Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Bachelorette Scoop Episode 5 and 6!

Sorry for the late recap on Episode 5; I have been so busy.

In Whistler, Jillian finally has her one on one date with Michael, where the two of them go ziplining. Jillian reveals that she feels so young when she is with Michael; she doesn't care about being a trophy wife, tip-toeing through the tulips, and white picket fences, she just wants it all to be real. Michael tells Jillian how he broke up with someone eight months before and how he went there to break the ice and learn to date again and the fact that what he feels for her and his attraction to her is real. Michael gets his rose.

On the group date Kiptyn, Reid, Tanner, Wes, Jake, Robby, Ed, and Mark go snowmobiling with Jillian. Robby expresses his anger that some guy has a girlfriend, and how he got no one on one time with Jillian. Jillian says she believes that Robby is not one of the guys that has a girlfriend, and he confirms that he is ready to settle down. Wes says his sister signed him up for the show, and unfortunately, Jillian believes he is there for the right reasons, and they kiss. Yuck! Jillian continues to really like Kitpyn and after a quick discussion about last week's girlfriend debacle they kiss yet again. She says sometimes she cannot even focus on what he is saying cause he's so cute. Ed says his boss is pressuring him, and he may have to leave the show...... and then Jillian gives him the group date rose.

Jesse goes on his one on one date with Jillian; Jesse confesses he has only had one girlfriend, and that he will remember Jillian and this "glacier date" forever. She says she has butterflies from his thoughtful statement. The two then talk seriously about their need to settle down and have a family. The two then go hot tubbing where Jesse gets a rose.

Mark is eliminated and Ed leaves. (too bad cause Mark was actually a good guy)

Episode 6

On Robby's one on one date he teaches Jillian how to be a bartender, and Jillian loves how carefree he is. Robby reinforces to Jillian that love has no age, and he believes that he will be the first of all his siblings to be married. Jillian lets him down by saying that she adores him, he makes her feel young, but she would marry him five years from now, not now. He is eliminated.

Wes is getting slimy, and tells the guys he has Jillian wrapped around his finger.

Tanner, Wes, Michael, Jesse, Jake, and Kiptyn go on a group date with Jillian to Emerald Lake; they all wear snowshoes! At the lodge, Jake regrets not kissing Jillian, whereas, Kiptyn and Jillian discuss wanting to spend more time together and they kiss again. Tanner strips and shows off his "package" much to Jillian's confusion and then he gives her a foot massage. Jesse tells Jillian that his parents would love her, and she is happy that he is so open to communicating with her. Jillian is so concerned with Michael's age, but why? Wes says he has already got what he wanted out of this....... marketing for his album and a chance to sing his song on TV.

Kiptyn gets the group date rose.

On Reid's one on one with Jillian he attempts to snowboard; Jillian admires the fact that he is trying something that he doesn't know how to do. I have to say that I really liked their conversation at the lodge; the "fondue" talk when Jillian says she doesn't wash her fruits and vegetables. Reid says, "you don't wash them? people scratch their butts and then touch the broccoli".

Reid gets a rose.

At the cocktail party, before Jillian is about to give out roses, she asks to speak to Michael. Jillian questions his level of maturity. He says he has never had a one night stand and he doesn't want to do all those crazy things either; he just needs the woman that he loves, the forever woman. He says he can imagine himself being a young dad.

Tanner and Jake are eliminated..... Tanner actually talks about his foot fetish and Jake says nice guys finish last and Wes is going to hurt her.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Bachelorette Scoop Episode 4

In Episode 4, some guys really stepped up and others showed their true colors in Vancouver British Columbia, Canada where Jillian is from.

Kiptyn is chosen for the one on one date and he and Jillian kayak to the public markets. While they are shopping for food to cook dinner, Jillian comments about how comfortable she feels with Kiptyn and how she could see them as a couple. When they get back to Jillian's house, Kiptyn tells her that his biggest flaw is that he doesn't pursue people because it makes him vulnerable. Jillian seems totally taken by Kiptyn and is so attracted to him and then offers him a rose.

