Tuesday, March 13, 2018

The Voice Season 14: The Blinds Conclude and I'm Praying for the Battle Rounds

Genesis Diaz sang Praying by Kesha-- I like her song choice and I actually liked the style choices she made with the song. I did think there was a little bit too much growling. Adam turned at the last minute, bu he was first, Blake actually turned right after the song ended. Adam said do you want to be with a leader or a follower.
Genesis chose Adam

Sharane Calister sang Make it Rain by Ed Sheeran-- Sharane just has a killer range and her vocals are so focused and strong. Alicia turned and kept begging Kelly to turn because she was so good but she was skeptical of turning because she didn't think she had a chance against Alicia. Kelly said, I had to turn at the end because to not turn for talent like yours is disrespectful.
Sharane chose Alicia

Dallas Caroline sang You Are Always on My Mind by Willie Nelson-- I wasn't crazy about Dallas, but evidently the coaches liked her a lot. Not particularly surprising.... that she chose..... Blake. Kelly was hoping that maybe country artists will come out and they will now have to choose her or Adam because Blake's team is full.
Dallas chose Blake

Jackie Verna sang Peter Pan by Kelsea Ballerini-- Jackie was great, I didn't love the song, but she had so much conviction in her performance. Adam turned, and he was so happy she was a great country singer and not on Blake's team. She said I love you Blake and he said, I love you too. Adam was happy that his team is full and she's like Cassidy Pope.
Adam chose Jackie

Amber Sauer sang Shape of You by Ed Sheeran-- O-M-G! I love how she flipped this Ed Sheeran song and I am sure he's loving it too! Her interpretation, the range, the sheer vocal ability. Amber will be a force in this competition. And Kelly wins her!
Kelly chose Amber

Amber, Genesis, and Sharane are my girls! I'll be watching for them.... hopefully in the lives.

Monday, March 12, 2018

The Voice Season 14: Night 5 of the Blinds

Stephanie Skipper sang Piece by Piece by Kelly Clarkson-- Wow, Stephanie picked for me what is Kelly Clarkson's most personal song, and she just sang it so beautifully and put her own stamp on it. Kelly said it is so cool that you picked that song. Stephanie and Kelly thanked each other for singing that song. Adam and Blake turned. Blake said I applaud you for doing something scary and for giving us such a passionate performance. Adam said he will help Stephanie to let go and be more creative.
Stephanie chose Adam

Tish Haynes Keys sang Chain of Fools by Aretha Franklin-- Adam and Kelly turned for Tish who took on Aretha flawlessly. She didn't try to impersonate her but she was so soulful. Tish said Kelly you mean so much to my musical career I watched TV when the world met you, but I want to learn, grow, and be different so I choose Adam. She said she chose Adam because he said he is going to take her our of her comfort zone.
Tish chose Adam

Bransen Ireland sang Tulsa Time by Don Williams-- Bransen has an authentic country sound, this is a niche of country we're not hearing a lot right now, so he may do well. I don't love his performance, but I suppose that's something that he could work on. Adam and Blake turned. Adam said you're singing a song that states you won't be on my team. Alicia said Adam turned before Blake. Kelly said you won't have any competition on Adam's team. Despite Alicia and Kelly teaming up to push for Adam, Bransen chose Blake.

Teana Boston sang Unfaithful by Rihanna-- I liked this girl! She needs a little bit of work, but she's a sponge and she is going to absolutely soak up everything Kelly teaches her. Kelly said it's crazy that you're 16, and I am gonna win this show. Alicia said this is a hard song choice, you were brave. Adam said you're gonna be so far ahead of the curve. Blake said we're all going to regret not turning for you, I've been doing this show probably since before you were born.
Kelly chose Teana

Miya Bass sang Issues by Julia Michaels-- WOW! Such a mistake that no one turned other than Adam! She was really good, I loved her take on that song, very soulful with some punch. Adam said I am a huge fan of that song, I think Julia Michaels is a genius. You were amazing, until you got in your head, but you're super dope.
Adam chose Miya

Livia Faith sang Dream a Little Dream of Me-- Hmm, it's interesting to me how the people that Adam doesn't turn for are the ones I am normally least impressed with. I found her voice to be a little too sweet, almost like I wanted her to rough it up a little bit. Kelly and Blake turned. She talked about before going into her audition that she wanted Blake to choose her. At the very end Alicia turned, and she chose Alicia!
Livia chose Alicia

