Monday, March 20, 2017

The Voice Season 12: The Battles Begin and I Was Made to Love Them

Team Blake: Lauren Duski versus Brennley Brown sang sang Better Man by Little Big Town-- Wow, they were both great, but I think I would have to go with Brennley on this. Alicia liked Lauren's tone, and Brennley was authentic in her delivery. I am surprised Blake picked Lauren. Both Gwen and Adam are trying to steal Brennley. Adam sang Happy Birthday to Brennley while Gwen told her choosing Team Adam would be a birthday mistake.
Blake chose Lauren and Brennley chose Gwen

Team Gwen: Kenny P. versus J. Chosen sang I Was Made to Love Her by Stevie Wonder-- Adam said I want you on my team J. Chosen and Kenny you're great man. Blake said J Chosen you're so smooth and Kenny has an edginess to his voice. Alicia loved Kenny's high falsettos and the camaraderie between the two of them. Gwen said she doesn't know what she's gonna do. I would go with J. Chosen, he has been a favorite of mine since the beginning.
Gwen chose J Chosen

Team Alicia: Anatalia Villaranda versus Missy Robertson sang Tight Rope by Janelle Monae-- Both ladies had strong vocals, that being said, Anatalia stood out to me. Her phrasing was so fierce and confident. Adam is right, Missy anchored the performance. But at 17, Anatalia is so talented. She could be a finalist this season.
Alicia chose Anatalia

Team Adam: Gaby Borromeo versus Mark Isaiah sang Pillowtalk by Zayn-- Both of these contestants are great. I remember being excited about Mark. Gaby had a record deal with John Legend who is actually helping to mentor Adam's Team. Despite both of them being strong vocalists, Mark won this for me. He's another contestant I see being a major threat in this competition. Gwen thought Mark owned it but liked Gaby's high notes.
Adam chose Mark

Team Alicia: Felicia Temple versus Quizz Swanigan sang Titanium by Sia and David Guetta-- I fel like this was an odd pairing. They are way too different from each other. Both deserve to be in the competition but for very different reasons. Adam and Blake both agree that they would choose Felicia. Gwen would choose Quizz because she can't believe what he can do at 13. Alicia does exactly what I thought and chooses Quizz; however at the last minute, Blake comes in and saves Felicia. I can see her going far.
Alicia chose Quizz and Blake stole Felicia  

Team Blake: Ashley Levin versus Casi Joy sang How Blue by Reba McIntyre-- I genuinely enjoyed both of their voices, but I didn't love the song. Blake said he regrets putting them up against each other but feels like it needed to happen. He chose Casi because of her presence. Everyone pushed for Ashley to steal her.
Blake chose Casi and Ashley chose Alicia

Keep an eye on J Chosen, Anatalia, Felicia, and Casi

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