Some of the guys go on a group date with Jillian, and are split into two teams to compete in a curling competition to win private time with Jillian. Jesse, Jake, Robby, David, and Juan are the red team, and Tanner, Wes, Ed, Michael, and Reid are the blue team. I am really starting to like Michael, he is so cute and has such a crush on Jillian. Jesse is determined to get alone time with Jillian, and displays true athleticism and wins the game for the red team.

The red team spends the night on a yacht with the bachelorette; Jake and Jillian recall their first date together. Jake doesn't like being labeled too perfect by Jillian.
She then spends some time with Jesse, and expresses to him that she is pleased that he stepped up and admits that they had a connection from the beginning.
She and David have a horrible interaction, one that I believe is the worst in the history of the show. He was swearing and was really rude and disrespectful to Jillian. He remarks that he has never been turned down for a kiss, but thinks that despite that, Jillian still really likes him.
At the end of the night, Jesse gets the group date rose.

The two on one date with Mark and Mike is interesting to say the least; not only had I written Mark off but I think he wrote himself off and Mike believed he was a lock to get the rose. Mike ran to her when arriving on the date, held hands with her in the helicopter, made a toast at dinner, talked about being a provider for Jillian. Mark talked about how uncomfortable he was on the date, having socially awkward feelings, and talked about heartbreak. However, when Mark and Jillian were alone, he really put himself out there and talked to her about how he believes that love can be found anywhere. Jillian admitted that she could relate to Mark and his fears and so she gave him the rose and sent Mike packing.

At the cocktail party, a lot of secrets come out. Reid tells Jillian that if she lived with some of the guys, she wouldn't like it. Jake and Reid both confer with one another and agree that Wes is not there for the right reasons. Tanner says Wes told him that he has a girlfriend at home. Jillian once again gets some alone time with Jake and can sense that he is holding back. He apologizes and says he believes that some guys are not there for the right reasons. The last straw for Jillian comes when Tanner reveals that there are guys in the house that have girlfriends. Jillian ends the party early, and questions the guys about their sincerity.

She then eliminates David and Juan. (I won't discuss how ridiculous David was)

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Bachelorette Scoop Episode 3

For all those who didn't watch and want a recap before tomorrow's episode......

The episode begins with a one on one date with Jillian and Ed. Here is a brief date recap: the two go on a helicopter ride, rappel from a skyscraper, spend time in a hot tub, drink booze, and Jillian gives Ed a rose and he moves into the mansion.

The group date is the most interesting of all the dates on the night's show. Mike, Brad, Tanner P. (foot fetish guy), Tanner F., Kiptyn, Juan, Mark, Michael, Reid, Robby, and Wes all go with Jillian on a group date to a country western movie set. Jillian is going around kissing everybody and each guy is trying to make sure his kiss is the best. Brad who just presses his lips stiffly up against Jillian's think his kiss is the best, but it clearly isn't. Robby is nervous before his kiss with Jillian because he has not kissed anyone in almost or about two years; Jillian thinks his kiss is the most genuine and most passionate and rewards him the rose on the group date.

Jillian then goes on a one on one date with Sasha; she learns about his near death experience after he was in a car accident. He says he has never really been in love though as an adult and this troubles the lovely Bachelorette who sends him packing!

At the rose ceremony, Jillian has many a conversation with many a nervous guy......

-- Reid and Jillian talk and he asks her why he didn't get a rose on the group date... (I like Reid) and she says that if she could have given two roses he most likely would have received the second one.

-- David, who has not seen Jillian in forever, is trying to have a conversation with her and just as he is about to tell her which guys in the house are not being real, Juan interrupts.

-- Juan and Jillian have a cool, calm talk in which he .... compliments her dress, teaches her to say something in Spanish, yadda, yadda, yadda.

-- Tanner P. continues to bother me with his foot talk: "I wanna suck on some toes and meet some Jillian," how attractive.

-- Jillian kisses Kitpyn some more and once again discusses her reservations with him never being heartbroken in his life.

Tanner F., Brad, and Sasha all go home! When will Tanner P. go home watch next week to see of my wish comes true!?!