Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Ultimate Fall TV Schedule

I decided that this year there was too much good TV to pass up. Although ratings have dropped across the board in the past few years, this may be the year that ratings pick up. On some nights there are choices, and so you have to decide based on what you like to watch. I am confident though that this list has weeded out the series that are not worth your time.


Sunday Night Football, 8:30 p.m. kick-off, NBC (premieres: see explanation below)

Sunday Night Football actually premieres on Thursday night, September 4th, The Washington Redskins take on the current Superbowl Champion New York Giants starting at 7 p.m. The early start is due to the Republican National Convention. Following that, Sunday September 7th the Chicago Bears will go to Indianapolis to take on the Colts and Peyton Manning. The New England Patriots will appear on Sunday Night Football three times this season, October 12th, November 2nd, and December 7th.


The Amazing Race, 8- 9 p.m., CBS (premieres: September 28th)

This years racers include: Aja and Ty a long distance couple who met in college, Terrence and Sarah very different from one another and dating for a year, Nick and Starr a competitive brother/ sister team, Ken and Tina the ex NFL star and his wife looking to reconnect, Marisa and Brooke lovely Southern belles that are best friends, Mark and Bill friends and comic book aficionados, Anita and Arthur older hippie couple, Anthony and Stephanie an on again off again couple hoping to be engaged by the end of the race, Andrew and Dan friends who remind me of the guys from Superbad, Toni and Dallas a single mom and her son, and Kelly and Christy best friends and go getters.

Desperate Housewives, 9- 10 p.m., ABC (premieres: September 28th)

Last season revealed that when Desperate Housewives premieres September 28th we will be five years in the future. Lynette and Tom's kids are teenagers, Gaby and Carlos have two little girls, Edie is married, Susan and Mike are no longer together, Bree and Katherine are friends and Bree looks to be a successful business woman of sorts. If you would like some spoilers for the first few episodes of the season here are a couple of websites you should check out immediately---- and !

Brothers & Sisters, 10-11 p.m. ABC (premieres: September 28th)

The series ended it's shortened second season with yet another secret about to be brought to light. Rebecca was not the secret child of Walker patriarch William; his secret child is Ryan, a friend of the family. Nora was about to hear the news. In the season opener the Walker's vacation at the beach and arguments ensue; it gets pretty ugly.


Dancing With the Stars, 8- 9:30 p.m. ABC (premieres: September 22nd, live 3 night event)
Please note the results show will be on Tuesdays 9- 10 p.m.

Here are the couples for the new season:
Lance Bass and Lacey Schwimmer, Rocco DiSpirito and Karina Smirnoff, Misty May Treanor and Maksim Chmerkovsky, Maurice Greene and Cheryl Burke, Toni Braxton and Alex Mazo, Kim Kardashian and Mark Ballas, Cody Linley and Julianne Hough, Cloris Leachman and Corky Ballas, Ted McGinley and Inna Brayer, Brooke Burke and Derek Hough, Jeff Ross and Edyta Sliwinska, Warren Sapp and Kim Johnson, and Susan Lucci and Tony Dovolani.


Samantha Who?, 9:30- 10 p.m. ABC (premieres: October 6th)

Emmy Award nominee Christina Applegate stars as the title character in Samantha Who? which enters it's sophomore season after an extremely successful first season, it was one of the only shows that debuted last year to make it to a second year. Samantha continues to struggle with figuring out who she really is (apparently she was "bad" Samantha before her care accident).


Gossip GIrl, 8- 9 p.m. The CW (premieres: September 1st)

OMG! Gossip Girl is back for a sophomore season as well after an insatiably naughty first season. The Upper East Siders are back, did Serena spend the summer in the Hamptons alone or with Nate? Did Blair and Chuck actually vacation in Europe together and what happened to make Chuck come home alone? Did Dan spend the summer solo feeling sorry for himself? Is Jenny "popular" now? Where did Vanessa spend the summer? Just spotted: Nate and an older woman hooking up in a car in the Hamptons!

Here's some sneak peeks if you dare-- xoxo Gossip Girl (this link is the first five minutes of the new season)

Prison Break, 9- 10 p.m. FOX (premieres: September 1st, the season premiere is two hours, 8-10 p.m.)

Who will stay and who will go? Producers promise us that one, possibly two series regulars will die in the premiere, and it's already all over the net, my picks are Mahone and Bellick. If Sucre dies I will not watch the show anymore. Sara is coming back, Michael Rappaport is joining the cast as a government agent who offers to drop all charges against Michael Scofield if he and his gang bring down the company (Gretchen, Whistler, Mahone, and whoever else is on board) (info from Kristin E!Online).

CSI: Miami, 10- 11 p.m. CBS (premieres: September 22nd)

The series begins its seventh season; I don't have much information, but I will post whatever I find. I do know that Khandi Alexander has left the show in her fan favorite role as Doctor Alexx Woods and will be replaced by Megalyn Echikunwoke as Doctor Tara Price.


The Biggest Loser Families, 8- 10 p.m. NBC (premieres: September 16th)

Last year a woman won the Biggest Loser (Couples edition) for the first time ever after five seasons; 32 year old hairdresser from Mesa, Arizona, Ali Vincent lost 112 pounds and gained a "whole new perspective on life". This year's edition seeks to do the same for families, host Allison Sweeney returns pregnant with her second child and trainers Bob Harper and Jillian Michaels return as well.


Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, 10- 11 p.m. NBC (premieres: September 23rd)

The most popular of all the "Law & Order" series kicks off its 10th season with lots of surprises and lots of guest stars. We will discover whether Detective Tutuola (Ice-T) is transferred to another precinct. Olivia will be traumatized as a result of her almost rape at the jail last season. Stabler will continue to have problems with his teenage daughter. Michaela McManus of One Tree Hill fame will play the new ADA, Diane Novak left her role as ADA Casey Novak at the end of last season. Also gone is the brilliant Adam Beach who played Detective Chester Lake; it is not known at this time whether or not someone else will replace him or not. There will also be a superb cast of guest stars as there usually is: Luke Perry and Julie Bowen will play a couple, as will Josh Charles and Teri Polo (who played love interests on the critically acclaimed series Sports Night), James Brolin, Chris Elliot, and Sara Gilbert. Ellen Burstyn has signed on to play Elliott Stabler's mother Bernadette Stabler.


90210, 8- 9 p.m. The CW (premieres: September 2nd)

Jennie Garth and Shannen Doherty reprise their roles as Kelly Taylor and Brenda Walsh. Kelly is a guidance counselor at West Beverly who has a son (who's the daddy?) and Brenda comes into town to direct the school play. At press time, Tori Spelling wanted to reprise her role as Donna Martin and play a local clothing boutique owner, but there were salary disputes. The basis of the new show is Harry Wilson (Rob Estes) moves from Kansas with his family back to his hometown of Beverly Hills to be close to his mother Tabitha (Jessica Walter). Harry becomes the new principal of West Beverly High (I have heard that supposedly Kelly has a crush on him), his two children are also attending the school, Annie (Shanae Grimes) and adopted son Dixon (Tristan Wilds). Lori Loughlin (who played Becky on Full House) plays Harry's wife Debbie. On their first day at school Annie and Dixon meet spoiled and rich Naomi (AnneLynne McCord), Navid (Michael Streger) who edits the school paper (The Blaze), Erin Silver (Jessica Stroup), Kelly's half sister who Kelly is taking care of since her mom once again played by Anne Gillespie has started drinking again, and Ethan (Dustin Milligan) a lacrosse player who Annie met a few summers ago. Ryan Eggold plays Ryan Matthews, an English teacher as West Beverly.

Here are some fansites so you can stay up to date with the hottest zipcode on television:

The Mentalist, 9- 10 p.m. CBS (premieres: September 23rd)

Simon Baker (previously of The Guardian) stars as Patrick Jane, an independent consultant who utilizes sharp observation skills to solve crimes for the California Bureau of Investigation (CBI). Co-starring with Baker is, Robin Tunney (most known for playing Vanessa on Season 1 of Prison Break) plays Tessa Lisbon, a senior agent in Jane's unit who is the "take no prisoners" type. She resists having Jane in her unit but at the same time sees his usefulness. Rounding out the cast are Owain Yeoman as Wayne Rigsby, Tim Kang as Kimball Cho, and Amanda Righetti as Grace Van Pelt; they admire the way Jane is able to solve cases but view him as somewhat of a loose cannon.


Fringe, 9- 10 p.m. FOX (premieres: September 9th, n.b. the series premiere will be two hours and starts at 8 p.m.)

I was trying to figure out what the plot of this show was, because I have seen quite a few trailers for the series and it seems really interesting, similar to a thriller. Anyway, the IMDb website had the best explanation so I am going to quote them-- "A drama centered around a female FBI agent, Olivia Dunham played by Anna Torv who is forced to work with an institutionalized scientist, Dr. Walter Bishop played by Peter Noble in order to rationalize a brewing storm of unexplained phenomena."
The supporting cast includes:
Joshua Jackson (Yes, it is Pacey from Dawson's Creek) plays Peter Bishop, the estranged son of Dr. Walter Bishop
Mark Valley (You've seen him on soap Days of Our Lives, fan fave Keen Eddie, and Boston Legal) plays Special Agent John Scott, Olivia's partner
Lance Reddick (The Wire) plays FBI Agent Phillip Broyles
Kirk Acevedo (Oz) plays FBI Agent Charlie Francis
Jasika Nicole (Law & Order: Criminal Intent) plays FBI Agent Astrid Farnsworth
Blair Brown (Tony Winner for the play Copenhagen on Broadway) plays what the FOX website described as "manipulative corporate executive" Nina Sharp

Again you can finish your Tuesday night with Law & Order: SVU (see above)


Pushing Daisies, 8- 9 p.m. ABC (premieres: October 1st)

For those of you that did not see the nine episodes of Pushing Daisies last season, I offer you this recap. Ned (Emmy nominee Lee Pace) plays a pie maker who brings people back from the dead when he touches them. There are, as with everything, conditions when he brings someone back from the dead, after 60 seconds someone/ something of similar life value in the vicinity dies. Also if he touches that person/ thing a second time, it dies forever. He discovered his gift as a child, but grew up and became a pie maker; he owns his own restaurant called the Pie Hole. Olive Snook (Kristin Chenoweth) is a waitress there and has a hopeless crush on Ned who still has eyes for his childhood sweetheart Charlotte "Chuck" (Anna Friel). Ned's business begins to fail and a private investigator named Emerson Cod (Chi McBride) discovers his gift, and makes him an offer he just cannot refuse. Ned must bring the murder victims back from the dead, find out how they died in less than 60 seconds so Emerson can solve the murders and split the reward money with him.


