Thursday, February 28, 2013

American Idol: Season 12, Ten More Ladies Sing-- Five Go Home

I found myself in a familiar place tonight after watching American Idol, very few impressed me, and I didn't completely agree with the ladies that the judges chose to move on in the competition.

Overall, the first half of the competition was boring, no one really caught my interest at all, and some of these girls were favorites early on.

First up was Melinda Ademi singing Nobody's Perfect by Jessie J.-- This performance was mediocre at best. Whoever chose this song for her set her up to fail because Angela Miller sang it last week and sang it better. Randy comments that she could be in trouble tonight, and she is because there was nothing special about that.

Candice Glover sang Natural Woman by Aretha Franklin-- There's no question that Candice has a good voice, but her performance was too safe, from how she sang down to the song choice itself. I think that they're exaggerating how good she is, but a part of me hopes that she proves me wrong.

Juliana Chahayed sang Skyscraper by Demi Lovato-- This is one young lady that if this group of ten didn't have so much legitimate would have had a good chance of going through. I liked her song choice, the sincerity of her performance, and the vulnerability that she displayed.

Jett Hermano sang Only Girl in the World by Rihanna-- I think this young woman was robbed because this was a beautiful performance. My hope is that they will bring her back for the Wild Card (if there is one). I loved the arrangement and many of the judges commented on that as well. Keith made a comment and said that she brought out the sexiness in the song in a way that Rihanna hadn't. I completely agree!

Cristabel Clack sang No One by Alicia Keys-- Cristabel has a good voice, but there was way too much of what I like to call, "vocal acrobatics" in this performance. Her voice was in, out, up, down, all over the place, and I just didn't like how it sounded ultimately. This was memorable but not for the right reasons.

Aubrey Cleland sang Sweet Dreams by Beyonce-- Mariah says her potential is "limitless" which is probably right because Aubrey has the voice and the look; she's extremely marketable. Her look is a cross between Beyonce and Rihanna (when she first came out). I do think she has a very sweet quality to her voice. I also think that with the right people behind her, she could be successful.

Rachel Hale sang Nothing but the Water by Grace Potter and the Nocturnals-- Performance wise, she did awesome and really played to the audience, vocally I saw potential, but her vocal wasn't 100% tonight, it was wobbly in spots, and had she perhaps chosen another song,  she may have made it past this round, and rightfully so.

Breanna Steer sang Bust Your Windows by Jazmine Sullivan--  I loved her right out the gate in this performance, she had confidence, style, swagger, and an awesome voice partnered with perfect attitude. I was impressed with this.

Janelle Arthur sang Just a Kiss by Lady Antebellum-- I've loved Janelle since last year, and frankly she is someone who I feel was overlooked many times. That being said, I don't think this was the right song for her. Keith was spot on in his comment about the melody of the song holding her back. I think her talent is so great though that she should get through on vocal ability alone.

Zoanette Johnson sang Circle of Life by Elton John-- Now here's the thing, she straightened out the vocals a little bit, but they still need work. The judges love this girl though so I almost feel like no matter what she does, they're going to put her through. So when do we get to a point where they are sacrificing more talented people to be able to put her through?

Going: Home:
  • Melinda Ademi
  • Juliana Chahayed
  • Cristabel Clack
  • Jett Hermano
  • Rachel Hale

Moving On:                                                            
  • Zoanette Johnson
  • Aubrey Cleland
  • Candice Glover
  • Breanna Steer
  • Janelle Arthur

    My top 5:  Aubrey, Breanna, Janelle, Jett, and either Zoanette or Rachel

Monday, February 25, 2013

2013 Oscar Fashions: My Picks!

This year the beautiful gowns were either one extreme or the other on the color wheel. The ladies were all wearing either very pale tones or bright pops of color. Overall, most people got it right, particularly the ladies, and as usual, I'll only show you who got it right, we need not focus on the faux pas or the negative, just the positive. I would also like to note right here that

Jennifer Lawrence won her first Oscar at 22 in a pale pink Dior Couture. It fit her figure well, so many women wear that type of dress with the fitted top and it doesn't fit properly, but this did.

Jessica Chastain looked absolutely stunning in a gold Giorgio Armani gown that fit her like a glove. What tied everything together was her auburn hair and her clean, simple, makeup. 

Amy Adams looked so princess-like in her pale purple Oscar De La Renta gown, her hair was perfect with her dress, I loved how the dress was so light looking and flowy. 

