Wednesday, April 18, 2018

The Voice Season 14: Team Kelly and Team Adam Perform and Who Are the Top 12?

Team Kelly:

Caleb Lee sang Die a Happy Man by Thomas Rhett-- Kelly called Caleb the best country singer on the show. 

Alexa Capelli sang Stop and Stare by One Republic-- Both Kelly and Alexa are emotional by the end of the song. Kelly says she is so proud and calls Alexa captivating. 

D.R. King sang All On My Mind by Anderson East-- D.R. put a lot into that performance, he definitely has a strong voice and wants to be there. Kelly calls D.R. so talented and it's refreshing. 

Dylan Hartigan sang Mary Jane's Last Dance-- Interesting song choice from Dylan, I was somehow less than convinced with this performance. I think I would have preferred something more contemporary from him. Kelly says that Dylan is so good looking that people seem to forget just how talented he is. 

Tish Haynes Keys sang At Last by Etta James-- Tish is old school, her performance is so soulful and genuine. She must move forward in my opinion. She looks gorgeous too. Kelly says Tish is so gifted, and she's such a phenomenal singer. 

Team Adam:

Reid Umstattd sang Long Cool Woman by the Hollies-- I loved Reid's performance, this was so raw and authentic. The more I see him, the more I feel he deserves to move forward. Adam said no one has done anything like that and that energy felt so real. 

Jackie Verna sang Once by Maren Morris-- I like Jackie a lot but that performance was a little boring for me. Adam said he is beaming with pride, you're beastly. 

Drew Cole sang Wild Horses by The Rolling Stones-- This is the best I have heard Drew in forever. I loved this. Adam said he loved Drew's arrangement on that song. 

Mia Boostrom sang Either Way by Chris Stapleton-- Hmm, Mia sounded a little off tonight. Not sure, I just wasn't feeling this. Adam said that Mia has beat the odds over and over again. 

Rayshun LaMarr sang I'm Goin' Down by Mary J. Blige-- Oh wow! I'm loving Rayshun, he is in it to win. His emotion when he sings always blows me away. He puts so much in to every performance. Adam said, you just won the week. 

Top 12
Team Blake:
Kyla Jade 
Pryor Baird Spensha Baker 

Team Kelly:

Brynn Cartelli Kaleb Lee 
Team Alicia:
Britton Buchanan Jackie Foster 
Christiana Daniell
Team Adam:
Sharane Calister Rayshun Lamarr Jackie Verna 

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

The Voice Season 14: Team Blake and Team Alicia Perform

Team Blake

Spensha Baker sang Smoke Break by Carrie Underwood-- I think Spensha is so unique, and her voice is magic. She has such a sweet and stable tone to her voice, I wanted to hear more. Kelly said she will be a force in country music. Blake says she is one of his favorites.

WILKES sang Don't Speak by Doubt-- I love this song but I did not like the arrangement. His vocals were strong though. The coaches loved it. Blake said he loved his song choice. Adam said Blake would have broke his back if he did a mic drop that way WILKES did. Adam said that was the illist improvisation he has ever seen. Alicia called him special. 

Pryor Baird sang 9 to 5 by Dolly Parton-- I loved Pryor's rendition of this, he is someone who I am always interested in whatever he is going to sing. I find myself curious on what his version will be. Adam said Pryor you're amazing, you need to be on this show, there are all these songs I need to hear you sing. Blake said you do deserve to be on this show. I don't know where you get this range from.

Austin Giorgio sang Love Yourself by Justin Bieber-- How cool that he is singing this. Alicia said you have such a light inside you. She likes that he has his own style. Blake said you've earned your place moving forward because there's no one else like you on this show.

Gary Edwards sang America the Beautiful-- Interesting choice but he sang that beautifully. Kelly said I like how you did this tonight and Bruno Mars last night, it shows true artistry. Blake said you kicked the door in and said I want to win this thing.

