Monday, March 27, 2017

The Voice Season 12: These Battles Are Hard to Handle

Team Blake: Josh Hoyer versus T Soul singing In The Midnight Hour by Wilson Pickett-- It was okay, but I did not love the song choice. This season in general, the battle round song choices have been awful. Blake said he has to make a tough decision based on his gut feeling.
Blake chose T Soul

Team Alicia: Autumn Turner versus Vanessa Ferguson singing Killing Me Softly by Roberta Flack--  loved Autumn in this. Vanessa had the experience but Autumn has the heart. Gwen loved Autumn's powerful voice. Adam said Vanessa has experience but Autumn was a surprise in this and he said he would steal her. Both Adam and Gwen made a play to steal Autumn.
Alicia chose Vanessa, Autumn chose Adam

Team Adam: Johnny Hayes versus Julien Martinez singing Hard to Handle by Otis Redding-- Both were strong, but Johnny was more comfortable and in his element than Julien was. You can tell that the rock and roll style that comes from Johnny is authentic. Blake liked Johnny's rock voice, and felt like Julien shyed away. Gwen found Julien exciting and Johnny exuded experience.
Adam chose Johnny

Team Gwen: Caroline Sky versus Stephanie Rice singing The First Cut is the Deepest by Rod Stewart-- Caroline was my preference here in terms of growth and sheer vocal ability. I found Stephanie to be so passionate that her vocal was not as controlled. Adam said there's more to learn about Caroline and that's why he'd go with her. Blake said Stephanie has a clearer vision and he'd go with her. Alicia said artistically she's interested in Stephanie but vocally Caroline took this battle.
Gwen chose Stephanie and Blake stole Caroline

Team Adam: Kawan DuBove versus Malik Davage singing Love You Now by John Legend-- For the first time ever on the Voice a duo really got read the riot act in terms of their inability to collaborate. For what it's worth, I felt like Malik worked really hard. There was an effort and urgency there. Blake liked Kawan's falsetto and would give it to him. Gwen said Malik was fiery and had a sense of urgency. Adam said he loves Malik's attitude.
Adam chose Malik

Team Blake: Enid Ortiz versus Valerie Ponzio singing Love Triangle by Rae Lynn, Blake chose Enid
Team Adam: Hannah Eyre versus Sheena Brook singing Try by Pink, Adam chose Hannah
Team Gwen: Jozy Bernadette verus Troy Ramey singing Angel Eyes by Jeff Healy, Gwen chose Troy

Team Alicia: Hunter Plake versus Jack Cassidy singing Dancing on My Own by Robyn-- I loved both of these guys, this battle and this song choice was a dream. Gwen loved the tenderness of Jack's voice and told Hunter that he has to make a record. Adam started out being a big Jack fan but thought Hunter took the battle. Blake said he kept going back and forth and hoped whoever didn't get chosen was stolen.
Alicia chose Jack, Adam and Gwen both made a play for Hunter and he ended up choosing Gwen

Keep an eye on Hunter and Jack, Malik, Hannah, and Autumn

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

The Voice Season 12: Adorn the Battles

Team Gwen: Johnny Gates versus Sammie Zonana sang I Drove All Night by Celine Dion-- I found this to be a weird pairing and the song choice was strange. I thought they took the song too far away from the melody. Just my take, but I didn't love it. Gwen ended up going with Johnny who was the best choice out of the two.
Gwen chose Johnny

Team Alicia: RJ Collins versus Chris Blue sang Adorn by Miguel-- Masterclass vocals! Both of them sounded amazing. Gwen said Chris was absorbed in the song and she was mesmerized by his body, and she thought RJ's vocal was beautiful. Blake said RJ's stage presence is incredible, but believes Chris will be in the finale. Alicia said she was impressed with RJ's voice and emotion. Alicia said no one else could push for Chris but they would have if they could. Gwen said she wanted to see it again. I loved both but Chris was stronger for me. RJ should get a steal!
Alicia chose Chris

Team Adam: Nala Price versus Josh West sang Everybody Wants to Rule the World by Tears for Fears
Adam chose Josh

Team Gwen: Aaliyah Rose versus Savannah Leighton sang Treat You Better by Shawn Mendes
Gwen chose Aaliyah

