Sunday, December 20, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance Season 6, The Wrap-Up Week 7

I think the top two people were the top two the entire season. It came down to the Krumper Russell and the Contemporary dancer Jakob. Both were excellent, Russell grew over the course of the season, the judges claim they saw something special in him in auditions. Jakob was compared to dancer Joel Grey and called brilliant and one of the best to ever grace the "So You Think You Can Dance" stage. Kathryn was the top female; she impressed me the whole season with her versatility and how quickly she adapted to so many styles outside of her comfort zone.

The final night of performances proved that the top three deserved to be the top three. Every number that each of these three performed in had an extra something.

Monday, December 14, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance Season 6: Recap, Only the Highlights

All I have to say after last week was, I cannot believe Mollee was eliminated; she had the best dancing night of her life last Tuesday. The only reason I can believe this happened is because she came up too late in the competition. Legacy and the other guys were at the same level for a long time, and this was just a matter of who the public liked more. He was a formidable opponent, and I know he will be a star.

Mollee and Jakob performed a Jason Gilkison Viennese Waltz to "Ordinary Day" by Vanessa Carlton. Adam said it was so beautiful, good partnering, good choreography, good music, and a good idea. The lifts were so beautiful. Mary said there was nothing ordinary about this partnership. Nigel said the routine took his breath away, and they were both excellent.

Ellenore and Legacy performed a Travis Wall Contemporary to "Machinegun" by Portishead. This routine was smokin' hot, super sexy; I love Travis Wall and his choreography. The routine was tailor made for them. Nigel loved the dangerousness of the routine, and said it could even earn Travis an Emmy Nomination.

Ashleigh was supposed to be partnered with Russell this week, but due to an injury she was not allowed to dance.

Russell performed a Shane Sparks Hip Hop (with Shane's assistant Rachel) to "Too Much Booty 2". Adam said Russell was hitting so hard; he had a high performance level, and a high energy level. Mary said Russell gives 100% every week and that she has fallen in love with him. Nigel said that Shane pushed him to a higher level and that he was excellent. Nigel even went so far as to say that he believes Russell will be in the finals.

Kathryn and Ryan performed a Jason Gilkison Cha Cha to "Put Your Hands on Me" by Joss Stone. This was yet another smokin' hot number. Adam said you two were so connected in this number. He also added that Kathryn was ignited and Ryan was hot. It was an accomplished piece of work and they were both there for each other. Mary cited their chemistry, power, and effortlessness. Nigel called this partnership: magical.

Mollee and Jakob performed a Joey Dowling Broadway number to "Easy Street" (Samantha Ronson Remix) from Annie. Adam said that it showed their strengths and Mollee was lucky to get Jakob as a partner. Nigel said that Jakob reminded him of Joel Grey; he said that Mollee should be performing on Broadway right now.

Monday, December 7, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance Season 6: Week 6

This week I was not particularly surprised about the two that were voted off. Noelle had a great week but it just was not strong enough to contend with the other girls. Nathan clearly had not matured to the level that the other guys on the show had.

The night kicked off with a Noelle and Ryan dancing a Tabitha and Napoleon Hip Hop piece that I loved. Noelle was unbelieveably sexy. The chemistry was good, and Mary said she enjoyed this pairing. Adam called Noelle smokin'. (music: "Give it to Me Right" by Melanie Fiona)

Ashleigh and Legacy danced a Gary Stuart Contemporary; this was a fast paced routine with so many great moments. It nicely showcased the strengths of both dancers. Adam called the ending the routine the best of this season. (music: "Poison" by The Prodigy)

Kathryn and Nathan's Spencer Liff Broadway routine had the choreography down packed but lacked the chemistry it needed.

The Tony and Melanie Quickstep danced by Ellenore and Jakob was comfortable but I wasn't on my feet at the end.

Mollee and Russell danced a Mandy Moore Lyrical Jazz routine; Russell displayed incredible strength and Mollee put complete trust in him. Russell's lifts were just incredible. Nigel said Mollee showed great growth. Mary said Mollee really fed off Russell's strength. Adam called this a great partnership in which Mollee shone brightly and he could not seem to rationalize Russell's talent. (music: "It Must Have Been Love" by Roxette)

Noelle and Ryan's second dance was a JT Thomas Smooth Waltz; it had a lot of pretty moments but I found it boring overall.

I didn't feel the Dave Scott Hip Hop preformed by Ashleigh and Legacy; it lacked flow and was too much about Legacy's cape with not enough dancing. (music: "Slow Down" by Bobby Valentino)

Nathan and Kathryn's Rumba by Tony and Melanie didn't have enough Rumba in it. I will say though that Kathryn tried to sell it to the best of her ability.

Nigel called Jakob and Ellenore's second routine, a Sonya Tayek Contemporary; fabulous. He said it was truly one of his favorite routines; Adam echoed the sentiment saying it will be remembered by fans in years to come.

Mollee and Russell closed the show with an Anya and Pasha Jive; Nigel thought they were the only ones who could have followed Jakob and Ellenore, and that they are the two best performers in this competition. Adam liked the playfulness they brought out of each other and he likes the respect they have for each other.
(music: Land of 1000 Dances by Jimmy Barnes)