Tuesday, October 17, 2017

The Voice Season 13: Mr. Jones LOVES the Battle Rounds

Team Jennifer: Davon Fleming vs. Maharasyi singing I'm Your Baby Tonight by Whitney Houston-- Both of them put on A+ performances. I would go with Davon, he was sharp, and I loved his attitude and his soul. Adam said, Davon I wanted you on my team and you were fierce. Maharasyi, you have an incredible voice. Blake said although Davon was a 4 chair turn, but Maharasyi you lived up to his level in that performance and that's a credit to you and your coach. 
Jen chose Davon

Team Adam: Brandon Showell vs. Hannah Mrozak singing Cold Water by Major Lazer-- Both sang well, they blended together, and complimented each other. I'd lean towards Brandon but I think both of them are great and deserve to move forward. Adam said I have grown to love Brandon as a person and as a talent. Hannah, you're powerful and committed.  Both of you did exactly as you were supposed to do. Blake said that they were well matched and kept one upping each other. 
Adam chose Hannah

Battles! Lightning Style!

Team Adam: Dave Crosby vs. Dylan Gerard singing Doctor My Eyes by Jackson Browne-- Adam chose Dylan

Team Blake: Esera Tualo vs. Rebecca Brunner singing This I Promise You by NSYNC-- Blake chose Esera

Team Miley: Chloe Kohanski vs. Illianna Viramontes singing I Am Woman by Helen Reddy-- Miley chose Chloe

Team Blake: Dennis Drummond vs. Mitchell Lee singing Mr. Jones by Counting Crows-- Jen said you guys are so amazing and captivating to watch. I wanna come to your concert. Both of you are stars. Miley said Mitchell your voice is so pitch perfect. Dennis your footwork is crazy and you're a great performer. Adam said you're both so awesome. Mitchell you sound like the original guy who sang this record and you're more in Blake's wheelhouse but Dennis there's something so special about you. 
Blake chose Mitchell and Adam stole Dennis 

 I'm looking out for Mitchell and Dennis, Esera and Davon are dark horses in this competition 

Monday, October 16, 2017

The Voice Season 13: These Battles Are Dangerous

Team J. Hud-- Lucas Holliday vs. Meagan McNeal singing My Perogative by Bobby Brown-- Kelly Rowland brought up the fact that both of them are 1 chair turns and that's crazy to me! Lucas is so flashy and soulful and I love it, the range in his voice is incredible. Meagan sings with such authority and her confidence and attitude is so cool when she sings and performs. I loved the way both of them navigated the stage. All the coaches are rightfully on their feet, both of them MUST move forward. If it were my team, I'd pick Lucas because it's more unlikely coming from him, but I think both are unreal. Miley said it was such a gift watching both of you. Adam said what in the hell was that? The happiness was infectious, that was amazing. Meagan, I had no idea how good you were. Lucas, I just wanna come touch you and make sure you exist. Blake said it was as good as it could be, Jennifer, God be with you. Jen said, you both were true to who you are.
Jen chose Lucas

Team Miley-- Moriah Formica vs. Shilo Gold singing American Woman by Lenny Kravitz-- Moriah to me embodied the song more, she bleeds authentic rocker to me. Adam said he'd have to go with Moriah. Blake said Moriah is a born rock star, and Shilo is an entertainer. Jen felt Shilo made it her own and Moriah has a definite presence and would also have to go with Moriah.
Miley chose Moriah

Team Blake-- Keisha Renae vs. Noah Mac singing I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry by Hank Williams-- OMG, I loved both of them. Noah's voice is so mature, he has definitely grown since the blinds. Keisha sang her heart out, her performance was so emotional. Both of them were throwbacks to another time. Jen said Noah you're an old soul, and Keisha your voice was so pure. Miley said your performance reminded me of 50's and 60's country and rock and roll. Adam said what you both do is really special and not of this time. Blake said you're two people that gave it everything you have. Noah there is so much honesty that comes with your voice, and Keisha you fly with your voice.
Blake chose Keisha, and J. Hud stole Noah! YES!!!

Team J. Hud-- Chris Weaver vs. Kathrina Feigh singing Dangerous Woman by Ariana Grande-- Honestly, am not loving or liking either one. They're both over-singing. The fact that the coaches are praising this boggles my mind. Adam said Chris did not overpower Kathrina. Blake said they both had good control. Blake said here at B. Shel productions we don't believe in letting good talent get away.
Jen chose Chris, and Blake stole Kathrina! 