Jordan Kirkdorffer sang In Case You Didn't Know by Brett Young-- This guy is good, strong vocal, good range, and has the swag. Adam turned first and then Blake. Adam cringed when Blake turned. Adam said, do I have a chance? Adam said oh, but it sounds like a small one. He told him there was a lot of dimensions in his voice-- there was country and there was pop as well. Kelly defended Adam. Adam said I didn't need a vote or verification from Blake to turn around.
Jordan chose Blake

Shana Halligan sang Bang Bang by Cher-- Hmm, she reminds me of someone with that voice, I can't think of who.... a little bit of Amy Winehouse. Alicia was the only one who turned..... I think Shana also sounds a little like Florence from Florence and the Machine. Shana, to me, is someone who potentially could be big in this competition, she's kind of like a diamond in the rough, lot of potential with her.
Alicia chose Shana

Gary Edwards sang What's Going On by Marvin Gaye-- Gary sang a song that continues to have such relevance like Adam said. I loved how he made What's Going On his own. His falsetto was awesome. Adam turned almost immediately whereas Blake turned towards the end. Blake said you're in my neck of the woods in Texas. He said if you choose Adam as your coach, maybe you can advise him to put on another shirt.
Gary chose Adam

Hannah Goebel sang If I Ain't Got You by Alicia Keys-- Hannah was amazing from the first note, and she picked such a great song. Everyone turned but Kelly blocked Alicia which was strategic in such a smart way.
Hannah chose Kelly

I'm looking out for Stephanie, Tena, and Miya!

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Olympic Inspirations: Pyeong Change continued.....

Ester Ledecka was the most unexpected surprise of these Games. She is a snowboarder, but she won a gold medal in Alpine Skiing, Women's Super G, the event Mikaela Shiffrin was supposed to compete in but didn't. It was the event Lindsey Vonn was supposed to medal in, but Vonn finished off the podium. Shiffrin even went so far as to let Ledecka borrow her skis! When she finished the course she said, how did that happen?!

Alpine Skiing: Women's Super G
1. Ester Ledecka, Czech Republic, 1:21.11
2. Anna Veith, Austria, +.01
3. Tina Weirather, Liechtenstein, +.11

Four years ago in Sochi, Nick Goepper seemed to be on top of the world. He was part of a U.S. medal sweep, only the third in U.S. Winter Olympic history with Gus Kenworthy and Josh Christensen. Last month Goepper revealed that that in 2014 and 2015, he suffered from issues with drinking, depression, and suicidal thoughts. The issues were so serious that he went to rehab in the fall of 2015. Goepper finished in 7th place in the X Games last month. Goepper couldn't believe that he had come to these Olympics and had the result that he did. He made it all the way to a silver medal in Slopestyle. Goepper said that his teammate Gus Kenworthy is a great example for him.

Snowboarding: Men's Slopestyle
1. Oystein Braaten, Norway, 95.0
2. Nick Goepper, U.S.A., 93.60
3. Alex Beaulieu Marchand, Canada, 92.40

It was theirs to lose and theirs to win and when it came down to it, there just wasn't anyone better than Virtue and Moir. The Canadian ice dancers have been in a partnership for two decades, some of these other teams were in diapers. Virtue and Moir almost gave up after Sochi in 2014, coming in second to Meryl Davis and Charlie White (who were their training partners at the time). They came back on the circuit in 2016 with a renewed spirit and a passion that was unrivaled. There was no other choice in the end. But I'll tell you what, the other medalists were amazing! Papadakis and Cizeron are the future of ice dance, and I will look for them to take gold in four years time. Their free dance to Moonlight Sonata was flawless. The Shibutani's have so much to be proud of, their free skate to Paradise was captivating, I literally could not take my eyes off the screen. I loved how the music and the skate and their expression all tied together, and just gave us this message of hope. It was truly inspirational.

Figure Skating: Ice Dance
1. Tessa Virtue & Scott Moir, Canada, free dance: 122.40, overall: 206.07
2. Gabrielle Papadakis & Guillaume Cizeron, France, free dance: 123.35 (1), overall: 205.28
3. Maia Shibutani & Alex Shibutani, U.S.A., free dance: 114.86 (3), overall: 192.59
4. Madison Hubbell & Zachary Donohue, U.S.A., free dance: 109.94 (5), overall: 187.69

Lindsey Vonn wrapped up her Olympics doing what she set out to do. She walked away with another Olympic medal. Vonn's final Olympic appearance was laced with some frustration but her poise and experience in the Downhill earned her a bronze.

