Monday, May 23, 2016

The Voice Season 10: The Finale is Now!

Team Adam: Laith Al Saadi sang White Room by Cream-- What a way to go out in this competition. Laith has stayed true to himself and his musical roots this entire time, and that performance was no different. The guitar solo was sick, his vocals, just as good as ever. Blake said you did this your way and you shoved your guitar up my...... Christina said I loved you tearing it up on the guitar. Pharrell said the vibe was amazing, who doesn't wanna play air guitar after you. You being here is a true testament to what the show represents. Adam said I am feeling so good, I have no agenda, you have such purity of spirit and heart. He is what is missing from this show.

Team Christina: Alisan Porter sang her original song Down That Road-- I'm not really loving Curly Sue's original song. Adam thought it was a great song. Blake loves the idea of them writing original songs. Christina said you are the epitome of the voice.

Team Blake: Adam Wakefield and his coach Blake Shelton sang The Conversation by Hank Williams Jr. -- I would give this a 5 out of 5

Team Pharrell: Hannah Huston sang Every Breath You Take by The Police-- For me, that was blase. I liked the arrangement that Pharrell put together, but the overall performance and vocal fell flat. Adam called her badass. Blake said it was risky but with great opportunity for reward. Pharrell thanked the band for what they did. Pharrell felt that Hannah came out with humility and grace.

Team Adam: Laith Al Saadi and his coach Adam Levine sang Golden Slumbers/ Carry That Weight by The Beatles-- Wow, that was amazing, I loved that, 5 out of 5 for sure!

Team Christina: Alisan Porter and her coach Christina Aguilera sang You've Got a Friend by Carole King-- I would give it a 4 out of 5

Team Blake: Adam Wakefield sang his original song Lonesome Broken and Blue-- I loved his original song! Pharrell said, that was your original? Congrats! Adam said that's a great song. Blake said I am so blown away, your song is so good. Blake said it reminded me so much of something Keith Whitley would have written.

Team Pharrell: Hannah Huston and her coach Pharrell sang Brand New by Justin Timberlake and Pharrell-- That was a fun performance, I would give it a 4.5 out of 5 just for personality

Team Adam: Laith Al Saadi sang his original song Morning Light-- Laith's original song is so good, it sounds like this is straight off his new album. Christina said once again you killed it on the guitar. Pharrell said what a great original, and everyone go buy that song now. Adam said everyone in this top 4 is so great, you have slowly over time become my favorite, you play music for the right reasons.

Team Blake: Adam Wakefield sang When I Call Your Name by Vince Gill-- Perfect way for Adam to win the night, I feel like with certain people out of the competition now, he may very well win this whole thing. Adam said he makes such good decisions, he loves how he puts together a song. Blake said you just blew the roof off this place, I cannot wait to see the iTunes charts.

Team Pharrell: Hannah Huston sang her original song I Call the Shots-- I actually think I liked this more than any other original song tonight. Adam said it was so cool to see Pharrell do his thing and what you did was one of the coolest moments on the show ever. Pharrell said Hannah can still be humble and talented and he is honored to be part of the process.

Team Christina: Alisan Porter sang Somewhere-- I will definitely admit that Curly Sue finally stepped it up for me tonight in this performance. It was moving, not cheesy. I really liked it. Adam said congratulations and you know we love you. Christina said we started this journey together in the blinds and you made me cry then and you made me cry now.

Monday, May 16, 2016

The Top 8 Sing for a Spot in The Top 4 on The Voice Season 10

Pink! is mentoring the contestants this week.

Team Adam: Shalyah Fearing sang And I Am Telling You from Dreamgirls-- Wow, she was on point tonight. I liked how she personalized the performance and didn't try to copy Jennifer Hudson or anyone else. All the coaches were on their feet and rightfully so, she was so strong and she just killed it. Christina said she was singing for her life, she was fearless. Christina talked about how difficult that song is to sing, and she brought it. Pharrell said she delivered throughout the song. Adam said he is always impressed by her and overjoyed. Adam said despite her age, she definitely deserves to be in the finale.

