grew up in the shadow of her foster sister, and now she works alongside her friends IT Technician Winn Schott and famous photographer James Olson (sound familiar?) for a media mogul named Cat Grant. Things get even more complicated when Hank Henshaw, head of a secret agency where her sister works, enlists her help to protect the citizens of National City.

Supergirl will be played by Melissa Benoist of Glee, Mehcad Brooks of Desperate Housewives and Unnecessary Roughness will play James Olson, Calista Flockhart of Ally McBeal and Brother & Sisters will play media mogul Cat Grant, Jeremy Jordan from Smash will play Winn Schott, and lastly, from Grey's Anatomy, Chyler Leigh will play Kara's foster sister Alex Danvers. This is a solid cast, and I think if it was done correctly, and with some good consideration, this could be a great show.

The Voice: Season 9 premieres on September 21st @ 8 pm (Tuesday's at 8 pm also) on NBC-- Carson Daly is back as host alongside coaches Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, Gwen Stefani, and Pharrell. Selena Gomez, Missy Elliott, John Fogerty, and Brad Paisley will all serve as mentors this season.

Minority Report: Series premiere on September 21st @ 9 pm on FOX-- Based on the movies and the book, the series is about a precog (meaning someone who has the ability to see the future) named Dash who tries to prevent crimes before they happen. Dash was part of a pre crime unit along with his twin brother and sister before it was dismantled several years before. He is now using this gift to help Det. Lara Vega prevent crimes. At the same time, he is trying to find his twin who is up to no good, and make sure that his special abilities are not revealed to the wrong people.

Stark Sands will play Dash the precog, Meagan Good will play Detective Lara Vega, Nick Zano will play Dash's twin Arthur who has a hidden agenda, Laura Regan is Agatha- Dash's sister who may have an even bigger agenda, and Wilmer Valderrama will play Will Blake-- Vega's boss.

Jane the Virgin: Season 2 premieres October 12th @ 9 pm on The CW-- Last season ended with Jane giving birth to baby Mateo only to have him kidnapped by Sin Rostro. Petra stole Rafael's sperm from the clinic, and Xo and Rogelio admitted that they got drunk and eloped to Vegas.

Season two will be all about Jane having to choose between Michael and Rafael. She will make her decision within the first five episodes of the season and then it becomes about who she will marry. She will choose, but will she marry that person? Britney Spears will guest star on one episode. Also arriving this season, Rafael's half brother and Rogelio's first wife.

Blindspot: Series premiere on September 21st @ 10 pm on NBC-- A woman with no memories of her past is found naked in Times Square with her body fully covered in tattoos. The woman's discovery prompts the FBI to take notice and follow the story told by her tattoos which hold the key to crime and conspiracy. At the same time, the woman looks to discover her identity.

Sullivan Stapleton as Kurt Weller
Jaimie Alexander as Jane Doe
Marianne Jean-Baptiste as Bethany Mayfair
Rob Brown as Edgar Reade
Audrey Esparza as Tasha Zapata
Ashley Johnson as Patterson
Ukwell Roach as Dr. Borden


The Muppets: Series premiere on September 22nd @ 8 pm on ABC--

A documentary style show that explores the muppets personal lives and relationships.

During this point, I really wanted to write about Scream Queens but it seems a little bit too familiar..... a cross between Glee and American Horror Story anyone?

Chicago Med: Series premiere on November 17th @ 9 pm on NBC-- The third show in the Chicago series, the first season will contain 13 episodes and is focused on the day to day of a busy Chicago hospital and the team of doctors and nurses that hold it together. Chicago Fire set up the series last season by introducing Nurse April Sexton played by Yaya DaCosta as a love interest for Kelly Severide. Chicago PD introduced Jay's (Jesse Lee Sofer) younger brother Dr. Will Halstead who is a trauma surgeon. S Epatha Merkerson plays Sharon Goodwin, head of the hospital, and Oliver Platt plays is Dr. Daniel Charles the head of psychiatry. Look for a crossover episode with all the Chicago Series, and one crossover with all the Chicago Series plus Law & Order SVU.

Limitless: Series premiere on September 22nd @ 10 pm on CBS-- Based on the movie with the same name that starred Bradley Cooper. The TV series stars Jake McDorman in the role of Brian Finch who discovers a powerful drug called NZT-48, the drug increases his IQ exponentially and gives him the ability to recall everything he has ever read, heard, or seen.

