Monday, October 31, 2016

The Voice Season 11: The Last of The Knockouts Stun

Team Blake: Austin Allsup singing Breakdown by Tom Petty vs. Gabe Broussard singing It Will Rain by Bruno Mars-- All the coaches loved Gabe's control, but couldn't stop complimenting Austin on his grit and just how seasoned and professional he is, like he's been doing this his whole life. I feel like maybe, just maybe Gabe is doing this too soon, he should definitely come back if he's able.
Blake chose Austin

Team Miley: Darby Walker singing Shake It Off by Florence and the Machine vs. Maye Thomas singing Closer by Tegan and Sara-- I love Maye, wow, she impressed me. She is kind of like a Lady Gaga. Her voice is strong. I think I would give this knockout to her. Adam said Maye's performances were so well put together, and Darby you're so cute, sweet, and wonderful. Blake said this is as Miley as it gets. Blake said Maye had the more consistent vocal. Alicia said Darby's organic energy at 17 is awesome, and Maye I was riveted by you the whole time. Miley said Maye watching you is an experience, that was a home run, Darby, you did everything I asked, you nailed it.
Miley stunningly chose Darby

Team Adam: Brendan Fletcher singing Soulshine by The Allman Brothers vs. Nolan Neal singing Love is Your Name by Steven Tyler-- Miley couldn't decide but said she would go to a Nolan concert, and Brendan you're the type of voice I listen to back home. Adam said that both of them were world class performances and neither one of them deserves to go home. I liked both of them as well, and I definitely see how this is a tough decision for Adam.
Adam chose Brendan

Team Alicia: Sa'Rayah singing Ain't Nobody by Chaka Khan vs. Michael Sanchez Just the Two of Us by Bill Withers-- I can tell that Michael's home is the piano and his performance was so good and so natural, I loved it. Sa'Rayah just lit the place up. Adam said with Sa'Rayah the catwalk is the stage, and with Michael you are so much more dope than what you should be. Blake said Michael, I've been a fan of yours for such a long time, and Sa'Rayah, the notes you held out were incredible. Blake and Alicia went with Sa'Rayah and Miley and Adam went with Michael.
Alicia chose Sa'Rayah

Team Blake: Dana Harper singing You Give Me Something by James Morrison vs. Karlee Metzger singing Invincible by Kelly Clarkson-- I loved Dana, and I think she is really different. I loved Karlee too, but I wanted her to hit that huge note, and she messed up a little, it was a little shaky. Adam said you have to see this as a win; Dana, I love you, and I can't wait to see what songs you choose going forward.
Blake chose Dana

Team Miley-- Sophia Urista won over Josette Diaz

Team Miley: Aaron Gibson singing Die a Happy Man by Thomas Rhett vs. Josh Halverson singing Whiskey and You by Chris Stapleton-- Adam said Aaron I dig your voice, and Josh you bring me to another time. Blake said Aaron you have an edgy sounding voice, and Josh you are literally the chillest person I have ever met in my life, but yet you blaze your own path and are one of my favorite artists. Alicia said Aaron thank you for being you, and Josh beat to your own drum. Miley said Aaron you have grown so much, and Josh you believed every word. I loved both of these guys, not one of them deserves to go home. They are unbelievable. I love Aaron's sound, and I love Josh's story, his vibe. Both of them come across as such genuine and authentic artists to me.
Miley chose Aaron and Alicia stole Josh

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

The Voice Season 11: The Knockouts Are Show-Stopping

Team Blake: Bindi Liebowitz singing  vs. Courtney Harrell singing River Deep Mountain High by Tina Turner-- I was impressed with Courtney, there literally seemed to be no limit to her voice. She belted the entire way through yet never sounded out of breath. There was tons of passion in her performance, I believed her. Bindi was good, I love her rasp and growl but for some reason, I didn't believe her. Adam said Bindi has confidence and that's what makes her great. Courtney you should never be singing backup for anyone again. Alicia thought Courtney grabbed this because she showed a little more than Bindi did. Blake said Courtney is going to be a problem for these other teams.
Blake chose Courtney

Team Adam: Billy Gilman singing Fight Song by Rachel Platten vs. Ponceano Seone singing I See Fire by Ed Sheeran-- Ponciano may have had his best performance ever, but it seems like Billy can't stop, his performance was so natural and organic. Ponceano was a little lost in the performance and found his way at the end but it was a little bit too late. Everyone seemed to feel like Billy's voice was amazing and I agree.
Adam chose Billy

