Tuesday, October 27, 2015

The Voice: Season 9, I'm Loving the Battles!

Team Gwen: Korin Bukowski sang All I Want by Kodaline versus Summer Schappell sang Little White Church by Little Big Town-- Okay, wow, I was so into Summer's performance. I just found it catchy and full of energy. Adam said he would take Summer down to the little white church. Blake said Summer is an entertainer. Pharrell said Korin, it didn't require you to do a lot with your body, and Summer you were like a firecracker on stage.
My choice: Summer
Gwen's choice: Korin

Team Adam: Dustin Christensen sang Free by The Zac Brown Band versus Keith Semple sang I Wanna Know What Love Is by Foreigner-- I like Dustin, I think he is one of those artists that is underrated in this competition, and I felt like I didn't hear him til tonight. He turned out a solid performance and he related to the song. Keith was crazy! I loved his whole performance. Blake thought both guys were great. Pharrell said Dustin is a natural talent, and Keith you were really fighting. Gwen said Dustin's voice is beautiful and soothing, and Keith I love your personality, and your vibe and energy really comes through. Adam said Dustin you are an amazing singer, and Keith you called your spot, this was a ballsy move.
My choice: Wish it could be both, I lean more towards Keith
Adam's choice: Keith

Team Pharrell: Darius Scott sang On Broadway by George Benson versus Morgan Frazier sang Even If It Breaks Your Heart by The Eli Young Band-- The way that Darius's voice navigated this song was crazy. I think it goes to show you what great vocal control he has. Gosh, I think Blake should steal Morgan back, the coaches are all on their feet. Her vocals were ridiculous. Gwen said Darius was odd, amazing, and magic. Blake said everyone is stepping it up, Darius uses his vibrato to change notes, and Morgan you encompassed that song. Adam said he would probably choose Morgan. Pharrell said Darius you shared your ambition with the world, and Morgan you did exactly what I asked you to do.
My choice: Morgan
Pharrell's choice: Darius
Someone steal Morgan! Blake stole Morgan back!

Monday, October 26, 2015

It's Time for the Knockouts on The Voice: Season 9

Team Adam: Andi & Alex sang Stupid Boy by Keith Urban versus Blaine Mitchell sang Hold Back the River by James Bay-- I loved Blaine's performance, there was something so ethereal about it. I felt so much from his vocal and the performance was just genuine. I think this beats Andi & Alex by a mile. I like these two ladies, but Blaine is in another class. I think that the girls needed a more powerful song to beat Blaine. Blake said, I screwed up by letting you go Blaine. He commented on the twins voices but said that they needed a more dynamic song. Pharrell said there is so much more than we ever thought with you Blaine. Gwen thought Blaine's performance was incredible. Adam said the ladies shined on their own, and with Blaine he said his power is amazing.
My choice: Blaine
Adam's choice: Blaine

Team Gwen: Braiden Sunshine sang Feeling Good by Michael Buble versus Ellie Lawrence sang Cool for the Summer by Demi Lovato-- Braiden's voice is so pure, I swear he has perfect pitch. To be 15 and to be able to sound like this, musical prodigy! Wow!   Ellie's voice cracked a couple times, it slurred a little, and I felt like it was too gravelly. Adam said Braiden has grown incredibly, he commended Ellie for keeping it together, but he said this is Braiden's. Pharrell said who would have thought a 15 year old guy could take on a song like that; Ellie I thought you fought up there. Gwen said Ellie was a little off tonight, and she was so proud of Braiden and his choice of song and knowing who he is.
My choice: Braiden
Gwen's choice: Braiden

Team Blake: Barrett Baber sang Colder Weather by The Zac Brown Band versus Blind Joe Mama'a Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up to be Cowboys by Waylon Jennings and Willie Nelson-- Both of these guys are clearly pros. I think tonight Barrett beat Joe, his performance was slightly stronger than Joe's performance tonight. Pharrell said Joe took the song to different heights; he said Barrett you take people on an excursion every time you sing. Gwen said Joe's voice is so powerful but with Barrett, you naturally know who you are. Adam said Barrett is already established and so authentic, but he is also a fan of Joe's. Blake said that they have both overcome so much in their lives, and it makes him want to be a better man. Blake said he finds Barrett a little bit more polished.
My choice: Barrett
Blake's choice: Barrett