Best Time Ever: Series premiere on September 15th @ 10 pm on NBC-- I love variety shows and I love Neil Patrick Harris so this is near perfect for me. The show promises stunts, comedy skits, celebrity appearances and performances, audience giveaways and hidden camera stuff.

Chicago Fire: Season 4 premieres on October  13th @ 10 pm on NBC-- Season 3 ended with Dawson entering Casey's apartment and not finding him but finding a dead stripper. Casey was kidnapped by Nesbitt (Eric Mabius) and his employees; he will be found, but the kidnapping will have after effects. Fans of the show will not want to miss how Casey gets out of this  situation. Let's not forget the reason Dawson went to see Casey; she's pregnant with his baby. The couple will get back together but Dawson will wonder whether Casey is with her for love or out of obligation for his child. Severide is going to get demoted as a result of all the turnover in Squad. While at management training classes he gets involved with one of the other students played by Rachel Nichols. Their fling will bring trouble later for Severide. Steven R. McQeen (Jeremy from the Vampire Diaries) joins the cast as firefighter and potential squad candidate Jimmy Borelli; Brett and Chili will both be competing for his affection.


Rosewood: Series premiere on September 23rd @ 8 pm on FOX--  Rosewood is a dramedy about private pathologist Dr. Beaumont Rosewood who lives in Miami and is in high demand with law enforcement, Morris Chestnut stars in the title role. The charming doctor works with a tough detective named Annalise Villa; together the two uncover clues to help solve crimes throughout the city.

Criminal Minds: Season 11 premieres on September 30th @ 9 pm on CBS-- Jennifer Love Hewitt left the show with the possibility of returning. A.J. Cook announced that like Love Hewitt, she was also pregnant and will be out for the first six episodes. Aisha Tyler will join the cast as Dr. Tara Lewis, a psychologist who joins the BAU, and may have a romance with Reid, although we aren't sure yet.  The season premiere will reveal that there is a mole within the FBI who is tipping off criminals and helping them to allude the BAU.  The show will follow a more serialized format this year with this season's villain being a network of hitmen called the "dirty dozen"

Empire: Season 2 premieres on September 23rd @ 9 pm on FOX-- Season 1 left off with Lucious finding out that he did not have ALS, and getting his just dessert and going to jail, after all, he did kill Bunkie right! Jamal took over the empire with his jealous family nipping at his heels as a result. Rhonda is pregnant and ends up killing Andre's Uncle Vernon after the two get in a fight. They hide the murder.
Season 2 finds Jamal and Cookie at odds with each other. There will definitely be a darker side of Jamal that comes out this season. Cookie is going to fight for Empire, but if she can't get her label back, she is going to start her own label. Lucious being in jail will take him back to his beginnings, will be angry, more focused, and more passionate about getting back what is his, he is street! Hakeem will experience major growth. Hakeem's former love interest Tiana will return to the show as a series regular as will Portia and Becky.  Marisa Tomei will guest star as a billionaire lesbian corporate raider Mimi Whiteman, who wants to somehow be involved in the music business. Chris Rock, Alicia Keys, Lenny Kravitz, Kelly Rowland, Vivica A. Fox, and Adam Rodriguez will all guest star. Rock will play a prison inmate, rapper Ludacris will play a prison guard. Fox will play Cookie's sister and Rodriguez will play Cookie's love interest Laz Delgado, a former EMT turned concert promoter.
This season will be 18 episodes instead of 12. 

Law & Order SVU: Season 17 premieres on September 23rd @ 9 pm on NBC-- Benson must move forward despite losing another partner. Nick Amaro (Danny Pino) moved to California at the end of last season to be with his family. Rollins mom and sister will come to town, although this will not be good for her. Rumors are, Rollins is pregnant, who is the baby's father? Could it be that this is Amaro's baby? Whoopi Goldberg and Virginia Madsen will guest start this season, there is also a rumor that Taylor Swift may soon guest star on the show. Madsen will play Rollins mother. 

Nashville: Season 4 premieres on September 23rd @ 10 pm on ABC-- Will Deacon live? Will Rayna's world be the same ever again, did she lose her love Deacon or her sister Beverly? The first five minutes of the episode will be particularly revealing for Rayna, it will set the tone for the season.  Will Julianne make up with Avery? It seems she is suffering from postpartum depression. What will happen to Will now that he has declared he is gay? Will Scarlett and Gunnar continue to have a platonic relationship? Steven Tyler will guest star. 