Reese Witherspoon's cobolt blue Louis Vuitton gown with black detail, including a bow, at the top, was simple, yet sexy. Her hair was old Hollywood, and the touches of jewelry were just right. 

Charlize Theron was one of my personal favorites in a white Dior Haute Couture, her hair, everything, she looked white hot.

Jennifer Aniston looked like fire last night in a red Valentino gown. I know a lot of people criticized the puffiness of the dress, but I thought it looked beautiful on her, especially knowing her figure. 

One of the best dressed couples of the night was Jenna Dewan and Channing Tatum. If anyone knows what designer Jenna was wearing please let me know because she looked gorgeous. 

Halle Berry channeled her inner Bond girl and looked Studio 54 sexy in an eye catching Versace gown. I feel like Halle is one of those women who never ages. 

Octavia Spencer was angelic in a pale yellow Tadashi Shoji gown. The details were divine, her shoulders looked great with the sheer overlay at the top partnered with pretty bead work. She made being an Oscar winner from last year look mighty good.

Jennifer Garner glowed with husband Ben Affleck by her side in an eggplant Gucci gown. The dress was beautifully fitted in the front with lots of ruffles and a short train in the back. Great jewelry and hair were the finishing touches on this polished, yet fun, look.

George Clooney's girlfriend Stacy Keibler rocked a fitted black and silver Naeem Khan gown. If you think the front of it was a sight to behold, you should see the back. Her hair looked awesome partnered with the dress and her whole attitude. 

Last but not, least, a star in the making-- Quvenzhane Wallis looked adorable in a navy Armani gown and a puppy purse. The beauty of this is that she actually looked like a child which is what she is. It was so heart warming to see. 

2013 Oscar Observations

Awesome moments of the night:

Seth MacFarlane was great as Oscar host. He was funny, but not over the top or inappropriate funny, engaging, understanding, and who knew that he could sing, dance, and act. I'd love to see him back again as host. 

Octavia Spencer presenting the Supporting Actor Oscar to Christoph Waltz. She looked beautiful and his award was well deserved.

The "Avengers", Robert Downey Jr., Samuel L. Jackson, Mark Ruffalo, Jeremy Renner, and Chris Evans reuniting on stage was so fun, but where was Scarlett Johansson and Chris Hemsworth?

How special when Halle Berry came out dressed like a "Bond" girl herself to celebrate 50 years of James Bond, and even more special when Shirley Bassey came out at the age of 76 to belt out her "Bond" song, "Goldfinger". Halle looked amazing, and Shirley sounded amazing. Just as a side note, it would have been really cool if they brought all the men who played James Bond and united them on stage.

It was very touching when Inocente won Documentary Short and it was revealed on stage that the woman in the film was poor one year ago. On such a star filled night, it really brought us back to reality, and to see her on that stage with this sense of relief and gratefulness was quite the thing.

Loved when John Travolta came out and introduced that tribute to musical movies..... Catherine Zeta Jones singing All That Jazz, Jennifer Hudson singing And I Am Telling You, and the cast of Les Miserables singing I Dreamed a Dream........Wow, they all brought down the house. That is talent!

The bit between Mark Wahlberg and Ted was hilarious.

Anne Hathaway winning was not a surprise, but clearly she needed a bra. There was a lot coming through the dress. I'm blushing. 

Everyone was waiting for it, and Adele did not disappoint singing her Bond song, Skyfall. She sparkled and it was just a magical moment. The lyrics in particular were just effortlessly phrased. Her winning with Paul Epworth just topped it all off.

Quentin Tarantino's win for Original Screenplay for Django Unchained must have shut up a lot of critics and what I loved about it was how he complimented the work of everyone writing movies today. He also thanked his cast for getting it right, and you could tell that they were touched by his acknowledgement that he had chosen exactly the right people for his movie.

Jennifer Lawrence winning and tripping on her way up the stairs, it made the moment so real, and it reinforced her realness. At the age of 22, we're going to see so much more Jen Lawrence.

Daniel Day Lewis' speech was moving. I loved how he congratulated the other nominees in the category, his sense of humor was well timed, and what topped it all off was when he thanked Steven Spielberg and Abraham Lincoln himself for being the man that he was.

