Monday, June 24, 2013

The Bachelorette: Des travels to Atlantic City and then Munich in Search of Love

Week 4

In Atlantic City, boring Brad receives the first one on one date and they have a great time until it comes to dinner that night and he has to have an actual conversation with her. So they travel up to the top of a lighthouse and when they get to the top, Des tells Brad that she is sending him home, she doesn't feel she has a connection with him. Couldn't she have done this before going all the way up there?

The group date is all about crowning a Bachelorette's Mr. America; Brooks, Bryden, Zack K., Kasey, Drew, Juan Pablo, Zak W., Mikey, Ben, Michael, and Chris participate. Some of these guys have some great talents. Mikey T. does a good job of saying he is not a meathead but he sure does act like one. Kasey actually up tap dancing his way to a win.

It's after this competition that Des seems to grow that much closer to Chris, and he actually seems like a really nice guy. He writes her a simple, yet sweet poem, and she rewards him with a kiss.

And because I have discovered that James is so manipulative, and has been lying his way through the show, I do not wish to talk about his Atlantic City date in which they gave up a nice dinner to a couple who was affected by Hurricane Sandy. Manny and Jan are lovely people and deserved the date as well as the private concert by Darius Rucker.

Chris, Brooks, Juan Pablo, Drew, Michael, Ben, and Kasey and finally Bryden all get roses. The other Zack is senting packing.

Week 5

Chris receives the first one on one date in Europe, weirdly enough, Bryden decides to drop out. To me, it really seems like he has a woman waiting for him at home. Meanwhile, Des and Chris have already started their date and sightseeing all over Europe. That does not stop Bryden from leaving the hotel to search all over the city for her. He finds her and starts smiling as he tells her he needs to take her away for a moment. He tells her that he's decided to leave because he isn't moving along with his feelings as quickly as she is. Chris reassured Des that he is there for the right reasons.

Wow, Des and Chris have this amazingly elegant and beautiful dinner in a castle. Des loves that Chris was on this date because she believes he is sincere, romantic, and expressive. She gives him a rose and they dance the night away.

The group date is atop German mountains where the guys and Des sled down the equivalent of a black diamond ski trail. She spends some special alone time with Brooks, Mikey T., and Zak W. She seems to have a good connection with all of them. She has more of a romantic connection with Brooks and Zak W. Drew and Brooks feel that James is short, cutting, and vulgar with the guys but not with Des, and he isn't showing her who he truly is. Brooks got the group date rose and Des said she gave it to him because she said he brings out the best in her. James was upset about this and feels that they are polar opposites, which in my opinion means that James should just leave and go home.

Michael G. and Ben get the dreaded two on one date, and if everything goes as I hope it will, Ben will be going home. They go in basically a mobile hot tub called a hot tug (think tug boat). The conversation turns to Ben's son, nicely done Michael, and Michael brings up the fact that his father was absent for a good amount of his life, and that affected him. Des feels uncomfortable, oh no. Michael tries again to expose Ben at dinner for who he is but he isn't going down without a fight. Des seems annoyed with Michael and certainly she could end up eliminating him. Thankfully, she doesn't, she eliminates Ben, and he throws a hissy fit and then shows his true colors in the limo. I think Des believed Michael.

Des forgoes the cocktail party, bad move my dear!

Chris, Brooks, and Michael have roses going into this.

Roses are given to-- Zak W., Kasey, Juan Pablo, Drew, James....

Mikey T. goes home :-/

Sunday, June 16, 2013

The Bachelorette: Bad Group Dates and Guys Who Lie

The third episode opens with a group date where the guys play volleyball to vie for time with Desiree. And so I bring you: DUMB date alert!-- what a horrible idea for a date, the guys outfits were terrible and Brookes ended up breaking a finger.

Desiree is getting ready for her one on one date with Kasey when she receives a phone call from Chris Harrison. I can tell from her facial expressions that she seems angry. She calls Brian aside when she gets to the house where the men are staying and she tells the viewers that he has a girlfriend back home. She asks him about his previous relationship and he says it's over and they're not even friends. Desiree then says, are you sure about that cause she is actually here right now. The look on his face is, "I've been had". Desiree actually hugs Brian's girlfriend Stephanie. Stephanie reveals that she and Brian were together the weekend before he came out to the show.

Stephanie tells Chris that there is no chance that Brian is staying there. Desiree thanks Stephanie for coming on the show and being so brave.

Desiree finally makes it on her date with Kasey, although it's a rather boring uneventful date, they dance on the side of a building. Kasey receives a rose cause Desiree sees he really wants to be there, but it doesn't see, like they have much chemistry.

Dan, James, Juan Pablo, Bryden, and Zak W. go on a wild west date and learn how to do stunts like they did in the movie the Lone Ranger. Then they have to act out a scene and the guy who Desiree thinks does the best gets some special alone time with her. She chooses Juan Pablo. She says he was the best guy to choose to watch the movie with her but he is very distracting. Desiree says her first kiss with Juan Pablo was passionate and she finds him sensual.

The group has a firelight date that night. Desiree spends some alone time with Bryden and she compliments him on his acting. She says that he doesn't always make a move but once she lets him know that it's okay to make a move, he does. Bryden says that after he kisses her he wants to do it again.

Zak W. says on his one on one time that he wanted to kiss her that day, but then they never kissed. It was actually kind of weird. I wonder if Des still thinks that he is a player.

James tells Desiree that his dad is sick and he wonders whether or not she is interested in him. Des gives him a rose because she wants him here and wants to get to know him. He gives her a daisy that he picked while she went to get the rose and they kiss.