America's Next Top Model, 8- 9 p.m. The CW (premieres: September 3rd, premiere is two hours)

Here is a list of the cast:
*Sheena, 21 years old, her hometown is Honolulu, Hawaii but she is currently living in Harlem, New York and works as a hostess/ go-go dancer.
*Samantha, 18 years old, her hometown is Woodland Hills, California, she is a student athlete.
*Nikeysha, 19 years old, her hometown is Bronx, New York, and she is a student
*Analeigh, 19 years old, her hometown is Sacramento, California but she currently live in Los Angeles where she is a student
*Brittany, 19 years old, her hometown is Henderson, Nevada where she works in customer service
*Hannah, 19 years old, her hometown is Fairbanks, Alaska where she is a student
*Clark, 19 years old, her hometown is Pawley Islands, South Carolina, but she is a student in Columbia, South Carolina right now
*Elina, 19 years old, she is originally from Berdichieve, Ukraine; she currently is unemployed living in Seattle, Washington
*Mckey, 19 years old, her hometown is Lake Forest, Illinois where she is a student
*Joslyn, 23 years old, her hometown is Lucky, Louisiana, but she is currently living in Shreveport, Louisiana where she is a student
*Marjorie, 19 years old, she hails from Marseilles, France; she is currently living in San Francisco, California where she is a student
*Isis, 22 years old, her hometown is Prince George's County, Maryland; she works in New York City as a Program Assistant at a non profit
*Lauren Brie, 20 years old, her hometown is Charlottesville, Virginia, but she currently lives in Radford, Virginia where she is a student
*Sharaun, 18 years old, her hometown is Chicago, Illinois; she is currently a student

The show is stationed in Hollywood, California this year.

I am not sure what to tell you about the nine o'clock hour; I wrestled with it for a whole day. Your best bet may be to either record one of the eight o'clock shows and watch it at the nine o'clock hour


Criminal Minds, 9- 10 p.m. CBS (premieres: September 24th)

I actually found an entire blog on blogspot dedicated to Criminal Minds. If you are a fan of the show or you are interested in finding out more about it, I definitely suggest this website
The series, entering its fourth season is a crime drama that focuses on the embers of a special FBI unit, the Beahavioral Analysis Unit (BAU). The stories center around the criminal rather than the crime.

Dirty Sexy Money, 10- 11 p.m. ABC (premieres: October 1st)

Much like many other new series than began last season, Dirty Sexy Money, only aired ten episodes as a result of the Writer's Strike. However, it did not in any way stop the critical acclaim that the show received. The series is about lawyer Nick George, played by Peter Krause (Six Feet Under). Prominent New York family, the Darling's ask Nick to be their personal lawyer, it just so happens that their previous lawyer, who happens to be Nick's father suspiciously died. So begins the saga that is called,
Dirty Sexy Money.
Meet the Darling Family:
Tripp Darling- the Darling Patriarch, "the empire builder", played by Donald Sutherland
Letitia Darling- the Daring Matriarch, "the sophisticated socialite", played by Jill Clayburgh
Patrick Darling- Darling son who has a perfect wife and perfect kids, yet he is having an affair with a transexual, "the principled politician", played by William Baldwin
Karen Darling- Darling daughter who has been married four times and lost her virginity to Nick, currently seeing billionaire Simon Elder, "the professional divorce", played by Natalie Zea
Jeremy Darling- Darling twin who had his trust fund revoked by Tripp, now valet parks cars at the family's garage, "one of the well behaved twins", played by Seth Gabel
Juliet Darling- Darling twin who is a spoiled rich girl, her reputation as a slut isn't true and she longs to be independent, "one of the well behaved twins", played by Samaire Armstrong
Rev. Brian Darling- son of Letitia and Dutch George (Nick's father), he initially hated Nick but has grown to like him as well as seek his advice. He is currently separated from his wife and lost custody of his son Brian Jr., Brian has quit the church and now works for Tripp, "the man of God", played by Glenn Fitzgerald

Meet the other players:
Lisa George- Nick's wife who is mom to seven year old Kiki, she frequents Darling parties and events with great patience, knows there is the possibility her husband may drift away from her and to Karen instead. She kissed Jeremy once at her gallery, played by Zoe McLellan
Simon Elder- Currently seeing Karen, the world's third richest man who doesn't show it, lives in an empty loft, and is engaged in a power struggle with the Darling's, played by Blair Underwood
Nola Lyons- She is a new character this season that I know nothing about, but Lucy Liu is playing her, so that's exiciting in itself.


Lipstick Jungle, 10- 11 p.m. NBC (premieres: September 24th)

Lipstick Jungle is the story of three women friends living in New York City trying to make it big time. There's Wendy (Brooke Shields), she is a movie studio executive depserately trying to balance a successful career and her family, including alone time with her husband Shane (Paul Blackthorne). Victory (Lindsay Price) is a clothing designer waiting to make it and find her Mr. Right in the process; it might be Joe Bennett (Andrew McCarthy) a multimillionaire willing to invest in her company. And Nico (Kim Raver) is editor in chief at a hot fashion magazine who is having a hot affair with a freelance photographer, Kirby (Robert Buckley).

I will post Thursday, Friday, and Saturday as soon as I finish researching and writing.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

More Emmy Picks 2008

If you didn't read my Emmy picks for the 2008 Drama category nominees, be sure to check that out; I continue now with the Comedy nominees.

Comedy Series

Curb Your Enthusiasm, HBO
Entourage, HBO
The Office, NBC
30 Rock, NBC
Two and a Half Men, CBS

Will Win: 30 Rock
Should Win: 30 Rock

By far the most intelligently written comedy on television with Tina Fey at the helm, I would be very surprised if 30 Rock didn't have this competition wrapped up!

Comedy Lead Actor

Alec Baldwin, 30 Rock, NBC
Steve Carell, The Office, NBC
Lee Pace, Pushing Daisies, ABC
Tony Shalhoub, Monk, USA Network
Charlie Sheen, Two and a Half Men, CBS

Will Win: Steve Carell
Should Win: Lee Pace

Carell has lost the past two years even though many thought he was the most gifted nominee in the category. His character is a little extreme and scary which is why some Emmy voters may not be giving their blessing, but this year he has submitted a one hour episode, so the third time may be a charm. Lee Pace is gifted as Ned, a pie maker who has the odd ability of touching something that is dead and bringing it back to life, but if he touches what he brought back to life a second time, it will perish forever. Carell will win, but Pace really should.

Comedy Lead Actress

Christina Applegate, Samantha Who?, ABC
America Ferrera, Ugly Betty, ABC
Tina Fey, 30 Rock, NBC
Julia Louis Dreyfus, The New Adventures of Old Christine, CBS
Mary Louise Parker, Weeds, Showtime

Will Win: Christina Applegate or Tina Fey
Should Win: Tina Fey or America Ferrera

Applegate may grab this award yet; she has had a tough year and come through like a trooper. She is also charming as title character Samantha in Samantha Who?, an amnesia victim who discovers she doesn't like the person that she was before her car accident. The amnesia also prompts her to rediscover her relationships with people which is comic relief in and of itself. Tina Fey as Liz Lemon on 30 Rock is the only lady in this category that I think should and could walk away with this award. She is not only delightfully protagonistic is Liz Lemon but she is also the head writer of the series. America Ferrera once again dazzled and surprised audiences as Betty Suarez; her romantic life was particularly interesting this past season with two suitors, Gio and Henry. Will she go to Rome with Gio or decide to marry Henry? Betty has a big decision to make and let's not forget about her giving advice to her boss Daniel.

Comedy Supporting Actor

John Cryer, Two and a Half Men, CBS
Kevin Dillon, Entourage, HBO
Neil Patrick Harris, How I Met Your Mother, CBS
Jeremy Piven, Entourage, HBO
Rainn Wilson, The Office, NBC

Will Win: Jeremy Piven
Should Win: Kevin Dillon

The nominees are the same and I think I am almost repeating what I wrote last year (I am laughing right now). Jeremy Piven is so strong compared to the other nominees except for Kevin Dillon. He is so underrated and under appreciated by Emmy voters as Johnny "Drama" Chase; I love, love, love him in this role. I will be surprised if the voters are intelligent enough to give him this award, but if he does get it, I will stand up in my living room and applaud cause he deserves it.

Comedy Supporting Actress

Kristin Chenoweth, Pushing Daisies, ABC
Amy Poehler, Saturday Night Live, NBC
Jean Smart, Samantha Who?, ABC
Holland Taylor, Two and a Half Men, CBS
Vanessa Williams, Ugly Betty, ABC

Will Win: Kristin Chenoweth
Should Win: Kristin Chenoweth or Vanessa Williams

If Emmy voters love Chenoweth as much as the Tony's do, this award is in her pocket; Chenoweth has so much charisma and this is really and truly the perfect role for this small but complete package. She is "hopelessly devoted" to pie maker Ned and she even sang "Hopelessly Devoted to You" in the series! Vanessa Williams was extra evil as Wilhelmina Slater and the scenes with Williams and Gabrielle Union who plays her sister were fabulous. Wilhelmina is not happy that her little sis is sleeping with the enemy, Daniel Meade. Perhaps Williams could secure her win if, as Wilhelmina, she sang "I'm Bad" on Ugly Betty; just a thought.

Enjoy the Emmys, I will be keeping track and I hope you will too!

Watch: Sunday September 21, 2008 on ABC

Monday, August 25, 2008

More Sex in the City...... My Favorites from the Final Season

I started posting my favorite Sex in the City episodes quite sometime ago, and this is the final posting in this series. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed watching the episodes and summarizing them to the best of my ability. I enjoyed picking out my favorite quotes from the series, and sharing my opinions on the various episodes.

Season 6 Episode 92 Splat! --- Carrie, “I couldn’t help but wonder, what if all those helpful lunches and late-night phone calls to friends have made us all girl talk and no girl action? Is it time to stop questioning?”

Plot: Carrie and Petrovsky host a dinner party for her best friends at his house. The night is filled with tension, and then all of sudden, Petrovsky announces that he and Carrie are moving to Paris. Carrie and Petrovsky then attend a party thrown by her Vogue editor, Enid Frick, and she sees former “it” girl Lexi Featherston at the party. Lexi ends up falling from the apartment to her death at the party. Lexi’s death makes Carrie realize that all of her friends have moved on except for her, Miranda is married with a child living in Brooklyn, Charlotte is married and raising puppies, and Samantha has even found someone special in Smith. Carrie decides to change her life and accept the offer, and she drops the unexpected news on her friends which leads to a fight with Miranda after she expresses her disapproval.


Carrie: Admit it, you don’t like him.
Miranda: Fine! I don’t like him!
Carrie: Then don’t YOU go to Paris with him.

Lexi: I’m so bored I could die. (right before she falls out the window to her death.)

Miranda: Carrie, your column is who you are.
Carrie: It’s not who I am, it’s what I do.

My 2 Cents:
I absolutely love this episode every time it comes on; it is so pivotal to the entire series. In a way, Carrie chooses a man over her city, New York City and in a way she also chooses a man over her beloved girls, Samantha, Charlotte, and Miranda. I love Lexi Featherston and Kirsten Johnsons’s portrayal of the character. Candice Bergen is great as Enid Frick, especially when she says to Carrie about Petrovsky, oh Carrie why am I not with him, and Carrie says, because I am.