Jack Nicholson, in rare form as always, partnered with an elated Michelle Obama to present the Best Picture Oscar to Argo which was accepted by a stunned Ben Affleck, and a content George Clooney. I think out of all the speeches of the night, his speech really moved me the most. He managed to bring tears to my eyes when he talked about winning 15 years ago for Good Will Hunting and what that was like. Then he talked about his wife Jen Garner and his children, and some pieces of advice that he had. He said don't hold a grudge, it's hard, but don't hold a grudge, and when in your life you fall down, it's not about falling, it's about getting back up.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

American Idol: Season 12-- 10 of the Men Sing, Five Go Home

It was another one of those nights, except tonight it was ten of the men, some contestants chose songs that were completely unrecognizable and thus they rendered themselves unmemorable as well. Tonight was also the same as last night in that I agreed with four out of the five choices as to who should move on in this competition. I'd like to argue that Johnny Keyser did not deserve to get sent home. Devin Velez shouldn't have gone through, the song choice, Listen by Beyonce, was questionable at best, and the vocal was not really that impressive. Keyser is someone I had been watching since Idol Season 11, he's someone that I had in my top ten this year. I think he's grown immeasurably in that one year, perhaps what Velez needs now.

Who Just Didn't Do it For Me--

JDA (pronounced Jada) sang Rumor Has It by Adele-- Okay, okay, I'll give him the performance factor but the vocals just weren't there.

Kevin Harris sang Everything I Do I Do it For You by Bryan Adams-- I actually felt his sincerity as a person in this performance, but for some reason, the vocal sat flat. I also didn't like the ending, I found it over the top and abrupt. Randy found this performance boring as well as several other performances tonight which I completely agree with. I don't quite understand what was going on, but little really moved me.

Chris Watson sang Sittin' on the Dock of the Bay by Otis Redding-- I'll admit that Chris has good looks to go along with the good voice, but this song choice just didn't make sense. I was thrown off by the outfit with the song; it just didn't go together. It seemed very strange. Mariah didn't think it was his best performance but felt his charisma; I felt it too, maybe a wild card winner along with Johnny Keyser?

Jimmy Smith sang Raining on Sunday by Keith Urban-- I think I saw and heard what Mariah was talking about when she said there's something special about Jimmy. Unfortunately, tonight, when there were a few standouts, this just wasn't enough. Nicki and Randy found it boring, and I can't help but agree.

Who Should Have Gone Home?

Sorry Devin Velez, you weren't terrible, but personal preference, Johnny was better. Unless the next group of ten men is terrible, you'll be leaving us shortly. Randy thought it was amazing...... that statement is slightly exaggerated.

Who Stayed?

Paul Jolley sang Tonight I Wanna Cry by Keith Urban-- No offense to Keith, but I didn't think this was the best song for Paul. I actually agree with what Jimmy Iovine said, great singer, wrong song. Something Keith said that was really great was that Paul should not underestimate the power of his voice.

Curtis Finch Jr. sang Superstar by Luther Vandross-- Curtis has a great voice, he's definitely a gospel style singer, but I agree with the judges, he has to be careful not to play it too old. He's only 25, and he reads 40. Randy is right though, so far his voice is unparalleled in this competition.

Elijah Liu sang Talking to the Moon by Bruno Mars-- I really like this young man, at the age of 18, he is exactly what he should be right now. As Keith said, he is relevant and that was the perfect song for him to sing. The combination of his voice and tone is amazing. Nicki called him a super duper star and said she loves him, and that his voice is beautiful. I feel like we'll be seeing him in the top ten.

Charlie Askew is another contestant who I think is going to go far in this competition, and he sang Rocket Man by Elton John-- I really had my doubts on this one because this could have been a big mess, but it was anything but. Charlie was really nervous, and he had absolutely no reason to be, this was perfection. Keith Urban described Charlie is: If Freddie Mercury had a love child at Woodstock. Nicki said that his awkwardness excites her and he is a rock star. Mariah loved the song choice. I think this is another young man top ten bound.

Who Didn't Deserve to Go?

Johnny Keyser sang I Won't Give Up by Jason Mraz-- Keith said the performance had a definite effortlessness about it; his voice did too. Nicki felt that he looked sexy and came out relaxed. Mariah said she loves how committed he is to music and hopes that he is around for a while. Well all I have to say is, unless you guys plan on bringing him back for some kind of wild card that's up your sleeve, he won't be around for a while.

What did all of you think? Was this the right five to move forward?

