Tuesday, September 20, 2016

The Voice: Season 11 The Blinds Continue

Sa'rayah sang Drown in my Own Tears by Ray Charles and Aretha Franklin-- Miley and Alicia turned. What happened to Adam and Blake? Miley made a lackluster pitch for Sa'rayah. Alicia said you blew me all the way back to the galaxy with your voice. Miley said she's not the obvious choice. I loved this girl, to me, this was a 4 chair turn, and I cannot understand why all coaches didn't turn for her. Her voice was so special, and just oozed emotion. She is one to watch.
Sa'rayah chose Miley

Ethan Tucker sang Roxanne by The Police-- Wow, another shocker, Blake and Adam turned, and he ended up choosing Blake! Ethan chose Blake because he felt he would challenge him musically. Blake laughed at Adam saying you said I think we would get along musically, what does that mean? I thought Ethan was okay, he had a rock/ reggae sound that was kind of interesting so it will definitely be cool to see how he develops that.
Ethan chose Blake

Katie Colosimo sang Stone Cold by Demi Lovato-- No one turned for her. Adam said she may have been too emotional. I liked her emotion.

We McDonald sang Feeling Good by Michael Buble-- Miley, Alicia, and Blake turned at the beginning. She has a very deep and soulful voice. Her voice is very rich. Adam joined the party as well. Unbelievable that she is only 17! Blake said he hit his button out of jealousy and he would do anything to be her coach. Her family cheered. Alicia liked how she is so perfectly herself. Adam said he can teach her things and will throw a party for her if she picks him as her coach. Adam said Alicia just dropped the mic on us but I have done things in the past five/ six years to help people win this show.
We chose Alicia

Andrew DeMuro sang Vienna by Billy Joel-- Blake and Adam both turned. Adam said I understand what you're about. Blake likes to lean on his track record. I think I'd love to hear more from Adam and see how he progresses. Finally....
Andrew chose Adam

Billy Gilman sang When We Were Young by Adele-- Adam turned followed by Miley. I love his voice. I remember him as a child! This is crazy, his voice is amazing. I love seeing him mature, Blake and Alicia turned too! 4 chairs, totally deserved. Blake said I know you, now you found your sound and you know where you are supposed to be. Miley said let me take care of you. Billy opened for Miley's dad. Adam said he turned first and now he isn't sitting down til Billy chooses him. Alicia said what she loves most is that he is now the person that he wants to be. Adam believes he can win the whole thing.
Billy chose Adam

Nathalie Vincent sang Hold Back the River by James Bay -- No one turned, Adam went up and hugged her and Miley joined them and they all said she should come back.

Sophia Urista sang Come Together by The Beatles-- I loved all the gravel and growl in her voice. Miley and Alicia both turned. Blake said he was intimidated by her voice. Alicia said let's stay together so we can scare all the men in the world. Alicia heard Janis Joplin and Tie Turner combined and said she'd love to work with her. Miley felt like she was at her show like a rock and roll Dolly Parton.
Sophia chose Miley

Brendan Fletcher sang Jolene by Ray Lamontagne-- Adam and Alicia turned, then Miley. Alicia sees his authenticity, Miley thinks he is rad, and Adam said his voice could be the voice. I like Brendan's sound, it's very blues, folk, and rock. I loved it.
Brendan chose Adam

Dan Shafer sang Marry Me-- I love the sweetness of his voice. He is special! Blake was the only one that turned, he was so smart to turn for Dan! Adam said he was tender and had strong moment. Blake said Adam screwed the pooch. Blake said your voice sounded so young to me. Miley said Dan is an image to never give up on your dreams.
Blake chose Dan

Lauren Diaz sang If I Ain't Got You by Alicia Keys-- Lauren is so beautiful and when she sings, she is full of life. I found her performance so heartfelt and just real. Alicia turned first of course, followed by Miley and Blake. Adam didn't turn. Blake said I am willing to make an ass of myself to prove that I wanna be your coach. Miley said, sing Alicia and go with me, it's just crazy. Blake said I don't accept that you're gonna be on Alicia's team. Alicia started singing If I Ain't Got You. Lauren's boyfriend proposed to her!
Lauren chose Alicia

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