Team Alicia:

Terrence Cunningham sang Ain't Nobody by Chaka Kahn-- It started out a little bit slow for me, but he stepped it right up. This performance was so smart, and Adam is right, what he does is so difficult. Adam said what you do is so complicated and sophisticated, and I don't know if people understand that. Alicia said you're so special, you arrange all your own music.

Christiana Danielle sang Take Me to Church by Hosier-- I don't love this song, but I do love Christiana. Kelly said you may be the greatest person on this show. She said I am in love with you, the alto in you is just sexy. Alicia said you were amazing.

Jackie Foster sang Alone by Heart-- Jackie is personally one of my favorite people on the show. Her vocals are just crazy! She honestly gave the performance of the night last night. Alicia said you have a clear sense of who you are. She said you effortlessly go to these places, and I am just like where did she go? How did she get there? That was flawless.

Kelsea Johnson sang Need You Bad-- I didn't love that actually..... Alicia compares her to Lauryn Hill. I suppose I could see it, but Lauryn was more raw and a little more credible.

Johnny Bliss sang One and Only by Adele-- I actually loved that performance. His interpretation of the song was so special and unique. Alicia says Johnny has a beautiful energy, he's one of a kind, and has a powerful voice.

My predictions--

Team Blake picks: Pryor and WILKES or Spensha

Team Alicia picks: Terrence and Jackie

Monday, April 16, 2018

The Voice Season 14: 24 People Perform in 2 Hours..... Say What!?!?

Team Kelly:

Alexa Capelli sang It Hurt So Bad by Susan Tedeschi-- Tough song to sing and Alexa did well. Her higher register was on point. 

Caleb Lee sang You Don't Even Know Who I Am by Patty Loveless-- To me, Caleb is already a star. 

Tish Hayness Keys sang Nothing Left For You by Sam Smith-- Tish's voice was so soulful, this performance was no exception. 

Brynn Cartelli sang Unstoppable by Sia-- This definitely had some pitch issues, ouch. She's talented, but this wasn't her night. 

Dylan Hartigan sang Come Pick Me Up by Ryan Adams-- It was different, I liked his tone, the song was a little bit sleepy for me. 

D.R. King sang Home by Marc Broussard-- I like D.R. so much but this song may have not been the best choice for him. 

Team Kelly Prediction-- Alexa, Tish, and Caleb or D.R. move on. 

Dylan and Brynn are definitely out in my book

Team Adam:

Drew Cole sang Man in the Mirror by Michael Jackson-- Did not like the song for him or the vocal, this was a miss for me. 

Mia Boostrom sang Baby I Love You by Aretha Franklin-- Coaches were standing for that one, her vocal was good but I didn't love the song. 

Jackie Verna sang Tim McGraw by Taylor Swift-- I liked this performance by Jackie, not the most exciting song, but what I did like is how she made it her own and proved what she would be like as a country artist. 

Rayshun LaMarr sang Overjoyed by Stevie Wonder-- Wow, I loved this, Rayshun is so joyous when he sings. This was great. 

Sharane Calister sang Never Enough by Loren Allred-- I liked this performance, I remember liking past performances more, but she might squeeze through. 

Reid Umstattd sang I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For by U2-- I thought this was a great performance, strong song choice and strong vocal by Reid. 

Team Adam Prediction-- Jackie, Rayshun, and Sharane are moving forward

Drew, Mia, and Reid will go home

Team Blake: 

Austin Giorgio sang Ain't That a Kick in the Head-- That was just so effortless, LOVED it. 

Pryor Baird sang I Was Wrong by Chris Stapleton-- Pryor just sounds so different than anyone else, that's what makes him stand out, this was a great vocal. 

Kyla Jade sang How Great Thou Art-- That started out really amazing and it went down a bit, but she may still move on. 

Gary Edwards sang Finesse by Bruno Mars-- I wasn't a huge fan of the arrangement on this, but I like Gary. 