Season 6 Episodes 93 and 94 An American Girl in Paris, Part Une and Part Deux

Plot: Part Une Before she leaves for Paris, Carrie sees Big outside her apartment and he admits that he messed up with her, but she makes it clear that she wants him totally out of her life forever. Carrie then has one last dinner with the girls before leaving; they all decide Carrie leaving will have a huge impact on their lives. Carrie arrives in Paris and meets Petrovsky’s daughter who isn’t thrilled with Ms. Bradshaw. Carrie loses her “Carrie” nameplate necklace, and Petrovsky replaces it with a diamond necklace, but it makes Carrie realize that Paris may not be her destiny. Charlotte goes to Carrie’s apartment to pick up her mail and an adoption recommendation and overhears a phone message from Big. She picks up and decides to have a meeting with Big and the other two girls; they ultimately decide Big should go to Paris to find Carrie.
Part Deux Carrie has dinner with Petrovsky’s ex wife who says she was sick of always coming in second to his art, muck like how Carrie feels. Samantha is surprised when Smith comes back from his movie shoot just to tell her that he loves her, and Samantha finally opens up to Smith. Charlotte and Harry find out that they will be getting a baby girl from China. Miranda and Steve must take care of Steve’s mother who is beginning to lose her memory. Carrie is supposed to go to a part in her honor, but Petrovsky panics opening night of his event and asks Carrie to skip it. She agrees, but when he gets there, he forgets all about her, and then she finds her Carrie necklace in the lining of her purse and realizes she should not be there. She misses her party anyway and goes back to the hotel to explain to Petrovsky but he doesn’t understand and he slaps her. She leaves, and in the hotel lobby finds Big; Carries accidentally lets in slip that Petrovsky slapped her, and Big goes on a hunt until Carrie trips him. The two walk around Paris together and decide they are meant to be together; Carrie asks Big to take her home, back to New York City. She reunites with the girls, and is ready to start a new life.


Carrie: You do this every time! Every time! What? Do you have some sort of radar? Carrie might be happy, it's time to sweep in and shit all over it?
Big: What? No, no, I came here to tell you something. I made a mistake. You and I...
Carrie: You and I nothing! You cannot do this to me again! You cannot jerk me around!
Big: Carrie, listen to me. It's different this time.
Carrie: Oh, it's never different! It's six years of never being different! This is it! I am done! Don't call me ever again! Forget you know my number! In fact, forget you know my name! And you can drive up this street all you want... because I don't live here anymore!

Big: You're the loves of her life and a guy's just lucky to come in fourth.

Miranda: Go get our girl! (to Big)

Carrie: I'm looking for love. Real love. Ridiculous, inconvenient, consuming, can't-live-without-each-other love. And I don't think that love is here in this expensive suite in this lovely hotel in Paris.

Big: I have to hand it to you kid. Most people come to Paris to fall in love. You came and got slapped.

Smith: Hey, Babe, I flew back...
Samantha: You flew all night? Why?
Smith: I forgot to tell you something on the phone... I love you.
Samantha: You flew back to tell me that?
Smith: Can you think of a better reason?
Samantha: No, I can't. You have meant more to me than any man I have ever known.

Big: It took me a really long time to get here, but I'm here. Carrie, you're the one.

Magda: What you did. That is love. You love.
Miranda: (after giving Steve's mother, who has had a stroke, a bath)
Let's not make a big deal of it to Steve, it will upset him.

Carrie:(Last Line) Later that day I got to thinking about relationships. There are those that open you up to something new and exotic, those that are old and familiar, those that bring up lots of questions, those that bring you somewhere unexpected, those that bring you far from where you started, and those that bring you back. But the most exciting, challenging and significant relationship of all is the one you have with yourself. And if you find someone to love the you you love, well, that's just fabulous.

My 2 Cents: Clearly, the best was saved for last. So many wonderful scenes were in these last two episodes. The scene with Big, Miranda, Charlotte, and Samantha in the coffee shop gets me every time. Each woman has a breakthrough, Samantha discovers what true love really is. Miranda has an emotional epiphany and Charlotte is about to get the baby she always wanted. Carrie discovers that you have to love yourself and find someone who loves that same “you” that you love. I never wanted this episode to end.

2008 Beijing: Results Day 16 (Final Day of Competition)

I just wanted to post the final three team event medals that were determined in case anyone was looking for them.......

Men's Water Polo
1. Hungary
2. U.S.A.
3. Serbia

Men's Volleyball
1. U.S.A.
2. Brazil
3. Russia

Men's Basketball
1. U.S.A.
2. Spain
3. Argentina

Saturday, August 23, 2008

2008 Beijing: Results Days 14 and 15

I decided to combine the last two days since there wasn't so much going on...

Despite the fact that the U.S. relay teams were out of both the men's and women's 4x100m relays, it was still interesting. The Jamaican women actually could not transfer the baton from one person to another and therefore did not finish the race. Veronica Campbell Brown, the gold medalist in the 200m never even received the chance to race. In the men's relay, the Jamaican men set a new world record with Usain Bolt anchoring the race.

Women's 4x100m Relay

1. Russia- Evgeniya Polyakova, Aleksandra Fedoriva, Yulia Gushchina, Yuliya Chermoshanskaya 42.31
2. Belgium- Olivia Borlee, Hanna Marien, Elodie Ouedraogo, Kim Gevaert 42.54
3. Nigeria- Franca Idoko, Gloria Kemasuode, Agnes Osazuwa, Oludamola Osayomi, Halimat Ismaila 43.04

Men's 4x100m Relay

1. Jamaica- Dwight Thomas, Michael Frater, Nesta Carter, Asafa Powell, Usain Bolt 37.10 World Record
2. Trindad & Tobago- Keston Bledman, Marc Burns, Aaron Armstrong, Richard Thompson, Emmanuel Callender 38.06
3. Japan- Naoki Tsukahara, Shingo Suetsugu, Shinji Takahira, Nobuharu Asahara 38.15

In the 4x400m relays, the U.S. men and women restored pride, dignity, and won gold medals. It was great redemption for the women, like Sanya Richards who failed to win gold in the 400m, and Allyson Felix who was the favorite in the 200m but won another silver. The men; however, dominated just as they did in the 400m and the 400m hurdles, and Jeremy Wariner closed it out well, he almost could have walked across the finish line.

Women's 4x400m Relay
1. U.S.A.- Mary Wineberg, Monique Henderson, Natasha Hastings, Sanya Richards, Allyson Felix 3.18.54
2. Russia- Elena Migunova, Tatyana Veshkurova, Liudmila Litvinova, Tatiana Firova, Yulia Gushchina, Anastasia Kapachinskaya 3.18.82
3. Jamaica- Novelen Williams, Shereefa Lloyd, Bobby Gaye Wilkins, Shericka Williams, Rosemarie Whyte 3.20.40

Men's 4x400m Relay
1. U.S.A.- David Neville, Regi Witherspoon, Kerron Clement, Angelo Taylor, LaShawn Merritt, Jeremy Wariner 2.55.39 Olympic Record
2. Bahamas- Michael Mathieu, Avard Moncur, Ramon Miller, Andrae Williams, Andretti Bain, Christopher Brown 2.58.03
3. Russia- Maksim Dyldin, Vladislav Frolov, Anton Kokorin, Denis Alexeev 2.58.06

Matthew Mitcham of Australia ruined China's diving party; the Chinese were hoping to go eight for eight in diving gold medals but will instead go seven for eight. Zhou Luxin missed his last dive only scoring 6s and 7s, and Mitcham did his most difficult dive last and nailed it scoring four perfect 10s. The amazing thing about Mitcham is that he left diving and took one year off and returned to diving just one year ago. Huo Liang was the only Chinese diver not to medal at this Olympic Games finishing in fourth.

Men's 10m Platform Diving Finals
1. Matthew Mitcham Australia 537.95
2. Zhou Luxin China 533.15
3. Gleb Galperin Russia 525.80

And in a couple of team sports the U.S. women continue to finish strong picking up a gold and a silver.

Women's Basketball
1. U.S.A.
2. Australia
3. Russia

Women's Soccer
1. Brazil
2. U.S.A.
3. China

Emmy Picks 2008

Without tons of explanation, here are my picks for the major categories at the Emmy Awards.....

Drama Series

Boston Legal, ABC
Damages, FX
Dexter, Showtime
House, FOX
Lost, ABC
Mad Men, AMC

Will Win: Lost
Should Win: Lost

Lost is the only TV Show in this category that held my attention all season and didn't let go. I cannot wait until the new season starts and although I know it will soon be over for good; I wish it would never go away. The writing is remarkable, and every year I grow increasingly anxious as to what happened to the survivors, what happened to those who died, where and what is this island? So many questions and yet so little time.

Drama Lead Actor

Gabriel Byrne, In Treatment, HBO
Bryan Cranston, Breaking Bad, AMC
Michael C. Hall, Dexter, Showtime
Jon Hamm, Mad Men, AMC
Hugh Laurie, House, FOX
James Spader, Boston Legal, ABC

Will Win: Jon Hamm
Should Win: Gabriel Byrne

A friend actually convinced me to watch In Treatment, and I must admit that I was skeptical especially after he explained the premise of the show. I thought, well it's clever, but how interesting can it be? The series is in real time, and focuses on psychotherapy sessions between doctors and patients. Byrne plays Dr. Paul Weston who himself visits a psychotherapist every Friday, and Byrne is intense in this role to say the least. The show held my attention, and don't get me wrong the actors and actresses who play his patients are wonderful, but he holds his own with every one of them. I was pleasantly surprised, and I found myself watching more. I am not saying I would ever visit a psychotherapist, but if he or she is anything like Paul I would definitely take it into consideration.

As a note, Hamm is wonderful in Mad Men and he will probably win because the Emmy's love him so much.

Drama Lead Actress

Glenn Close, Damages, FX
Sally Field, Brothers & Sisters, ABC
Mariska Hargitay, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, NBC
Holly Hunter, Saving Grace, TNT
Kyra Sedgwick, The Closer, TNT

Will Win: Your guess is as good as mine!
Should Win: Any, well maybe not Glenn Close....

I love all of these ladies. Mariska Hargitay in particular was amazing in the episode where she went undercover as a prisoner in a female prison, and was almost raped by a prison guard. I remember seeing that episode and thinking... she is getting nominated for an Emmy this year. Kyra Sedgwick is charming yet tough in The Closer, and Holly Hunter is shockingly good as an Oklahoma City detective with a number of bad habits (smoking, binge drinking, sleeping with who and whatever she comes across).

Drama Supporting Actor

Ted Danson, Damages, FX
Michael Emerson, Lost, ABC
Zeljko Ivanek, Damages, FX
William Shatner, Boston Legal, ABC
John Slattery, Mad Men, AMC

Will Win: John Slattery
Should Win: Michael Emerson

John Slattery is deliciously bad as Roger Sterling, a womanizer who excessively drinks. As Ben Linus, Michael Emerson has taken evil to new heights; no wonder Jack was smacking him around so much last season.