Staying: Charlie Askew, Curtis Finch Jr., Elijah Liu, Paul Jolley, Devin Velez


American Idol: Season 12, Ten Ladies Sing-- Five Go Home

They tried something different on American Idol last night. At the beginning of the night, a total of 40 contestants remained in the competition: 20 women and 20 men vying for the title of American Idol. Last night, 10 of the women sang for their lives on the show with five of them being sent home before the night ended.

For the most part, I agree with the decisions that the judges made. I called four out of the five ladies moving on correctly. Only one was questionable, not to say that I don't think that she had talent. The last spot for me really came down to personal preference, and looking back on it now, I think the judges made the right call saving Teena Torres and sending Isabelle home.

The other four were a much easier call-- Bree Harrison, a clear standout for the night, Adriana Latonio, the mini powerhouse, Amber Holcomb, who could be a dark horse in this competition, and last but not least, judge's fave Angela Miller who is already singing and writing her own music. 

Overall, the night was filled with lots of songs that I didn't know. The ladies did not do a good job of making sure that their song choices related to the audience. I understand that maybe they wanted to impress the judges, but you also want the public to start thinking about supporting you should you advance to the next round.

Songs I had no idea about:

Jenny Beth Willis-- Heaven, Heartache, and The Power of Love by Trisha Yearwood-- This was a stiff performance. I think her inexperience really showed through tonight, and the 17 year old was one of the ones sent home.

Teena Torres-- Soulmate by Natasha Bedingfield-- Although her entire performance complete with hair and outfit was a complete throwback to the 1980's, I think Teena has potential. I actually hope she doesn't lose that tone in her voice, I just want her to seriously think about doing something with her hair and updating her wardrobe. She advanced by the skin of her teeth.

Brandy Hotard-- I Don't Love You Anymore by Travis Tritt-- Sweet young woman, but her performance lacked credibility. I also think it was too heavy of a song for a night like this. This is the first time a lot of us are seeing her and it was all just a bit much.

Two eliminated ladies sang very well known songs, but ruined them by changing them up too much.

Shubba Vedula sang Born This Way by Lady Gaga, and I loved how she started the performance out at the piano. I really thought it was going to go somewhere, and it did, but not where I wanted it to go. She tried to do too much in a few minutes. She should have stayed at the piano, sang her heart and soul out and nailed it.

Kamaria Ousley sang Mr. Know it All by Kelly Clarkson, and it was a train wreck from start to finish. I actually feel badly for this girl because she has the resume to back up the talent, but this performance certainly didn't prove it. It was probably the worst performance of the night.

Now for the goodies!

Kree Harrison did a soul stirring rendition of Up to the Mountain by Patti Griffin; she was my favorite performer of the night. Her performance was so heartfelt and sincere. Nicki was so right when she said that the other ladies in this competition should be scared because this young woman is a force. Mariah Carey, of all people out there, said that Kree sang the hell out of that song. I cannot wait to see her in the Top 10 because if she isn't there, than there's something wrong with the public.

Adriana Latonio has tons of potential, especially considering that she is only 17. She's chock full of maturity, and she proved that by singing Ain't No Way by Aretha Franklin with lots of emotion. My one criticism is that she needs to make sure she isn't performing too "pageanty"; coming off too polished can almost hurt you in a way. The best singers, take Whitney Houston for example, were able to dirty up the performance with their emotion. It's almost like she really needs to get down into the song.

Angela Miller sang Nobody's Perfect by Jessie J., and I love Angela but I don't think this was the song to best showcase her actual abilities. I think anyone who saw her performance last week is still coming down from that, because she is so talented that regardless of the outcome of this competition, she's going to be a star. She's going to have musicians knocking on her door asking her to write and sing songs for them.

Amber Holcomb just impressed the heck out of me taking on My Funny Valentine. The soul was just so present, and she has what Adriana lacks, she got down into the performance, she really felt the lyrics. What was beautiful about this was that blend of toughness and vulnerability.

The semifinalist that could have been:

Isabelle was the girl who finished last night in that tough fifth or sixth place position. She sang God Bless the Child which was a great song choice, I think she just didn't make much of a mark though. She wasn't different enough or unique enough for the judges to be like, "we have originality right here". It's too bad because while her performance wasn't bad, it didn't stand out as phenomenal either.  

Monday, February 18, 2013

The Bachelor: Sean's Season...... Tierra goes bye bye and Hometowns!

