Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The Voice Season 7: The Knockouts Continue to Amaze

Team Gwen's Taylor John Williams singing Mad World by Tears for Fears versus Troy Ritchie singing Hey Ya by Outkast-- I absolutely loved Troy's performance, that was ridiculous, his vocals were right on. I liked how it started slow and then exploded into a party anthem. I agree with Blake that Troy won that. I think technically Taylor knows more who he is as an artist but that doesn't take away from the degree of difficulty that Troy put forth.  Adam said Troy you were amazing, funny, and cold; it was bold. Taylor, my mind was blown. Blake said, Troy you were so much fun and technically is was a harder song, I give it to you. Pharrell said that Troy showed character, and Taylor your performance was so hypnotic, the runs seemed like they were part of the song.
My opinion: Troy with a steal for Taylor
Winner: Taylor, so sad Troy didn't move on :-(

Team Adam's Alessandra Castronovo singing Next to Me by Emili Sande versus Mia Pffierrman singing Human by Christina Perry-- For me, Mia won this hands down. I felt like she was more connected with her song and she took all Taylor Swift's notes in rehearsal well. Blake liked Mia's song selection, and I was shocked Blake would go with Alessandra. Adam said he is proud of Alessandra, and Mia is more polished and comfortable and further along in knowing who she wants to be.
My opinion: Mia
Winner: Mia

Team Pharrell's Elyjuh Rene singing With You by Chris Brown versus Ricky Manning singing Wrecking Ball by Miley Cyrus-- I loved Elyjuh's performance, his tone is just amazing. What he did with the song was give a masterclass in singing and tone. His signature was all over it with the scatting and flourishes that he added in throughout the performance. Ricky's performance was powerful, I wasn't expecting all that from him, pleasantly surprised. I want both to move on! Adam said a star is bring born about Ricky. Pharrell said because there is more work to be done, I am going with Elyjuh. Someone steal Ricky! Gwen stole Ricky and said, I feel like I might have just won The Voice.
My opinion: Both
Winner: Elyjuh, with a steal from Gwen for Ricky....... Nice!

Monday, October 27, 2014

The Voice Season 7: The Knockouts Provide Some Knock Out Performances

Team Gwen's Bryana Salaz singing Heart Attack by Demi Lovato versus Sugar Jones singing Love on Top by Beyonce-- Bryana took Taylor's notes well and allowed the performance to be understated til the end. Then she belted it at the end and it sounded amazing. Sugar sounded so on point throughout the entire performance and Love on Top is not by any means an easy song to sing. The key change was seamless. I was surprised because Gwen ended up choosing Bryana because of how she grew in the competition. Pharrell lives up to his promise and stole Sugar. Pharrell, I agree with you my friend, she's old school soul.
My opinion: Sugar with a steal for Bryana
Winner: Bryana with Pharrell stealing Sugar

Team Blake's James David Carter singing You've Got a Friend by James Taylor versus Grffin singing As Long As You Love Me by Justin Bieber-- I liked Griffin singing this song but I expected him to do even more with it than he did (even though he did more than Bieber). I expected him to pull out a big note and he didn't. Like Blake, I was skeptical of James' choice but he proved to me that he could take a classic song and bring it to the present. Gwen called James' performance believable and said it gave her goosebumps. Adam said Griffin's performance was a man's version of that song. Blake said he was wrong about doubting James on choosing that song.
My opinion: James
Winner: James

Team Pharrell's Danica Shirley singing Saving All My Love For You by Whitney Houston versus Katriz Trinidad singing Superwoman by Alicia Keys-- Taylor said Danica's insecurity fuels her talent. Taylor said Katriz's voice is effortless and powerful. Blake said Katriz you stepped up and Danica, you are a perfect singer. Pharrell said Katriz has grown in every performance, and Danica, you're like a unicorn, you've had an incredible transformation.
My opinion: Danica broke through and Adam thinks she has a chance of winning
Winner: Danica

Team Adam's Damien singing How Do I Live by Leann Rimes versus Toia Jones singing Crazy in Love by Beyonce-- Taylor said Damien really got her and he is so vulnerable and so strong. Taylor said play on the "crazy" part of the song. Wow, Damien's performance was so genuine and heartfelt. I absolutely loved how he breathed so much R&B influence into the song, almost personalizing it to himself. Toia's runs were amazing, and she just full out performed the song. Blake, Pharrell, and Gwen said they would go with Toia. Adam said that both of them made great song choices and were fantastic.
My opinion: Damien with a steal for Toia
Winner: Damien (no steal for Toia :-( )

