Monday, December 5, 2016

The Voice Season 11: The Top 8 Who Will Make the Finale?

Team Alicia: Christian Cuevas sang To Worship You I Live by Israel Houghton-- Adam said no one wears his emotions on his sleeve the way Christian does. Blake said you have the ability to make us feel what you're feeling and that's the mark of a great artist. Alicia said I am so proud of you Christian, you choosing this song and what it represents to you as a person and as a man. It was a beautiful and gorgeous performance, thank you for giving your heart to us. I loved this performance, it felt so emotional to me, and even though the vocals weren't perfect, his artistry was shining.

Team Miley: Ali Caldwell sang I Will Always Love You by Whitney Houston-- Alicia loved the way she didn't let the legendary quality of the song shake her. Miley said you sang as beautifully as you looked. I liked that she put her own signature on the performance.

Team Adam: Brendan Fletcher sang Angel by Sarah McLachlan-- Blake said you've had the most consistent growth over the show, your voice is so infectious and and gravely and warm. Adam said vote for him if you want something different. I am so immensely proud of him, it's so him. I loved Adam's comment about Brendan, I think he has that kind of voice that lends itself to a well written song. I felt like that performance was so real and so heartfelt. I literally felt every word.

Team Alicia: We McDonald sang Scars to Your Beautiful by Alessia Cara-- Miley likes how she used the stage to enhance her performance. Alicia said that We is her own artist and she comes up here and delivers every time. Loved We putting her stamp on this, the song fit her personality and who she is beautifully.

Team Miley: Aaron Gibson sang Everything I Do I Do it for You by Bryan Adams-- Miley thanked Aaron for doing that song for her. I actually thought this was a nice departure from what he usually does. I feel like there's a chance he might not be in the bottom again.

Team Adam: Josh Gallagher sang Danny's Song by Loggins and Messina-- Adam said that was technically the best performance of the night so far. You guys have to vote for Josh. Josh impressed me tonight, that was an old school song and he made it feel very current. It was probably his best performance yet.

Team Blake: Sundance Head sang Love Can Build a Bridge by The Judds-- Blake said I literally think everything great right now. What can I say about Sundance? You come out here every week and blow people away, you have so much passion, and so much talent. Congratulations! All four coaches were on their feet, that performance was absolutely inspiring. Sundance definitely deserves to be in the finale. This is going to be tough.

Team Adam: Billy Gilman sang I Surrender by Celine Dion-- Adam said he is so humble and so hardworking. Billy always seems to take it up a notch in every performance and every vocal. Like Sundance, he is a sure thing for this final.

My Final Four:

Billy, Sundance, Brendan, and it's either going to be Christian, Josh, or We