Spensha Baker sang I Still Believe in You by Vince Gill-- Moments of brilliance but pitch issues at point. 

WILKES sang Brother by NEEDTOBREATHE-- An indie artist at heart. Love what he stands for but will it take him through.

Team Blake Prediction: Austin, Pryor, and Spensha or Kyla are moving forward....

Gary, and Wilkes are going home

Team Alicia:

Johnny Bliss sang America America by Luis Miguel-- This was a little out there for me, but I like him in this competition. 

Kelsea Johnson sang You Know I'm No Good by Amy Winehouse-- I loved Kelsea, I think she is going to be a force in this competition. 

Terrence Cunningham sang How Come U Don't Call Me by Prince-- One of my absolute faves in this whole thing. Amazing song choice and unreal vocal, "Prince-like". 

Jackie Foster sang Never Tear Us Apart by INXS-- What a performance!!! That may have been THE performance of the night. Her vocals were smoking. 

Christiana Danielle sang Hey Ya by Outkast-- That was crazy creative. I loved that too! I think Alicia has the best overall team. 

Britton Buchanan sang Some Kind of Wonderful by Grand Funk Railroad-- At first, I wasn't crazy about this, but the more he got into the performance, the more I could see him emotionally buying in. I loved this too. 

Team Alicia Prediction: Jackie, Terrence, and Christiana or Britton are moving forward

Sadly Johnny and Kelsea are going home


Brynn, Sharane, Kyla and Britton advanced to the Top 12

Sunday, April 15, 2018

American Idol 2018, The Second Half of the Top 24 Perform

Amelia Hammer Harris sang Believer by Imagine Dragons-- Song choice did not excite me nor did her vocals. Katy says she enjoyed it, but wants to see other sides of her. Lionel said the opposite, that he enjoys seeing different sides of her. Luke felt that she faltered in the beginning.

Garrett Jacobs sang Treat You Better by Shawn Mendes-- In theory this should have been a great performance. I loved that he went out there with the guitar but the vocals were strained at best. He has personality in spades but he needs to work on his vocals. Although American Idol is search for a superstar they still need to be able to sing. Lionel advised him to focus on the singing. When he lacks focus, his pitch is off. Luke says he is not the best singer in the competition but he is a heartthrob.

Maddie Poppe sang Brand New Key by Melanie-- Nice vocals, I love the inflections and tone in her voice. However, I cannot stand this song! Katy calls her a star. Lionel believes she is the complete package.

Ada Vox sang Feeling Good by Nina Simone-- She sounded better than anyone else tonight! What a brave performance, the vocals were strong and this song choice was awesome. Katy says you're here to win. Lionel calls her talent grand and says she is a force to be reckoned with. 

Caleb Hutchinson sang Die a Happy Man by Thomas Rhett-- This was a good performance, but not his best in my opinion. I think at times, his performances can sound very karaoke. The judges commented on his clear identity, and timelessness.

Effie Passero sang Barracuda by Heart-- Her vocals were a little off, this was an odd song choice too. Her voice cracked near the end. Luke didn't think she commanded the stage but has one of the best voices in the competition. Lionel sees her growth.

Alyssa Raghu sang Stay by Rihanna-- Impressed me more than most people tonight. My fave performance of the night has still been Ada Vox but this is a close second. Luke said, "you didn't have me til tonight". Katy said her tone separates her.

Marcio Donaldson sang Inseparable by Natalie Cole-- The best pure vocal performance, his technique is just flawless. Standing ovation by the judges, totally deserved. That was just so beautiful, and Marcio is in tears. Lionel said Natalie was watching you on that song. Katy said I love you so much and I am so impressed with you, so proud of you, you are growing so far. Take on the posture of your power, you've got it. Luke called him a survivor, you delivered a world class performance.