Team Blake: Andrea Thomas versus Micah Tryba sang What Hurts the Most by Rascal Flatts
Blake chose Andrea

Team Blake: Aliyah Moulden versus Dawson Coyle sang I'm Walking on Sunshine by Katrina and the Waves-- Alicia said she didn't know how to help Blake decide, she said she'd choose Dawson. Gwen loved Aliyah's spirit. Adam remembered Aliyah from the blinds but Dawson impressed him this time around. Blake said that they both got great reactions and there is a youthfulness to them.
Blake chose Aliyah and Alicia stole Dawson

Monday, March 20, 2017

The Voice Season 12: The Battles Begin and I Was Made to Love Them

Team Blake: Lauren Duski versus Brennley Brown sang sang Better Man by Little Big Town-- Wow, they were both great, but I think I would have to go with Brennley on this. Alicia liked Lauren's tone, and Brennley was authentic in her delivery. I am surprised Blake picked Lauren. Both Gwen and Adam are trying to steal Brennley. Adam sang Happy Birthday to Brennley while Gwen told her choosing Team Adam would be a birthday mistake.
Blake chose Lauren and Brennley chose Gwen

Team Gwen: Kenny P. versus J. Chosen sang I Was Made to Love Her by Stevie Wonder-- Adam said I want you on my team J. Chosen and Kenny you're great man. Blake said J Chosen you're so smooth and Kenny has an edginess to his voice. Alicia loved Kenny's high falsettos and the camaraderie between the two of them. Gwen said she doesn't know what she's gonna do. I would go with J. Chosen, he has been a favorite of mine since the beginning.
Gwen chose J Chosen

Team Alicia: Anatalia Villaranda versus Missy Robertson sang Tight Rope by Janelle Monae-- Both ladies had strong vocals, that being said, Anatalia stood out to me. Her phrasing was so fierce and confident. Adam is right, Missy anchored the performance. But at 17, Anatalia is so talented. She could be a finalist this season.
Alicia chose Anatalia

Team Adam: Gaby Borromeo versus Mark Isaiah sang Pillowtalk by Zayn-- Both of these contestants are great. I remember being excited about Mark. Gaby had a record deal with John Legend who is actually helping to mentor Adam's Team. Despite both of them being strong vocalists, Mark won this for me. He's another contestant I see being a major threat in this competition. Gwen thought Mark owned it but liked Gaby's high notes.
Adam chose Mark

Team Alicia: Felicia Temple versus Quizz Swanigan sang Titanium by Sia and David Guetta-- I fel like this was an odd pairing. They are way too different from each other. Both deserve to be in the competition but for very different reasons. Adam and Blake both agree that they would choose Felicia. Gwen would choose Quizz because she can't believe what he can do at 13. Alicia does exactly what I thought and chooses Quizz; however at the last minute, Blake comes in and saves Felicia. I can see her going far.
Alicia chose Quizz and Blake stole Felicia  

Team Blake: Ashley Levin versus Casi Joy sang How Blue by Reba McIntyre-- I genuinely enjoyed both of their voices, but I didn't love the song. Blake said he regrets putting them up against each other but feels like it needed to happen. He chose Casi because of her presence. Everyone pushed for Ashley to steal her.
Blake chose Casi and Ashley chose Alicia

Keep an eye on J Chosen, Anatalia, Felicia, and Casi

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

The Voice Season 12: The Blinds Don't Let Us Down

Vanessa Ferguson sang Don't Let Me Down by The Chainsmokers-- Adam was the only one not to turn and he is smart. I didn't love this performance. The song style was wrong because it didn't really showcase her voice. Blake said he probably doesn't have a chance but Vanessa said that's not true.
Vanessa chose Alicia

Dawson Coyle sang Happiness by NEEDTOBREATHE-- I like this performance was surprised that Blake was the only one who turned for him. It felt sincere, he clearly connected with the lyric. Adam said you made it on to Team Ding Dong.
Blake chose Dawson

Jozy Bernadette sang American Woman by Lenny Kravitz-- Jozy has a great voice, but I wanted this to sound more rock to me. Adam and Gwen turned. Blake of course pushed the Gwen card. Adam said how do I battle an angel?
Jozy chose Gwen.