Adam and Alisan duet

Team Blake: Paxton Ingram sang I Would Do Anything for Love by Meatloaf-- I actually really liked it, and like Christina, I would not have expected Meatloaf from him, but it sounded really good. Christina said he pulled off the performance. Pharrell said he would also be great on Broadway. Blake said I don't know anyone who works harder than Paxton. I've been doing this for 10 years and I couldn't be prouder.

Team Adam: Laith Al-Saadi sang One and Only by Adele-- Another unexpected song choice, and Laith pulled this off too. His vocal was beautiful, and it seemed like he connected to the song. Blake said that was amazing, beautiful singing, the guitar solo worked. Pharrell said another great installment. Adam said I would be most proud if you were to make it through. You represent something so near and dear to my heart, and you always stay true to you. It would be an honor to have you get to the end.

Mary and Bryan duet

Team Christina: Alisan Porter sang Desperado by The Eagles-- I liked Alisan's performance very much, it was heartfelt and genuine. I would have liked to hear a little bit more range, bot overall, another solid performance. I do question whether or not this will propel her to the top four. Adam said, you can do everything. Blake said you reminded me why that is one of my favorite songs. Christina told her she delivered that song beautifully and effortlessly.

Hannah and Laith duet

Team Blake: Adam Wakefield sang I'm Sorry by Blake Shelton-- Adam is someone who has continued to be impressive throughout this entire competition. I don't think he has had one misstep. He is someone who, without a doubt, deserves to be in this finale. I think I am punching a ticket for him. I would be extremely surprised if he did not make it. Blake said you have had so many break out moments on this show.

Team Christina: Bryan Bautista sang Hurt by Christina Aguilera-- Three out of the four coaches on their feet for Bryan. That was a touching performance, and Christina touched on it, but it literally takes so much to get through that song emotionally. I really applaud his fearlessness. Adam said you always have impressed me, it takes a lot of courage to talk about what you're going through and then to sing about it. Christina said every time you perform you show us a different element of yourself. You made it your own and I wanna hear it again, I am buying it on iTunes.

Shalyah and Paxton

Team Blake: Mary Sarah sang I Told You So by Randy Travis and Carrie Underwood-- What I love about Mary Sarah is that week after week, she stays true to who she is. Her voice is special, there's nothing ordinary about what she does. Christina said you have grown a lot on this show, and you own who you are, that was beautiful. Blake said what Mary Sarah did is solid pure country music. That was your best performance.

Team Pharrell: Hannah Huston sang When a Man Loves a Woman by Percy Sledge-- Adam said Hannah has been so consistent that at times they take her for granted. Blake said somehow he agreed with Adam, you have not had a performance like that this entire season, that may be your ticket to the finale. Pharrell said, Adam is right, it's been a slow build. The thing is, now you feel like you deserve to be here. Like everyone else, I agree with Adam too. Hannah has been this constant gift this season, and yet somehow, I feel like I haven't appreciated her enough. She has slid under the radar, and she too is someone who may have a place in the finale.

I cannot believe I am doing this because this is way too hard, but this is my top 4 in no order:

Shalyah Fearing
Mary Sarah
Laith Al-Saadi
4th spot is either for Adam Wakefield or Bryan Bautista

Monday, May 9, 2016

The Voice Season 10 is down to the Top 9

Team Blake: Paxton Ingram sang I Wanna Dance with Somebody by Whitney Houston-- Christina loved how he put his heart and soul into his performance. Pharrell said the song worked well for him, and he loved the key change. Adam thought it was beautiful and felt Paxton was great. Blake said  you're the one buy that moves forward every week. I loved it, I felt like it was Paxton's best and strongest performance to date. I loved the energy of the song, somehow the song had such a positive connotation with the beat and key changes.