Alpine Skiing: Women's Downhill
1. Sofia Goggia, Italy, 1:39.22
2. Ragnhild Mowinckel, Norway, +.09
3. Lindsey Vonn, U.S.A., +.47

Elana Meyers Taylor is a natural born athlete. She was offered scholarships to four different colleges for four different sports! She once played for U.S.A. rugby. When she took up bobsledding in 2007, she had never owned a winter coat before. Yet now, here we are, 11 years later and three Olympics later, and Taylor has won three medals, 1 bronze and 2 silver.

Bobsled: Women's (2)
1. Germany, 3:22.45, Mariama Jamenka and Lisa Buckwitz
2. U.S.A, +.07, Elana Meyers Taylor and Lauren Gibbs
3. Canada, +44, Kaillie Humphries and Phylicia George

Girl power! This Olympics was all about first for the U.S. women and women everywhere. Kikkan Randall and Jessie Diggins won the first ever medal in Women's Cross Country and it was a gold at that. Diggins was even selected to be flag bearer for the U.S. team at the closing ceremonies.

Cross Country: Women's Team Sprint
1. U.S.A., Kikken Randall and Jessie Diggins, 15:56.47
2. Sweden, Charlotte Kalla and Stina Milsson, +.19
3. Norway, Marit Bjorgen and Maiken Casperson Falla, +2.97

The U.S. women ended another drought, this one in speed skating where the women had not medaled since 2002 and the men had not medaled since 2010! Heather Bergsma who skated in the women's team pursuit said this had been a disappointing games for them and, she was, "super happy that they were able to salvage a medal".

Speedskating: Women's Team Pursuit
1. Japan, 2:53.89
2. Netherlands, +1.59
3. U.S.A., Heather Bergsma, Brittany Bowe, Mia Manganello, Carljin Schoutens, +2:59.27

For the first and almost certainly last time, Mikaela Shiffrin and Lindsey Vonn competed against each other in the Olympics. Most gave Shiffrin the edge in this U.S. team head to head. Shiffrin didn't get the gold she was expected to, but she did pick up a silver, bringing her total at this games to 2 medals-- a gold and a silver. Vonn, who was competing in what most say will be her last games, hooked a tip in slalom and skied out. Shiffrin said winning two medals in a game was "insane" and Vonn joked that she'd never have to ski slalom again.

Alpine Skiing: Women's Combined
1. Michelle Gisin, Switzerland, 2:20.90
2. Mikaela Shiffrin, U.S.A., +.97
3. Wendy Holdener, Switzerland, +1.44

David Wise almost missed qualifying for the finals in the Men's Freeski Halfpipe, the defending champion fell on a run and had to play it safe on another. When he got to the finals, he gave it all he had, didn't play it safe, and wiped out on a couple of runs. When it mattered though, Wise came up BIG and landed his third and final run. His run featured double corks spun in four different directions, something the judges look at when determining scores. Alex Ferreira finished in second place and was easily the most consistent competitor of the day earning three scores in the 90's. Finally, at only the age of 16, Nico Porteous earned a bronze, able to calm his nerves before his runs with the help of his sports psychologist.

Men's Freeski Halfpipe
1. David Wise, U.S.A., 97.20
2. Alex Ferreira, U.S.A., 96.40
3. Nico Porteous, New Zealand, 94.80

Big Air made it's Olympic debut in Pyeong Chang, and it did not disappoint. The total score is based on the best two out of three runs scores combined. Anna Gasser from Austria was consistent throughout all her runs and was in second place behind Jamie Anderson who won a gold already earlier in these games. Anna knew the score she needed going in and decided to take the risk and go big on her final run. It paid off, and vaulted her to first place.

Snowboarding: Women's Big Air
1. Anna Gasser, Austria, 89+96= 185
2. Jamie Anderson, U.S.A., 90+87.25= 177..25
3. Zoi Sadowki Synott, New Zealand, 65.50+92= 157.50

Considered to be perhaps the marquee event at the Winter Olympics-- Women's Figure Skating did not disappoint in terms of technical abilities, artistry, and drama! Despite strong showings at nationals and worlds the U.S. women did not make it to the podium. The real competition was between two athletes from Russia, Alina Zagitova and Yevgenia Medvedeva, who are training partners and even friends but when they are on the ice, all they think about is doing their best and winning. Zagitova's gold medal was only the second for Russia in Women's Figure Skating which in prior years had been overshadowed by Men's and Pair's. Both ladies suggest that they are honored to represent their coaches, figure skating, and that they truly love their sport. With all the young Russian girls at home watching, will Zagitova and Medvedeva be back in four years, only time and dedication will tell.