Sheena Brook sang Baby Girl by Sugarland--Blake's team was full so although he was singing along he couldn't turn for the country girl. Adam ends up being the only one to turn as I am sure it enticed him to have a country singer on his team.
Adam chose Sheena

Chris Blue sang The Tracks of My Tears by Smokey Robinson-- Chris is wow! His soul is clear and evident. He's good, his phrasing and vocal tricks are old school. Mom did good with him. He clearly would have been a four chair turn. He said he learned some of those vocal tricks from Adam and Adam said that that makes him sad because his team is full. Chris tells his beautiful story and all the coaches are moved.
Alicia chose Chris

Keep your eye on Chris Blue, this guy is good!

The Voice Season 12: Hello It's The Blinds

Kenny P. sang Hello It's Me by Todd Rundgren-- Gwen and Blake turn. The performance was okay, but it wasn't necessarily the best song choice. I am also not crazy about his look but I suppose that can be changed. Blake likes the power in his voice, and Gwen sees him as somewhat theatrical.
Kenny chose Gwen

Enid Ortiz sang All I Ask by Adele-- Enid has a really pretty voice, her low register is particularly strong, but she has a good balance and strong dynamic. When she hit the big note, she was great. Gwen wanted to turn but hesitated, and at the last moment, Blake pushed and turned. Enid said Alicia is her spirit animal and Alicia gave her a great pep talk
Blake chose Enid

RJ Collins sang Purpose by Justin Bieber-- I actually had never heard this song, and I loved it. Adam turned almost immediately. Clearly he heard that sincerity in RJ's voice. Not one else turned until he hit the chorus and then Alicia turned. Of course he is going to choose Alicia but Adam would have been an interesting choice for him. Adam believes he could win The Voice. Alicia calls him a beautiful black man and tells him his soul comes through his music.
RJ chose Alicia

Austin Tyler Jones sang Allison by Elvis Costello-- No turns

T Soul sang Take Me to the River by Al Green-- I liked this performance because he was very soulful and did his own interpretation of this song. I know it's been done many times, but I have never heard it like this. Adam and Blake made this a duel between two original Voice coaches. Adam said the way he does it is so unique, and he definitely needs him on his team, and asks him to come home. Alicia made a pitch for Adam saying Adam would get behind him fully. Blake said his voice has all the herbs and spices, and he loves his speaking voice, it's manly. I guess this was the winning pitch cause...
T Soul chose Blake

Andrea Thomas sang Baby Now that I Found You by Allison Krauss-- Former backup singer for Carrie Underwood.Blake was the only one who turned.
Blake chose Andrea

Davina Leone sang Cheap Thrills by Sia-You Tube success,
Gwen chose Davina

Hannah Eyre sang Blank Space by Taylor Swift-- I absolutely live for Hannah's interpretation of this song. It's sweet yet mature. She is beyond poised for a 15 year old. Adam turns first and actually motions for her to calm down cause she is smiling so hard after he turned. Adam calls her sweet Hannah and he said the back end of the song is where she was doing her best. He said he is going to claw and fight. Adam said Blake will bring up Danielle Bradbery. Gwen said she is looking for someone just like Hannah. Blake said her approach is unlike anything he has heard. She has talent, charisma, and her smile makes the room light up. Blake said you're the kind of artist that gets me excited about doing my job as a coach.
Hannah chose Adam

Casey Jamerson chose Shadows of the Night by Pat Benatar-- This was a bit of a mess, no turns

Hunter Plake sang Carry On by fun-- A bit of a strange song choice I felt like. Gwen and Alicia turn to battle it out for Hunter. Alicia likes his unique tone and doesn't have anyone else like him on her team. Gwen says she relates to Hunter.
Hunter chose Alicia

Nala Price sang Send My Love (To Your New Lover) by Adele-- Again, another young person, at only 17, Nala's interpretation of this song is beyond her years. Adam turns right near the beginning followed by Gwen. There were some wobbly points in the performance in terms of pitch but I feel like Nala could easily grow.
Nala chose Adam