Team Alicia: Belle Jewel singing Don't Dream It's Over by Crowded House vs. Christian Cuevas singing Superstar by Luther Vandross-- Belle's performance had a whimsical quality to it. I felt like it was her best to date. I feel like Christian listened to the coaches critiques including Faith and Tim. Miley likes that Belle knows who she is, and felt like Christian was singing to her . Adam said he is obsessed with Christian's voice. Blake said he is mad that Alicia put them together because he likes both of them. Alicia said I love your voice Belle. Christian you worked hard for this.
Alicia chose Christian and Miley stole Belle

Monday, October 24, 2016

The Voice Season 11: The Knockouts Stun!

The Advisors for the Knockouts are Faith Hill and Tim McGraw 

Team Blake: Sundance Head singing The Climb by Miley Cyrus vs. Josh Gallagher singing My Maria by Brookes & Dunn-- I am so impressed with Josh and this song choice, wow! I love it, and he made it to the falsetto! Sundance was so soulful, and his performance with him just on guitar was so impactful. Alicia loved the timber in Josh's voice, and said she felt Sundance's performance. Miley felt like there is a place on country radio for Josh, and loved that he gave so much of himself to her song. Adam said Josh you've gotten better and better and better, sky's the limit, and Sundance, you came out guns a blazin'. 
Blake chose Sundance and Adam took no time stealing Josh! Amazing! 

Team Alicia: Kylie Rothfield singing Hound Dog by Big Mama Thornton vs. Whitney & Shannon singing I Won't Give Up by Jason Mraz-- I felt like Kylie took the direction from Faith and Tim really well. It definitely lived up to the swampy sound that they seemed to be going for. The girls are not as strong individually as they are together. Miley said Kylie there is no one on the show like you, and she thought Whitney & Shannon were great together. Adam said he might go with Kylie cause he's intrigued by her vibe. 
Alicia chose Kylie

Team Miley: Ali Caldwell singing No Ordinary Love by Sade vs. Lauren Diaz singing Rise Up by Andra Daye-- Lauren's voice was almost overly breathy, I know the song is great, but I don't think it was right for her. Ali is someone who is going to go so far in this, she picked a song that just really spoke to me, and I think so many people. Adam said Ali you could win this, I love you, and to say that is an understatement. Lauren, I connect with your performance, but I would go with Ali. Blake said I tried to think like Miley. Alicia liked where Miley took the performance, Alicia said Lauren had a breakthrough. Miley said Ali could win this and she has no idea, and Lauren you allowed everyone into your heart. 
Miley chose Ali 

Team Adam: Dave Moisan singing Like I Can Sam Smith vs. Simone Gundy singing Midnight Train to Georgia by Gladys Knight and the Pips-- I felt like the Sam Smith song wasn't right for Dave, it didn't seem in mind stylistically. Blake said he would go with Simone, so would I. I thought she was soulful and there was lots of feeling in that performance. Alicia didn't think Dave chose the best song for his voice. Miley said Adam has a tough choice ahead. 
Adam chose Simone 

Team Alicia: Courtnie Ramirez singing If I Were a Boy by Beyonce vs. We McDonald singing No More Drama by Mary J. Blige-- Not loving the slowness of Courtnie's performance, I also didn't love the song on her. Wow, We gave me chills! She has an amazing voice, her performance was flawless, I felt every note, I had tears. Miley said Courtnie outdid herself, and We had newfound confidence. Adam said We, we love all of you, and Courtnie you're coming into your own. Blake said We give me some of your talent, and Courtnie you have a charisma that makes you special. 
Alicia chose We 

Team Adam: Riley Elmore singing Haven't Met You Yet by Michael Buble vs. Jason Warrior singing I Want You by Luke James-- I genuinely liked both performances. This is hard, I feel like both of them should move forward. Alicia liked the playfulness of Riley's song, she said Jason is in the zone and hitting falsetto notes. Miley said Jason your performances are so genuine, and Riley I love watching you and your youthfulness and humbleness. Adam said Jason you're an incredible singer and a good human being, and Riley, your voice takes me back to a different time, I love you man.
Adam chose Riley and Blake stole Jason!  