Team Blake's Jessie Pitts singing Your Song by Elton John (Ellie Goulding version) versus Tanner Linford singing Calling All Angels by Train-- Jessie had such a beautiful performance. Tanner is impressive for a young man his age, but Jessie's purity in vocal makes her my choice. Pharrell said both of them have bright futures but he would give it to Jessie. Gwen thought Tanner gave a great performance, and Jessie was off the charts. Adam said Jessie is only going to get better. Blake said Tanner you're a good singer and a presence, I'm proud of you. Jessie you sound like you've already been produced when you sing into the microphone.
My opinion: Jessie
Winner: Jessie

Team Pharrell's Luke Wade Rich Girl by Hall & Oates singing versus Taylor Phelan singing Rather Be by Clean Bandit-- Taylor said I want to hear Luke on the radio, I want to buy his album, I can't even describe his tone to you. T-Swift urged Taylor to put down the guitar and he performed much better. Wowza! Luke's performance was so kick--ass! I loved every single moment, there was so much soul and Luke's signature was all over the performance. I love Taylor's song choice and I do like how he put his own spin on a song that is popular right now. I enjoyed both performances, I give the edge to Luke but I think Taylor is going to get stolen. Adam said I don't think there's a winner, it's apples and oranges and you two are the best apples and oranges this show has.
My opinion: edge to Luke, Taylor gets stolen
Winner: Luke, and there's a 3 way steal for Taylor. Taylor chose Adam because he has wanted to get him on his team every single round.

The Final Battles of Season 7.... Bring on the Knockouts

First battle of the night was Team Pharrell's Brittany Butler versus Ricky Manning singing On Broadway by George Benson-- I felt like this was one of the most awful song choices that they have ever had during a battle round. Pharrell ended up choosing Ricky because he connected with the song more. 
My opinion: Don't care
Winner: Ricky Manning 

Team Blakes's Kensington Moore versus Reagan James singing Team by Lorde-- This was a battle that I loved. I loved Reagan, she sounded amazing. Gwen liked Kensington's dynamics and thought Reagan was even better than before. Adam liked how Kensington's voice cut and felt like Reagan acted like a popstar. 
My opinion: Reagan James
Winner: Reagan James

*Montaged Battles*
Winner: Anita Antoinette from Team Gwen
Winner: Bryana Salaz from Team Gwen
Winner: Allison Bray from Team Blake
Team Adam's Beth Spangler versus Mia Pfirrman singing I Turn to You by Christina Aguilera-- Blake said that they were both divas. He loved Mia's raspyness and liked the country in Beth's heart. Blake would go with Mia and Pharrell would go with Beth. Adam felt they both delivered on a tough Christina Aguilera song. Gwen Stafani ended up stealing Beth as she hugged her goodbye. 
My opinion: can both move on?
Winner: Mia and Gwen stole Beth with the final steal of the battle rounds. 

Monday, October 20, 2014

The Voice Season 7: The Battles Are Fierce

Team Adam's Damien versus Kelli Douglas singing Knock on Wood by Eddie Floyd-- This is a tough one, I like both of them. I think Kelli took her notes from advisor Stevie Nicks. Damien sounded like an old school rhythm and blues singer. I loved his confidence and how he threw in  little embellishments along the way. Adam said he was proud of both contestants and commented on how the whole song is pocket and that's where they were. 
My opinion: Damien but someone should steal Kelli
Winner: Damien

Team Gwen's Jessie Pitts versus Ryan Sill singing I Need Your Love by Ellie Goulding and Calvin Harris-- Blake said Ryan, your pitch is perfect, and Jessie you did a hell of a job. Adam said I think this was a better song for Jessie, and I think Ryan prevailed because it was tougher for him. Gwen said you were both a pleasure to work with, your attitudes were both wonderful and you touched me in my life. I agree with Adam, I think Jessie went in as the front runner, and Ryan really showed himself. He stepped up, and the song was tougher for him. I don't think it discounts Jessie's talent though.   
My opinion: Ryan with a steal for Jessie
Winner: Ryan, and Blake stole Jessie

Team Pharrell's Blessing Offor versus Katriz Trinidad singing Do I Do by Stevie Wonder-- Hearing that song, there was lots of interesting stuff going on. It made me want to listen to the original. Adam told Katriz she rose to the challenge. Blake said it says a lot that Pharrell handed you both that piece of music. Pharrell thought they were both winners but he went with Katriz. 
My opinion: Katriz, and another steal
Winner: Katriz, Adam and Gwen both went for the steal with Blessing, Blessing chose Adam