Drama Supporting Actress

Candice Bergen, Boston Legal, ABC
Rachel Griffiths, Brothers & Sisters, ABC
Sandra Oh, Grey's Anatomy, ABC
Dianne Wiest, In Treatment, HBO
Chandra Wilson, Grey's Anatomy, ABC

Will Win: Candice Bergen
Should Win: Rachel Griffiths

Grey's Anatomy bored me a little bit last season, so overall because the writing wasn't on point, I was disappointed in the performances. So I think that cancels out the two nominees from Grey's, although I do think they are both great actresses. Dianne Wiest is good as Dr. Gina Toll, but Gabriel Byrne steals the scene almost everytime they are on screen together. The real story though lies between Bergen and Griffiths; Bergen's Shirley Schmidt is a developed character but provides more comic relief than drama ( I wonder sometimes, should Boston Legal be in the drama or comedy category or should we create a new category -- the dramedy, similar to what Friends was.) That leaves Rachel Griffiths as Sarah Walker, a working mom who is president of a family owned company. She wanted to get back together with her husband even after knowing he had an illegitimate child, but then her husband decided that he wanted a divorce. Then, she discovered who her family's real half sibling is. What a year!

to be continued with comedy nominees.....

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Breaking News from Beijing 2008 Olympics!

The U.S. beach volleyball team of Phil Dalhausser and Todd Rogers beat the Brazilian team of Fabio and Marcio in three sets to win the gold medal.

2008 Beijing: Results Day 13

I think U.S. track star Lauryn Williams is right, somebody must have put a voodoo on the U.S. track team. I cannot remember an Olympic games where both the men's and women's 4x100m relay teams dropped the baton, and therefore neither one advanced to the finals. Tyson Gay will not only leave this Games with no medals; he will also leave without running in a finals.

The women's softball and water polo teams came up just short of gold, both finishing in silver medal position.

Women's Softball
1. Japan
2. U.S.A.
3. Australia

Women's Water Polo
1. Netherlands
2. U.S.A.
3. Australia

The women's soccer team; however, won their second consecutive Olympic gold medal.

Women's Soccer
1. U.S.A.
2. Brazil
3. Germany

Well they were dubbed the "double guarantee" by the Chinese, and they were right; Chen Ruolin and Wang Xin did not disappoint winning gold and bronze. The duo, Ruolin is sixteen and Xin is 15, will surely be a part of China's diving future for a long time to come. Emilie Heymans from Canada, and in her third Olympics captured the silver; she almost upset the Chinese, but Ruolin was diving like a seasoned pro. Laura Wilkinson dived for the last time, the 2000 Olympic champion is retiring to start a family.

Women's 10m Platform Final
1. Chen Ruolin China 447.70
2. Emilie Heymans Canada 435.05
3. Wang Xin China 429.90

Allyson Felix, the 2004 silver medalist in the 200m once again repeated as silver medalist in this games. U.S. Champion, Felix came up just short to Veronica Campbell Brown of Jamaica and was disappointed to finish where she did four years ago. As a result of Campbell Brown's win, this marks the first time in 20 years that one country has swept the men's and women's 100m and 200m races; the United States accomplished this feat in 1988. The other two Americans, Muna Lee and Marshevet Hooker finished in fourth and fifth place respectively.

Women's 200m Final
1. Veronica Campbell Brown Jamaica 21.74
2. Allyson Felix U.S.A. 21.93
3. Kerron Stewart Jamaica 22.00

Jeremy Wariner was unable to defend his 400m title losing to his biggest rival and U.S.A. teammate La Shawn Merritt. Many track & field experts did not believe this was going to be a blowout, but it was with Merritt finishing almost a full second ahead of Wariner who seemed to be in shock following the race. Some speculate his loss having to do with a change in his training regime as a result of a coaching change. But perhaps the real story here lies with the third place finisher, 24 year old David Neville who dove across the finish line to secure a third place finish and a bronze medal. Neville said, "for me, it wasn't so much about the medal; it was about the sacrifice.... the dive was sacrifice."............."I'm coming down the homestretch and I don't know where I am. But I know I have what it takes in my heart to finish well. And no matter what obstacles are ahead of you, are to the side of you, if you keep your eye on the prize, your eye on the goal, you'll get what you need. Sometimes you have to make a last-ditch effort. And that's why I have this medal around my neck right now."

Men's 400m Final
1. La Shawn Merritt U.S.A. 43.75
2. Jeremy Wariner U.S.A. 44.74
3. David Neville U.S.A. 44.80

Liu Xiang of China was supposed to win the gold in the 110m hurdles, but an injury changed everything, and so it was Dayron Robles' day. Robles, the 21 year old up and comer from Cuba actually broke Liu's nearly two year old record at a competition in June of this year. Two Americans won the silver and bronze, silver medalist David Payne has been plagued by injuries all of 2008 so his win is quite remarkable. Payne had appendicitis in February, one month after he bruised his heel, and one month and a half following that he found out that he has a stress fracture. Bronze medalist David Oliver may not have just been winning this medal for himself, but also for his mom Brenda. Brenda Chambers qualified for the 1980 Olympic Team in Moscow and was going to run the 400m hurdles, but the U.S. boycotted those games, so she never ran, and never won a medal. This is the first Olympics for all three medalists.

Men's 110m Hurdles Finals
1. Dayron Robles Cuba 12.93
2. David Payne U.S.A. 13.17
3. David Oliver U.S.A. 13.18

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

2008 Beijing: Results Day 12

Well there was not a lot going on today, but the things that did go on were certainly major. Misty May Treanor and Kerri Walsh won another Olympic gold medal. They are the first beach volleyball team in the history of the games to record consecutive golds. In Beijing, they were undefeated and never dropped a set. Jason Kidd, May Treanor's idol growing up was there watching the match even though his team was up late last night defeating Australia 116-85. They are most certainly contenders for the gold.

In the men's 200m final, Usain Bolt finished the race in world record time; he is the first man to record a world record in the 100m and 200m in an Olympic games. Wallace Spearmon of the U.S.A. and a friend of Bolt's was celebrating his third place finish when he was informed that he was disqualified for running on the white lane lines. His disqualification meant that 2004 Olympic gold medalist Shawn Crawford would get a bronze. The disqualifications did not end there, supposed silver medalist Churandy Martina was also charged with the same thing as Spearmon and therefore he was disqualified also which meant Crawford moved to silver medal status, and Walter Dix also of the U.S.A. moved to bronze. And if you are not confused by now, I don't know what to tell you.

Men's 200m Final
1. Usain Bolt Jamaica 19.30 World Record
2. Shawn Crawford U.S.A. 19.96
3. Walter Dix U.S.A. 19.98
DQ Churandy Martina Netherlands Antilles 19.82
DQ Wallace Spearmon U.S.A. 19.95

In the women's 400m hurdles, Jamaica once again reigned supreme. Moments after Bolt won the 200m, Melaine Walker at only 24 years of age won the race in record time. The field was left wide open with many of the "usual suspects" not competing for a variety of reasons. Second time Olympian, Sheena Tosta of Team U.S.A. captured the silver.

Women's 400m Hurdles
1. Melaine Walker Jamaica 52.64 World Record
2. Sheena Tosta U.S.A. 53.70
3. Tasha Danvers Great Britain 53.84

The 2008 Olympics in Beijing (Schedule 5, last schedule.)

Day 13 of Competition: Thursday August 21, 2008

What to Watch:

10 a.m.- 1 p.m. The gold in women's water polo will be determined; the U.S. team looks to win gold after winning silver in 2000 and bronze in 2004. The qualifying rounds in rhythmic gymnastics take place the decathalon in track and field.

8-10 p.m. Tonight we will find out who is the fastest men's hurdeler in the world with the men's 110m hurdles. Liu Xiang Hurt of China was to participate in this event; he is the 2004 Olympic gold medalist, but withdrew earlier in the week due to injury.

10-12 midnight The women's 10m platform diving finals take place; Laura Wilkinson dives for the U.S. team and is our best hope at a diving medal in her third games. More track and field events are under way at the Bird's Nest. The gold medal in beach volleyball is awarded tonight live.

Day 14 of Competition: Friday August 22, 2008

What to Watch:

10 a.m.- 1 p.m. The Redeem Team looks to advance to the men's basketball finals and play for the gold medal, something they were unable to do four years ago. Rhythmic gymnasts battle for the gold.

8- 12 midnight The men's and women's 4x 100m relays in track & field are marquee events which showcase some of the fastest men and women in the world. We'll also see the women's 5000m, women's long jump, and men's pole vault.

Day 15 of Competition: Saturday August 23, 2008

What to Watch:

10 a.m.- 6 p.m. The gold medal game in women's basketball will determine the most talented team in the world. Women's volleyball will also crown its gold medal champions.

7:30 p.m.- 12 midnight A bunch of track & field events on tonight's bill, the men's marathon, the men's 800m, the relays in the men's and women's 4x400m, and the men's long jump. Diving finals in the men's 10m platform which could produce a Chinese or American champion.

Day 16 of Competition: Sunday August 24, 2008

What to Watch

Later on........ (after midnight, early morning) The gold medal game in men's basketball, men's water polo,

7-11:30 p.m. And the closing ceremonies

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

2008 Beijing: Results Day 11

Day 11 of competition was a day of shocks, stunners, and revelations.

Misty May Treanor and Kerri Walsh will play the Chinese team of Tian Jia and Jie Wang for the gold medal in beach volleyball. Men's team Phil Dalhausser and Todd Rogers will win a medal in this Olympic games; all that must be determined is the color.

Henry Cejudo of Team U.S.A. won the first gold medal in wrestling at these Olympic games in the men's 55kg 1/8 final; he successfully defeated Tomohiro Matsunaga of Japan.

This was the last day of individual event finals in gymnastics; there were some new champions as well as some old champions. Li Xiaopeng has won seven World or Olympic medals on the parallel bars; many thought his career was over after Athens 2004 at the age of 20. Li has continued to train hard and although he was out of competition for most of 2006 and 2007 due to injury he was able to earn another gold in Beijing. Anton Fokin did something that no one in his home country of Uzbekistan has done; he won the first medal in gymnastics. Shawn Johnson had to wait until the final day of gymnastics competition but gold could not have been sweeter, or more deserving. Team U.S.A. has once again gone one, two for the women; this time it's Johnson, Liukin. China's gymnastics future will most certainly lie in Zou Kai who won another gold, this time in high bar (last time it was on floor exercise). Jonathan Horton was brilliant on the high bar; his routine was difficult and full of risks, but it was a risk that was well worth it. He took home an individual silver medal.