Thursday, October 20, 2016

The Last of the Battles on The Voice Season 11

Team Blake: Austin Allsup vs. Preston James singing Bad Moon Rising by Creedence Clearwater-- Preston was a good competitor but Austin has experience that can't be taught. I would definitely pick him. Alicia said she would go with Preston. Miley didn't know who she would pick, and Adam liked both of them.
Blake chose Austin

Team Alicia: Gabriel Violett vs. Whitney and Shannon singing More Than Words by Extreme-- I actually felt like in this battle, Gabriel was the stronger performer and voice. I didn't love the sisters, I felt like there were some pitch issues Blake said he didn't feel Gabriel got credit for his vocal range. I couldn't agree more.
Alicia chose Whitney and Shannon

Team Adam: Bindi Liebowitz vs, Brendan Fletcher singing Home by Marc Broussard-- I agree with Adam's assessment and Blake's actions. Bindi and Brendan were well matched and Adam made the amazing point that a female vocalist doesn't have to have range to be good. He compares her to Rihanna and said Brendan's vocal was like thunder. Blake agrees.
Adam chose Brendan and Blake stole Bindi

The Voice: Season 11 The Battles Continue!

Team Adam: Johnny Rez vs. Nolan Neal singing Sledgehammer by Peter Gabriel-- I liked both guys, I thought the song limited them a little bit. I almost feel like it was a disservice to how talented they really are. Blake would go with Johnny, and Alicia would go with Nolan. Johnny was more of a surprise to me but both of them are great. Adam said he had to go with who he was more connected with.
Adam chose Nolan

Team Miley: Darby Walker vs. Karlee Metzger singing Brand New Key by Melanie-- I literally feel like that song did NOTHING for either one of them. I didn't like the song choice at all. Adam said it was very Miley. Blake said Darby is so entertaining; Karlee had the edge vocally. Alicia was impressed the whole time. Miley said she couldn't decide.
Miley chose Darby ......... wow, Blake did the right thing! Karlee had the better vocal, and he stole Karlee

Team Blake: Blaine Long vs. Josh Gallagher singing Stranger in my House by Ronnie Milsap-- Josh, in my opinion is definitely the better performer. Alicia said she would go with Blaine because there was something special in his voice. Miley said she would go with Josh. Adam said that Josh reads like a contemporary country singer. Adam would go with Josh because he felt there is more to discover with him despite thinking that Blaine is talented.
Blake chose Josh

Lightning Rounds!

Team Blake: Dana Harper vs. Tarra Layne singing Alive by Sia, Blake chose Dana
Team Alicia: Belle Jewell vs. Halle Tomlinson singing Benny & The Jets by Elton John, Alicia chose Belle
Team Adan: Simone vs. J Soul, Adam chose Simone

Team Alicia: Josh Halverson vs. Kylie Rothfield singing House of the Rising Sun by The Animals-- I loved both of them, I felt like they both stepped up big time. Miley said she would go with Josh.. Adam said this is one of the hardest songs to sing and he loves Josh's vibe, but said he would pick Kylie. Blake joked that Josh should be in a western.
Alicia chose Kylie and Miley stole Josh

Team Blake: Christian Fermin vs. Gabe Broussard singing The Reason by Hoobastank-- It's definitely crazy that Gabe is only 15. Alicia said there was a great richness in Gabe's voice, she liked the rifts in Christian's voice. Miley said it still blows her mind that Gabe is only 15. Blake likes both of them but recognizes he has to make a choice.
Blake chose Gabe

Team Miley: Aaron Gibson vs. Sa'Rayah singing I'll Take Care of You by Bobby Bland-- I feel like this was the best battle of the night. I figured it out! Aaron Gibson sounds like Dave Matthews! They were both beyond amazing and it was out of both of their comfort zones but they conquered this. I loved the chemistry between them. Blake said Sa'Rayah you were born to sing that song, and Aaron every coach loves your voice. Alicia said she is proud both of them are here singing. Miley said Sa'Rayah I feel like I have given you enough to help you move forward, and Aaron you need me to help you spread your wings a little bit more.
Miley chose Aaron and Blake and Alicia want to steal Sa'Rayah-- Sa'Rayah said I love you too Blake after he said it to her. Alicia said two words and Sa'Rayah was in tears. Needless to say, Sa'Rayah chose Alicia