Team Pharrell: Madi Davis sang A Case of You by Joni Mitchell versus Amy Vachal sang A Sunday Kind of Love by Etta James--Amy's voice is absolutely hypnotic. I loved everything about her performance, and I definitely saw the influence Rihanna played in it. I didn't love Madi's performance for some reason, odd song choice. Adam said he turned into a huge Madi fan, he said Amy, one of my biggest regrets was not being able to turn for you. Blake said Amy, the notes you sing blow me away, and Madi you snuck up on me today. Pharrell said Madi there is something magical about where you take the song, and Amy is special.
My choice: Amy
Pharrell's choice: Madi
Someone steal Amy! Please! Adam and Blake are trying to get in on the steal for Amy. Adam said, I know your moves before you even make them baby! Blake then said are you really gonna choose Sinead O'Connor down there, he might have time for you after he is done with his Blue Man Group audition.
Amy chose Adam

Team Blake: Chance Pena sang Demons by Imagine Dragons versus Ivonne Acero sang Part of Me by Katy Perry-- I think Ivonne wins because she chose the better song. It really allowed her vocals to fly. Being that he is 15, Chance did really well, I think with that song, it was hard to hear his voice. Gwen said she wanted to get on stage and sing harmonies with Ivonne. Adam wanted Chance to have more of an emotional breakthrough and thought that the song was wrong. He said Ivonne has had an unbelievable amount of growth and loved her today. Blake said he got the two best steals in these two.
My choice: Ivonne
Blake's choice: Ivonne

Team Blake: Jordan Smith sang Set Fire to the Rain by Adele versus Viktor Kiraly sang If I Ain't Got You by Alicia Keys-- Oh my Lord! Jordan literally made me smile and cry at the same time. I loved Viktor too! Can both win? I didn't see any problems with either performance. Viktor's voice was powerful. Blake said Viktor I wasn't expecting that from you. Blake said Jordan that was one of the best vocals I have heard. Pharrell said Viktor was like a tiger and took it to the next level, and Jordan sang eloquently and effortlessly. Gwen said Viktor you are incredibly talented, and Jordan you're a freak of nature, I don't know how you are able to do what you do. Adam said Viktor struggled in practice but he came through today and did not get rattled. Adam said Jordan, we refer to you affectionately as the unicorn, no one has affected me like you have.
My choice: Both!
Adam's choice: Jordan
Someone steal Viktor please!
Jordan is backstage cheering as Viktor is stolen by Gwen!

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

The Last of the Battles on The Voice: Season 9

Team Adam: Amanda Ayala versus Shelby Brown singing Edge of Seventeen by Stevie Nicks-- I think I preferred Amanda's voice to Shelby's, I just found the tone pleasant. Pharrell said Shelby had big unapologetic notes, and he thought Amanda had so much control with her voice. Adam thought Shelby sassed it up and believed in herself.
My choice: Amanda
Adam's choice: Shleby

Team Pharrell: Amy Vachal versus Jubal and Amanda singing To Love Somebody by The Bee Gees-- I would find it tough to make a decision. I think Amanda has such a big strong voice. Gwen thought Jubal and Amanda's voices are so strong, and Amy's voice is so gentle. She thinks Amy on her own is a star. Adam said Amy shined on her own and she was awesome. Blake said Jubal and Amanda were better today than their blind audition. Blake said Amy, I am still heartbroken you didn't choose me, and I don't know how we move forward in this competition without you.
My choice: Amy
Pharrell's choice: Amy

The ones we never got to see:

Team Pharrell: Daria Jazmin versus Darius Scott singing Lean on Me by Bill Withers-- Pharrell chose Darius

Team Blake: Cole Criske versus Nadjah Nicole singing Hit Me Baby One More Time by Britney Spears-- Blake chose Nadjah

Team Gwen: Hannah Ashbrook versus Summer Schappell singing Leave the Pieces by The Wreckers--Gwen chose Summer

Team Blake: Emily Ann Roberts versus Morgan Frazier singing I'm That Kind of Girl by Patty Loveless-- Adam told Blake he was crazy for putting them together. Blake said Emily Ann matured, and he loved the big note Morgan did at the end.
My choice: Morgan
Blake's choice: Emily Ann
YES! And Pharrell uses his last steal for Morgan!

