Tuesday, March 7, 2017

The Voice Season 12: The Blinds Are A "Sure Thing" Tonight

Johnny Gates sang Maggie May by Rod Stewart-- Gwen said your voice is incredible, you have so much presence. Adam said singing that song is such an amazing thing. Gwen, Bake, and Alicia turned. Blake said I want you to stay in that rock lane.
Johnny chose Gwen

Malik Davage sang Sure Thing by Miguel-- Adam turned right away. I love the smoothness in his voice. I loved when he hit the chorus, his tone is HOT. Adam scored here!
Adam chose Malik

Lauryn Judd sang Girls Just Want to Have Fun by Cyndi Lauper-- Her voice was definitely interesting, and their was so much style and maturity. Gwen said I'd love to work on your voice with you. Alicia said she started hearing a different tone and thought maybe she was two people. Blake told Lauryn to ignore Adam cause he didn't even turn for her.
Lauryn chose Alicia

Paul Adrian sang I Got a Woman by Ray Charles-- no one turned, hope he comes back.

Caroline Sky sang Will You Love Me Tomorrow by Carole King-- Gwen and Blake turned, not surprising. She has a sweet voice, and I could definitely see her working hard in this competition. Alicia thinks she is so talented, Gwen can't believe she is 16. Blake tried making a compelling argument but it didn't work.
Caroline chose Gwen

Josh Hoyer sang Oh Girl by The Chi Lites-- Gwen and Blake are battling it out again. Gwen said she has no one like him on her team. Blake said you should be on the winning team which is why I turned around. Josh definitely has maturity, I love his voice, his tone is unreal. He has a soulful style to his voice.
Josh chose Blake

Who to Watch: Johnny Gates, Lauryn Judd, and Malik Davage


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