Team Adam's Ethan Butler versus Matt McAndrew singing Yellow by Coldplay-- These two sound like a dream in rehearsal. I almost wish that they were not going up against each other cause I'd like to see both of them come out of this. I can tell that both of these guys are giving this performance everything they have because they truly love their craft. It was one of my favorite battles, I don't care what the coaches say. Blake said you guys could be a duo, you work that well together. Pharrell said Matt, it's your wheelhouse but Ethan, you surprised verme. The way you approached the top note was different for both of you, but equally beautiful. Gwen said, Matt you're magical and Ethan you took it like a man considering it was so out of your zone. 
My opinion: Can they become a duo?
Winner: Matt

Team Blake's Bree Fondacaro versus Taylor Brashears singing You're No Good by Linda Ronstadt-- Blake said Bree's lower register is hypnotic and Taylor's higher voice is impressive. Blake chose Taylor to move forward. I think I agree. I was unsure who I would choose but I think Taylor could turn into a solid country singer. Pharrell liked Taylor's confidence and old soul. 
My opinion: Taylor
Winner: Taylor 

Team Pharrell's Danica Shirley versus Toia Jones singing Halo by Beyonce-- Blake said Toia was incredible. Adam said it was like they slayed a dragon and then they knocked it out. Pharrell said both of them let go, and put everything out there. He said he wishes he could choose both of them. I would choose Toia because I felt like her voice was so expressive. 
My opinion: Toia
Winner: Danica, Adam and Gwen got in on the steal for Toia, and she chose Adam because he turned for her in the blinds. 

Friday, October 17, 2014

Battles Continue on Season 7 of The Voice

Team Pharrell's Jordy Searcy versus Taylor Phelan singing Break Even by The Script-- For some reason, I do not remember Jordy. I like Taylor's voice a lot. They're a well matched team but Taylor's voice is so impactful. Blake said there is something special about Taylor. Adam admires how much Jordy has improved but likes Taylor's stage presence.
My opinion: Taylor
Winner: Taylor

Team Adam's Alessandra Castronovo versus Joe Kirk singing Stay by Rihanna-- I love Joe! He is so good and so talented. Alessandra has some weird inflections in her voice that make it sound like her voice is going to crack. It just makes her sound a little bit off. In rehearsals, Joe is the stronger and better singer. I will admit that in the battle they are both excellent. I would still choose Joe though. Blake said Joe gave the most beautiful vocal he has ever heard. Pharrell commented on Alessandra's beautiful voice and the fact that Joe has a great career ahead of him. Someone should have stole Joe!
My opinion: Joe over Alessandra with a steal for Alessandra
Winner: Alessandra

Team Blake's Grant Ganzer versus John Martin-- Grant wins.
Team Adam's Rebekah Samarin versus Clara Hong-- Rebekah wins.
Team Blake's Tanner Linford versus Justin Johnes-- Tanner wins

Team Gwen's Menlik Zergabachew versus Troy Ritchie singing Maneater by Hall & Oates-- For me, Troy wins this battle because his style is great on this battle. However, I need to say that Menlik definitely deserves a steal! I love the rhythm that these guys brought to the song. Adam says he is a moron for not turning for Troy and says these two have made the biggest leap of the blinds thus far. Blake says it was the best battle of the day. Pharrell says he didn't realize that Troy is as great as he is. He says Menlik shined in that battle. Gwen said it was a hard decision and she wishes she could put them in a blender and make one of them and Adam said, that sounds horrible, don't you dare hurt them!
My opinion: Troy wins, Menlik gets the steal
Winner: Troy wins and Adam and Pharrell go for the steal on Menlik who ends up choosing Pharrell

Monday, October 13, 2014

The Voice Season 7: Let the Battles Begin

Team Pharrell's Elyjuh Rene versus Maiya Sykes singing If I Ain't Got You by Alicia Keys-- I must say that I loved both of these contestants and I was upset that they ended up competing against each other because to me, they should both go through to the next round. Elyjuh is more what Adam called ethereal, and it's so true. He showed so much emotion in that performance and really went for it. He took risks and it paid off.
My opinion: Pharrell picks Elyjuh, Maiya gets stolen

Team Adam's Chris Jamison versus Jonathan Wyndham singing Young Girls by Bruno Mars-- Blake said either one of you is the winner of this battle. Pharrell felt Jonathan is sure of who he is and thought that Chris was killing it and would lean towards him. Gwen felt they worked together well and liked Chris's stage presence. Adam feels like Chris is more of a superstar and went with him. I agree there is something really impressive about Chris.
My opinion: Chris
Winner: Chris

