Monday, December 18, 2017

The Voice Season 13: O' Holy Night-- The Final Four Sing Tonight

Team Adam: Addison Agen sang Humble and Kind by Tim McGraw-- In a way, I liked that the vocal wasn't perfect. It made the performance more genuine and personal. I thought the song choice was smart and touching. Jennifer said never allow someone's ugly to mess up your beautiful. Adam said every time you get up there you make me proud and blow me away.

Team Blake: Chloe Kohanski sang her original song Wish I Didn't Love You-- Blake said think of every superstar in music, they don't think or sound like anybody else. This is a superstar.

Blake and Red duet on I'm Gonna Miss Her

Team Miley: Brooke Simpson sang her original song What is Beautiful-- I loved the message of the song, but it did get a little bit sleepy and repetitive. Adam echoed that he loved the partnership between Brooke and Miley and that she is beautiful. Miley said you are a necessary artist.

Adam and Addison duet on Falling Slowly

Miley and Brooke duet on Wrecking Ball

Team Blake: Red Marlow sang his original song I Pray-- Jen commended him for singing a song called I Pray, she said she has always been a fan of his. Blake said the reason you're here is the simple relatability to what you do on stage. You're a country star. Wow, I agree with both comments, Red's song was so special. His delivery was simple, yet genuine and powerful.

Blake and Chloe duet on You Got It

Team Blake: Red Marlow sang To Make You Feel My Love by Bob Dylan/ Garth Brooks-- This song was so perfect for Red to sing tonight. I just think that whether or not he wins this competition, he deserves to be a country star, a music star. I loved it. Blake was on his feet and said Red blew him way. I could not agree more.

Team Miley: Brooke Simpson sang O Holy Night-- Her vocals were stunning, that was absolutely flawless. The song was just perfect for her. Jennifer said that was a gift to us all. Miley said not only were you beautiful but your voice was beautiful.

Team Adam: Addison Agen sang her original song Tennessee Rain-- Addison's song was so gorgeous lyrically and never mind how great the vocal was. Adam spoke about not only Addison the artist and Voice contestant but who she is as a person. He said that young girls should aspire to be like her.

Team Blake: Chloe Kohanski sang Bette Davis Eyes--  This is Chloe's best performance of the night, so it's great that she ended with this. That being said, it was an odd song to end the show with. I suppose though, that it's very much within Chloe's style.

Monday, December 11, 2017

The Voice Season 13: Faithfully The Top 8

Team Adam: Adam Cunningham sang I'm Already There by Lonestar-- I'm not 100% sure that Adam will be in the top 3 tomorrow, but I do think he will be part of those 3 people singing for their life on the show. If he continues singing the way he did tonight, he may have a change of getting through. Blake said I can tell that the lyric meant something to you. Adam said he deserves to be in the finale, you compel people to vote for you.

Duets: Chloe and Noah sang Wicked Games by Chris Isaak-- This was a strong duet, and probably the most predictable pairing

Team Jennifer: Davon Fleming sang Gravity by John Mayer-- I loved Adam's comment, because it was so true. Because Davon was able to dial it back, it was easily his best performance yet. It had that much more meaning. Jennifer talked about how she and the audience felt Davon in that performance.

Team Blake: Red Marlow sang Go Rest High on That Mountain by Vince Gill-- Red's performance is going to mean so much to the country music fans out there. It was so real and authentic like always. Miley said the reason she made such a fool of herself and begged Red to be on her Team during the blinds is because he is the truth. Blake said he doesn't need to talk about who Red is because his performance's speak for themselves and are meaningful.

Duets: Davon and Brooke sang Earned It by The Weeknd-- Soulful and BIG duet. I loved this.

Team Blake: Keisha Renee sang What Hurts the Most by Rascal Flatts-- Keisha's performance was so natural, the flow of this song was perfect for Keisha because it's soulful just like she is. Miley said she loves that Keisha takes classic country songs and does them in her own style. Blake said he has known Gary from Rascal Flatts for a long time now, and he is probably listening to that song right now and thinking, I should have sang it like that.