Faves of the night: Amy Vachal and Morgan Frazier

Monday, October 19, 2015

The Last Week of Battles on The Voice: Season 9

Team Blake: Blaine Mitchell versus Blind Joe singing Old Time Rock and Roll by Bob Seger-- I loved the way their personalities came out in the song. Both of them sounded great, very on point. I liked how Blind Job spoke throughout the performance. I honestly think both of these guys deserve to go forward. I also felt like both of them had a great deal of soul in their voices. Pharrell thought Blaine took it up a notch and he didn't except Joe to be as soulful as he was. Gwen loved how Blaine worked the stage, and she thinks Joe has such a gift. Adam loved how unruly the performance was, he said he loves Joe, but there was something revealing about Blaine. Blake asked Joe if he could borrow his cane to beat Adam, and he thought this was a tie.
My choice: Blaine but steal Joe
Blake's choice: Blind Joe
Someone steal Blaine! YES!!! Adam steals Blaine!

Team Adam: Cassandra Robertson versus Viktor Kiraly singing Nobody Knows by Kevin Sharpe-- I didn't love the song, but I thought these two vocalists did the best that they could with it. They blended well and made it seem easy. Blake said he is impressed with Cassandra, and he said Viktor was even more impressive for sticking with her. Pharrell said Cassandra was effortless and he would give it to her. Gwen thought Viktor had a beautiful voice, and she is blown away by Cassandra. Adam said not only are the technically amazing but they connected emotionally with the song.
My choice: Viktor
Adam's choice: Viktor

Team Gwen: Chase Kerby versus Korin Bukowski singing Samson by Regina Spektor-- Despite the fact that the song was so quiet, both of these singers were really powerful because of the performance and delivery. Adam liked Chase's falsetto and full voice but thought the transition was tough. He said Korin was gifted. Blake seemed to lean towards Chase and how emotional his voice was. Gwen found it intense, awesome, and so good.
My choice: Chase
Gwen's choice: Korin

Team Pharrell: Evan McKeel versus Riley Bieberer singing Higher Ground by Stevie Wonder-- I loved both of them, I thought they both kept making each other raise their game. It was fun to wtch. I definitely give the edge to Evan, he's not just a voice but a performer and a personality. Gwen loved Evan's presence. Adam thought both of them had triumphs but he would go with Evan. Blake loved Evan's performance but thought Riley's voice was more different.
My choice: Evan
Pharrell's choice: Evan
And Riley is stolen by Gwen! Yay!

Team Gwen: Braiden Sunshine versus Lyndsey Elm singing No One is to Blame by Howard Jones-- They were very well matched. I enjoyed both of them. Adam said you really cannot go wrong with either one of these people, no help for you Gwen. Blake said we have only seen the tip of the iceberg with Braiden, flip a coin Gwen. Pharrell said Braiden there is so much more behind you, and Lyndsey you colored the song beautifully. Gwen said Lyndsey your star came out tonight, and Braiden it's incredible to work with someone like you.
My choice: flip a coin, love them both
Gwen's choice: Braiden

Team Adam: Andi & Alex versus Chance Pena singing Wherever You Will Go by The Calling-- I love all of them, all three of them! Chance is a total heartthrob to me, I think he can go deep in this competition. Andi & Alex have something very special about them, the way they sound together is like nothing I've ever heard. Blake said he loves the sound of Chance's voice. Pharrell said when Andi & Alex sing, it is nothing short of magic. Chance you sound unbelievable and your voice lead in this performance. Gwen said you guys are magic, candy in my ears, Chance, I wish I could turn back time, I'd be losing my mind over you. Adam said Andi & Alex are so in sync, and he believes that a group should be born of the three of them.
My choice: Chance........ Andi & Alex
Adam's choice: Andi & Alex
Blake said you proved that you should be on this show, I missed it in the blinds, but I am not missing it here-- Blake stole Chance