Men's Parallel Bar
1. Li Xiaopeng China 16.450
2. Yoo Wonchul Korea 16.250
3. Anton Fokin Uzbekistan 16.200

Women's Balance Beam
1. Shawn Johnson U.S.A. 16.225
2. Nastia Liukin U.S.A. 16.025
3. Cheng Fei China 15.950

Men's High Bar
1. Zou Kai China 16.200
2. Jonathan Horton U.S.A. 16.175
3. Fabian Hambuechen Germany 15.875

Track & Field saw disappointment for female favorites on Team U.S.A.; Sanya Richards was poised to win the 400m, but in the last 80 meters she rain into some problems. Richards says her hamstring really tightened up, and it took everything she had left to come in third and come away with the bronze medal. She expected more of herself and was disappointed in third place after all her hard work. As a side note, the women who won this race, Christine Ohuruogu was allowed to compete because she won an appeal after missing three out of competition doping tests. Does this raise any suspicion?

Women's 400m
1. Christine Ohuruogu Great Britain 49.62
2. Shericka Williams Jamaica 49.69
3. Sanya Richards U.S.A. 49.93

Lolo Jones looked to have the race won already; this was probably the most sure win in all of track & field for Team U.S.A., but then something terrible happened Jones clipped hurdle nine of ten. Her chances of winning a medal were gone; she came in seventh place, it was a scene reminiscent of Gail Devers hurdle fall in 1992. This may be the first and last Olympics for Lolo Jones at the age of 26. She said following the race, "I felt the gold around me, but if you can't finish the race, you don't deserve to be the champion". The Americans had expected to go one, two, three in the event with Damu Cherry and Dawn Harper also competing but it was not meant to be. Dawn Harper, also in her first Olympics and at the age of 24 did win however, and she could not have been more shocked.

Women's 100m Hurdles
1. Dawn Harper U.S.A. 12.54
2. Sally McLellan Australia 12.64
3. Priscilla Lopes Schliep Canada 12.64

Richards and Jones were seen crying under the stadium after leaving the track.

Monday, August 18, 2008

2008 Beijing: Results Day 10

The Redeem Team is doing more than redeeming themselves; they are also smoking the competition. The Men's U.S. Basketball team rolled over Germany 106-57.

Misty May Treanor and Kerri Walsh will play for the gold medal; their opponent has yet to be determined, but it will be one of the Chinese teams.

Track & field events took place today, and although I will not write about all of them everyday, I will write about some of them that are particularly memorable.

In women's pole vaulting, Yelena Isinbayeva continues to set records vaulting to 5.05 meters; she owns 34 of the top 50 marks in her sport. In her home country of Russia, she has the sex symbol status of Maria Sharapova and Anna Kournikova, and she came from humble beginnings. She has set 23 world records and remained unbeaten since the 2004 Olympics in Athens.

Women's Pole Vaulting
1. Yelena Isinbayeva Russia 5.05m World Record
2. Jennifer Stuczynski U.S.A. 4.80m
3. Svetlana Feofanova Russia 4.75m

Stephanie Brown Trafton of the U.S. has done something that no one in the U.S. has done since 1932; she has won a gold medal in discus. Out of all her attempts, the first throw was a charm, and the gold was a lock.

Women's Discus
1. Stephanie Brown Trafton U.S.A. 64.74
2. Yarelys Barrios Cuba 63.64
3. Olena Antonova Ukraine 62.59

The American Men have done it again in the 400m hurdles, it's the first sweep since 1960. There is the veteran and the gold medalist, 30 year old Angelo Taylor. Taylor is one of only three men to win the 400m hurdles twice at an Olympic games; he also won in Sydney 2000. There are also two "newbies" to the Olympics, Kerron Clement who finished second at Olympic trials as well, and Bershawn "Batman" Jackson who just missed making the Olympic team for Athens 2004.

Men's 400m Hurdles
1. Angelo Taylor U.S.A. 47.25 Personal Best
2. Kerron Clement U.S.A. 47.98
3. Bershawn Jackson U.S.A. 48.06

It was another exciting and controversial night for gymnastics in the individual event finals. The men's still rings champion was named, many suggest that the men who win the medals in this event are the strongest men in the world. Nastia Liukin was cheated out of a gold medal in the uneven bars as a result of a confusing and convoluted tiebreak system in gymnastics. Again, the U.S. lost to China much like Alicia Sacramone lost a bronze to a Chinese gymnast who fell on her landing. In men's vault, Poland won their first gymnastics medal and it was gold; Russia (especially gymnast Anton Golotsutskov) continued a comeback.

Men's Still Rings
1. Chen Yibing China 16.600
2. Yang Wei China 16.425
3. Oleksandr Vorobiov Ukraine 16.325

Women's Uneven Bars
1. He Kexin China 16.725
2. Nastia Liukin U.S.A. 16.725
3. Yang Yilin China 16.650

Men's Vault
1. Leszek Blanik Poland 16.537
2. Thomas Bouhail France 16.537
3. Anton Golotsutskov Russia 16.475

Sunday, August 17, 2008

2008 Beijing: Results Day 9

Breaking News! Liu Xiang Hurt of China, the defending Olympic Champion in the Men's 110m hurdles has dropped out of the event with a right achilles injury. Liu was the first athlete to ever win a track & field medal for China and was the pride of the Chinese track & field team.

The women track-stars of Jamaica must be doing something right because they are clearly the fastest women in the world. For the first time in history, Jamaican women swept the 100m finals, and the U.S. women who were favorited in this event were shut out of the medals. Shelley Ann Fraser (21 years of age), Sherone Simpson (23 years of age), and Kerron Stewart (23 years of age) swept this event one, two, and two; that's right, Simpson and Stewart tied for silver which means no bronze was given out. Lauryn Williams who was the favorite on the U.S. team finished fourth, Muna Lee finished fifth, and Torri Edwards finished last place in eighth believing that she had committed a false start. The surprising thing about this race is that Fraser who is the shortest, youngest, and least experienced athlete won the race; two days ago, Jamaica never had a gold medal champion in the 100m, now they have two, Fraser, and last night Bolt.

Women's 100m Final
1. Shelley Ann Fraser Jamaica 10.78
2. Sherone Simpson Jamaica 10.98
2. Kerron Stewart Jamaica 10.98

China's most famous female athlete has certainly ended her diving career on a high note; she won the women's 3m springboard final. She has tied legendary diver Fu Mingxia for most career golds with six. Yulia Pakhalina upset Wu Minxia by winning the silver; the Chinese were expected to go, one, two in the event.

Women's 3m Springboard Final
1. Guo Jingjing China 415.35
2. Yulia Pakhalina Russia 398.60
3. Wu Mingxia China 389.85

Day 9 of competition was the first of three nights of individual events in gymnastics. There were some athletes on the podium that were familiar, and there were some we have never seen before, but in true fashion, all who were on the podium dazzled. While China and the U.S.A. continue to pile up the medals, some countries won their first medals in these games for gymnastics. For Great Britain, it was their first gymnastics medal ever. This time Shawn edged out the all around champion Nastia. Oksana Chusovitina proved that at 33 you are never too old to dream, Romania and Russia hinted that they are building back towards former greatness. Although Alexander Artemev had been perfect at pommel horse all well, this just wasn't his day, proving that even a champion is not always flawless.

Men's Floor Exercise
1. Zou Kai China 16.050
2. Gervasio Deferr Spain 15.775
3. Anton Golotsutskov Russia 15.725

Women's Vault
1. Hong Un Jong Noth Korea 15.650
2. Oksana Chusovitina Germany 15.575
3. Cheng Fei China 15.562

Men's Pommel Horse
1. Xiao Qin China 15.875
2. Filipe Ude Croatia 15.725
3. Louis Smith Great Britain 15.725

Women's Floor Exercise
1. Sandra Izbasa Romania 15.650
2. Shawn Johnson U.S.A. 15.500
3. Nastia Liukin U.S.A. 15.425

Saturday, August 16, 2008

2008 Beijing: Results Day 8

The reigning Olympic Champion in the "Fastest Man Alive" contest also known as the 100m dash did not repeat and continue his reign. Tyson Gay of team U.S.A. did not even make the finals. Instead there was a new "fastest man", and his name tells the story Usain "Lightning" Bolt of Jamaica set a new world record, his fellow countryman Asafa Powell who once was the "fastest man" proved not to be a factor finishing fifth. In fact, some who watched the race said, Bolt even had time to look around and check out the field, and he "cruised" in for the win. First time Olympian Walter Dix of team U.S.A. proved commentators wrong, some had said he was running like he was at Florida State rather than at the Olympics. Today, he ran like he was at the Olympics.

Men's 100m
1. Usain Bolt Jamaica 9.69 World Record
2. Richard Thompson Trinidad & Tobago 9.89 Personal Best
3. Walter Dix U.S.A. 9.91 Personal Best

The last night at the water cube proved to be a memorable one with some amazing swims. In the 50m free, Dara Torres missed gold by a sliver, one one hundredth of a second to be exact. She lost the gold to Brita Steffan of Germany who already won gold in the 100m free. This was Torres' best finish in an individual event, all her others medals in past Olympics being bronze; at 41 years of age, she made many other women in the pool look ordinary. The 16 year old phenom from Australia, Cate Campbell took bronze; Torres had been chatting with her all week.

Women's 50m Freestyle
1. Brita Steffan Germany 24.06 World Record
2. Dara Torres U.S.A. 24.07
3. Cate Campbell Australia 24.25

Once banned for 18 months after admitting that he took a banned substance, an amphetamine-- Adderall to help him stay awake and study, Oussama Mellouli of Tunesia won gold in the 1500m free. Mellouli prevented Grant Hackett of Australia from winning this event at three straight Olympics. Larsen Jensen of the U.S. finished a disappointing fifth.

Men's 1500m Freestyle
1. Oussama Mellouli Tunisia 14.40.84
2. Grant Hackett U.S.A. 14.41.53
3. Ryan Cochrane Canada 14.42.69

Team U.S.A. did not win the gold in the women's 4x100m medley relay, but Dara Torres conveyed an important message that transcended age, culture, and gender: "Never put an age limit on your dreams. Australia led for the majority of the race and although Torres swan a faster leg than Trickett she just had too much time to make up.

Women's 4x100m Medley Relay
1. Australia Emily Seebohm, Leisel Jones, Jessicah Schipper, Libby Trickett 3.52.69 World Record
2. U.S.A. Natalie Coughlin, Rebecca Soni, Christine Magnuson, Dara Torres 3.53.30
3. China Zhao Jing, Sun Ye, Zhou Jafei, Pang Jiaying

The men's medley relay was all about making history; Michael Phelps has done something that no one in history has ever done before, he has won eight gold medals in one Olympic games, sixteen in his Olympic career. Brendan Hansen promised Debbie Phelps (Michael's mom) that he was going to be on his best game, that he was going to swim to win. The U.S. team led for almost the entire race with Japan being ahead only once. Lezak swan a tremendous anchor again, and then the celebration began.

Men's 4x100m Medley Relay
1. U.S.A. Aaron Piersol, Brendan Hansen, Michael Phelps, Jason Lezak 3.29.34 World Record
2. Australia Hayden Stoeckel, Brenton Rickard, Andrew Lauterstein, Eamon Sullivan 3.30.04
3. Japan Junichi Miyashita, Kosuke Kitajima, Takuro Fujii, Hisayoshi Sato 3.31.18

In Basketball, the "Redeem" team continues to roll beating Spain 119-82!