Duets: Red and Adam sang Can't You See by The Marshall Tucker Band-- This performance felt so authentic, I could tell these two genuinely loved singing together.

Team Blake: Chloe Kohanski sang I Wanna Know What Love Is by Foreigner-- Everything about Chloe-- her voice, her performance, what she wears, and how she looks is so calculated. She is not just a voice, but an artist. This performance was so exception. Blake said you are the most iconic voice we have ever had on this show.

Duets: Keisha and Addison sang Strong Enough by Cheryl Crowe-- Most unlikely pair! This was inspired and soulful.

Team Jennifer: Noah Mac sang River by Bishop Briggs-- I liked the song choice, but this may have been a little bit of an obscure song choice for tonight. This felt a little bit forced, and I hope this wasn't out of desperation for him to get back what he had a few weeks ago. Jennifer said you brought something youthful, and you believe in yourself, and that's what Team J. Hud is all about.

Team Adam: Addison Agen sang Both Sides Now by Joni Mitchell-- Blake said Addison, I am such a fan of yours. You're a model for teenagers, you're so beyond your years. Adam said Addison, you've changed the way I view the game, I want you to sing the songs that mean the most to you. I want to set you up to have the best possible career you could ever have, Addison is The Voice, she's beyond that. You're such a special gift, and I love you.

Team Miley: Brooke Simpson sang Faithfully by Journey-- Tonight, Brooke's performance was so emotional. She hit all the big notes, it was definitely a memorable moment for her on the stage tonight. Miley said they nearly burnt the place down tonight, and that if this show is The Voice, then Brooke will be in the finale.

Bottom 2-- Davon and Noah

Who will move on to the final 4? I'm not sure.

Monday, December 4, 2017

The Voice Season 13: The Top 10 Made Me Feel "Lucky" to Hear Them

Team Jennifer: Davon Fleming sang Hurt by Christina Aguilera-- I dig this song, and it's pretty amazing that he can even keep up. I will be honest, there were some pitch issues, but overall, I think he did a solid job. Blake said he needs to be on the show next week. Jennifer echoed Blake's sentiment and said if he is not there, she doesn't understand why they are there in the first place.

Team Adam: Adam Cunningham sang Maybe it was Memphis by Pam Tillis-- I have to agree with coach Adam, this was Adam Cunningham's best performance to date. I felt like the song sat in such a comfortable place for his voice. His vocal soared on the big and long notes. Blake liked that Adam sang an iconic country song that he never would have thought of. Miley said she is so happy to see him on the stage. Adam said that Adam picked his song, and he gave his performance on the show tonight. He said I can't imagine a world where Adam doesn't make it through this week.

Team Jennifer: Noah Mac sang Ordinary World by Duran Duran-- Noah continues to make this great music/ song choices. He is beyond his years. Jennifer said she enjoyed watching that and is very proud of him. She found his performance captivating. 

Team Jennifer: Shi'Ann Jones sang Diamonds by Rihanna-- I think this is probably one of Shi'Ann's best performances. I didn't think the whistle note towards the end was necessary but I felt like she did a great job with a song that is difficult to sing. Adam said you have been the most improved player here, and I love the union with you and your coach. Blake said we could sit here and brag on your range all night, but I want to talk about the character in your voice. Jennifer said you are such a huge talent, I heard Beyonce, Mariah... etc.

Team Blake: Chloe Kohanski sang Call Me by Blondie-- Chloe is just continuing to cruise in this competition. I loved that performance, she looked like an absolute rock star and she had a real Gwen Stefani-esque sound to her tonight. I think that was one of the best performances of the night so far. Miley said this performance made me so happy, I love the look you just brought to this generation. Blake said did you hear me screaming, there's not much to say after that. I don't have to sell that, sis, you are a star.

