Monday, March 27, 2017

The Voice Season 12: These Battles Are Hard to Handle

Team Blake: Josh Hoyer versus T Soul singing In The Midnight Hour by Wilson Pickett-- It was okay, but I did not love the song choice. This season in general, the battle round song choices have been awful. Blake said he has to make a tough decision based on his gut feeling.
Blake chose T Soul

Team Alicia: Autumn Turner versus Vanessa Ferguson singing Killing Me Softly by Roberta Flack--  loved Autumn in this. Vanessa had the experience but Autumn has the heart. Gwen loved Autumn's powerful voice. Adam said Vanessa has experience but Autumn was a surprise in this and he said he would steal her. Both Adam and Gwen made a play to steal Autumn.
Alicia chose Vanessa, Autumn chose Adam

Team Adam: Johnny Hayes versus Julien Martinez singing Hard to Handle by Otis Redding-- Both were strong, but Johnny was more comfortable and in his element than Julien was. You can tell that the rock and roll style that comes from Johnny is authentic. Blake liked Johnny's rock voice, and felt like Julien shyed away. Gwen found Julien exciting and Johnny exuded experience.
Adam chose Johnny

Team Gwen: Caroline Sky versus Stephanie Rice singing The First Cut is the Deepest by Rod Stewart-- Caroline was my preference here in terms of growth and sheer vocal ability. I found Stephanie to be so passionate that her vocal was not as controlled. Adam said there's more to learn about Caroline and that's why he'd go with her. Blake said Stephanie has a clearer vision and he'd go with her. Alicia said artistically she's interested in Stephanie but vocally Caroline took this battle.
Gwen chose Stephanie and Blake stole Caroline

Team Adam: Kawan DuBove versus Malik Davage singing Love You Now by John Legend-- For the first time ever on the Voice a duo really got read the riot act in terms of their inability to collaborate. For what it's worth, I felt like Malik worked really hard. There was an effort and urgency there. Blake liked Kawan's falsetto and would give it to him. Gwen said Malik was fiery and had a sense of urgency. Adam said he loves Malik's attitude.
Adam chose Malik

Team Blake: Enid Ortiz versus Valerie Ponzio singing Love Triangle by Rae Lynn, Blake chose Enid
Team Adam: Hannah Eyre versus Sheena Brook singing Try by Pink, Adam chose Hannah
Team Gwen: Jozy Bernadette verus Troy Ramey singing Angel Eyes by Jeff Healy, Gwen chose Troy

Team Alicia: Hunter Plake versus Jack Cassidy singing Dancing on My Own by Robyn-- I loved both of these guys, this battle and this song choice was a dream. Gwen loved the tenderness of Jack's voice and told Hunter that he has to make a record. Adam started out being a big Jack fan but thought Hunter took the battle. Blake said he kept going back and forth and hoped whoever didn't get chosen was stolen.
Alicia chose Jack, Adam and Gwen both made a play for Hunter and he ended up choosing Gwen

Keep an eye on Hunter and Jack, Malik, Hannah, and Autumn

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