Team Gwen's Jean Kelly versus Sugar Jones singing Survivor by Destiny's Child-- I think Jean won this battle for me because her voice was strong. Sugar got a little too low and growly for me, and I didn't like that. Adam is trying to steal Jean, and said he loves that break in her voice, and blah, blah, blah, "you're on my team". Pharrell said, "you're awesome, I wanna see you in this til the end".
My opinion: Jean
Winner: Sugar, Adam and Pharrell stole Jean and she chose Pharrell

Team Blake's Craig Wayne Boyd versus James David Carter singing Wave on Wave by Pat Green-- Wow, both of these guys were amazing. I loved them both, I honestly wish both go through to the next round. Pharrell called it a draw and knows where each of them would go in their career. Gwen and Adam both said that they couldn't decide who they would choose. Blake said your voice projects with such ease and James your runs are from another planet.
My opinion: Both please, Craig and James
Winner: James. Yay! Right as Craig was about to walk out, Gwen stole him. OMG! So happy.

Team Gwen's Amanda Lee Peers versus Taylor John Williams singing Jolene by Dolly Parton-- Adam said Amanda made him believe it but he is a huge fan of Taylor and nearly cried when he didn't pick him to be on his team. Blake said he would pick Amanda cause of the feeling behind it. Pharrell said Taylor knows what it takes. I agree that in terms of performing, Amanda had Taylor. The passion behind her voice and the words was so evident. Taylor is a talent and a star though so who wins?
My opinion: Amanda for one reason, but Taylor for another
Winner: Taylor

Team Pharrell's Griffin versus Luke Wade singing Maybe I'm Amazed by Paul McCartney-- Those two guys fought it out til the end. I liked how they flipped it slightly but it didn't take away from the melody at all. For me, Luke won this battle. Agree with Adam, Luke has it in this competition, the voice, rasp, everything. Blake said it's one of the best battles that they've ever had on the show, and he picked Griffin to win.
My opinion: Luke wins this, and if he doesn't someone is stealing him
Winner: Luke, Blake and Gwen tried to steal Griffin and he chose Blake (Blake to Adam: You're mean, Blake to Gwen: You shouldn't have done that, Blake to Pharrell: You screwed up.)

Monday, October 6, 2014

The Voice Season 7: The Final Night of Blind Auditions

Matt McAndrew sang A Thousand Years-- Adam said his voice is genre--less. Adam said it's about not being afraid to collaborate. Pharrell said you're the subject of the painting my friend. We're going to do the songs that you want to do. Blake said you're a solo artist, I'm a solo artist, who else can you relate to more than me? Gwen Stefani, you should be ashamed of yourself for not turning around and making that a four chair turn. Matt had a phenomenal voice, and he picked a song that was right in that comfy part of his voice.
Team Adam

Brittany Butler sang The Girl from Ipanema-- Pharrell liked the way she embraced the jazz tune. Gwen said that she turned around quickly and benefited from seeing the whole performance. I liked that Brittany stood out and she was so different from other people on the show.
Team Pharrell

Evan Watson sang The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down-- No chair turns, too bad, hope he comes back.

Ryan Sill sang Secrets-- Blake said there is something laid back and powerful about your voice, you would make my team perfect. Gwen's excuse was that she only has three guys on her team. Blake said, well that goes to show you what she thinks about guys. I definitely thought Ryan would go with Blake. He had a strong voice but it was a little shaky when he went for the high note. Ryan says he chose Gwen because she turned first and saw something in his voice.
Team Gwen

Fernanda Bosch sang I Try-- I liked her version of this song, it had lots of soul, and the key changes were on point. Gwen said they were both teaching swimming at the age of 17 so they have that in coming. Blake said if you wanna swim with each other then pick Gwen but if you wanna win then pick Team Blake.
Team Blake

Beth Spangler sang Best Thing I Never Had-- Adam said I only have one more spot on my team and I pushed my button for you; I want you on my team so badly. Gwen said you have a crazy range, and I can hook you up with clothes. Blake said I fell in love with your voice instantly, and that light you have comes through in your voice. Pharrell talked about how crazy her voice was, and said he knows what to do with her. I was pretty impressed with Beth and I definitely understand why she got the four chair turn. It was a great song choice as well. Adam's team is full.
Team Adam

Erin Kim sang Latch-- Gwen though this voice was pretty but it was too far away from the original. No one turned.

Griffin sang It's a Beautiful Day-- To tell you the truth, I did not love Griffin's voice. It was a little too karaoke and it sounded like he was trying to copy Michael Buble. Very strange indeed, but he turned the chairs of the three remaining coaches. Blake said I like Michael Buble, he is one of my heroes, I think I stalk him, he probably had a restraining order against me. You have so many of the same elements that he has. Pharrell said I'm pretty versatile and I would love to have you on my team. Gwen said your voice is so different and I would love to work with you. Team Pharrell is full.
Team Pharrell

Chandra Knudsen sang Hard to Love-- I love this girl's voice! She is awesome, if no one turns, I am going to be unhappy. Oh man! No one pushed their button.