Has anyone become totally bored with this season? Thoughts as I get through the next few episodes.....

I found last week's almost completely worthless. All it did was reiterate things I already know. Catherine giggles a lot, AshLee is tough as nails, and Tierra is a master manipulator when it comes to Sean. The only good that really came from it was the fact that Sean finally saw through Tierra and sent her packing. In the process though, he sent home Lesley who I really saw as a front runner from the very beginning.

The hometown date show was much better than last week's show and better put together.

AshLee had the first hometown date in Houston, Texas, and it was very sweet. I loved how she and her family were so sincere; her dad told the story of how he fell in love with her the first time he saw her, and that when he passes her on to her next stage in life, he wants another man to love her just like that. Her parents are so warm, loving, and accepting.

Sean then traveled to Seattle to see Catherine. I really love her relationship with Sean; I think they both seem comfortable with each other. They have lots of fun in the city before going back to meet her mom, sisters, and grandmother. Her family seems like realists, they point out the success rate (or lack thereof) of The Bachelor, and why shouldn't they? However, neither her sisters nor her mother gave their approval to her relationship with Sean which I thought was pretty sad. Catherine seems like a nice young woman and they basically threw her under the bus.

Third hometown was Lindsay and her military family. Lindsay is a bit of a mystery to me, and I don't completely understand her relationship with Sean. Lindsay's mom seems quite taken by Sean, and wants to know if he loves her daughter. Despite the fact that her dad is tough, he does give Sean his blessing as far as his daughter is concerned. It's actually a touching moment.

The last hometown belonged to Desiree and this was filled with fireworks. The hometown started off well and it took a disastrous turn when Des took Sean to her parents' house. Besides her brother making a complete fool of himself (Dude, Sean is a lot of things, a playboy is not one of them), he might have compromised Des's relationship with Sean. Ultimately, he ends up sending her home, and we have to wonder, is it because of how her brother verbally attacked Sean? Des even said that as she walked away that her going home wasn't right. 

I am surprised by Desiree going home, I think I would have swapped her and Lindsay. Nothing against Lindsay, I just don't understand her chemistry with Sean. AshLee is so genuine as is Catherine. This is a great group of women in general. 

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Bachelor Sean: Weeks 4, 5 (part 1 and part 2), and lots of Tierra Drama!

Throughout this post, make sure you pay attention to how much Tierra drama has taken place, particularly in weeks 4 and 5. In my book, she should have gone home week 3; hopefully now, Sean is starting to see who she really is and how much she is manipulating everyone, including Sean. The majority of the girls don't seem to be fooled by her, but I don't think they completely know just how much she is capable of; she is definitely this season's villain.

Week 4:

The show starts off with a shirtless Sean, what a surprise!

The first one on one date of the week goes to Selma who has no idea where they are going on their date, but she is dressed quite casually. They end up somewhere in the desert where they get in a jeep and drive to Joshua Tree National Park. Poor Selma seems totally out of place; she is more of an indoors kind of girl. When Sean said that they were going to do some hiking or rock climbing, Selma literally froze, yet when they started climbing, she impressed me, she beat Sean to the top of the mountain.

Sean confesses by the end of the date that he is crazy about Selma, despite the fact that she cannot show affection towards him by kissing him right now because of how she was raised. Of course, at the end of the night, Sean gives her a rose.

The group date is at a roller rink, and there is a plan to have a derby race; there is where some of the Tierra drama comes in.

Who is in on this date? Lindsay, Robyn, Jackie, Catherine, Amanda, AshLee, Sarah and Tierra

What happened on the group date? Robyn couldn't stop falling, Amanda almost broke her jaw, Sarah had to overcome a physical obstacle, Tierra complained about being on a group date, and AshLee was so sweet and comforting to Sarah.

Later...... Lindsay and Sean chat, Lindsey and Sean cuddle, Lindsey and Sean make out, Tierra sees them and has a melt down, Lindsey and Sean strip down to swim clothes and get ready to make their way to the hot tub. Tierra stops him, has her melt down in front of Sean stating that she cannot watch him with the other girls. She then manages to flip the whole thing around, start flirting with him, and she gets the group date rose! I was shocked as anything.