Team Miley-- Brooke Simpson vs. Sophia Bollman singing You're a Big Girl Now by Bob Dylan-- Adam said Sophia, you have a lot of power and Brooke you do too, your power is more defined. Jen didn't realize Sophia had the voice she did and Brooke had a lot of presence. She felt a sisterhood. Blake said, Brooke you held the bar, and Sophia you stepped up. I loved both girls and felt that sisterhood that Jen was talking about. This truly was both ladies at their best. I didn't think I would love the song choice but I actually did. Brooke is my choice though because she has a definite maturity.
Miley chose Brooke

Team Adam-- Adam Pearce vs. Whitney Fenimore singing Stop Dragging My Heart Around by Stevie Nicks and Tom Petty-- Whitney is good but a bit too folksy for me. Adam is an authentic rocker and I am so happy he came back to the show. Blake called Adam a true rocker, I'm going for Whitney but no one lost there. Jen liked Adam's edge and Whitney's presence, she'd go with Adam. Miley said Adam I love your presence and Whitney you've had a lot of growth. I'd do with Adam. Miley and Jen, I have to agree with you, I would also go with Adam. Adam said I have fallen in love with both of you and couldn't take my eyes off you guys.
Adam chose Adam, Blake and Miley.... in it to steal Whitney! Blake said here at B. Shel productions.... Whitney chose Miley

Stepped it up.... Noah Mac, Moriah Formica, and Whitney Fenimore..... continued to impress....... Adam Pearce, Keisha Renae, and of course Lucas Holiday

I can't wait to see what the competition brings for these contestants

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

The Voice Season 13: And it's a Wrap with the Blinds

Kristi Hoopes sang Heaven, Heartache, and the Power of Love by Trisha Yearwood-- Kristi is authentic country hippie, she has a lot of attitude and that sells her as a vocalist. Adam said you would be the only country artist on my team. Jenn and Blake turned as well. Blake sold himself as the real deal country artist. Kristi said in her heart and soul she had to pick Blake.
Kristi chose Blake, his team is full

Michael Kight sang Sugar by Maroon 5-- Adam was the only one who turned, clearly this was meant to be. I thought Michael's falsetto was a little shaky but it's nothing Adam can't fix. His bluesy rendition of the song was cool.
Adam chose Michael

Jeremiah Miller sang Slow Hands by Niall Horan-- I was unimpressed with this. I like this song but the interpretation fell short for me. Adam and Jenn turned and Jenn said she won The Voice U.K. last year.
Jeremiah chose Jenn, her team is full

Megan Rose sang Ode to Billie Joe by Bobbie Gentry-- Megan has a calming voice, I'd like to hear her sing something that tells a better story. Miley and Adam turned, both vying to get Megan on their team. Miley says she could have the first all girl team in Voice history! Adam is no match for this.
Megan chose Miley, her all girl team is full!

Gary Carpentier sang Home by Michael Buble-- Peformance was a little bit ordinary but the passion is definitely there. Gary's fiance breaks down crying backstage when Adam turns and Gary almost loses it on stage. He does have a smooth, full voice.
Adam chose Gary and Team Adam is full

Monday, October 9, 2017

The Blinds Continue: Season 13, Teams Almost Full!

Chloe Kohanski sang The Chain by Fleetwood Mac-- I actually loved her song choice and her voice was killer. She has that thick, raspy voice, it sounded so full. Blake and Miley turned, followed by Jen. Blake said you have a rock and roll voice, you sound unique and I'd love to have you on my team so bad. Miley said you really know who you are. Jenn said this is about owning your own voice. The coaches are really going at it for her!
Chloe chose Miley

Olivia Kay sang Ghost by Ella Henderson-- no one turned, her voice

Dennis Drummond sang She Talks to Angels by The Black Crows-- Adam and Blake turned around, Adam said this knit-wit turned around and now it's an old school battle. Blake said I like the fact that different genres are coming to Nashville. He said you have a deep growly rock and roll voice.. Adam said I think we're dynamic enough to work with anybody.
Dennis chose Blake

Ignatious Carmouche sang Latch by Disclosure and Sam Smith-- I am not digging the arrangement of the song but I think Ignatious has a killer voice. He has a strong range. Jen looked like she was about to cry. Ignatious said he was singing to Jen's heart.
Ignatious chose Jennifer

Rebecca Brunner sang Believer by Imagine Dragons-- Liked her voice, but the song seemed wrong all together. Blake turned at the last minute and she is lucky he saw some potential in her despite a poor song choice. Blake chose Rebecca

Brandon Brown sang Georgia on My Mind by Ray Charles-- Wow, everyone except Miley turned. This seemed 4 chair turn worthy to me. Adam thought the song was sung with subtlety, nuance, and soul. Jenn Hudson said she hear Donny Hathaway in his voice. Jenn said Adam lays across the chair and begs and Blake points to himself. Blake thought he sounded like Willie Nelson. I don't see what Blake is saying. I do love what Adam said about him having that nuance and soul in his voice.
Brandon chose Adam