Team Blake: Keisha Renee sang All by Myself-- Love Keisha and what she stands for, I found this to be a bit of a sleepy song choice. The big note toward the end was crazy. I think she will still be in it next week, but I want her to come back with a more upbeat performance next week. Jennifer felt she earned every bit of that. Adam said it was an incredible performance and he heard she was the target of some hateful comments and her performance was proof to them that she was unaffected.

Team Miley: Ashland Craft sang I Hate Myself for Loving You by Joan Jett-- I felt like her vocal was good but the performance itself seemed repetitious to me. Jennifer thought she was a star.

Team Miley: Brooke Simpson sang Amazing Grace-- That performance and that song could have seemed overdone. Brooke is such a talent that she made me relive hearing Amazing Grace for the first time in church and it was exciting to me because she sang it in her own way and with her own emotion inserted in. This was a vocal masterclass. J. Hud said to sing from a place like that and to witness it, I am glad to see a voice like yours get that kind of platform. Blake said Brooke, this night has been stacking up, and you feel like it can't get much better, you just took it to the next level. Miley said you put a band aid on my broken heart, you're not going anywhere.

Team Blake: Red Marlow sang That's What I Love About Sunday by Craig Morgan-- Red is a strong performer, he's a storyteller. His take on each song that he sings is so sincere. Jennifer said you're so lovable and charming. Blake said you're gonna be around on this show for a long time, and you will be around after this show.

Team Adam: Addison Agen sang Lucky by Britney Spears-- Gorgeous vocal! Her rendition of a Britney Spears pop song was so deep, emotional, and captivating. That was truly everything. Miley said you hit a soft spot singing that Britney song for me. You got so creative and that's what I loved about you. Adam said there are a lot of great singers in this competition, but I truly believe you are the best artist. You're the real deal and you're inspirational, I love who you are, and you're a class act.

Bottom 3--- Davon, Shi'Ann, and Ashland

Monday, November 27, 2017

The Voice Season 13: The Top 11 Shine

Team Miley: Janice Freeman sang Shine by Collective Soul-- I didn't like this performance, it just felt like a lot of screaming. Adam admits he didn't like the song choice but loved the way Janice sang it. Miley says she could not sit down and loved it.

Team Blake: Red Marlow sang The Dance by Garth Brooks-- Blake is on his feet, and yes, rightfully so. The song feels a bit overdone, but it was a great performance. J. Hud said he commanded the room and owned the moment. Blake said he is a great storyteller.

Team Jennifer: Shi'Ann Jones sang Listen by Beyonce-- I think the coaches are tone deaf. I thought the tone was all off and pitch was up and down all over the place. Miley said she loves her low tones, and all the imperfections in her voice. Jennifer said America has to vote for you.

Team Adam: Adam Cunningham sang American Girl by Tom Petty-- This was a much improved performance. I love that the song fit him and his vocal style so well. Blake said I would be shocked if you were in the bottom two, you delivered a vocal that proves you deserve to be in this competition. Adam said we did a lot of work to ensure that you're not in the bottom again, I think you gave even more this week than you had to.

Team Miley: Brooke Simpson sang What About Us by Pink-- It sounded similar to the original, but Brooke's individuality and amazing vocals shined through in this. Adam said he loved how she took that song that is obviously so meaningful to Pink and made it meaningful to her. Miley said Brooke has an amazing ear and took something very mainstream and made it her own.

Team Jennifer: Davon Fleming sang I Have Nothing by Whitney Houston-- That was incredible! I mean Davon is a talented and gifted vocalist, he sang that song as well as any male vocalist could sing it. It sounded amazing, I especially loved the strong finish. Blake said he could do that song identical to Davon. As a fan of yours, you're incredible, you're a thorn in my side, you side with so much dynamics. You're not going anywhere I don't think. Jennifer said I am not blown away by you. To take a female song and sing it like that, Adam interrupted, is impossible!