Figure Skating: Women's Final
1. Alina Zagitova, Olympic Athletes from Russia, 239.57
2. Yevgenia Medvedeva, Olympic Athletes from Russia, 238.26
3. Kaetlyn Osmond, Canada, 231.02
4. Satoko Miyahara, Japan, 222.38
5. Carolina Kostner, Italy, 212.44
6. Kaori Sakamoto, Japan, 209.71
7. Dabin Choi, Korea, 199.26
8. Maria Sotskova, Olympic Athletes from Russia, 198.10
9. Bradie Tennell, U.S.A., 192.35
10. Mirai Nagasu, U.S.A., 186.54

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

The Voice Season 14: The Blinds Night 4 Will Lead Me Home with ... One Headlight

Spensha Baker sang Blackbird by The Beatles-- Spensha was a HUGE surprise to me, I loved her rendition of this song and how she made it her own like Adam was saying. I think she will do well in this competition. Kelly and Blake turned. When Spensha revealed that she wants to be a country artist, it was all over. Kelly talked about standing in line for a country concert, Blake talked about putting concerts on.
Spensha chose Blake

Alexa Cappeli sang I Got the Music in Me-- Kelly and Adam turned! At first this seemed karaoke but as the performance went on, it kept improving. I liked all the things she did to make this boring song actually interesting. Adam asked her what type of music she likes to listen to and she said classic rock, pop, Kelly Clarkson. She auditioned for something and sang a Kelly Clarkson song. Adam bowed out and was like personally I think she should pick me, but it was nice knowing you, goodnight!
Alexa chose Kelly

Wilkes sang One Headlight by The Wallflowers-- I thought his voice was great, very authentic rocker. I could see him in a band as a lead singer. Adam and Blake looked at each other and turned. Adam mentioned the classic rock feel to him. Kelly asked if he just wants to do rock or not, and he said that he likes rock but he also likes southern or country music. Wilkes apologizes to Adam and chooses Blake.
Wilkes chose Blake 

Lightning Rounds--
Jesslee sang I'm With You by Avril Lavigne and ended up on Team Blake
Jordyn Simone sang Tennessee Whiskey by Chris Stapleton and ended up on Team Alicia
Megan Lee Killing Me Softly by Roberta Flack and ended up on Team Alicia

Jaron Strom sang This Magic Moment by The Drifters-- Wow, I am a little surprised Blake turned, Jaron has some work to do to prove to me he is worthy. I didn't love it, but he can break dance so ..... let's see. Blake liked it I guess.
Blake chose Jaron

Terrence Cunningham sang My Girl by The Temptations-- I love Terrence's sound and how he slowed My Girl down a little bit more. Adam turned almost immediately and Alicia followed. I hope Adam gets this guy.... all coaches have now turned, 4 chairs! WOW! He was flawless, and I don't say that often. Kelly played the card of having been in a singing competition before. Alicia thanked him for his honesty. Blake said that was a tender moment. Adam said you don't need us, we need you. I want to coach you more than anyone.
Terrence chose Alicia

Loved Alexa and Terrence tonight, I think Alexa could be a dark horse in this competition

Monday, March 5, 2018

The Voice Season 14: Blind Auditions Night 3

Christiana Danielle sang Hotline Bling by Drake-- I'll be honest, it was a weird flip of the song but it was effective and it did show many sides of her voice. Adam turned immediately, shades of Christina Grimmie redoing a Drake song. Kelly turned and Alicia turned at the end. Adam said you are a gift to this show and one of the best voices I have heard in my life. Kelly said it doesn't matter who you pick, you could win this show. Alicia said I can't contain myself, where does this come from?
Christiana chose Alicia

Brett Hunter sang She's a Bad Mama Jama by Carl Carlton-- Blake is the only one who turned, and at first I thought that was about right. However, hearing him and listening to his actual voice and what he could have done had he done a better arrangement. WOW! I hope he does better songs during the competition and proves all the other coaches wrong, although I think they already feel foolish.
Blake chose Brett

Jamai sang U Got it Bad by Usher-- I loved Jamai! He is like a modern day Bobby Brown for sure. I loved his song choice and he put his own nuances on this song. Alicia liked his style. He called Kelly the epitome of music competition winners cause she started it all. This guy is going to be good, I feel it!
Jamai chose Alicia

Mitch Cardoza sang No Woman No Cry by Bob Marley-- I think no one turned because it was a little too free. The vocal was all over the place, but he has talent he should come back!