Sammie Zonana sang Dangerous Woman by Ariana Grande--  This is an instance where someone changing a song and interpreting it in a different way didn't work. The interpretation really took away the song's seductiveness and femininity. The tone of her voice didn't work with the song in the way that it was way too husky, almost masculine sounding. Gwen was the only one to turn. Alicia commented on the huskiness of her voice. Adam said it was going to turn, but something threw him off.
Gwen chose Sammie

Valerie Ponzio sang Ring of Fire by Johnny Cash-- 4 chair turn! Well deserved! She has a unique tone and rasp in her voice. Her style is almost like country rock. Adam said he heard every single coach in her performance. Gwen said she is actually obsessed with her and would love to work with her. Alicia said I would love to bring out all that jazz and blues influence that inspires you. Blake said when you say country Americana, that is where I can help you. All the coaches teamed up and tried to get Valerie not to pick Blake, but ,,,,,
Valerie chose Blake

My picks to watch this season:

T Soul, Hannah Eyre, and Valerie Ponzio

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

The Voice Season 12: The Blinds Are A "Sure Thing" Tonight

Johnny Gates sang Maggie May by Rod Stewart-- Gwen said your voice is incredible, you have so much presence. Adam said singing that song is such an amazing thing. Gwen, Bake, and Alicia turned. Blake said I want you to stay in that rock lane.
Johnny chose Gwen

Malik Davage sang Sure Thing by Miguel-- Adam turned right away. I love the smoothness in his voice. I loved when he hit the chorus, his tone is HOT. Adam scored here!
Adam chose Malik

Lauryn Judd sang Girls Just Want to Have Fun by Cyndi Lauper-- Her voice was definitely interesting, and their was so much style and maturity. Gwen said I'd love to work on your voice with you. Alicia said she started hearing a different tone and thought maybe she was two people. Blake told Lauryn to ignore Adam cause he didn't even turn for her.
Lauryn chose Alicia

Paul Adrian sang I Got a Woman by Ray Charles-- no one turned, hope he comes back.

Caroline Sky sang Will You Love Me Tomorrow by Carole King-- Gwen and Blake turned, not surprising. She has a sweet voice, and I could definitely see her working hard in this competition. Alicia thinks she is so talented, Gwen can't believe she is 16. Blake tried making a compelling argument but it didn't work.
Caroline chose Gwen

Josh Hoyer sang Oh Girl by The Chi Lites-- Gwen and Blake are battling it out again. Gwen said she has no one like him on her team. Blake said you should be on the winning team which is why I turned around. Josh definitely has maturity, I love his voice, his tone is unreal. He has a soulful style to his voice.
Josh chose Blake

Who to Watch: Johnny Gates, Lauryn Judd, and Malik Davage

Monday, March 6, 2017

The Voice Season 12 : Blind Auditions Nights 3 and 4 are HOT

Night 3:

Ashley Levin sang Let Him Fly by Patti Griffin-- Ashley has that bluesy old school voice. She got Blake and Gwen to turn at the same time, and then Alicia felt impressed and turned her chair as well.
Alicia said she felt the soul in her voice. Gwen used her connection to Blake to try and get Ashley to choose her. It's pretty clear she is going to choose Blake.
Ashley chose Blake

Brandon Royal sang Master Blaster (Jammin') by Stevie Wonder-- Brandon did a solid job, to me, his personality sold it more than his voice. Blake and Gwen turned their chairs and in the end....
Brandon chose Gwen

Adam Pierce sang A Whiter Shade of Pale-- No turns!

Julien Martinez sang Pride and Joy by Stevie Ray Vaughn-- I loved that scream at the end, and I loved that this was a battle between Blake and Adam. Adam jokingly congratulated him on not being a giant biker dude. Blake said he wants a guy with a manly rocker voice on his team.
Julien chose Adam

Quizz Swanigan sang Who's Loving You by Michael Jackson-- I think Quizz is someone who could have tons of potential. He definitely has star quality and natural talent. His song choice was perfect for him, right in his wheelhouse. Alicia and Gwen turned.
Quizz chose Alicia

Casi Joy sang Blue by Leann Rimes-- Casi just impressed me on the first note. To be able to sing like that, and have mastered the yodeling part of the song perfectly is a true gift. Everyone turned and rightfully so. Gwen said she is always gonna remember that performance and that The Voice has been so inspirational to her. Adam said I would leap over the moon and back for you but because you're voice is truly rooted in country music I am not going to get my hopes up. Alicia tells Casi to focus on her and Gwen. Blake said I took some time to turn because I know that song so well, it's an instant classic. Adam said what he said before was rantings of a mad man and he has changed because she said she wants to sing different genres.
Casi chose Blake