Team Miley: Ashland Craft sang Chicken Fried by The Zac Brown Band-- Another strong performance from Ashland. I want her to sing something more feminine the next time around, that being said, she will be around to do so.  Adam said A+ to you for your performance, and I think you belong in this competition til the end. Miley said I think you brought it and I loved your confidence.

Team Adam: Addison Agen sang A Case of You by Joni Mitchell-- Once again, all four coaches on their feet. That was just crazy, her poise and her maturity to sing a song like that is not even real. J Hud said, I don't care if you're on my team or not, America, you need to vote for this girl. Adam said her performance was full recognition of what her talent is, and that she is potentially the winner of this show.

Team Blake: Keisha Renee sang It Matters to Me by Faith Hill-- I thought that was a strong vocal that she made her own. Miley said you're such a refreshing voice to hear, and you reminded me of how much I love that song. Blake said I love you, and you just delivered a solid country performance.

Team Jennifer: Noah Mac sang Electric Love by Borns-- The performance was imaginative, the vocals were precise and genius in terms of the dynamics. It was captivating from start to finish. Adam said I still don't expect that to be your voice. You are dreamy, and I love how you pushed that. Jennifer said you showed the star you are, you're gonna be at the top of the charts.

Team Blake: Chloe Kohanski sang Total Eclipse of the Heart by Bonnie Tyler-- Killer performance! What a way to close the show, her tone and range reminded me so much of Miley. This was such a great song choice, all four coaches on their feet! Miley said I am so proud of you week after week and for being so original. You destroyed that! Blake said you just set the bar up there.

Janice and Shi'Ann are my bottom 2 with Adam or Ashland rounding out the bottom three.

Monday, November 20, 2017

The Voice Season 13: The Top 12 Told "The Story"

Team Miley: Brooke Simpson sang Praying by Kesha-- I think it brought something powerful to Kesha's already meaningful song. I wanted more, but I loved what she did. Miley spoke a lot about how Brooke is so different than everyone else on the show.

Team Blake: Red Marlow sang Church on Cumberland Road by Shenandoah-- Adam said authenticity is number one for me, it needs to sound real and that's as good as it gets for me. Blake said I saw that performer side of you today. I completely agree with both coaches, I think what it comes down is the right song choice and performing it in a real way.

Team Jennifer: Shi'Ann Jones sang Vision of Love by Mariah Carey-- Hard to believe she is 15 years old. Her voice is so poised and mature for her age, and has so much control. Blake said you picked the perfect time to become the highlight of the show, that was so good. Jennifer said you're singing for your home and that touches my heart. Singing is your business and you sing from your heart, and that's why you can sing like that. 

Team Adam: Jon Mero sang Why I Love You by Major-- Jon's vocal reminded me so much of Prince, Miguel, Maxwell.... it's crazy. What a great song choice. Miley said when you teared up a little bit, it made me connect with you even more. Adam said that was even more amazing than I thought it was going to be, you're incredible.

Team Miley: Ashland Craft sang Delta Dawn by Tanya Tucker-- The song was a little sleepy but I think Ashland is a major talent and I would be very surprised if she didn't make it into the next round. Miley said she and J Hud are her #1 and #2 fans, and that she has a great voice and is very talented.

Team Adam: Adam Cunningham sang Against All Odds by Phil Collins-- Bit of an odd song choice I thought. I didn't like the deviation from the original. Blake talked about how Adam messed up but rebounded. His coach Adam said this happens to all of us but you recovered well.

Team Blake: Chloe Kohanski sang Thank You by Dido-- She's very artsy as a vocalist, reminds me almost of like a Lady Gaga. I think it was a nice choice for her and she changed it and made it very "Chloe". Miley said I miss you on my team and you're a superstar. Blake said, I'll be damned, Chloe you're a star.

Team Jennifer: Davon Fleming sang Love on Top by Beyonce-- Love Davon, he's one of  my favorites in the competition, and took no issue with his vocal. However, I thought that the arrangement was a bit all over the place. Adam said it would literally take him 6 months to prepare for the performance Davon just did. He said he had no words and tossed his shoe. J Hud did the same and lost her shoe.

