Monday, September 26, 2016

The Voice Season 11: Blind Auditions Continue to Impress

Bindi Liebowitz sang Bust Your Windows by Jazmine Sullivan-- Adam turned first followed by Blake. Bindi has a raspy voice with a lot of character in it. Adam said you made some amazing choices and I literally love you, I need you on my team. Blake says if she chooses him as her coach because he will protect her being that she is the only one like her on his team.
Bindi chose Adam

Zach Hicks sang At This Moment

Elia Esparza sang Como La Flor by Selena-- I loved Elia's voice. She is one of those artists I see growing a lot in this competition and getting better. I can see Adam doing a lot of things with her. Adam turned first, then Blake and Miley. Elia ended up choosing Adam because he turned first and she likes how he really listens to the people on his team.
Elia chose Adam

Lane Mack sang Every Day I Have the Blues by BB King-- Miley turned first and was the only one to turn. She said Lane is stuck with her. He does have a great blues voice. Miley said she was picturing him as very much in the style of a Jeff Buckley.
Miley chose Lane

Karlee Metzger sang Samson by Regina Spektor-- Blake and Miley turned at the last minute. Miley felt like she really had a connection with Karlee. Blake loved her full voice. Alicia added that she loved Karlee's song choice. She has a really sweet voice, and it had a lot of feeling and vulnerability.
Karlee chose Miley

Josh Halverson sang Forever Young by Bob Dylan-- I think this was my favorite artist of the night. I loved this, and I did get very caught up in the performance. Miley, Blake, and Alicia turned. I feel like this definitely should have been a four chair turn. Alicia said his voice is striking and she knows what good music should sound like. Blake said I felt some sort of kinship to your voice, and I would love to be your coach. Miley said let's sit down and you can play the guitar and I'll sing.
Josh chose Alicia

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