Monday, October 3, 2016

The Voice Season 11: The Blinds Come to a Close

Whitney and Shannon sang Landslide by Fleetwood Mac-- Four chair turn, that was pretty unreal, the harmonies were fierce. Adam said you can't teach harmonizing like that. Blake said the only other time this was successful was on his team with The Swon Brothers. Alicia said the world needs the two of you. Miley tried to sell herself on their matching musical styles. Alicia said the two of them transcend genre.
Whitney and Shannon chose Alicia

Johnny Rez sang Iris by The Goo Goo Dolls-- Adam and Blake waited til the end to turn. Adam said he wanted to help Johnny refine his falsetto. Johnny said he loves country, but he covers Maroon 5 a lot. Blake was calling for and saying Johnny come home.
Johnny chose Adam

Maye Thomas sang Roses by The Chainsmokers-- Interesting, Adam and Miley turned. Blake said this sounds like a Miley thing. Adam said a voice like yours relies on being different. I will be truthful with you as your coach. Miley felt motivated to move with her. I think she definitely has a different style about her, I am just not sure if I was feeling her, she is going to have to convince me in the next round.
Maye chose Miley

Johnny Hayes sang Traveller-- no one turned

Courtney Harrell sang Let it Be by James Bay-- Blake said he has mad respect for her voice. Alicia understands why she put herself aside for so long but understands why. I loved her voice, it was so strong and I can see her true artistry. She mentioned that she believed that Blake truly believes in her.
Courtney chose Blake

Tara Layne went to Team Blake
Charity Bowden went to Team Mylie
J Soul went to Team Adam
Belle Jewel went to Team Alicia

Kylie Rothfield sang Wherever I Go by One Republic-- Blake and Alicia turned at the last minute. I liked this girl, thought that she sounded a little bit different, I definitely listen for that. Adam said he is sorry he didn't turn. Alicia said Kylie had a unique, beautiful voice, and she wanted her to fill her last spot on her team.
Kylie chose Alicia

Natasha Bure sang I Can't Help Falling in Love with You by Elvis Presley-- Candace Cameron of Full House is her mom. Natasha had a unique and breathy voice. I loved what she did with that song. It was original and you can tell Natasha is thoughtful when it comes to music. Surprisingly Adam was the only one to turn. He said that all Natasha needs is some confidence.
Adam chose Natasha

Blaine Long sang Have a Little Faith in Me-- Miley and Blake both turned, followed by Adam. Blaine surprised me, his performance was so strong. Miley loved his simplicity. Blaine said he writes all his own songs, and Blake said he may not be the best singer but he has written some  good songs over the years. Adam said it would be a fairy tale ending for him if he filled the last spot on his team.
Blaine chose Blake

Nicholas Ray sang I've Got the Music in Me-- No one turned.

Ponciano Sedane sang Home by Phillip Phillips-- Adam and Miley both turned. This guy is excellent, and the song clearly means something to him, he is feeling it. Blake said I am sorry my button is deactivated which means you're stuck with one of these two. Adam said you're spectacular and soulful at the root of who you are. Miley said their similarities don't matter at the end of the day because she's there to help him grow.
Ponciano chose Adam

Josette Diaz sang Love Yourself by Justin Bieber-- This young lady was really good. She deserved 4 chairs to be honest but that couldn't happen because Miley was the only person left. Josette got tons of great comments from the all the coaches.
Miley chose Josette

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