Night 4:

Micah Tryba sang I'm Every Woman by Whitney Houston-- The low register of her voice is very strong, but I'd like to see her work on that higher register. That's why she didn't get a four chair turn. Blake turned right near the beginning followed by his girl Gwen. Adam said that there were a couple of pocket issues. Alicia respected the work she put in to do that song. Gwen said obviously Blake Shelton is really good looking but don't be tempted by that.
Micah chose Blake

Troy Ramey sang Wild World by Cat Stevens-- Wow, Blake turned around right away! I am digging Troy's tone, it's so strong, he has one of those authentic rock voices. That performance is how you do a 4 chair turn! Loved it! Adam said welcome to Team Adam, you have a naturally beautiful temperament and you showed us why you're a contender. Gwen said she loved that he put his own feelings into the song. Alicia said you have lifetimes in your voice Troy, you're super cool. Troy said to Blake my mom is always talking about your dimples, and Blake said bring your mom out. Blake said, Troy you sing like a man.
Troy chose Gwen

Ericka Corban sang Wade in the Water-- no one turned, it was a little bit pitchy.

Jack Cassidy sang One of Us by Joan Osborne-- I love all the inflections in his voice. Jack's uncles are Shaun and David Cassidy. I felt like Jack really connected with that song and Adam turned almost immediately and Alicia turned towards the end. Adam said there were imperfect moments, but that's life. He said he was raised on Elton John, The Eagles etc. Blake said congratulations I can't wait to hear what Alicia has to say right now. Alicia said what's your story, and in that song you sang, I felt your message. Adam said I think you and I grew up listening to the same kind of music so don't underestimate that.
Jack chose Alicia

Kawan DuBose sang Let's Get it On by Marvin Gaye-- OMG! Why didn't Alicia turn?! That was crazy. Adam said you rendered me speechless, and Blake said, Thank GOD. Adam said the only other person who has that kind of falsetto is Prince, you are truly one in a billion. Gwen asked about his musical journey and he said music has always kept him employed. Gwen said we could show you the world the gift God gave you. Blake said I want Kawan on my team. Alicia said you will be the only person like you on Adam's team, and Blake said there is no one on Adam's team. Blake said you have so much personality on stage, I will just get out of your way as your coach.
Kawan chose Adam

Taylor Alexander sang Believe by Cher-- I love how he took that Cher song and did it up country style. Adam is right, who does a song like that? And Adam was the first one to turn and the only one. Adam said welcome to my team, you are so weird and wonderful. Alicia said I love flipping songs like that.
Adam chose Taylor

Gaby Borromeo sang Happy by Leona Lewis-- Her voice was so powerful and I agree with Adam, I am shocked that it wasn't a four chair turn. Only Adam and Blake turned, and Gwen and Alicia didn't. Blake said by the end of that, it was an incredible performance. Blake said there's no one like you on my team, I have a bunch of country singers, I don't have anyone with purple hair. Adam is right, you could win this, and it would be a shame if you let someone like Adam screw it up for you. Adam said he has been passed on from production company to production company and knows directly what Gaby feels like.
Gaby chose Adam

Griffin Tucker sang Heartbreak Hotel by Elvis Presley-- Griffin is only 14, wow, he has a mature voice. No one turned but he should definitely come back.

Missy Robertson sang Scars to Your Beautiful-- I honestly thought no one was going to turn, and then at the last minute Blake and Alicia turned. Alicia said I'd love to help you spread your message and I am so proud of you already. Blake said I am sure you're wondering what does this country guy have for you. Missy said, you're amazing Blake.
Missy chose Alicia

Aaliyah Rose sang Rise Up by Andra Day-- I loved the intent of the performance, it was genuine and sweet. It's crazy that she is only 14, and I feel like she definitely has things to work on cause like Gwen said she lost control in the middle of the performance.
Gwen chose Aaliyah