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

The Battles Continue on The Voice Season 9

Team Adam: Keith Semple versus Manny Cabo singing Baba O'Riley by The Who-- Love both of these guys, someone has to steal one of them cause they are both too good to go anywhere. I love how they harmonized and fed off each other throughout the performance. The coaches were all on their feet. Blake said that was one of the best battles ever. Pharrell loved Keith's reaching notes, and he felt like Manny's voice is stratospheric. Gwen said Manny knows what he is doing, and she said Keith is a natural star. Adam said this was like a tennis match and the presence was felt on both sides.
My choice: Keith
Adam's choice: Keith

Team Blake: Chris Crump versus Krista Hughes singing When I Get Where I'm Going by Brad Paislet and Dolly Parton-- Pharrell said Chris's performance was strong. I actually preferred Chris here because I was more affected by his performance, it was emotional. Gwen thought Chris was better. Adam said the battle was exceptional.
My choice: Chris
Blake's choice: Chris

Team Pharrell: Madi Davis versus Sydney Rhame singing Riptide by Vance Joy, Pharrell chose Madi Davis
Team Gwen: Alex Kandel versus Kota Wade singing It's My Life by No Doubt, Gwen chose Kota Wade
Team Gwen: Jeffrey Austin versus Noah Jackson singing I Can't Feel My Face by the Weeknd, Gwen chose Jeffrey

Team Pharrell: Ivonne Acero versus Siahna Im singing You Keep Me Hanging On by The Supremes-- I like both ladies. They both need some refining. I would say that Siahna comes across as a little pageanty, and Ivonne comes across a little more believable. The coaches seemed to like both ladies and think that this was a tough choice. I would go with Ivonne. Gwen and Blake are trying to steal Ivonne. Blake said in regards to Adam, isn't Howie Mandell on America's Got Talent, what are you doing here right now? You're not even on this show!
My choice: Ivonne Acero
Pharrell's choice: Siahna Im

Look out for Keith Semple and Chris Crump

Monday, October 12, 2015

The Voice: Season 9 The Battles Begin

Team Adam: Jordan Smith versus Regina Love singing Like by Sam Smith-- To me, I expected Regina to do well cause this song was totally in her wheelhouse, but Jordan sounded unusually good. The tone and the notes coming out of him were ridiculous. Pharrell called the performance masterful. Gwen said their abilities were shocking. Adam said they were both powerful and both commanded attention. Adam said, I don't think anyone could have handled singing with Regina except for you Jordan.
My choice: Jordan
Adam's choice: Jordan
Gwen stole Regina!

Team Blake: Tyler Dickerson versus Zach Seabaugh singing I'm Gonna Be Somebody by Travis Tritt-- I actually love both of these guys and I hope that whoever doesn't get chosen it stolen by someone else. I love Tyler, the tone of his voice is crazy. However, Zach really impressed me because he is not a country singer really, but his performance was credible. Adam said Tyler's comfort level may have hindered him a little bit. Gwen was so impressed with Zach and how old he is. Blake said he is so proud of Zach, and knows how talented Tyler is despite throwing notes away.
My choice: Zach
Blake's choice: Zach

Team Gwen: Ellie Lawrence versus Tim Atlas singing Sweater Weather by The Neighbourhood-- I enjoyed that battle because these two were both evenly matched artists. Adam liked how compelling Tim was. Blake thought Ellie was exciting and Tim was intense, and he'd probably go with Tim. Pharrell found Ellie super convincing, but believes both of them are gifted. Gwen said she would love to hear an album from Tim because he is so different, and she said that the reason Blake and Tim picked Tim is because they want to steal Ellie. Someone steal Tim!
My choice: Tim
Gwen's choice: Ellie
Pharrell stole Tim! YES!

Team Pharrell: Celeste Betton versus Mark Hood singing Ain't No Mountain High Enough by Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell-- This was an epic battle, I was standing on my feet. If both of these people do not get through, there is injustice in the world. Gwen said Mark was incredible and the light was coming out of him. Gwen said Celeste's attitude was infectious. Adam said they both lit this place up and we felt every second. Blake said either one of them could be a star. Pharrell said they made Missy cry and tonight they raised the bar again, he feels he made a mistake putting them together because they are both amazing.
My choice: I cannot choose! Edge to Mark
Pharrell's choice: Mark
Someone steal Celeste!