Friday, August 15, 2008

2008 Beijing: Results Day 7

Ok, so first thing is first; I was on this morning, and I saw a couple of Olympics articles that I really liked. I thought if all my readers enjoy the Olympics as much as I do then they will enjoy these two articles. I am posting their links so everyone can read them---,100176 -- This article is actually really funny! -- This article made me angry. :-I

Lots of action at the water cube---

Kirsty Coventry and Margaret Hoelzer were roommates and teammates at Auburn University so isn't it ironic that the 200m backstroke came down to these two for the gold? I definitely felt like Eilzabeth Beisel, the other American in the field, was going to contend for a medal, but she was not on her game for this swim.

Women's 200m Backstroke
1. Kirsty Coventry Zimbabwe 2.05.24 World Record
2. Margaret Hoelzer U.S.A. 2.06.23
3. Reiko Nakamura Japan 2.07.13

The men's 100m fly was an amazing race, and a real test of mental toughness as well. Michael Phelps made history in this race by out-touching Serbian swimmer Milorad Cavic by one one hundredth of a second. World record holder Ian Crocker missed winning a bronze medal by one one hundredth of a second. Following the race, Cavic's coach filed a protest against Michael Phelps winnning the gold, but Fina rejected it saying the overhead cameras clearly showed that Phelps out-touched Cavic. Oh the drama that is the Games! Just as a side note, at the moment, Michael Phelps and Mark Spitz are tied for most medals in a single games.

Men's 100m Butterfly
1. Michael Phelps U.S.A. 50.58 Olympic Record
2. Milorad Cavic Serbia 50.59
3. Andrew Lauterstein Australia 51.12

In Great Britain Rebecca Adlington is to them what Michael Phelps is to us Americans; she is like a celebrity, tons of endorsement deals, and an icon in her sport. She broke a world record set by Janet Evans in 1989, and Evans, ever the amazing athlete that she is, smiled follwing Adlington's swim; it was a moment that only the Olympics could create.

Women's 800m Freestyle
1. Rebecca Adlington Great Britain 8.14.10 World Record
2. Alessia Filippi Italy 8.20.23
3. Lotte Fris Denmark 8.23.03

The men's 50m free was a great surprise; defending champion Gary Hall Jr. of the U.S.A. was not present to defend his title. He did not make the Olympic team during trials, and of the two U.S. athletes who swan heats, only one made the final. In the end, the winner was a 21 year old from Brazil, a student at Auburn University and majors in International Business. Cesar Cielo Filho has been practicing his start and it was quite evident, when he finished the race, his look was one of shock. There were tears coming down his face, most likely tears of surprise and happiness.

Men's 50 Freestyle
1. Cesar Cielo Filho Brazil 21.30 Olympic Record
2. Amaury Leveaux France 21.45
3. Alain Bernard France 21.49

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Breaking News from Beijing 2008 Olympics!

I promise I will have more on this tomorrow but I just wanted to let everyone know the results of the women's all around in gymnastics. For the first time in this Olympics in gymnastics I think the judges actually got it right; although, maybe I am being biased.

Women's All Around Final
1. Nastia Liukin U.S.A. 63.325
2. Shawn Johnson U.S.A. 62.725
3. Yang Yilin China 62.650

2008 Beijing: Results Day 6

At the water cube, the U.S. swim team was stunned when no woman from the U.S. team qualified to swim in the 800m free finals; this is the first time this has happened in 40 years.

Coming into the Games as quite the underdog, Rebecca Soni continued her fairytale run, picking up her first individual gold in this Olympics. She has already won a silver in the 100m breast; Soni held off "Lethal Leisel", and set a new world record. Nordenstam picked up only the second swimming medal in history for her country.

Women's 200m Breast-stroke
1. Rebecca Soni U.S.A. 2.20.22 World Record
2. Leisel Jones Australia 2.22.05
3. Sara Nordenstam Norway 2.23.02

The men's 200m back was a fight between the two Americans, west vs. east, Peirsol vs. Lochte, the laid back casual Californian vs. super cool skateboarder/ surfboarder, and in the end Lochte won his first individual gold medal.

Men's 200m Backstroke
1. Ryan Lochte U.S.A. 1.53.94 World Record
2. Aaron Peirsol U.S.A. 1.54.33
3. Arkady Vyatchanin Russia 1.54.93

He has done it again, the man who many call a buy wonder has continued a feat that many have/ had said was impossible. Michael Phelps continues his gold medal run winning his sixth gold in this Games, and equaling his gold medal total in Athens. How about Ryan Lochte who picked up a bronze when less than half an hour before he picked up his first individual gold, what a gutsy swim! These two men are a large part of what the Olympics is all about; it's about surprises, guts, dreams coming true, and making the impossible into a reality.

Men's 200m Individual Medley
1. Michael Phelps U.S.A. 1.54.23 World Record
2. Laszlo Cseh Hungary 1.56.52
3. Ryan Lochte U.S.A. 1.56.53

Libby Trickett received the chance of a lifetime when Chinese swimmer Pang Jiaying was disqualified giving her a spot in the finals. Trickett used it to her advantage, and won a silver.

Women's 100m Freestyle
1. Britta Steffan Germany 53.12
2. Libby Trickett Australia 53.16
3. Natalie Coughlin U.S.A. 53.39

Breaking News from Beijing 2008 Olympics!

In men's basketball, the "redeem" team beat Greece, avenging at loss at Worlds in 2006, 92-69.

Way to go! U.S. tennis player James Blake upsets Roger Federer in Beijing, the number one will not stay number one for much longer (Rafael Nadal of Spain most likely becoming the new number one).

I stayed up til almost 2 a.m. watching the men's all around in gymnastics; I had planned to post after it was over but I could only keep my eyes open long enough to see that China continued their domination of gymnastics at this games. Many of the top gymnasts had costly errors, and with Paul and Morgan Hamm out of picture, Yang Wei capitalized big time.

Men's Individual All Around Finals
1. Yang Wei China 94.575
2. Kohei Uchimura Japan 91.975
3. Benoit Caranobe France 91.925

The 2008 Olympics in Beijing (Schedule 4)

Day 9 of Competition: Monday August 18, 2008

What to Watch:

10 a.m.- 1 p.m. Team U.S.A. plays Japan in volleyball, and the men's 3m springboard diving preliminaries.

8- 12 midnight Individual events take place in gymnastics, men's rings and vault and women's uneven bars. Track & field has the men's 400m hurdles. The semifinals in beach volleyball will most likely involve Misty May Treanor and Kerri Walsh, likely to challenge--- Brazil and Cuba.

Day 10 of Competition: Tuesday August 19, 2008

What to Watch:

10 a.m. - 1 p.m. "Jenny" Lang Ping leads the U.S. women to quarterfinal play in volleyball; the former Chinese powerhouse took over U.S. volleyball just three years ago, track & field and women's water polo action.

8- 12 midnight It's the final night of individual events in gymnastics which include men's parallel and high bar and women's balance beam. Lolo Jones will try to win the 100m hurdles for the second time, and later on you'll see the women's 400m and the men's 1500m (look for Bernard Lagat). The men's 3m springboard finals will have a gold medalist tonight, look for both Chinese men to be in medal contention.

Day 11 of Competiton: Wednesday August 20, 2008

What to Watch:

10- 11 a.m. men's volleyball quarterfinbal action

11 a.m. - 1 p.m. The women's 10m platform diving preliminaries take place, keep your eyes on Laura Wilkinson in her third Olympics; she is the top U.S. contender. The Chinese have a duo likely to medal in Chen Ruolin (15 years old) and Wang Xin (16 years old); these two have been dubbed "Double guarantee".

8-9 p.m. the Champions Gala in Gymnastics; this should be a fun night! In track and field, can the American men sweep again in the 200m, not if Usain "Lightning" Bolt has anything to say about it; we'll also see the women's 400m hurdles.

9- 11 p.m. Check out BMX racing!

11- 12 midnight The gold medal will be awarded tonight in women's beach volleyball.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

2008 Beijing: Results Day 5

In Beach Volleyball, it's number 104 and the streak continues for Misty May Treanor and Kerri Walsh who beat Norway in straight sets.

There were some surprising developments in the water cube.....

The semifinals took place in the women's 100m free, and it appeared that world record holder and favorite to win the gold, Libby Trickett was not going to be a part of the finals. She was in ninth position and only the top eight make it to the finals, but China's Pang Jiaying who won the second semi was disqualified for a false start. Libby Trickett won the eighth and final spot for tomorrow's final.

In the 200m breast, Kosuke Kitajima looked to go two for two, and he did that and more. Kitajima is the first swimmer in Olympic history to sweep and 100m and 200m breast at consecutive games. Brenton Rickard of Australia is the first Aussie to medal in a breast stroke at any distance in 24 years.

Men's 200m Breast-stroke
1. Kosuke Kitajima Japan 2.07.64 Olympic Record
2. Brenton Rickard Australia 2.08.88
3. Hugues Duboscq France 2.08.94

Jessicah Schipper of Australia was the world record holder going into the women's 200m fly; she was easily the favorite to win the gold at this games. Why then was Schipper fighting for a bronze? Because Liu and Jiao of China were battling for gold, and China went one and two.

Women's 200m Butterfly
1. Liu Zige China 2.04.18 World Record
2. Jiao Liuyang China 2.04.72
3. Jessicah Schipper Australia 2.06.26

4x100m relay savior, Jason Lezak owned six Olympic medals, but none of them were for Individual events, all of them were earned in relays. All of that changed tonight, the 33 year old in his third Olympics won his first individual medal; it was a bronze(he tied with Filho from Brazil), but it was obtained through hard work and perseverance, and so some may say it felt like a gold. Alain Bernard (the Frenchman with a lot to say) and Eamon Sullivan (Stephanie Rice's ex beau) engaged in what looked like a swim off and Bernard (sorry to say) won this one.

Men's 100m Freestyle
1. Alain Bernard France 47.21
2. Eamon Sullivan Australia 47.32
3. Jason Lezak U.S.A. 47.67
3. Cesar Cielo Filho Brazil 47.67

So they were favored to win, and the lead slowly but surely slipped away; team U.S.A. did not defend their gold in the 4x200m free relay, ouch!

Women's 4x200m Freestyle Relay
1. Australia- Stephanie Rice, Bronte Barratt, Kylie Palmer, Linda Mackenzie 7.44.31 World Record
2. China- Yang Yu, Zhu Qianwei, Tan Miao, Pang Jiaying 7.45.93
3. U.S.A.- Allison Schmitt, Natalie Coughlin, Caroloine Burckle, Katie Hoff 7.46.33

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

2008 Beijing: Results Day 4

At times Federica Pellgrini's social life has earned her more fame in Italy than her swimming; I wonder at times what exactly Federica wants to be famous for. In early 2008, Pellegrini began dating fellow Italian swimmer Luca Marin; however, Marin was also dating French swimmer Laure Manaudou, until a very public breakup in December of 2007 at the European Short Course Championships. Following the breakup nude pictures of Manaudou were released online, and many believed Marin released them; although, he denies it. Pellegrini and Manaudou are major rivals and swim against each other often; irony of all ironies the three of them used to train together in Italy at LaPresse. At least for tonight, in the 200m free, fame was for swimming, and setting a new world record.