Mayra Alvarez sang Human Nature-- I love this song, and it's nice to hear a woman sing it, because it's such a classically male song. She has a strong voice, and I love all the vocal acrobats she added to it. Once again, Blake and Gwen both turned. And Gwen won out once again, so it is like the sisterhood of the travelling pants. Team Gwen is full.
Team Gwen

Justin Johnes sang Let Her Go-- So we all know Blake has one more spot, and if he turns, Justin is on his team. Justin doesn't have the best voice, but he does have originality and a lot of potential. Blake made a "Blake's Boo" t shirt for his last contestant. Too funny. Blake says he loves the cracks in his voice and his lower register.
Team Blake

Performance of the Night! Matt McAndrew: Amazing!

Thursday, October 2, 2014

The Voice Season 7: Night 4 As the Blind Auditions Continue

Katriz Trinidad sang At Last-- This girl is mature beyond her years, to be 15 and have a voice like that is unreal. I loved the control of hers and the runs were so point. She should have been a four chair turn for sure. Adam what were you thinking? Pharrell says he has been dreaming of a singer like Katriz for his whole career. Blake wants Katriz to pick him because she's going to be a star and they can win this thing.
Team Pharrell

Ethan Butler sang Beneath Your Beautiful-- I liked Ethan's voice but I didn't necessarily like the song choice for him, and I didn't like the arrangement of the song. His voice was really smooth, and I liked how he would every once and a while add little jazz nuances. Blake and Adam turned. Adam claimed that he acted cool and collected so that Gwen and Pharrell wouldn't turn around.
Team Adam

Tanner Linford sang When You Say Nothing At All-- I actually remember Tanner from last year. I wish he had picked a different song, this is a technically tough song to sing. I do see the improvement though. Blake has a lot of work to do, but Blake is the perfect coach for him. Blake being the only one who turned means that it was meant to be. He told Tanner that he believes she shakiness in his lower register was due to nerves.
Team Blake

Roem Baur sang Pretty Woman-- no chair turns

Jean Kelly sang Already Gone-- What I liked about Jean is that her voice is distinct, and she added so much drama to the performance. I love what she did with this already awesome Kelly Clarkson song. She hit some great notes at the end of the song. Blake and Gwen turned at the last minute. The two of them turning for a contestant this season is a pattern. Blake said he felt like she was a real singer when he heard that note at the end. Gwen liked her range, style, and vibe. Jean said growing up she was inspired by Gwen and when she got older she was inspired by the way Blake coaches.
Team Gwen

Chris Jamison sang Gravity-- Very well deserved four chair turn! Chris is so talented. I love how he changed up this song, and to me, made it even better than the original. Blake and Pharrell were on their feet after the performance was over. Adam said he could tone down some of the technical stuff. Pharrell said he got lost in the moment. Blake said he would give Chris the spotlight on his team.
Team Adam

Craig Wayne Boyd sang The Whiskey Ain't Working-- Craig is a full out country rocker. I enjoyed his voice. Blake and Pharrell turned. Blake said he liked how Craig brings an edge to country music. Pharrell liked the growl in his voice.
Team Blake

Tini Grey sang Sara Smile-- no chair turns, this was a little disappointing. I am not going to lie.

Toia Jones sang One and Only--Wow, what a powerful performance. Toia has a big voice, no lie. I love how she looked up to the heavens and God when she finished her performance. Pharrell and Adam turned, and Pharrell loved how she sang from the heart, and how he felt her spirit.
Team Pharrell

Amanda Lee Peers sang Put the Gun Down-- Amanda doesn't have a great voice, but what sells it is her attitude and personality. That sells her performance. No one turns around except Gwen, but this is a match made in heaven.
Team Gwen

Gianna Salvato sang Glitter in the Air-- Team Gwen
Rebekah Samarin sang A Case of You-- Team Adam
Grant Ganzer sang Unaware-- Team Blake

Jonathan Wyndham sang Say Something-- The song I will never get sick of hearing, so beautiful. Jonathan's voice is incredibly smooth, another awesome four chair turn. Gwen loved how sincere he sounded, and how as the song went on he became stronger and stronger. Adam said he liked his vulnerability but wanted him to get control of his nerves. Pharrell thinks he should be so proud of himself. Blake felt like Jonathan was telling a story with that song.
Team Adam