Team Adam: Dustin Monk versus James Dupre singing Fortunate Son by Creedence Clearwater Revival-- This battle was a little underwhelming. I don't think the song choice really brought anything out of them. First time tonight that I didn't care for either. Blake and Pharrell liked James better. Adam thinks both of them are good, both of them rose to the occasion.
My choice: doesn't matter
Adam's choice: James

Team Blake: Barrett Baber versus Dustin Christensen singing Walking in Memphis by Marc Cohn-- I love how much soul they both brought out of the song, their voices were so on point. I enjoyed both of them but I am really sold by Barrett's personality, it's so strong and it just makes me happy. Carson said, oh Blake you are so screwed. Pharrell said Barrett, you are such a big deal. Gwen said, Barrett you're incredible, and Dustin, you're voice is crazy, I love listening to you. Adam said Blake is an idiot for putting you two together and the fact that one of you is up for grabs is crazy. Blake said Barrett is like a linebacker and Dustin your voice is so special. Blake said this is a tie.
My choice: Barrett
Blake's choice: Barrett
Adam and Gwen both want Dustin! Blake said are you gonna go with Super Woman or Lex Luther. Dustin chose Adam!

Faves tonight: Jordan Smith,Celeste Betton, Mark Hood, and Barrett Baber. Watch.... Dustin Christensen

Monday, October 5, 2015

The Last Night of the Blinds: Season 9 The Voice

Dustin Christensen sang Downtown Train by Rod Stewart-- Blake told Dustin that they are the same person. I liked Dustin's voice, there was somewhat of an old school, vintage quality to it. Dustin said that he had to go with his gut and he chose Blake.
Dustin chose Blake

Berdine Joseph sang Hey Mama by Nicki Minaj-- I liked the flavor she added to the song. Berdine has a definite style, I think she could benefit from one on one training from a coach, but I like her. No one turned, so sad.

Dustin Monk sang Bright Lights by Gary Clark Jr.-- It's a Blake and Adam battle. This is another guy I liked. Adam said he liked everything in his voice. Blake said I am a fan of yours. I agree with Gwen, I loved his vibratto and the fact that it is natural is amazing. He sounded good.
Dustin chose Adam

Chase Kerby sang The Scientist by Coldplay-- I cannot believe that Gwen is the only chair who turned for Chase. I thought he had a strong sound and tone. Blake says Chase is with the right person in Gwen. Gwen calls his voice special.

Dawson Daugherty sang Problem by Ariana Grande-- No one turned for Dawson. I liked him, but I didn't think this was the right song choice. Maybe someone should have given him a chance and asked him to sing something else?

Shelby Brown sang Stars by Grace Potter-- I cannot believe that this young woman is 16! She is so amazing, her voice is so mature and experienced. Adam is pitching this last spot on his team to Shelby. Gwen said she sounds like she has so much experience. Blake said he wants to download her version right now. He loved her pitch.
Shelby chose Adam

Amy Vachal sang Dream a Little Dream-- Adam's team is full so all three remaining judges turn. I like Amy, but not as much as the coaches seem to. I hope she proves me wrong. She definitely seems like she would be great with Pharrell or Gwen. I liked her tone, and the fact that this seems effortless to her. Adam says he would have turned if his team wasn't full. Blake thinks she is a superstar and Adam thinks she could win the whole thing.
Amy chose Pharrell

Blaine Mitchell sang Drops of Jupiter by Train-- I wasn't that impressed, but nonetheless, Blake and Gwen turned and....
Blaine chose Blake

Gwen picks up her last artist in Summer Schappell who sang Strawberry Wine by Deanna Carter-- this young woman has a great vibe and comes with some performance quality.

Pharrell picked up his last artist in Sydney Rhame who sang Photograph by Ed Sheeran-- This girl was actually really good. She can clearly sing, and it's too bad that everyone's teams are fill except Pharrell.

My Faves Tonight? Shelby Brown, Sydney Rhame, and Chase Kerby