Women's 200m Freestyle
1. Federica Pellegrini Italy 1.54.82 World Record
2. Sara Isakovic Slovenia 1.54.97
3. Pang Jiaying China 1.55.05

Sara Isakovic won the first medal in swimming for Slovenia, Congratulations Sara!

It is official, Michael Phelps has won more Olympic medals than any other athlete in Olympic history, and not only was it number ten, but his swim in the 200m fly was at new world record pace (Phelps had been hoping to go under 1.52). Following the swim, Phelps was not interviewed, instead he went directly to the cool down pool to prepare for the 4x200m free relay.

Men's 200m Butterfly
1. Michael Phelps U.S.A. 1.52.03 World Record
2. Laszlo Cseh Hungary 1.52.70
3. Takeshi Matsuda Japan 1.52.97

For the second time today, Katie Hoff finished just out of medal contention in the number four spot; the other time being in the 200m free. Natalie Coughlin who very recently added this event to her repetoire captured a bronze; this was previously Amanda Beard's event. Kirsty Coventry continues to add to her medal cabinet in various events, but it was Rice (Eamon Sullivan's ex squeeze) who won her second gold in this Games.

Women's 200m Individual Medley
1. Stephanie Rice Australia 2.08.45 World Record
2. Kirsty Coventry Zimbabwe 2.08.59
3. Natalie Coughlin U.S.A. 2.10.34

Michael Phelps said that the goal of the men's 4x200m free relay was to come in under seven minutes; not only did they come in under seven minutes but they shattered the previous world record by five seconds. With teammates Ryan Lochte, Ricky Berens, and Peter Vanderkaay, Michael Phelps earned his eleventh gold medal.

Men's 4x200m Freestyle Relay
1. U.S.A.- Michael Phelps, Ryan Lochte, Ricky Berens, Peter Vanderkaay 6.58.56 World Record
2. Russia- Nikita Lobintsev, Evgeniy Lagunov, Danila Izotov, Alexander Sukhorukov 7.03.70
3. Australia- Patrick Murphy, Grant Hackett, Grant Brits, Nick Ffrost 7.04.98

China continues their dominance in diving with two more gold medals in sychronized diving events.......

from Aug. 11, 08

Men's Sychronized 10m Platform
1. Lin Yue and Huo Liang China 468.18
2. Patrick Hausding and Sascha Klein Germany 450.42
3. Gleb Galperin and Dmitry Dobroskok Russia 445.26

from today

Women's Sychronized 10m Platform
1. Wang Xin and Chen Ruolin China 363.54
2. Briony Cole and Melissa Wu Australia 335.16
3. Paola Espinosa and Tatiana Ortiz Mexico 330.06

Bela Karolyi is not the only one that believes that the female Chinese gymnasts are under the age of 16 and therefore should not be able to compete at the Olympic level. If it were ever proven , their gold medal would be null and void; however, how could it happen? Many believe the Chinese government has doctored all proper documents. Bela Karolyi did voice his concerns on primetime coverage, and I could not agree more. The U.S. did not perform to their best, Alicia Sacramone was definitely rattled and that was a shame because she is such a fearless performer. Nastia and Shawn were agressive and contributed to team U.S.A. hanging onto a silver.

Women's Team Final
1. China- Cheng Fei, He Kexin, Jiang Yuyuan, Li Shanshan, Yang Yilin, Deng Linlin 188.900
2. U.S.A.- Shawn Johnson, Nastia Liukin, Chellsie Memmel, Samantha Peszek, Alicia Sacramone, Bridget Sloan 186.525
3. Romania- Steliana Nistor, Sandra Izbasa, Andreea Acatrinei, Andreea Grigore, Gabriela Dragoi, Anamaria Tamirjan 181.525

Monday, August 11, 2008

Breaking News from Beijing 2008 Olympics

The United States men did what many thought was impossible the Men's Team Gymnastics Competition; they won a medal. The bronze was a big deal to these men who lost reigning world champion and team member Paul Hamm to injury and then his brother Morgan also withdrew leaving an inexperienced team. None of these team members had ever participated in an Olympic Games before. A lackluster Japan won silver while the Chinese were golden and therefore captured the gold.

Men's Team Finals
1. China- Huang Xu, Chen Yibing, Li Xiaopeng, Xiao Qin, Yang Wei, Zou Kai
2. Japan- Hiroyuki Tomita, Tahehiro Kashima, Koki Sakamoto, Makoto Okiguchi, Kohei Uchimura, Takuya Nakese
3. U.S.A.- Alexander "Sasha" Artemev, Raj Bhavsar, Joey Hagerty, Jonathan Horton, Justin Spring, Kevin Tan

2008 Beijing: Results Day 3

In beach volleyball, Misty Mae Treanor and Kerri Walsh won number 103 straight by beating Cuba in straight sets.

The water cube saw lots of activity today with four finals taking place! Team U.S.A. continued their domination in the pool picking up three golds, two silvers, and two bronzes. Michael Phelps tied for the most decorated athlete in Olympic history; he looks to surpass that mark in the next few days.

In the men's 200m freestyle, Michael Phelps set a new world record. Park Tea Hwan of South Korea picked up a silver to add to the gold he already won in the 400m free, and Peter Vanderkaay became an Olympic medalist for the first time.

Men's 200m Freestyle
1. Michael Phelps U.S.A. 1.42.96 World Record
2. Park Tae Hwan South Korea 1.44.85
3. Peter Vanderkaay U.S.A. 1.45.15

California girl, Natalie Coughlin repeated as Olympic champion in the 100m back (she was the first woman ever to do so) holding off Kirsty Coventry of Zimbabwe who did not swim well in the last 20m. Margaret Hoelzer is a two time Olympian but won her first medal in the 100m back. (Kirsty Coventry and Margaret Hoelzer are actually friends and former teammates; both attended Auburn University).

Women's 100m Backstroke
1. Natalie Coughlin U.S.A. 58.96
2. Kirsty Coventry Zimbabwe 59.19
3. Margaret Hoelzer U.S.A. 59.34

Aaron Piersol also repeated as Olympic champion, and he repeated in the men's 100m back, and he broke his own world record. His teammate Matt Grevers, who considered swimming for the Netherlands, won a silver medal at his first games. Arkady Vyatchanin won the first medal for Russia in this event!

Men's 100m Backstroke
1. Aaron Peirsol U.S.A. 52.54 World Record
2. Matt Grevers U.S.A. 53.11
3. Arkady Vyatchanin Russia 53.18
3. Hayden Stoeckel Australia 53.18

An individual gold medal had eluded Leisel "Lethal Leisel" Jones for two Olympics, in Sydney she won a silver in the 100m breast, and although she was the hands on favorite for the same event in Athens, she finished with a bronze. She came back a few days later and won a silver in the 200m breast in 2004. Finally, in day three of competition at the Beijing games, Leisel not only won individual Olympic gold but set an Olympic record.

Women's 100m Breast-stroke
1. Leisel Jones Australia 1.05.17 Olympic Record
2. Rebecca Soni U.S.A. 1.06.73
3. Mirna Jukic Austria 1.07.34

I am sure we will be seeing more of first time Olympian Rebecca Soni who raced very well against Lethal Leisel. Olympian Amanda Beard credits Soni with motivating her to race again.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

The 2008 Olympics in Beijing (Schedule 3)

Day 7 of Competiton: Friday August 15, 2008

What to Watch:

10- 11 a.m. heats in the water cube

11- 12 noon track begins as runners try to qualify for the men's 100m (i.e. the fastest man alive race)

8- 10 p.m. an elimination round of beach volleyball, track and field as more gents move closer to the 100m final

10- 12 midnight Michael Phelps could make history tonight if things went as planned for the week. He looks to swim in the 100m fly tonight against teammate Ian Crocker from Maine. There are also finals in the men's 50m free (i.e. fastest man in the pool), women's 200m back and 800m free, plus more beach volleyball.

Day 8 of Competition: Saturday August 16, 2008

What to Watch:

10- 12 noon In Basketball, the "Redeem Team" plays Spain

12- 1 p.m. If you like the Tour de France, you'll love watching men's pursuit.

4- 6 p.m. track and field qualifying and women's 3m springboard semis

7:30- 10 p.m. The fastest man is decided tonight, who will it be? Tyson Gay, Asafa Powell, or Usain Bolt?

10- 12 midnight some swimming finals, men's 4x100m medley relay, women's 50m free, and the men's 1500m free

Day 9 of Competition: Sunday August 17, 2008

What to Watch:

10 a.m. - 6 p.m. lots o' stuff volleyball, cycling, badminton, equestrian, rowing, track, table tennis, beach volleyball, and much more.

7 p.m. - 12 midnight tonight gymnastics individial events take place, the finals in the women's 3m springboard, in track there is the women's 100m (usually dominated by Americans and Jamaicans).

2008 Beijing: Results Day 2

Guo Jingjing and Wu Mingxia have defended their Gold medal from the Athens '04 Games in the Women's 3m Synchronized Springboard. I began researching these two ladies out of curiosity, and I learned a lot about them. Gou began her career earning two silvers in Sydney; she hasn't looked back since remaining undefeated in major competition. Guo (and her diving partner Wu) will also compete in the individual 3m springboard, and Guo looks to defend her gold. She has announced that following these Olympics she will retire. Tabloids in China have linked her to fellow diver and gold medalist Tian Liang as well as Kenneth Fok, grandson of a Hong Kong bunsiness tycoon.

Wu Mingxia began diving at the age of seven. She was paired with Guo Jingjing in 2001 after Guo's previous partner Fu Mingxia retired. Wu admits initially being intimidated, but she says now she and Guo are friends and they are encouraging to one another. Her parents watch her compete on TV because travel is too expensive for them. Wu attends People's University in host city Beijing.

Women's 3m Sychronized Springboard
1. Guo Jingjing and Wu Mingxia China 343.50
2. Julia Pakhalina and Anastasia Pozdyakova Russia 323.61
3. Ditte Kotzian and Heike Fisher Germany 318.90

In Men's Basketball the U.S.A. "redeem team" beat China 101-70!

23 year old Libby Trickett beat out 22 year old Christine Magnuson in the women's 100m fly.