Leslie H. receives the second one on one date which she's been waiting for since the beginning. She's a really sweet person and I enjoy her personality, and I can tell that she genuinely likes Sean. This is a "Pretty Woman" kind of date complete with jewelry and an expensive outfit, not to mention the handsome man on her arm. Sean confesses that while Leslie is "gorgeous" and she's a "joy to be around," he's not feeling the "romantic connection." He says that he can't give her a rose because it wouldn't be for the right reasons. Leslie handles it in such a classy way and tells Sean that she wants him to be happy but warns him about some of the other girls in the house as they don't have the best of intentions.

At the cocktail party-- Robyn seems to make inroads with Sean. Catherine and Sean hang out and just giggle, hug, and kiss and talk about how comfortable they are with one another despite the fact that we haven't seen them together that much.

Who gets a rose?

Selma, Tierra, Catherine, Desiree, Lindsay, Lesley, Robyn, AshLee, Sarah, Jackie and Daniela

Who is sent home?

Leslie H. and Amanda

Week 5 

Lindsay receives the first one on one date and I am still undecided on how I feel about her. Sure they have a physical connection, but does it go beyond that? For this date they take a helicopter ride and have a picnic in the cold. What's with all the outdoor activities in the cold?

The group date is yet another competition for the girls-- Selma, AshLee, Desiree, Catherine, Sarah, Lesley, Robyn and Daniela . Personally, I think it's horrible that they have to keep doing all these competitive things with one another. The competition involves a relay race: complete with canoes, hay, sawing logs and milking — and drinking —- goat's milk.

Selma, Robyn, Lesley, and Desiree win, but Sean decides that he wants all the girls to get to spend more time with him, rather than the losing team being sent home.

So they all dress up, the winning team feeling shafted, and head down to a bar to hang out. Tierra finds out that she got the two on one date with Jackie and is out for blood. She shows up at the bar that the group date is at and let's Sean have it for choosing her for the 2 on 1.

How do some of the ladies feel?

Desiree is ticked.

AshLee just adores Sean and kisses him.

Catherine giggles, smiles, and kisses.

Daniela cries and gets the group date rose.

The two on one is bogus; I can't even discuss it. Sean sends Jackie home because their relationship has been slower to develop and instead keeps "drama mama" Tierra and gives her the rose.

Tierra continues to spar with the other women throughout the cocktail party leading up to the rose ceremony. Sean doubts why he is here and sends Robyn home this time. I actually really liked Robyn; he should have gotten to know her better.

 Part two of week five begins with Sean inviting Catherine on the one on one date. This date is weird, they do tons of outdoor activities: sledding, snow angels, and they end the date in an ice castle. Who in their right mind would think this is a great date? The connection between Sean and Catherine is obvious, but how about some non outdoor dates?

The group date is the most ridiculous date that they've ever had on the history of this show, and that's saying a lot. The activity they are doing is called the polar bear swim or polar bear dip or something. It's basically that the girls and Sean strip down to their swimwear and run into the water. This is insane! So, all the girls, minus Selma, who I can almost guarantee was voted off later because she didn't do this, run and jump into the freezing water. They do a lot of screaming and then quickly run out. Tierra then supposedly suffers from hypothermia and has to be taken away in an ambulance.

Truthfully, this show was painful and boring, especially after all the hype that they gave it. Tierra shows up at the indoor, night portion of the date, much to the dismay of the other girls. It's during this part of the date that Sean ends up sending Sarah home, he just doesn't feel a connection with her. He also makes our with Lindsay; physical connection is there, is anything else?

Lesley ends up getting the group date rose because Sean feels like he's grown a lot closer to her and made strides.

Des receives the second one on one date meaning that Daniela's rate is almost certainly sealed and she'll most likely be going home. So the challenge for this date is that Des has to rappel down a mountain to a picnic waiting at the end. Seriously, this show has become like Double Dare or The Amazing Race. Des ends up getting through it and she and Sean actually grow closer again. I like how independent Des is; it's great to see.

At the cocktail party, Sean allows Selma to kiss him which bothers me because if he knew he wasn't going to pick her then he knew the cultural risk that she was taking by doing that. I also feel like he eliminated her because she didn't want to strip down to her skivvies and jump in freezing water. It's just wrong, he said he didn't hold it against her, but clearly, he did.

AshLee also really opens up to him. I love her, she is probably my favorite lady from this season. I actually hope Sean doesn't pick her so she can be the next Bachelorette. What an amazing woman with an amazing story.

Moving forward is Catherine, Lesley, Desiree, Lindsay, AshLee, and Tierra.

Sarah, Selma, and Daniela were all sent home.