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

The Voice Season 11: The Battles Continue

Team Miley: Lane Mack vs. Sophia Urista singing Money by Pink Floyd-- Blake felt Lane came out swinging from the beginning and he'd pick her. Alicia liked Sophia's performance quality and as a result, she would pick her. Miley thinks Lane is a beast but Sophia is a performer at heart. I didn't love the performance to be honest so I am unsure who wins this, but I think I would go with Sophia.
Miley chose Sophia

Team Blake: Courtney Harrell vs. Ethan Tucker singing Gravity by John Mayer-- I loved the gravelly sound in Ethan's voice. Courtney had a ton of soul, I loved her and I would pick her. Miley surprisingly said she would pick Ethan. Adam felt they were both very locked in to each other. Blake thinks Ethan's natural sound catches people's attention. He felt like Courtney did a lot of different things and Ethan allowed her to.
Blake chose Courtney

Lightning Rounds:

Team Adam: Ponciano Seoane vs. Elia Esparza singing Tenerife Sea by Ed Sheeran, Adam chose Ponciano

Team Miley: Josette Diaz vs. Charity Bowden singing She's Got You by Patsy Cline, Miley chose Josette

Team Miley: Khaliya Kimberlie vs. Maye Thomas singing For What It's Worth by Stephen Stills, Miley chose Maye

Team Alicia: Dave Moisan vs. Michael Sanchez singing Valerie by Amy Winehouse-- Blake thought Michael's performance was the best of the day and he won that battle because it was a total surprise, his voice sounded so seasoned. Alicia liked Michael beautiful round voice, and Dave I love your falsetto that reminds me of Smokey Robinson. I gotta say, Michael definitely impressed me, and when he was singing I found myself looking up and staring at the TV.
Alicia chose Michael and Adam stole Dave..... Adam said he missed him last time around, but now he is where he belongs.

Keep your eyes on: Courtney Harrell, Josette Diaz, and Michael Sanchez

Monday, October 10, 2016

The Voice Season 11: The Battle Rounds Are Here!

Team Alicia with advisor Charlie Puth: Christian Cuevas vs. Jason Warrior singing Hello by Adele-- Loved two men singing this, I didn't think I would but they both clearly made a connection with the song and each other. I don't think I can choose one. They were both amazing. Miley said Christian felt vulnerable and strong, and she felt Jason was such a performer. Blake loved Jason's delivery. Adam said you are both emotional dudes and the fact that one of you is going to be available right now blows my mind. Alicia liked how Christian let us into his world and Jason gets you want to be like him because he is so riveting.
Alicia chose Christian.... who is stealing Jason? Adam said I will not let you down, you're on the right team and he was the first person Adam turned for this season. Yes! Adam stole Jason!

Team Adam with advisor Sammy Hagar: Natasha Bure vs. Riley Elmore singing Cry Me a River by Michael Buble-- They were both great and I loved seeing their growth. Blake said Natasha sold the performance, but Riley was right on the money, he'd choose Natasha. Alicia thought Natasha sold it but Riley came through strong and she'd choose him. Miley said Natasha, you've grown such a performer today. Adam said Natasha I could not be more proud of you for getting over your fear, Riley your voice is so distinct and that's such a valuable quality to have.
Adam chose Riley

Team Miley with advisor Joan Jett: Ali Caldwell vs. Courtnie Ramirez singing Hit or Miss by Tom Jones-- Adam said Ali you're a maniac singer, I am still nursing my broken heart now, Courtnie you were amazing. Blake said Ali you're that good, I could see you in here til the end. Courtnie I'd choose you cause of the performance. Alicia said I was routing for both of you, I was so impressed. Miley said Ali you have so much style in your voice, and Courtnie your voice is so grounded, you're a rocker.
Miley chose Ali  .... Blake and Alicia both want to steal Courtnie and she chose Alicia

Team Blake with advisor Bette Midler: Dan Schafer vs. Sundance Head singing  Feel Like Makin' Love by Bad Company-- Both of them were great! The song was awesome for both guys. Alicia said Dan has an awesome, genuine way about him, and Sundance you're your own beautiful being. Miley said Dan used his stage and involved the crowd really well. Sundance had a beautiful note that he hit. Adam said it was so much fun and both guys are rad and he wishes they could play it again. Blake said Dan we talked about a lot of stuff, and we were worried about you as a performer. Sundance, even now, you stand there, but that voice is amazing and it blows me away.
Blake chose Sundance