Mia Boostrom sang Pillowtalk by Zayn-- Hmmm, I kinda liked Mia but then I didn't. I felt like her voice was too low and earthy for me. I wanted that vocal to really soar more. Adam was the only one who turned, there was a reason for that in my opinion. She could have given more, this could have been better.

Jackie Foster sang What About Us by Pink-- Confused about why not everyone didn't hit their button for Jackie. I thought she was great. The musical theater thing that Kelly was talking about can be cleaned up so quickly. Her pitch is awesome and on point. Kelly and Alicia both turn and Blake decides against turning. Alicia goes for it and is very aggressive in her pursuit but.....
Jackie chose Kelly

Kayla Woodson sang Turn on the Radio by Reba-- No turns, and it was too pitchy and out of her range. That's a super tough song to sing.

Reid Umstattd sang Take Me to the Pilot by Elton John-- Great song choice but Reid's voice will need some work and power behind it. He does get Alicia and Adam to turn. Adam says he thinks Reid could win. I don't necessarily see that, but that's Adam's opinion.
Reid chose Adan

Jorge Eduardo sang Despacito by Luis Fonsi-- He came in 4h place on the Mexican version of The Voice, and got a 4 chair turn. He got Kelly Clarkson to turn for him here. He has a good voice, but will he be able to give multi dimensional performances going forward and show many different sides of himself? That's the hope.
Kelly chose Jorge

Jamella sang Dive by Ed Sheeran-- Would have loved to hear what she sounded like.

Angel Bonilla sang Lay Me Down by Sam Smith-- Again, strange, would have loved to hear the voice.

Austin Giorgio sang How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You) by Marvin Gaye-- I was not feeling this performance at all. It just sounded way too karaoke for me. Blake and Kelly turn. Blake name-checks Michael Buble.
Austin chose Blake

Johnny Bliss sang Preciosa by Marc Anthony-- This was my performance of the night! Johnny left it all out there. His vocals were strong and passionate. I truly felt the lyrics he was singing. It is crazy that Johnny has not been singing long because he is so good. Adam turned immediately, followed by Alicia and Kelly. Adam blocked Kelly! And they Blake turned. This was a rightful 4 chair turn. Blake and Kelly turn their support to Alicia, so Adam basically doesn't stand a chance. Alicia's mic drop was singing If I Ain't Got You in Spanish.
Johnny chose Alicia

Lots of good ones tonight--- I have my eye on Johnny Bliss, Christiana Danielle, Brett Hunter, and Jamai

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

The Voice Season 14: Night 2 of the Blinds, and It Don't Need No Doctor!

Davison sang To Love Somebody by The Bee Gees-- All the coaches debated turning but only Adam and Blake did. I agreed with Alicia's comment that he has a storyteller type of voice. Blake said you have a vintage quality to your voice. Adam said before I released my first album I listened to the Miseducation of Lauryn Hill, and if that's the kind of record you wanna make, I know who you are. Blake promised that Davison would be the centerpiece of his team.
Davison chose Adam

Jaclyn Lovey sang Can't Help Falling In Love by Elvis Presley-- She may have been the person I have liked the most so far this season. At 16, wow, I loved her interpretation of that song. I loved the liberties she took with that song, her courage to change and add her own nuances. One of my favorites, loved this! Blake and Alicia turned. Blake said as I was listening to you singing, I was picturing myself riding a unicorn and holding a care bear.
Jaclyn chose Alicia

Sophia Dion sang What A Man-- No one turned, there were some pitch issues here. Kelly said she was looking for a little extra. Blake said the lyrics needed to be cleaned up a little.

Molly Stevens sang Heavenly Day by Patti Griffin-- Blake and Kelly turned almost immediately. Kelly said do you want to do soulful country rock? Kelly said I love all genres of music. Adam said Kelly would be a great fit for you, and Blake said how am I not surprised you said that. Truthfully, I felt like I didn't love her as much as they did. I almost felt like her voice was too husky!
Molly chose Kelly.... Blake dodged a bullet

Dylan Hartigan sang Danny's Song by Loggins and Messina-- I liked his voice, but I did NOT like the song choice. He's into folk rock. I have never been a huge fan of that song. His voice seems versatile though and Kelly was the only coach to turn, so we have a match!
Kelly chose Dylan