Team Adam: Addison Agen sang She Used to be Mine by Sara Bareilles-- Addison blew me away with something that is soulful and thoughtful. Miley said I was singing on a stage like you at 16, but I didn't have your stillness and your confidence. Adam said beyond how incredible your voice is, you're someone who can be an inspiration to so many young women. You're not just one of the most special singers in this competition but in this world.

Team Blake: Keisha Renee sang Midnight Train to Georgia by Gladys Knight-- The arrangement is beautiful and her vocals are beautiful. They're strong and true and every coach is on their feet. That was amazing! J Hud said I think we were all on that midnight train with you. Your heart was in it and the way you delivered that was everything. Blake said if you have ears and eyes and you didn't think that was beautiful, I don't know what to say. I am so excited to take this journey with you.

Team Jennifer: Noah Mac sang Speed of Sound by Coldplay-- I didn't love the arrangement or the song choice for Noah. That being said, he continues to produce captivating vocals. J Hud said he is totally a star.

Team Miley: Janice Freeman sang The Story by Brandi Carlisle-- Janice sings from a place of experience and life. She is another real contender in this competition. Blake said Brandi is somewhere in the world going what in the world?! Miley said I am in tears, I am so proud of you. You told the story and the story is yours.

Botton 3-- Adam, Davon, Shi'Ann

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

The Voice Season 13: Adam's Team was "Perfect" Tonight

Adam Cunningham sang Have a Little Faith in Me by Joe Cocker-- Adam is a star, he is such a performer, and how crazy was Blake letting him go? . J Hud said I felt your energy and your spirit. Blake said I'm not a fan of his but I am a fan of yours always.

COMEBACK CONTESTANT Whitney Fenimore sang If It Makes You Happy by Sheryl Crowe-- Blake felt she struggled with the front half of the song, but he hopes she moves forward. I agree, it seemed like she was having a pretty hard time staying on pitch. If she makes it forward I will be surprised.

Emily Luther sang Lovesong by The Cure (Adele cover)-- Emily Luther blew me away, what an impressive performance. Her voice was mesmerizing and captivating, I felt touched by that song, and she seemed to believe in it too which is so important. J Hud felt like it was a flawless performance and she felt her presence and personality. Adam called it amazing and said it shows people the soulful side of you.

Anthony Alexander sang Perfect by Ed Sherran-- This song fit his voice so well, and I felt like he took Adam's feedback well and worked on the song. I loved how he changed the second part of the song, and took some liberties there. It sounded authentic to him. Blake said I still detect a lot of nerves, but you are super talented. J Hud, your voice is so beautiful, and I felt like you were singing to me. Miley said you nailed it. Adam said you have a tremendous voice with tremendous potential.

Jon Mero sang When We Were Young by Adele-- Adam is going to have some tough choices tonight because that was another strong performance. Jon always taps into emotions. Blake said your voice is like a laser and it cuts through everything, you're more than ready for this. J Hud said everyone should be looking to have a moment like that on this stage. Adam said he did excellent.. 

Addison Agen sang Angel from Montgomery by John Prine-- That was such a heartfelt performance. All the coaches were rightfully on their feet, so beautiful. Blake said I love Addison, and Adam said too bad she's mine. Blake said you are both with the understanding of how to convey a lyrical message, and if you don't move forward, I'm gonna have someone cut Adam's breaks. J Hud said I want to learn everything about you. Adam said you're so special in a very profound way, I adore you.

My Picks: Emily, Addison, and either Adam or Anthony
Adam's Picks: Addison, Jon, Adam

Monday, November 13, 2017

The Voice Season 13: The Playoffs-- Team J. Hud, and Team Blake

Team Jennifer: 

Davon Fleming sang I am Changing by Dreamgirls-- Davon's voice is just incredible, it soars, and evokes emotion. Wow, the range is not even real, showstopping! All the coaches are on their feet, rightfully so, I have tears coming down my face. Adam said that song is beyond a challenge, I hated that performance cause it wasn't on my team. Blake said you're a pretty good singer, why are we even talking to you right now, you should be getting in your limo right now. 