Nathan Grahan-- no one turned

Whitney Fenimore sang Hold On We're Going Home by Drake-- I could see Adam thinking when she was singing because it reminded him of Christina Grimmie. Miley and Adam ended up turning. Miley made her all girl team pitch. Adam said that it made him smile to hear her singing that song like that. Whitney has a unique voice, it will be interesting to see where she takes this. Inspired by Songs About Jane.....
Whitney chose Adam

Ilianna Viramontes sang New Soul by Yael Naim-- Her voice cracked at a few points, but I think she is definitely coachable and has some good quirks in her voice. Miley and Blake turned. Blake said I love your voice, and I see how excited you were to see Miley. I love how you navigated the melody with perfect pitch. Adam actually thinks she will be popular on the show. Miley said if you were trapped in a box, who would you want to be trapped in a box with?
Ilianna chose Miley

Katrina Rose went to Team Miley
Natalie Stovall went to Team Blake
Ryan Scripps went to Team Blake

Meagan McNeal sang I Can't Feel my Face by The Weeknd-- Jenn was the only one who turned. Meagan is from Chicago, this is a perfect match! Meagan is a unique creature, her voice is different, her look is different. I love her vibe and how she just changed up the whole song.

Jon Mero sang Versace on the Floor by Bruno Mars-- 4 chair turn and this was a worthy one too! Wow, I loved his voice and his performance. His personality came through so well. Jenn said I felt like I was at your show. Miley said are you wearing bedazzled denim? I am too! Adam said you remind me of Prince. This is a step on the never ending staircase of your career. Jenn liked to see people own their moment. Blake said if I would have done some of those moves you did, I would have hyper extended my knee. I hit my button because you're an incredible singer.
Jon chose Adam

Who do I think is going far? Jon, Chloe, and Whitney

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

The Voice Season 14: Invincible Performers on the Blinds Tonight!

Anthony Alexander sang Redbone by Childish Gambino-- I am so upset Blake didn't push! He deserved 4 chairs. Anthony's voice is so good. His falsetto is so good, and there was a lot of soul and style in his voice. Jenn saw shades of Prince. Miley said that they are not far off from each other. Adam said his vision is so right and he is so sincere. Adam said I want to help you improve your falsetto and I am so passionate about you.
Anthony chose Adam

Sophia Bollman sang Invincible by Kelly Clarkson-- Blake and Miley turned. Interesting! Where was J Hud on this? Blake said you have an incredible pop voice. Miley said there were some moments that weren't as strong but she has definite range. Sophia said Blake would be such a cool dad.
Sophia chose Miley

Karli Webster sang You're So Vain by Carly Simon-- Adam and Miley turned right away. She has a unique sound, and her voice is a little bit old school. I am curious as to what she will sound  like singing a more contemporary song. Adam said the spirit of Carly Simon was in your performance, I believe you could go all the way. Miley said she'd like to take 70s songs and make them current.
Karli chose Miley

Stephan Marcellus sang Take Me to Church by Hozier--This was a hot mess at the beginning, but J Hud turned around and saved the day!
Jenn chose Stephan

Emily Luther sang Summertime by Ella Fitzgerald-- Another should have been 4 chair turn! Where was Miley? She was so authentic and true to who she is. Her voice was so throwback. Adam said he was so mesmerized that he almost forgot to push. Jenn felt like she had a great balance of everything. Blake said he really got into that performance, and he wanted a martini. No one has anyone like you on their team.
Emily chose Adam

Look out for Anthony and Emily, they are gonna be major factors in this competition.

Monday, October 2, 2017

Season 14: The Voice Week 2 of the Blinds Way Down We Go

Adam Cunningham sang Midnight Rider by The Allman Brothers-- Blake turned at the beginning at J Hud at the end. Adam is from Nashville, and his voice is record-able but not as unique. There's some soul in his voice a-la J Hud but he's a country rocker.
Adam chose Blake

Hannah Mrozak sang Starving by Hailee Steinfeld-- Blake, Jenn, and Adam all push quick. I like the tone in Hannah's voice and there's some soul in there as well that is really appealing. I think she is someone who will do well and has a chance to go far in this competition. Adam says Hannah would have an important spot on his team, and she should join him. Jenn questions why Adam is telling her what to do.
Hannah chose Adam

Shilo Gold sang Stay with me Baby by Lorraine Ellison-- Shilo has an interesting voice for sure, I do like her rasp but I almost feel like she needs to take better care of her voice. Vocally, she is more similar to Miley than Jenn, both of whom turn for her.
Shilo chose Miley

Samantha Rios sang Something's Got a Hold on Me by Etta James-- I actually loved this performance, and I am super upset that none of the coaches turned. I hope she comes back.