Pryor Baird sang I Don't Need No Doctor by Ray Charles-- Pryor has so much soul! There is a bluesy feel to his voice and there's this grit and rasp in his vocal. Adam loved the way he sang and played, and believes Pryor would be at home on his team. Blake said you're an incredible vocalist, you have that weathered sound, and I want you on my team. Alicia said you have such power and range.
Pryor chose Blake

 My prediction: I see Jaclyn and Pryor making big strides in this competition and being around for a good while! ;-)

Monday, February 26, 2018

The Voice: Season 14, Kelly Clarkson joins as a Coach, and The Blinds Begin

Britton Buchanan sang Trouble by Ray LaMontagne-- Britton has a mature voice. Alicia turned first, and then Blake who blocked Adam turned. Britton talked about how much he loved when Adam did I love L.A. with Randy Newman and Adam is bummed that he was blocked. Adam thinks he should choose Alicia Keys. Blake admitted he blocked Adam because he wants Britton on his team so much.
Britton chose Alicia

Brynn Cartelli sang Beneath Your Beautiful by Labrinth-- Brynn is from Massachusetts and is only 14. She sounds young but she has a great voice. Kelly and Blake turned, and Kelly tells her she could win with her. Brynn admits she has been a fan of Kelly forever. Adam advocates for Kelly.
Brynn chose Kelly

Rayshun LaMarr sang Don't Stop Believing by Journey-- Wow, he had cancer, and maybe it was his life experiences but Rayshun made me believe in him. I loved this, and it was an unexpected song on him but it was the right song for him. Adam, Alicia, and Blake turned.
Rayshun chose Adam

Kyla Jade sang See Saw by Aretha Franklin-- Kelly and Blake turned. Kyla is a back up singer for J. Hud. Kyla is someone with a definite vocal style, she kind of reminds me of La'Porsha Renae in many ways. Kelly loves her sass and reminds Kyla that she has won a musical competition before. Blake doesn't say much but happens to get Kyla on his team. Kyla tells Kelly that they have Aretha in common but that Wynonna gave her her first big break so she needs to go with Blake.
Kyla chose Blake

Blaise Raccuglia sang Wanted by Hunter Hayes--  I saw where he was going with this and it was good but he didn't have enough vocal dynamics in his voice to warrant a turn.

Kelsea Johnson sang Like I'm Gonna Lose You by Meaghan Trainor-- Adam, Kelly, and Alicia turn. Adam said I am the most experienced coach. Alicia said you have talent, and I am a monster, a beast, I don't stop. Hmm, on this one, I liked her voice, but I'm not sold. I need to hear her again.
Kelsea chose Alicia

Drew Cole sang Sex and Candy by Marcy Playground-- Adam turned almost immediately, he sounds a lot like Adam with the falsetto. Blake turned near the end. Drew said he partially chose that song because of Adam's cover. Blake said that although you might choose Adam, think about choosing me. Adam seems to believe that Drew will be the winner of this whole thing. I am not sure about that, but he could get far with the right song choices.
Drew chose Adam

D.R. King sang Believer by Imagine Dragons-- D.R. was a teacher, but was not happy with that. I agree with Blake's comments; he has a powerful voice. Kelly said D.R. sang a soulful rendition of that song, and made it his own and that's why she loved it. Blake thought his voice was explosive.
D.R. chose Kelly

Caleb Lee sang Never Wanted Nothing More by Kenny Chesney-- I like Caleb, I think he was the first real performer on the stage tonight. I hadn't been moved til now. Blake said your voice is very Texas red dirt country style. He said his voice is very graveley and bluesy--- radio ready. Kelly broke out singing her hit with Jason Aldean, Don't You Wanna Stay. She was convincing!
Caleb said his kids all love Blake, so Caleb chose Blake

Makenzie Thomas sang Redbone by Childish Gambino-- Makenzie is really into singing R&B. Adam and Alicia were both close to turning.

Justin Kilgore sang Tomorrow by Chris Young-- Justin is a country singer, and what do you know, Alicia blocked Blake when he went to turn. This was a 4 chair turn! Blake said I know that's you, I got screwed. Alicia said you move my spirit, I definitely have a vision for you. Kelly said do you know Reba McEntire? My mommy in law is Reba. Adam said he will call anyone he wants him too. Do whatever you want to do because one thing is for sure, you're not choosing Blake, cause he's blocked. Blake blocked is a victory for me. With the exception of Blake Shelton who is disqualified, AMEN, who do you choose said Adam.
Justin chooses Kelly

Big Prediction: Caleb and D.R. are going far in this competition for me.