Women's 100m Butterfly
1. Libby Trickett Australia 56.73
2. Christina Magnuson U.S.A. 57.10
3. Jessicah Schipper Australia 57.25

Brendan Hansen had a dream that he would win gold in lane 2 in the 100m breast. Irony of all ironies is that he was swimming in the 100m breast finals in lane 2; all Hansen would have to do is swim well and win. Hansen got off to a bad start (finishing fourth), and instead his worst nightmare came true, Kosuke Kitajima, Hansen's rival from Japan not only won gold but shattered Hansen's old world record. It may have been the last time that we will see Brendan Hansen in an individual event in an Olympic Games. However, in an interview following his swim, Hansen said that he does not want to end his career that day, so he may be back.

Men's 100m Breast
1. Kosuke Kitajima Japan 58.91 World Record
2. Alexander Dale Oen Norway 59.20
3. Hugues Duboscq France 59.37

* Also of note is that Alexander Dale Oen won the first swimming medal ever for Norway! Congratulations Alexander!

At only 18 years old, Rebecca Adlington has won the first Gold medal for Great Britain in women's swimming since 1960. Katie Hoff led for most of the race but Adlington pulled ahead in the final seconds beating Hoff; Adlington's teammate took Bronze. Federica Pellegrini of Italy who was the favorite in this race finished fifth; sentimental favorite Laure Manaudou of France finished eighth.

Women's 400m Freestyle
1. Rebecca Adlington Great Britain 4:03:22
2. Katie Hoff U.S.A. 4:03:29
3. Joanne Jackson Great Britain 4:03:52

Alain Bernard: member of France's men's 4x100m free relay team --- "The American's, we're gonna smash them, that's what we came here to do."

Miss V.: major team U.S.A. fan: "Who's talking now?"

Not only did the U.S. team break the world record, they smashed it by four seconds; many swimming experts have already declared this the best relay in history. Jason Lezak had the best split in Olympic relay history, and in the final half lap Lezak closed in on Alain Bernard and just out-touched him at the wall!

1. U.S.A. Michael Phelps, Garrett Weber-Gale, Cullen Jones, Jason Lezak 3:08:24 World Record
2. France Amaury Leveaux, Fabien Gilot, Frederick Bousquet, Alain Bernard 3:08:32
3. Australia Eamon Sullivan, Andrew Lauterstein, Ashley Callus, Matt Targett 3:09:91

Saturday, August 9, 2008

2008 Beijing: Results Day 1

In beach volleyball, Misty Mae Treanor and Kerri Walsh beat Japan for their 102st straight win. On the men's side, in an upset, Latvia beat American favorites Phil Dalhausser and Todd Rogers.

The U.S. women domintated in fencing in the individual Sabre. Mariel Zagunis (who won the gold in 2004 and was the first American woman to do so in a century) won the first gold medal at these Games for the American team. Her teammates Sada Jacobson and Becca Ward took the silver and bronze with President Bush in the front row wathcing. The three ladies look to win the team sabre, and hope that with their performance they encourage girls to take up fencing.

Michael Phelps won gold medal number seven, and his first at this Olympics in the 400m Individual Medley. Laszlo Cseh who won the bronze in Athens won a silver here. Check out the results:

Men's 400m IM
1. Michael Phelps U.S.A. 4:03:84 World Record
2. Laszlo Cseh Hungary 4:06:16
3. Ryan Lochte U.S.A. 4:08:09

In the men's 400m freestyle, Australia did not dominate as they have in so many other years. A South Korean swimmer, Tae Hwan Park, who was disqualified four years ago for accidentally falling into the pool before the start won gold, and not just any gold, but the first gold in swimming for his country.

Men's 400m free
1. Tea Hwan Park South Korea 3:41:66
2. Zhang Lin China 3:42:44
3. Larsen Jensen U.S.A. 3:42:76

Grant Hackett of Australia who was favored to win the gold did not medal and finished sixth.

Katie Hoff was denied a gold in the 400m Individual Medley, and twenty year old Stephanie Rice who is Australia's glamour gal, shattered Hoff's old world record winning the gold. Kirsty Coventry of Zimbabwe snuck in and won the silver.

Women's 400m IM
1. Stephanie Rice Australia 4:29:45 World Record
2. Kirsty Coventry Zimbabwe 4:29:69
3. Katie Hoff U.S.A. 4:31:71

The Americans kept their silver standing from '04 in the women's 4x100m free relay, but the Netherlands and Australia switched places.

Women's 4x100m free relay
1. Netherlands 3:33:76 Olympic Record Inje Dekker, Ranomi Kromowidjojo, Femke Heemskerk, Marleen Veldhuis
2. U.S.A. 3:34:33 Natalie Coughlin, Lacey Nymeyer, Kara Lynn Joyce, Dara Torres
3. Australia 3:35:05 Cate Campbell, Alice Mills, Melanie Schlanger, Libby Trickett

Friday, August 8, 2008

The 2008 Olympics in Beijing (Schedule 2)

Day 3 of Competition: Monday August 11, 2008

What to Watch:

10-11 a.m. The U.S. women's water polo team is the reigning world champs, and today they take on host nation China in preliminary play.

10 a.m.-1 p.m. More qualifying heats in swimming take place in the water cube, and some beach volleyball.

8 p.m. - 12:30 a.m. The U.S. men's gymnastics team, minus Paul and Morgan Hamm try to make the podium in the team finals. Michael Phelps, Aaron Peirsol, and Natalie Coughlin jump in the pool again tonight to chase gold. And just for good measure, the men's 10m synchronized platform diving final takes place tonight.

Day 4 of Competition: Tuesday August 12, 2008

What to Watch:

10 a.m.- 1 p.m. Spike! Beach volleyball continues. The men's water polo team plays Italy in another qualifying match, and more swimming preliminaries take place. Canoe and kayak gold medals are awarded in the men's K-1 and C-1 events.

8- 10 p.m. beach volleyball makes its may into primetime. China looks to continue dominance in diving in the women's 10m synchronized platform.

10- 11 p.m. Four swimming finals take place tonight in the water cube, if Phelps has his way, he will be in two of the four, 200m butterfly and 4x200m free relay. Katie Hoff has her chance in the 200m free and the 200m IM.

11-12 midnight. The women's gymnastics team takes on a worthy opponent in China starting tonight. And swimming continues.

Day 5 of Competition: Wednesday August 13, 2008

What to Watch:

10 a.m. - 1 p.m. beach volleyball, the U.S. women take on Italy in the pool in water polo, and some swimming heats to prepare for tonight's finals.

8-10 p.m. more beach volleyball action in primetime, women's cycling, and men's 3m synchronized platform diving finals take place.

10- 11 p.m. Eric Shanteau of the U.S. hopefully competes tonight in the 200m breast; Shanteau was diagnosed with testicular cancer prior to the Olympics. He will compete against Japanese favorite, Kosuke Kitajima. Also on the bill for tonight, the women's 200m fly and the men's 100m free.

11 p.m.- 1 a.m. The women's 4x200m free relay in the pool, the U.S. women are lead by Katie Hoff and Natalie Coughlin. The men's all around gymnastics title is decided, highly favored in a Chinese gymnast, Yang Wei. He is a two time champion and since Paul and Morgan Hamm have both withdrawn due to injury, Wei has a great chance at gold.

Day 6 of Competition: Thursday August 14, 2008

What to Watch:

10- 11 a.m. Ian Crocker and Michael Phelps go stroke to stroke in the pool as the two Americans compete in the 100m fly. Semifinals take place in rowing.

8- 10 p.m. An elimination round takes place in beach volleyball, and the U.S. men play Bulgaria in volleyball.

10- 11 p.m. the men's 200m IM and the 200m back and the women's 200m breast and 100m free all tonight and all in the water cube!

11- 1 a.m. The women's individual all around takes place in gymnastics, will Nastia Liukin or Shawn Johnson follow in the footsteps of Mary Lou Retton in 1984 and Carley Patterson in 2004? Or will another gymnast take the gold?

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

America's Next Top Model Cycle 6--- Where Are They Now?

The ladies from Cycle 6 are intriguing; some of them are still modeling and some of them seem to have fallen off the map completely. The ladies that are still modeling are more successful than any other Cycle I have researched thus far! (Winner Danielle Evans on the left, this is some of her work with Click Models)

12th place- Wendy Wiltz who was originally from New Orleans, Louisiana has relocated to New York City. Her myspace page says she is managed by ID Model Management, but when I checked their website Wendy was not listed. She does have some beautiful pictures on her myspace profile- (the picture on the right is from Wendy's myspace page)

9th place- Mollie Sue Gondi is currently signed with Elite Model Management in New York City. I looked at her portfolio and it is both extensive and impressive ( Mollie also has a portfolio that extends outside of the United States, and she is signed with various agencies across the globe; Storm Models in London, England (, Why Not Models in Milan, Italy (, Elite Barcelona in Barcelona, Spain (, Success Models in Paris, France (, and Ace Models in Athens, Greece ( - (The pic on the left is from Mollie Sue's page)

8th place- Alejandra "Leslie" Mancia is still living in Arizona. She has modeled for Black Halo Clothing Co. and KLS (Kimora Lee Simons). She is signed with Major Model Management in New York City ( , portfolio is under "Women Management") and Elite Model Management in Los Angeles ( "Miss Leslie" is also signed with "The Agency Arizona Models" in her home state of Arizona ( - (Leslie is pictured on the right with a photo from her page)

6th place- Nnenna Agba, the model with the cloud of anonymity is listed as 23 years old on her myspace page; although most say her age is unknown. She has been featured in ads for Lulu & Red for British Vogue, Jill Sanders. She has been on the covers of Time Out London magazine and Confidence magazine. Most recently Nnenna completed a fashion spread for Spring magazine in Paris (issue: July 2008). -
(Pictured on the left is Nnenna with a photo from her page)

5th place- Furonda Brasfield is the one lady in this group that I wish I could have found out more about, but I was unsuccessful. Furonda still looks great, but there were not many pictures available online. -

3rd place- Jade Cole has a lot of beautiful pictures on her myspace page - . I discovered through some research that she is indeed signed with Diva models in Singapore ( Jade's page said she was signed with some other agencies as well, but I found no proof of that since she did not have portfolio's on their websites.
(Jade is pictured on the right with a photo from her Diva Models Portfolio)

2nd place- Joanie Dodds is still one of the strongest contestants in the history of America's Next Top Model. I could not find information on which modeling agencies she is signed with, but you can check out Joanie's page -

Winner- Danielle "Dani" Evans, our Cycle 6 winner has enjoyed amazing success! She is one of only two Top Model winners to have her Cover Girl contract renewed, the other being Cycle 8 winner Jaslene "cha cha diva" Gonzalez. Dani is signed with Click models in New York City ( She has done ads for Akademiks, Cover Girl (cosmetics and eyewear), Metro Style, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Sephora. Her runway show experience includes Baby Phat and Zang Toi in Fall/Winter 2007, Angel/ Devil and Jenni Kayne in Spring/Summer 2008, and Zang Toi for Fall/Winter 2008. Her myspace page is private, but you can request her as a friend. She recently had "friends" on her myspace page who were stealing her pics and making fake Danielle Evans' pages, so Dani kicked them off. So anyway trying to take advantage of this intelligent lady, be warned! -