Mara Justine sang Run to You by Whitney Houston-- Awesome job! She took the notes, she stood still. She delivered an unreal vocal performance. Luke said you just showed a whole other side of what you can do. Katy called her versatile, you've taken our advice and applied it. It's so nice to see something that is so much in it's original state. Lionel said he used to run back and forth on the stage and then someone gave him the advice to stand still and when he did, the people came to him.

Jurnee sang Flashlight by Jessie J-- Beautiful song choice that matched her vocal ability. It's so effortless. Katy said you're so good and you felt parts of that song, but sing me something that brings me to my knees. Lionel said you're talented beyond your age. Luke said she makes it look effortless. Katy said she was given some advice one, and it was the longest journey you'll ever take is from your head to your heart, connect them.

Shannon O'Hara sang All I Ask by Adele-- Shannon's voice is timeless, what a beautiful delivery. Lionel thought she did great. Luke said you've always delivered since the first time we saw you. You're growing. Katy loved the song choice, be you, you're versatile. We need to see more identity and individuality with everyone.

Ron Bultongez sang Dancing on My Own by Robyn-- Ron is singing one of my fave songs by one of the most underrated artists of all time. Love this. Strong delivery, he was feeling that and so was I. Luke said what I love about your voice is that I feel your hurt and pain. It's the best we've heard you from top to bottom on a song. Lionel said you prove to us that you want this badly. Katy said you're so intelligent and I feel it with your song choice and delivery. You belong here.

My Predictions:
Who is moving forward?

Marcio Donaldson
Mara Justine
Shannon O'Hara
Alyssa Raghu
Ada Vox
Ron Bultongez or Garrett Jacobs

Monday, April 9, 2018

The Voice Season 14: I'm Fallin' for the last of the Knockouts

Team Alicia: Britton Buchanan sang New York State of Mind by Billy Joel vs. Dallas Caroline sang sang Bless the Broken Road by Rascal Flatts-- Britton showed more here. Dallas has a sweet voice but still seems like she has some developing to do in terms of experience on stage and vocally. Adam said he'd have to go with Britton because he wanted him on his team. Alicia felt both of them conquered something new. Alicia chose Britton because she said he seems to just keep evolving.
Alicia chose Britton

Team Kelly: D.R. King sang I Know I'm Losing You by The Temptations vs. Tish Haynes Keys sang Lady Marmalade by Patti La Belle-- I thought both of them did great. This was the perfect song for Tish. There is something really special about D.R. Adam said D.R., what you did was amazing, taking that song and making it your own, and then Tish came out and I miss you so much Tish. Blake  said D.R., we always look forward to you coming out, and Tish you came out and just blew us away.
Kelly chose D.R., and Kelly saved Tish but Adam wanted to steal her back.... Tish chose to stay with Kelly

Team Blake: Dylan Hartigan sang You Are the Best Thing by Ray LaMontagne vs. Wilkes sang The Climb by Miley Cyrus-- I actually did not love that performance from Dylan, although, at the same time, I think he is very talented. He's actually one of my favorites in the competition. Wilkes was awesome, loved his range, loved that he sang Miley. Kelly said she commends both of them. Alicia said Dylan is so smooth. Adam said Wilkes is crazy with his range and tones. Blake said both of them did what they could do.
Blake chose Wilkes, and Kelly stole Dylan

Team Adam: Gary Edwards sang Many Rivers to Cross by Jimmy Cliff and Rayshun LeMarr sand Fallin' by Alicia Keys-- Gary really took us to church, loved his song choice, so inspired. Rayshun chose a tough song, and he really made it his own. His vocals were super on point. Kelly loved Gary's song choice and performances. Blake said Rayshun, you're so full of everything. Alicia loved both guys. Adam said Rayshun, you hit those notes that you thought you couldn't, no one else on the team has your fire. Adam said Rayshun is swinging for beyond the fences.
Adam chose Rayshun and Blake stole Gary