Team Blake: Mary Sarah sang My Church by Maren Morris-- I love this Mary Sarah performance, the song was so perfect for her. Blake was right, the style is a cross between old and new. The whole audience seemed to be really into the performance. This young lady is a star and Blake is on his feet! Pharrell said it was good you lost the guitar cause you were able to emote so much more. It was your best connection to a song and you had so much soul. Adam said it was your best performance, you found your lane, it felt like you did your song on the show. Blake said I told everyone before the show that you were gonna have a moment tonight, and everyone who works in country music knows what happened on that stage tonight.

Team Christina: Nick Hagelin sang Hold On We're Going Home by Drake-- Pharrell liked it in his full chest voice, you have the instinct of when to step it up. Adam liked when he was dancing, it shows us more what you can do, I mean like, Blake can't do that. Christina loved it. I liked that Nick kept the hook of the song, but slightly changed things around it. It really drew me because he kept what I love about the song and then put this cool spin on it. The dancing was a cool added bonus.

Team Pharrell: Hannah Huston sang Say You Love Me by Jessie Ware-- Blake said it was his favorite Hannah performance this season, and she looked like a superstar. Christina said that was my favorite thing from you up on that stage, I wanted you to own it, and you weren't afraid of it this time. The song was a perfect balance for you, soulful but tender. Pharrell said that was amazing. Every line was beautiful because it came with intention. The dynamics made you a great story teller. The song wasn't my favorite but I loved the way Hannah performed, the deliberate way she placed every note and inflection was flawless.

Team Adam: Shalyah Fearing sang A Change is Gonna Come by Sam Cooke-- Absolutely moving, so impactful, I felt like she meant every word and she was singing to all of us. She is poised and mature beyond her years. Adam was on his feet. Blake said, unbelievable, you're singing so good kiddo. Christina loved the song choice, the passion and strength you convey, you're so authoritative. Adam said this girl is so hard on herself. Shalyah is 16, that is so impressive, nobody means it more than her, she is so passionate.

Team Adam: Laith Al Saadi sang We've Got Tonight by Bob Seeger-- I love how Laith is really displaying his versatility. He is probably the most genuine artist on the show. Pharrell said, America needs to vote you through because you're that guy in high school everyone knew who loved classic rock and blues. Adam said, when you started performing, everyone stopped and that is the ultimate sign of respect. You represent a dying thing that we need around.

Team Blake: Adam Wakefield sang Love Has No Pride by Linda Ronstadt-- All the coaches minus Christina were on their feet. I liked this performance, I definitely didn't like it as much as some of his other performances, but I felt like it tapped into a place we've never heard from him. Christina said that was fiery and so soulful. Blake said that what he just did was his best performance so far, and that he would see him in the finale.

Team Christina: Alisan Porter sang Cryin' by Aerosmith-- Loved this song for her. I think that the song got away from her at the end, it was too big of an ending, but I did like the beginning and middle. Pharrell said congrats again, he felt like she sounded like Heart. Christina said you are a superstar now, I love you.

Team Christina: Bryan Bautista sang 1 + 1 by Beyonce-- Performance of the night, this left my absolutely breathless. It was real expressive, and his interpretation of the song was so on point. He moved up several notches tonight. Wow! Adam said, as a male vocalist, you have the ability to sound effortless even in those high notes. That was really beautiful. Christina said that was amazing, Beyonce, if you're watching, you gotta do a duet with Bryan. That was mind blowing.

So tough to pick the bottom three, but I am going with Paxton, Alisan, and either Shalyah or Hannah

Monday, May 2, 2016

Season 10 The Voice: The Top 10 Perform

Team Pharrell: Daniel Passino sang I Don't Wanna Miss a Thing by Aerosmith-- There were some pitchy moments like Christina talked about, but I felt like in general, the passion he had just helped him push through the performance. Pharrell said don't worry about the past, don't try to predict the future, live in the moment. You pushed through, congrats.