Hannah Mrozak sang Learn to Let Go by Kesha-- Emotional performance, but I didn't think the song stood out enough. Jennifer said she is the dark horse of her team. 

COMEBACK CONTESTANT: Lucas Holliday sang The Beautiful Ones by Prince-- Lucas Holliday deserved to be able to give this type of performance. I am just smiling ear to ear, Lucas's vocal was out of the box. Adam said it is one of his favorite songs ever. Blake said I liked it, I wanna see it again and again. Jennifer said that's how you come back. 

Shi'Ann Jones sang Tattooed Heart by Ariana Grande-- I think she does need more time, there is tons of potential there but she would benefit from more training. She has that whistle range that Mariah Carey and Ariana Grande have, that's rare and that's talent. Blake said you are my favorite person on someone else's team. Jennifer is proud of her for taking every liberty in her moment. 

Chris Weaver sang California Soul by Marlena Shaw-- This did not impress me as much as his initial performance. I think he and Jen thought this would hit in the same way that Try a Little Tenderness did, and it didn't. He is super talented, I just think this was the wrong song. Blake was looking for a softer side to Chris. 

Noah Mac sang Coming in the Air Tonight by Phil Collins-- Noah has a hypnotic voice. I cannot believe he's 17 years old! He's very clearly beyond his years. His low register is so developed but his full voice is too, not even possible. Miley said he is such a great performer. Adam said this was a breakout performance. Blake said I'm the guy that had Noah on my Team and let him go. Jennifer said you are a star. 

My three picks: Davon, Lucas, Noah
Jennifer's picks: Davon, Noah, Shi'Ann

Team Blake:

Red Marlow sang Chiseled in Stone by Vern Gosdin-- This guy is already a star, I felt like I was at his country concert over the summer outdoors. Jen said you have such strong presence. Miley said I wish you were on my team, you have such a great chance of winning this show. I love your voice so much. Adam said you tapped into truth and trust when you sing, thank you, I'm a fan. Blake said the fact that you wanna represent that era of country music is amazing. 

Chloe Kohanski sang Time After Time by Cyndi Lauper-- Chloe has this unique rasp in her voice. I loved it. It was a great song choice for her too. Jennifer said you remind me of Madonna, Gwen, and Miley, but you're still yourself. Blake said I have tons of respect for the type of artist you are, you were really good. 

COMEBACK CONTESTANT Natalie Stovall sang Callin' Baton Rouge by Garth Brooks-- I'm not loving this performance. I felt like it was a little corny, and Adam hinted at that. Blake commented about how infectious her performance was, and it was great to see how happy she was. She was definitely the right artist for him to bring back. 

Esera Tuaolo sang How Do I Live by Leann Rimes-- I agree with Blake that he has not mastered technique yet, but that being said, there is something so likable about Esera, even through the pitch issues. Adam said get control of your nerves and your vocal performance will be even stronger. Blake said you have this beautiful high voice, and you're a football player. 

Mitchell Lee sang Heaven by Bryan Adams-- I felt like he pulled off that performance, that is a hard song, but it was strong. Miley liked the performance and felt like he showed what he needed to. Blake felt key-wise, that was as high as they could go. 

Keisha Renae sang Love Can Build a Bridge by The Judds-- That performance was so moving and powerful. Keisha expressed herself so beautifully and connected so well with that song. Jennifer said you are the bridge of gospel and country. Adam said I have never heard a version of that song done like that. Blake said I love you Keisha, that song is iconic and you took it to another level, I'm in your fan club. 

My picks: Red, Chloe, Keisha
Blake's picks: Keisha, Red, Chloe