Tuesday, March 14, 2017

The Voice Season 12: Hello It's The Blinds

Kenny P. sang Hello It's Me by Todd Rundgren-- Gwen and Blake turn. The performance was okay, but it wasn't necessarily the best song choice. I am also not crazy about his look but I suppose that can be changed. Blake likes the power in his voice, and Gwen sees him as somewhat theatrical.
Kenny chose Gwen

Enid Ortiz sang All I Ask by Adele-- Enid has a really pretty voice, her low register is particularly strong, but she has a good balance and strong dynamic. When she hit the big note, she was great. Gwen wanted to turn but hesitated, and at the last moment, Blake pushed and turned. Enid said Alicia is her spirit animal and Alicia gave her a great pep talk
Blake chose Enid

RJ Collins sang Purpose by Justin Bieber-- I actually had never heard this song, and I loved it. Adam turned almost immediately. Clearly he heard that sincerity in RJ's voice. Not one else turned until he hit the chorus and then Alicia turned. Of course he is going to choose Alicia but Adam would have been an interesting choice for him. Adam believes he could win The Voice. Alicia calls him a beautiful black man and tells him his soul comes through his music.
RJ chose Alicia

Austin Tyler Jones sang Allison by Elvis Costello-- No turns

T Soul sang Take Me to the River by Al Green-- I liked this performance because he was very soulful and did his own interpretation of this song. I know it's been done many times, but I have never heard it like this. Adam and Blake made this a duel between two original Voice coaches. Adam said the way he does it is so unique, and he definitely needs him on his team, and asks him to come home. Alicia made a pitch for Adam saying Adam would get behind him fully. Blake said his voice has all the herbs and spices, and he loves his speaking voice, it's manly. I guess this was the winning pitch cause...
T Soul chose Blake

Andrea Thomas sang Baby Now that I Found You by Allison Krauss-- Former backup singer for Carrie Underwood.Blake was the only one who turned.
Blake chose Andrea

Davina Leone sang Cheap Thrills by Sia-You Tube success,
Gwen chose Davina

Hannah Eyre sang Blank Space by Taylor Swift-- I absolutely live for Hannah's interpretation of this song. It's sweet yet mature. She is beyond poised for a 15 year old. Adam turns first and actually motions for her to calm down cause she is smiling so hard after he turned. Adam calls her sweet Hannah and he said the back end of the song is where she was doing her best. He said he is going to claw and fight. Adam said Blake will bring up Danielle Bradbery. Gwen said she is looking for someone just like Hannah. Blake said her approach is unlike anything he has heard. She has talent, charisma, and her smile makes the room light up. Blake said you're the kind of artist that gets me excited about doing my job as a coach.
Hannah chose Adam

Casey Jamerson chose Shadows of the Night by Pat Benatar-- This was a bit of a mess, no turns

Hunter Plake sang Carry On by fun-- A bit of a strange song choice I felt like. Gwen and Alicia turn to battle it out for Hunter. Alicia likes his unique tone and doesn't have anyone else like him on her team. Gwen says she relates to Hunter.
Hunter chose Alicia

Nala Price sang Send My Love (To Your New Lover) by Adele-- Again, another young person, at only 17, Nala's interpretation of this song is beyond her years. Adam turns right near the beginning followed by Gwen. There were some wobbly points in the performance in terms of pitch but I feel like Nala could easily grow.
Nala chose Adam

Sammie Zonana sang Dangerous Woman by Ariana Grande--  This is an instance where someone changing a song and interpreting it in a different way didn't work. The interpretation really took away the song's seductiveness and femininity. The tone of her voice didn't work with the song in the way that it was way too husky, almost masculine sounding. Gwen was the only one to turn. Alicia commented on the huskiness of her voice. Adam said it was going to turn, but something threw him off.
Gwen chose Sammie

Valerie Ponzio sang Ring of Fire by Johnny Cash-- 4 chair turn! Well deserved! She has a unique tone and rasp in her voice. Her style is almost like country rock. Adam said he heard every single coach in her performance. Gwen said she is actually obsessed with her and would love to work with her. Alicia said I would love to bring out all that jazz and blues influence that inspires you. Blake said when you say country Americana, that is where I can help you. All the coaches teamed up and tried to get Valerie not to pick Blake, but ,,,,,
Valerie chose Blake

My picks to watch this season:

T Soul, Hannah Eyre, and Valerie Ponzio

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