Noah Mac sang Way Down We Go by Kaleo-- Noah is so special, he will make it to the live shows. He has so much passion when he sings, and it's clear that he feels every note. This is someone who should have been a 4 chair turn. Adam and Miley missed the boat on this one, and they will regret it. Adam called not turning a missed opportunity for him. Miley called him HOT. Blake said his voice is powerful. J Hud called him passionate. And Blake said he has nothing but admiration for him and would love to be his coach.
Noah chose Blake

Davon Fleming sang Me & Mrs Jones by Amy Winehouse-- 4 Chair Turn! J Hud tosses her shoe. Blake says he is going to be in the finale. Jenn sings with him, and Adam thinks he doesn't stand a chance but tries anyway.
Davon chose Jenn

Kathrina Feigh sang Big White Room by Jessie J.-- Jenn and Blake have been going toe to toe all night. In this face off Jenn wins.
Kathrina chose Jenn

Montages.... (will come back to this later)

Addison Agen sang Jolene by Ray Lamontagne-- Adam and Miley go one on one here. It seems that they are squaring off a lot as well. Addison calls herself alternative folk. Adam compares her to Danielle Bradberry.
Addison chose Miley

Adam Pearce sang Hot Blooded by Foreigner-- Despite me not loving the song, I do love Adam's authentic rock voice. Adam and Miley turned, and Blake was team Miley this time around.
Adam chose Adam

Myles Frost sang My Cherie Amor by Stevie Wonder-- He is sounding pretty young and inexperience, he has a decent voice, but there isn't anything about it that would set him apart truly. Adam said we hear the good points, but we also hear the nerves. He invited Myles to come back.

Moriah Formica sang Crazy on You by Heart-- Four chair turn, and well deserved! It is absolutely insane that she is only 16; she has a mature sound. Adam said she is a pint sized powerhouse. J Hud said she wants her to be the best "you" that she can be on her team. Blake said this is all about having someone in your corner who believes in you. People like you keep me coming back to coach. Miley said you're getting to experience this at such a young age, and I think we can relate to each other a lot. Adam said you're an old soul and you have a good knowledge of rock and roll.
Moriah chose Miley

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

The Voice Season 14: I Can't Stop Loving the Blinds!

Keisha Renae sang I Can't Stop Loving You by Ray Charles-- 4 chair turn, but I didn't think it was justifiable. I want her to prove to me she is worthy of 4 chairs. I found the vocal pitchy and I did not love the song choice for her. I actually found the performance boring. Jennifer said you create your own lane and that's what I wanna help you do. Blake said I love you. Miley said I was raised in Nashville and I can help you blend country and pop.
Keisha chose Blake

Dylan Gerard sang Say You Won't Let Go by James Arthur-- Adam and Jennifer turned for him. I thought this was a strong vocal. I am not a fan of this song, but I tried hard to judge it on his voice. Adam liked his cool vibe, and Jennifer sees a lot of potential with him. She asked him to take the vocal up a half step and it honestly sounded amazing. Despite Jen's coaching .....
Dylan chose Adam

Maharasyi sang Tell Me Something Good by Chaka Kahn-- Jennifer and Miley turned, and Jen did a demo of her coaching skills which sealed the deal for Maharasyi. I think she had a good voice, definitely a soul singer. She needs to work on stage presence and song choice. This song choice was a little strange.
Maharasyi chose Jennifer

Marlo Wells sang Love Me Now by John Legend-- This is someone who actually deserved a chair and didn't get one. I loved the liberties he took with the song. I am not a huge fan of the John Legend version and I found myself liking this version. Jennifer said I am so shamed, I cannot even look at you sir.

Red Marlow sang Swingin' by John Anderson-- Miley and Blake turned, two country coaches. I would go with Blake if I was Red, but that's just me. Red met Blake years ago. Miley said my coaching will be about taking you to the top. Blake said let's not monkey around with this thing, let's do what's right. Red has an old school country style voice like a George Strait or Garth Brooks, I think he will have a strong following on this show because of his authenticity in terms of country music.
Red chose Blake

Ashland Craft sang You Are My Sunshine-- Her vocal is so strong! She is true county, similar to a Trisha Yearwood or Leann Rimes. There was a rasp in her voice that was so controlled. Adam said everything Miley has I have it too. Miley said Blake is the king of country, but I am the queen. Adam said I am not country, but I've been fighting this country fight for years, but I keep fighting. I think you're going to transcend the necessity to go to Blake's team. Blake said it's important to recognize your roots. Adam said this is so wrong that it could be right.
Ashland chose Miley

Ashland could have a big impact on this season..... will Miley keep her on her team?