Thursday, February 28, 2013

American Idol: Season 12, Ten More Ladies Sing-- Five Go Home

I found myself in a familiar place tonight after watching American Idol, very few impressed me, and I didn't completely agree with the ladies that the judges chose to move on in the competition.

Overall, the first half of the competition was boring, no one really caught my interest at all, and some of these girls were favorites early on.

First up was Melinda Ademi singing Nobody's Perfect by Jessie J.-- This performance was mediocre at best. Whoever chose this song for her set her up to fail because Angela Miller sang it last week and sang it better. Randy comments that she could be in trouble tonight, and she is because there was nothing special about that.

Candice Glover sang Natural Woman by Aretha Franklin-- There's no question that Candice has a good voice, but her performance was too safe, from how she sang down to the song choice itself. I think that they're exaggerating how good she is, but a part of me hopes that she proves me wrong.

Juliana Chahayed sang Skyscraper by Demi Lovato-- This is one young lady that if this group of ten didn't have so much legitimate would have had a good chance of going through. I liked her song choice, the sincerity of her performance, and the vulnerability that she displayed.

Jett Hermano sang Only Girl in the World by Rihanna-- I think this young woman was robbed because this was a beautiful performance. My hope is that they will bring her back for the Wild Card (if there is one). I loved the arrangement and many of the judges commented on that as well. Keith made a comment and said that she brought out the sexiness in the song in a way that Rihanna hadn't. I completely agree!

Cristabel Clack sang No One by Alicia Keys-- Cristabel has a good voice, but there was way too much of what I like to call, "vocal acrobatics" in this performance. Her voice was in, out, up, down, all over the place, and I just didn't like how it sounded ultimately. This was memorable but not for the right reasons.

Aubrey Cleland sang Sweet Dreams by Beyonce-- Mariah says her potential is "limitless" which is probably right because Aubrey has the voice and the look; she's extremely marketable. Her look is a cross between Beyonce and Rihanna (when she first came out). I do think she has a very sweet quality to her voice. I also think that with the right people behind her, she could be successful.

Rachel Hale sang Nothing but the Water by Grace Potter and the Nocturnals-- Performance wise, she did awesome and really played to the audience, vocally I saw potential, but her vocal wasn't 100% tonight, it was wobbly in spots, and had she perhaps chosen another song,  she may have made it past this round, and rightfully so.

Breanna Steer sang Bust Your Windows by Jazmine Sullivan--  I loved her right out the gate in this performance, she had confidence, style, swagger, and an awesome voice partnered with perfect attitude. I was impressed with this.

Janelle Arthur sang Just a Kiss by Lady Antebellum-- I've loved Janelle since last year, and frankly she is someone who I feel was overlooked many times. That being said, I don't think this was the right song for her. Keith was spot on in his comment about the melody of the song holding her back. I think her talent is so great though that she should get through on vocal ability alone.

Zoanette Johnson sang Circle of Life by Elton John-- Now here's the thing, she straightened out the vocals a little bit, but they still need work. The judges love this girl though so I almost feel like no matter what she does, they're going to put her through. So when do we get to a point where they are sacrificing more talented people to be able to put her through?

Going: Home:
  • Melinda Ademi
  • Juliana Chahayed
  • Cristabel Clack
  • Jett Hermano
  • Rachel Hale

Moving On:                                                            
  • Zoanette Johnson
  • Aubrey Cleland
  • Candice Glover
  • Breanna Steer
  • Janelle Arthur

    My top 5:  Aubrey, Breanna, Janelle, Jett, and either Zoanette or Rachel

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