Ben is definitely very sneaky and manipulative. Des is totally falling for his b/s. The guys spot her kissing Ben in the car. Ben then lies to the other guys about getting to spend time with Des. The guys confront him and he doesn't seem to be phased by the fact that he's a sketchy liar.

Oh boy. I really like Brandon but he is going way too fast with Des. He shouldn't have told her that he was falling in love with her even if it was true because they haven't spent enough time together for her to have those feelings for him. It's sad cause he seems like a really great guy. Note to producers, he would be an awesome Bachelor because he's been through a lot in his life and it would make for a beautiful story.

Who is Staying?
Juan Pablo
Zak W.
Michael G.
Mikey T.

Cannot believe she chose Ben over Brandon! Wow, Ben is a monumental jerk. So Dan and Brandon go home.  Initially Des just tells Brandon that he's not right for her. She redeemed herself by going after her and explaining herself. She doesn't think that they have any chemistry and she said she was so sorry. He said that he appreciates her, and she admitted that it was so nice of him to even say that. I feel terribly for this man; he's really been hurt a lot in his life.

Friday, June 7, 2013

The Bachelorette: Desiree wants to know who is there for: "all the right reasons"

I've been meaning to blog about the new season of The Bachelorette for a while now. I loved Desiree on Sean's season and so far I still love her now. She has a great personality, she doesn't take herself too seriously, and she likes to have fun.

The premiere:

So on the first week we met the 25 men who would be vying for Desiree's heart and some of them made an impression on me week one and some of them didn't. I was happy that Desiree kicked Jonathan off for being intoxicated and making inappropriate advances towards her. And the guy is a lawyer, I am not sure I want him representing me or anyone else for that matter. Why would you go on a show like that and be  drunk the first night? or ever for that matter?

Who did I notice in a good way?

Juan Pablo-- love that he took Desiree out to play some soccer

Zak W.-- thanks for showing us your abs the first night and jumping into the pool, obviously it worked cause Desiree gave him one of several first impression roses

Brandon-- he shared a very personal story with Desiree and it was sincere

Drew-- the first guy out of the limo night one, he was nervous but sweet

Brookes-- I actually liked how quietly confident he was

Who went home week one? Larry, Nick R, Diogo, Jonathan, Mike R., Micah

Week 2:

Brookes received the first one on one date of the series, and it could have been a total disaster, even I felt that  as I was watching it, but it wasn't. Desiree took Brookes to a Wedding Dress Shop, and he tried on tuxes and she tried on dresses. They clearly have some chemistry together. Brookes comments on how being there shows him who Desiree truly is and that she is beautiful because of who she is as a person. They drive around in a baby blue convertible and pretend to be married; Desiree says, Brookes is the only man she could have brought on this date. Then they go to the famous "Hollywood" sign where Desiree says that being there is a symbol of her pursuing her dreams. Brookes and Desiree exchange break up stories and say that they would do it again to find the person that they are meant to be with.
Kiss alert!-- Des and Brookes sitting on the "L" in the Hollywood sign.
The date isn't over yet! They have a private dinner on a closed road on a bridge. Brookes tells Desiree that his parents breaking up taught him not to take things for granted in life. Desiree, not surprisingly, gives Brookes a rose. Then Andy Grammer and his band showed up to sing. Brookes said Des knows what she wants and is sexy.

The group date is that they are going to star in a rap video with Souja Boy.

Ben, Zak W., James, Michael G., Will, Brandon, Drew, Juan Pablo, and Mikey T. are all on this date.

Zak W., I knew it, this guy stepped up tonight! He took Des aside and presented her with an antique journal that he bought for her to record her thoughts in during this process. He said that he didn't want to be seen as a clown, but when he smiles, that is him experiencing life.

Ben steals Mikey T. away from Des, he seems a little sinister to me. I think his whole father act might be just that, an act. ;-)

Brandon saw Ben kissing Des and wondered if Ben is there for the right reasons. Ben is definitely being manipulative, he totally manipulated Mikey T. Brandon totally reveals himself and his story to Des and she feels a kindness in his heart. I am honestly shocked that out of all the guys Des could have given the date night rose to that she gave it to Ben. I would have given it to Zak W. or Brandon.

The last one on one date of this episode goes to Bryden and they go on a road trip of California. There is a lot of laughing and joking around. Desiree is happy to see that he doesn't take himself seriously all the time. He tells her at dinner that night about a freak accident he was in, he almost died. He tells Desiree that he used the military as a way to cover up that he wasn't ready for love, but now he believes he is. Desiree thinks he's an amazing man and gives him a rose. Then they go into a huge hot tub, like the size of a pool. Then there's this awkward conversation and ...
Kiss alert!-- Des tells Bryden to kiss her already, and he goes for it.

At the Cocktail Party:
Michael G. is about to reveal to Des that he has type 1 diabetes and what that means, and Ben walks in and steals Des away and Michael G. lets Des know in a polite way how ignorant Ben is. It's definitely disrespectful; I'm angry.

Apparently Ben doesn't know that Brooke and Bryden have already kissed Des also? And Brookes actually got the first kiss. The guys confront Ben as a group.

ROTFL Comment of the night-- Ben: "I did what I had to do for me and Des." Ummm, Ben, I wasn't aware there was a you and Des yet. Ben doesn't care what he did, he thinks he is all that and a bag of chips. And all his excuses about wanting to see Des is all selfish.

In addition to Brookes, Ben, and Bryden
Juan Pablo
Zak W.
Mikey T.
Zack K.
Michael G.

Who was sent home? Will, Robert, Nick M.