Josh West sang Ordinary World by Duran Duran-- 4 chair turn! Well deserved! He was so good, his falsetto is incredible, I cannot believe he is 17. Adam talked about how he would be great doing Soundgarden. Alicia said it was an awe inspiring performance. Blake said he loves the 90s, and I am a fan of rock music. Gwen said I love your voice more than any of these coaches.
Josh chose Adam


Keep your eye on --- Julien Martinez, Casi Joy, Josh West, Kawan DuBose, Jack Cassidy, and Gaby Borromeo

Sunday, March 5, 2017

The Voice Season 12: Hot Out of the Gates for the Blinds

J Chosen sang Sexual Healing by Marvin Gaye-- All the judges turned towards the beginning and they were having so much fun watching Josh. He is a true performer and his vocals were so sharp. Alicia was acting all embarrassed hearing his range. Blake said he just healed us sexually. Alicia said she was hiding from her emotions. She said she loved his vulnerability. Gwen said he has true talent, and she feels she could relate to him in so many ways. Adam said go with who is most passionate about you.
J chose Gwen

Lauren Duski sang You Were Meant For Me by Jewel-- Everyone turned for her except Alicia. Gwen is really fighting for this. She is making the argument that she is somewhere in the middle in terms of style between Adam and Blake. Blake wants her to flip and be country.
Lauren chose Blake

Johnny Haves sang Try a Little Tenderness by Otis Redding-- Gwen and Adam turned. I remember Johnny from last season and I loved him, he has a retro punk sound. Blake made a pitch for Gwen telling Johnny that he and Gwen both have made amazing comebacks in music. Adam said it's a matter of who he wants to work with.
Johnny chose Adam

Skyler Harris sang One and Only by Adele-- No one turned, I think Gwen is right, she should come back.

Anatalia Villaranda sang Runaway Baby by Bruno Mars-- She is good, but she needs a little bit of help to get her voice more controlled. Her energy was HUGE! Alicia said she is an artist unafraid. Blake said too bad she doesn't have a lot of energy. Gwen loves her positivity.
Anatalia chose Alicia

Stephanie Rice sang Piece by Piece by Kelly Clarkson-- This girl is special, and I love the song she chose, Kelly Clarkson is always amazing. Gwen and Blake turned. I felt like I was waiting for Alicia to turn on this. Gwen said I was moved by you, there is pain in there, music is an outlet for you. I would love to work with you. Adam started making fun of Blake and saying where are you from? I wanna protect you. Stephanie said she wants to do folk, soul, rock. Blake said, I have a soul, and Adam said that's debatable. He think Stephanie already picked someone and he is happy with it.
Stephanie chose Gwen

Branden Martin sang Here's a Quarter by Travis Tritt-- Wow, no one turned, I thought he was good.

Mark Isaiah sang Mercy by Shawn Mendes-- I was shocked that only Gwen and Adam turned, I think this kid deserved four chairs. Gwen is shocked that he isn't signed to a record label already. Alicia thought that his voice was dope. Adam said he belongs in the landscape of today's music.
Mark chose Adam

Shaun Chrisjohn was talented but failed to turn any chairs!

Brennley Brown sang Stupid Boy by Keith Urban-- I'll be honest, I didn't love this. I don't know whether she lacks training and experience or the song just wasn't right for her. Blake and Alicia turned at the last minute, and well, since Brennley is a country artist, you can guess what team she chose.
Brennley chose Blake

Felicia Temple sang All I Could Do Was Cry-- This ended up being a 3 chair turn with everyone but Adam turning. Felicia was inspired by Alicia growing up, even calling herself Felicia Keys. Her dad was in Sugar Hill Gang.
Felicia chose Alicia


Night 2 was so bland that no one stuck out to me---

Autumn Turner sang Last Dance by Donna Summer-- Autumn chose Alicia

Jesse Larsen sang Jealous Guy by John Lennon-- Adam was the only one to turn and out of everyone tonight he was the most talented

Aliyah Moulden sang Hound Dog by Elvis Presley-- Aliyah chose Blake

Savannah Leighton sang Unconditionally by Katy Perry-- Savannah chose Gwen

Lilli Passero sang A Love of My Own by Carla Thomas-- Lilli chose Alicia


I'm keeping my eye on J Chosen, Johnny Haves, and Jesse Larsen