Monday, October 12, 2015

The Voice: Season 9 The Battles Begin

Team Adam: Jordan Smith versus Regina Love singing Like by Sam Smith-- To me, I expected Regina to do well cause this song was totally in her wheelhouse, but Jordan sounded unusually good. The tone and the notes coming out of him were ridiculous. Pharrell called the performance masterful. Gwen said their abilities were shocking. Adam said they were both powerful and both commanded attention. Adam said, I don't think anyone could have handled singing with Regina except for you Jordan.
My choice: Jordan
Adam's choice: Jordan
Gwen stole Regina!

Team Blake: Tyler Dickerson versus Zach Seabaugh singing I'm Gonna Be Somebody by Travis Tritt-- I actually love both of these guys and I hope that whoever doesn't get chosen it stolen by someone else. I love Tyler, the tone of his voice is crazy. However, Zach really impressed me because he is not a country singer really, but his performance was credible. Adam said Tyler's comfort level may have hindered him a little bit. Gwen was so impressed with Zach and how old he is. Blake said he is so proud of Zach, and knows how talented Tyler is despite throwing notes away.
My choice: Zach
Blake's choice: Zach

Team Gwen: Ellie Lawrence versus Tim Atlas singing Sweater Weather by The Neighbourhood-- I enjoyed that battle because these two were both evenly matched artists. Adam liked how compelling Tim was. Blake thought Ellie was exciting and Tim was intense, and he'd probably go with Tim. Pharrell found Ellie super convincing, but believes both of them are gifted. Gwen said she would love to hear an album from Tim because he is so different, and she said that the reason Blake and Tim picked Tim is because they want to steal Ellie. Someone steal Tim!
My choice: Tim
Gwen's choice: Ellie
Pharrell stole Tim! YES!

Team Pharrell: Celeste Betton versus Mark Hood singing Ain't No Mountain High Enough by Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell-- This was an epic battle, I was standing on my feet. If both of these people do not get through, there is injustice in the world. Gwen said Mark was incredible and the light was coming out of him. Gwen said Celeste's attitude was infectious. Adam said they both lit this place up and we felt every second. Blake said either one of them could be a star. Pharrell said they made Missy cry and tonight they raised the bar again, he feels he made a mistake putting them together because they are both amazing.
My choice: I cannot choose! Edge to Mark
Pharrell's choice: Mark
Someone steal Celeste!

Team Adam: Dustin Monk versus James Dupre singing Fortunate Son by Creedence Clearwater Revival-- This battle was a little underwhelming. I don't think the song choice really brought anything out of them. First time tonight that I didn't care for either. Blake and Pharrell liked James better. Adam thinks both of them are good, both of them rose to the occasion.
My choice: doesn't matter
Adam's choice: James

Team Blake: Barrett Baber versus Dustin Christensen singing Walking in Memphis by Marc Cohn-- I love how much soul they both brought out of the song, their voices were so on point. I enjoyed both of them but I am really sold by Barrett's personality, it's so strong and it just makes me happy. Carson said, oh Blake you are so screwed. Pharrell said Barrett, you are such a big deal. Gwen said, Barrett you're incredible, and Dustin, you're voice is crazy, I love listening to you. Adam said Blake is an idiot for putting you two together and the fact that one of you is up for grabs is crazy. Blake said Barrett is like a linebacker and Dustin your voice is so special. Blake said this is a tie.
My choice: Barrett
Blake's choice: Barrett
Adam and Gwen both want Dustin! Blake said are you gonna go with Super Woman or Lex Luther. Dustin chose Adam!

Faves tonight: Jordan Smith,Celeste Betton, Mark Hood, and Barrett Baber. Watch.... Dustin Christensen

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