Team Kelly: Alexa Cappeli sang Goodbye Yellow Brick Road by Elton John vs. Jorge Eduardo sang Adorn by Miguel-- So I didn't like how Alexa scooped up into the notes, especially when she was singing "Road".  Jorge definitely had the crowd on his side. Blake loves how the crowd reacts to Jorge, and he thinks Alexa is one of the best singers in the competition.
Kelly chose Alexa

Team Adam chose Reid Umstattd who sang Let Him Fly by Patty Griffin

Team Alicia: Kelsea Johnson sang Rise Up by Andra Day vs. Sharane Calister sang All I Could Do Was Cry by Etta James-- Wow! Both women were extraordinary. But for me, Sharane wins this hands down. Her voice made me watch and listen just so intently, her emotion absolutely drew me in. Adam said he wishes he could have them both. Kelly said Sharane is one of the most emotional singers on this show. Blake said Sharane, you just have those pipes, WTF! Blake said the way Kelsea's voice breaks up excited him as a listener.
Alicia chose Kelsea and Adam stole Sharane

My prediction:

I think D.R., Dylan, Rayshun, and Sharane are going to go far in this competition.

Sunday, April 8, 2018

America Idol 2018: The Top 24 Compete for the Top 14, First Half

Dominique sang Ain't Nobody by Chaka Kahn-- I was initially bored with this performance, but he really turned up the energy and the funk. His vocals were, no question, on point. He really brought it. Katy said WOW, backwards and forwards. Lionel said there's the opening act and there's the star attraction and you are the star attraction. Luke said you showed a different side of yourself tonight.

Layla Spring sang A Broken Wing by Martina McBride-- I think the song was too old for her. I would have preferred for her to pick something more fun and more her age. One thing I notice a lot about her is that she looks and acts a lot older than she is. Katy is impressed with her growth and Luke says her personality is infectious. That is certainly an accurate comment from Luke. She reminds me a lot of Kellie Pickler.

Catie Turner sang Call Me by Blondie-- Bobby told her to pick songs that leave an impression on people. I think the song was a good fit for her, and I liked how she had fun with it. There were pitch issues at certain points. The judges certainly seemed to be enjoying it as they were all up on their feet. Luke said I couldn't quit watching you. Lionel said you make people believe in who you are, you did a great job.

Dennis Lorenzo sang Rude by Magik-- I liked that he didn't play up the reggae part of the song and made it his own. I would have liked something that showed his vocal abilities more cause he's so talented. Katy thought he did play up the reggae part. She said this was not a song that would show your vocal talent. Lionel basically said the same. Luke said I love your stage presence, I believe you're a natural star.

Michelle Susset sang If I Were a Boy by Beyonce-- There were some pitch issues to be totally honest. Michelle, to me, is the biggest star in this competition, I see her being a triple threat like J. Lo. I loved how she made this song her own, forgot all about the Beyonce version and I love how she brought her culture into it. Lionel said she came out and had great stage presence. Katy said her being able to sing in Spanish is her ace . Luke said you have a unique tone in her voice.

Michael J. Woodard sang Golden Slumbers by The Beatles-- Michael is heaven sent, he was clearly meant to be here. I love that he is so well rounded stylistically and vocally, it's pretty amazing. Luke said what I love about you is you let all your emotions show. Katy said you're so chosen, you are meant to be here. Lionel said you're spectacular in terms of showing your ability and the quality of what you're giving us is so special.

Trevor McBane sang Way Down We Go by Kaleo-- I love the dirt in his voice, the gravel, and the rasp. This song really suits him. He seemed to be very connected with the song, there was a lot of emotion coming from him. Luke said you're making us believe, but release those reigns and turn the horses loose. 

Jonny Brenns sang Georgia by Vance Joy-- I have loved Jonny since I first saw him in the auditions. This was a great performance, once again, very connected to the song, lots of emotion. The range was good, I liked his falsetto. Lionel said it went from the shy guy to the sexy guy. He said that Jonny reminds him of himself. Katy said your song choice was so dead on and perfect. Luke said you're a big star but you don't all the way know it yet. You have such a smooth voice.

