Tuesday, September 27, 2016

The Voice Season 11: The Amazing Blinds Continue

Aaron Gibson sang Losing My Religion by REM-- Miley, Alicia, and Blake turned. Adam held off. Aaron had a really interesting voice. I thought it was a strong song choice for him. Miley sells herself by saying that she and Aaron have a similar tone.
Aaron chose Miley

Simone Gundy sang I Who Have Nothing-- Adam and Miley turned right away. I loved the strength in Simone's voice. She is a little rough around the edges but I feel like she is someone who could definitely improve with some find training. Adam walked over and pressed Alicia and Blake's buttons to make sure that they worked. Miley said she felt like she was at Simone's show.
Simone chose Adam

Samantha Landrum sang Man I Feel Like a Woman by Shania Twain-- I knew no one was going to turn, the vocal was not strong enough.

Josh Gallagher sang Stay a Little Longer by Brothers Osborne-- I liked Josh's voice very much! The song choice was fun and he kept up with it. Blake and Alicia turned. Miley regretted not turning and Adam said he is still recovering from others who sing country going to Blake's team. Alicia said she doesn't feel that music has a genre. Blake said the most fun for him is helping new country artists coming along. Blake said I was born a country artist and I wanna die that way. Alicia said think outside the box and try something different.
Josh chose Blake

Gabriel Violett sang Treat You Better by Shawn Mendes-- Alicia turned and Blake turned at the very end. I didn't love it. His voice didn't seem right for the song.
Gabriel chose Alicia

Michael Sanchez sang Use Me by Bill Withers-- He seemed really into his performance. I liked his energy a lot. The coaches were all shocked that that voice came out of him. Incredible! That was just totally unexpected. He is going to do well.
Alicia chose Michael

Darby Walker sang Stand by Me by Florence and the Machine-- I loved her vocal range. I loved the breath and the rasp in her voice, her high notes are amazing. Miley turned first, and then Alicia, followed by Blake. Darby told Alicia that No One was her song. Alicia said she has a gorgeous tone and her voice is powerful. Blake says he heard the indi-pop and the country aspect of her voice. She says she likes old music and Adam says, Blake is old!
Darby chose Miley

Austin Allsup sang Wild Horses by The Rolling Stones-- This guy has an unreal story. I love his song choice, one of my faves. Blake was the only one turned. Blake remembered him from 11 years ago and where he was. Alicia said your voice is really powerful. Alicia and Adam did a version of that song together and Austin said he had been listening to it.

Christian Fermin and Preston James both went to Team Blake

Khaliya Kimberlie sang Dibs by Kelsea Ballerini -- Blake and Miley both turned at the same time. Khaliya has so many unique things about her personally and it's crazy that she is only 16 and has that kind of voice. Miley talked a mile a minute. Blake tried to relate to the country artist in Khaliya but it wasn't enough for the Miley machine.
Khaliya chose Miley  

Cooper Bascom sang I'm Gonna Be 500 Miles by the Proclaimers-- No one turned for Cooper. I felt like this wasn't the right arrangement for this song. Hopefully he will come back.

Halle Tomlinson sang New York State of Mind-- Adam turned almost immediately, followed by Alicia. I love her voice, incredible sound, her tone is sulty, very jazz like. This deserves four chairs. Where were Miley and Blake. Alicia said your voice has a signature to it and she loved how effortless it was. Adam thought she had a gorgeous voice with a lot of potential.
Halle chose Alicia

Nolan Neal sang Tiny Dancer by Elton John-- Blake and Adam both turned and Blake recognized him. Miley turned and last Alicia. He went from no chairs to a 4 chair turn! Wow, I remember Nolan, he's had quite the life so far. This was ten times better than his performance from last year. I loved this! Adam said welcome home and he thinks he is gonna win this season. Miley compared Nolan's voice to her dad's. Alicia said you're a classic all time voice. Blake said you're already an accomplished vocalist and you need to be on a team with people who are accomplished at winning. We can win this.
Nolan chose Adam

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