Code Black: Series premiere on September 30th @ 10 pm on CBS-- Code Black is a medical drama that takes place in LA in an overcrowded and understaffed ER, it is based on a documentary by Ryan McGarry. What impressed me was the amazing cast! Marcia Gay Harden, Luis Guzman, and Bonnie Somerville just to name a few. 

Chicago P.D.: Season 3 premieres on September 30th @ 10 pm on NBC-- At the end of last season, Lindsay quit the force, Adam proposed to Kim. Antonio bought the boxing gym that saved his life with the help of his colleagues at the precinct. This season, Lindsay will be prompted to rejoin the force when Jay is kidnapped and the kidnapper wants to negotiate with her. Voight's past will come back to haunt him, We will meet someone who he was incarcerated with. 


The Vampire Diaries: Season 7 premieres on October 8th @ 8 pm on The CW-- What happened last season? Elena decided to take a long "nap" so that Bonnie could live her life. As a result, Damon went off the deep end. Stefan told Caroline he would wait for her no matter how long it takes. What's happening this season? Damon will still only love Elena, even though she isn't coming back anytime soon. He'll be a lot like the Damon from Season 1. Stefan and Caroline will get together, but it will be slowly. Bonnie, Damon, and Alaric take a trip to Europe to drown their sorrows. There will be tons of flashbacks and flash forwards; someone is after the Salvatore brothers, they are running from something or someone. The heretics are the villains this season-- they're half witch, half vampire. This season will be very character driven, expect simplicity!

The Blacklist: Season 3 premieres on October 1st @ 9 pm on NBC-- Liz and Red are both on the run this season, and as a result, the show will have a new format. Red is a fugitive this season, and it will also become clear how much he cares about Liz. Liz will have a new look to hide her identity. The show will have a new villain called Mr. Solomon, he is a "monster in gentleman's clothing" and is not nice to Liz or Red or anyone that they care about. 

The Player: Series premiere on September 24th @ 10 pm on NBC--  From the NBC website: The series co-stars Wesley Snipes as the pit boss and Charity Wakefield as the dealer for a high-stakes game, where an organization of wealthy individuals gamble on the ability of former military operative turned security expert Philip Winchester ("Strike Back," "Fringe") to stop some of the biggest crimes imaginable from playing out. Can he take them down from the inside and get revenge for the death of his wife, or is it true what they say: The house always wins. I'm excited because the show all stars Nick Werschler who was also Jack on Revenge.


Masterchef Junior: Season 4 premieres on November 6th @ 8 pm on FOX-- Christina Tosi helps Gordon Ramsay and Graham Elliott cohost the junior edition of the popular show for the first time. 

Truth Be Told: Series premiere on October 16th @ 8:30 pm on NBC-- A comedy about two couples who live next door to each other and are also best of friends. Mitch (Mark Paul Gosselaar) and Tracy (Vanessa Lachey) and Russell (Tone Bell) and Angie (Bresha Webb) talk about everything together, no topic is off limits for these friends. Mitch is an ethics professor, Tracy is a lawyer by day and mom to little Sadie by night. Russell is a stand up comic with a strong spirited wife named Angie who is truly his equal. 

Shark Tank: Season 7 premieres on September 25th @ 9 pm on ABC-- Ashton Kutcher will be on the show as a "guest shark". 

America's Next Top Model Cycle 22: Premiered on August 5th @ 8 pm on The CW-- It's been addictive this season. Some of the contestants are extra crazy.... think Devin, Bello, Mikey, and Mame and some are just beautiful..... think Lacey, Nyle, Justin. If you're not already watching, you should be. 

Blue Bloods: Season 6 premieres on September 25th @ 10 pm on CBS-- Anthony Edwards (ER) will guest star this season. Danny and Baez will track a serial killer who sends a scary message to Danny that someone may be after him as a result of the fall out from Linda being shot by a suspect Danny was chasing last season. Frank will be accused of corruption by a mayoral candidate. Erin will consider going for a judgeship position. Officer Janko will be forced to face her estranged father when he winds up in the hospital. Esai Morales (NYPD Blue) will join the show as an NYPD Sargent named Morales who will do anything to earn a promotion.