Team Adam: Andrew De Muro vs. Billy Gilman singing Man in the Mirror by  Michael Jackson-- Alicia said Billy your voice started out in a crystal space, thank you both for bringing the energy that not everything is as bad as it seems. Miley said you guys matched so nicely and battled so well. Adam said Billy you do your homework and refine your craft. Andrew you've grown so much. Adam said I am drawn into Billy and what he's doing.
Adam chose Billy

Team Alicia: Lauren Diaz vs. We McDonald singing Maybe by Janis Joplin-- Adam said these women were battling for their lives. We you're a beast and Lauren you didn't back down either, you're both super special. Blake said We you're incredible, but Lauren did some cool stuff too. This one is gonna hurt Alicia I think. Alicia said she had a real moment of pride.
Alicia chose We............Miley and Adam both went for the steal for Lauren and she chose Miley

Watch out for Christian Cuevas, Jason Warrior, Ali Caldwell, Billy Gilman, We McDonald

Monday, October 3, 2016

The Voice Season 11: The Blinds Come to a Close

Whitney and Shannon sang Landslide by Fleetwood Mac-- Four chair turn, that was pretty unreal, the harmonies were fierce. Adam said you can't teach harmonizing like that. Blake said the only other time this was successful was on his team with The Swon Brothers. Alicia said the world needs the two of you. Miley tried to sell herself on their matching musical styles. Alicia said the two of them transcend genre.
Whitney and Shannon chose Alicia

Johnny Rez sang Iris by The Goo Goo Dolls-- Adam and Blake waited til the end to turn. Adam said he wanted to help Johnny refine his falsetto. Johnny said he loves country, but he covers Maroon 5 a lot. Blake was calling for and saying Johnny come home.
Johnny chose Adam

Maye Thomas sang Roses by The Chainsmokers-- Interesting, Adam and Miley turned. Blake said this sounds like a Miley thing. Adam said a voice like yours relies on being different. I will be truthful with you as your coach. Miley felt motivated to move with her. I think she definitely has a different style about her, I am just not sure if I was feeling her, she is going to have to convince me in the next round.
Maye chose Miley

Johnny Hayes sang Traveller-- no one turned

Courtney Harrell sang Let it Be by James Bay-- Blake said he has mad respect for her voice. Alicia understands why she put herself aside for so long but understands why. I loved her voice, it was so strong and I can see her true artistry. She mentioned that she believed that Blake truly believes in her.
Courtney chose Blake

Tara Layne went to Team Blake
Charity Bowden went to Team Mylie
J Soul went to Team Adam
Belle Jewel went to Team Alicia

Kylie Rothfield sang Wherever I Go by One Republic-- Blake and Alicia turned at the last minute. I liked this girl, thought that she sounded a little bit different, I definitely listen for that. Adam said he is sorry he didn't turn. Alicia said Kylie had a unique, beautiful voice, and she wanted her to fill her last spot on her team.
Kylie chose Alicia

Natasha Bure sang I Can't Help Falling in Love with You by Elvis Presley-- Candace Cameron of Full House is her mom. Natasha had a unique and breathy voice. I loved what she did with that song. It was original and you can tell Natasha is thoughtful when it comes to music. Surprisingly Adam was the only one to turn. He said that all Natasha needs is some confidence.
Adam chose Natasha

Blaine Long sang Have a Little Faith in Me-- Miley and Blake both turned, followed by Adam. Blaine surprised me, his performance was so strong. Miley loved his simplicity. Blaine said he writes all his own songs, and Blake said he may not be the best singer but he has written some  good songs over the years. Adam said it would be a fairy tale ending for him if he filled the last spot on his team.
Blaine chose Blake

Nicholas Ray sang I've Got the Music in Me-- No one turned.

Ponciano Sedane sang Home by Phillip Phillips-- Adam and Miley both turned. This guy is excellent, and the song clearly means something to him, he is feeling it. Blake said I am sorry my button is deactivated which means you're stuck with one of these two. Adam said you're spectacular and soulful at the root of who you are. Miley said their similarities don't matter at the end of the day because she's there to help him grow.
Ponciano chose Adam

Josette Diaz sang Love Yourself by Justin Bieber-- This young lady was really good. She deserved 4 chairs to be honest but that couldn't happen because Miley was the only person left. Josette got tons of great comments from the all the coaches.
Miley chose Josette