Kay Kay sang Love on the Brain by Rihanna-- Great song choice, it was pitchy at points, but for the most part, she turned in a strong performance. Luke said you were just born as a star, and you look like a star. Katy said tonight the full package finally arrived.

Brandon Diaz sang Hello by Lionel Ritchie-- That was a tough song choice, but I am not sure if he pulled it off or not. The ending was very convincing but overall there were some pitch issues. Katy said you're so brave. She said it was a blessing and a curse, and he landed somewhere in the middle. Lionel said he was nervous for him while he was singing.

Gabby Barrett sang My Church by Maren Morris-- I loved the personality and attitude she gave on stage. This was such an awesome choice on song, loved this. Lionel said I have never in my life watched a person get the end of the song and blow me away. Give me a little more personality half way through, continue on your journey. Katy said that was super cool, it went from 0-100 real quick. Luke said we're looking for the shine, the sparkle, and the it factor.

Cade Foehner sang All Along the Watchtower by Jimi Hendrix-- This was the most authentic performance of the night. Cade is a total star. He dared to go with Hendrix and he lived up to it. WOW! Katy said you sure are a minister and you can preach to me anytime you want. Luke said Cade we love you buddy. Katy said whether America chooses you or not, you're a star, keep shining honey. Lionel said you bring the attitude and the personality, you bring it all.

My predictions---

Who is moving forward? (7 people)

Cade Foehner
Gabby Barrett
Michelle Susset
Michael J. Woodard
Jonny Brenns
toss up between Dennis Lorenzo and Catie Turner

Who is going home? (5 people)

Brandon Diaz
Layla Spring
Trevor McBane
Kay Kay
toss up between Dennis Lorenzo and Catie Turner

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

The Voice Season 14: The Knockouts .....Tell Me Something Good

Team Kelly: Brynn Cartelli sang Here Comes Goodbye by Rascal Flatts vs. Jamella sang Girl Crush by Little Big Town-- Okay, so here it goes, I preferred Jamella's song choice to Brynn but Brynn had the more solid vocal performance.  Jamella has more emotion and connection with the song when she sings but Brynn is technically better. I wish I could fuse these two. Blake liked the spin that Jamella put on the song, and he loved Brynn's vibrato. Kelly said Jamella you have an emotional connection to the songs that cannot be taught, and Brynn you did such a great job with this song.
Kelly chose Brynn

Team Blake: Pryor Baird sang Will it Go Round in Circles by Billy Preston vs. Jaron Strom sang Grenade by Bruno Mars-- Pryor has such a unique voice, and he really gets into his performances. Jaron, I felt struggled pitch wise and sometimes melodically as well. I think the song was too challenging for him and that hurt him. Kelly loved Pryor's tone. Alicia said Jaron had good energy but was more interested in the audience. Adam said he would go with Pryor because he's more ready. I think all the coaches pretty much had the same message.
Blake chose Pryor

Team Alicia: Christiana Danielle sang Elastic Heart by Sia vs. Terrence Cunningham sang Tell Me Something Good by Chaka Kahn-- I don't think I was as thrilled with Christiana's performance as the coaches. It's almost like I wanted her to push further with her voice, I don't feel like she challenged herself, despite the fact that this song is so difficult. That being said, the potential is there. Terrence was so amazing, his vocal range, incredible, song choice was perfect. Adam said Christiana you are fantastic, and Terrence I cannot even believe what was going on with your upper register. Kelly said she was up out of her seat for Terrence and Christiana the intensity in your eye is so captivating. Blake said Christiana was challenged at the beginning of her song, and Terrence, that was pretty good.
Alicia chose Terrence and Alicia saved Christiana and Kelly and Adam are trying to steal her! Christiana chose to say with Alicia

Terrence could go all the way in this competition! Pryor is different, Christiana has potential, and Brynn could be a dark horse. At this point, it's anyone's game!