Team Adam: Shalyah Fearing sang My Kind of Love by Emile Sande-- Adam was on his feet. I thought she definitely turned it up a notch this week. Blake said I love you going back to that type of performance, when you're ragged and edgy in the your performance, you strive. Pharrell said it's so cool to witness your passion. Adam said excellent job first off, don't wrangle it in, you're the best when you're at 11. I have a plan for you to do No More Drama by Mary J. Blige next week, and you're gonna kill it.

Team Christina: Nick Hagelin sang I Can't Help It by Michael Jackson-- I loved this, the falsetto was crazy good. The performance quality was so high, it was unique and polished. Pharrell said what he represents to so many people is meaningful. Blake said there were times when he felt like he sounded a lot like Michael Jackson, he loved his vibrato. Christina said there were moments in rehearsal where you definitely sounded like Michael. Thank you America for being his coach, by voting him in you have improved him.

Team Pharrell: Hannah Huston sang Rolling in the Deep by Adele-- I loved her vocal, and my anticipation of her doing that song was crazy. I wanted it to go to an even higher level than that. I think what threw me was that the chorus wasn't as strong as Adele. Adam said you have an amazing voice, my only criticism is when you slid up to that first note on the chorus, I'm a jerk and you're amazing and I love you. Pharrell said that was 1,000 percent amazing, that was so sick, America vote this amazing girl through.

Team Adam: Laith Al Saadi sang The Thrill Is Gone by B.B. King-- Laith moved me! His musicality is stunning, his voice is authentic. Adam and Pharrell were both on their feet. That was honestly incredible. Blake said your guitar playing is incredible, don't ever underestimate yourself as a singer, let us hear it. Adam said that was the best show of musicianship I have probably ever seen on this show. A voice and music work hand in hand, you're incredible Laith, you are becoming my favorite.

Team Blake: Paxton Ingram sang It's All Coming Back to Me Now by Celine Dion-- I actually thought that was a risky choice, a challenge that panned out. Paxton took notes from Blake and did much better with staying on pitch. As always, his performance quality did not lack at all. Christina loved how dramatic it was, you always bring a drama and presence to it, you made it your own, it was really good. Blake said you are in the zone. This is why I do this job, you are becoming an artist right before our eyes.

Team Blake: Mary Sarah sang Stand by Your Man by Tammy Wynette-- This was one of my favorite performances of the night personally. She just bleeds country authenticity. Adam said that's a major song, and it is difficult in all ways. This is very in the zone of who you are, it fit you very well, amazing performance, knocked my socks off. Blake said you just engaged the entire country audience out there. It's gonna be a good night for you.

Team Christina: Bryan Bautista sang Promise by Romeo Santos and Usher-- I liked what Bryan did, I agree with Adam, I do think he is one of the best singers in the competition so personally, I'd like to see him in that Top 3 representing for Team Christina. He always picks songs so he can stay true to who he is and that's meaningful. Pharrell said, bro, come on, that was awesome. You did that on the show, competing, and showcased your vocal ability, that was amazing. Adam said, I have Jewish blood and it loved you very much. I think you are one of the most gifted singers in this competition. If you continue on this road, you will be in the finale. Christina said he is representing for the Latinos.

Team Christina: Alisan Porter sang Let Him Fly by Patti Griffin-- Adam said you speak through the music, it's a defining thing about artistry. Blake said I already loved you, but I now I really really love you, cause you did a country song. Christina said I am proud of you for being so courageous and showing so much vulnerability. Thank you for sharing with us. I'll be honest, I loved her blind audition, and it was downhill from there for me, until tonight. I absolutely loved that her performance was actually humble, thoughtful, and vulnerable.

Team Blake: Adam Wakefield sang I Got a Woman by Ray Charles-- The question there anything that Adam Wakefield cannot do? This performance was captivating . The three male coaches were on their feet. Pharrell said so much soul, I cannot wait to hear the album with big machine, you are the next one. The piano solo was amazing. Blake said the was my favorite performance of the night.

Who is going home?
Sadly I think Team Pharrell could be in trouble