Friday, October 17, 2014

Battles Continue on Season 7 of The Voice

Team Pharrell's Jordy Searcy versus Taylor Phelan singing Break Even by The Script-- For some reason, I do not remember Jordy. I like Taylor's voice a lot. They're a well matched team but Taylor's voice is so impactful. Blake said there is something special about Taylor. Adam admires how much Jordy has improved but likes Taylor's stage presence.
My opinion: Taylor
Winner: Taylor

Team Adam's Alessandra Castronovo versus Joe Kirk singing Stay by Rihanna-- I love Joe! He is so good and so talented. Alessandra has some weird inflections in her voice that make it sound like her voice is going to crack. It just makes her sound a little bit off. In rehearsals, Joe is the stronger and better singer. I will admit that in the battle they are both excellent. I would still choose Joe though. Blake said Joe gave the most beautiful vocal he has ever heard. Pharrell commented on Alessandra's beautiful voice and the fact that Joe has a great career ahead of him. Someone should have stole Joe!
My opinion: Joe over Alessandra with a steal for Alessandra
Winner: Alessandra

Team Blake's Grant Ganzer versus John Martin-- Grant wins.
Team Adam's Rebekah Samarin versus Clara Hong-- Rebekah wins.
Team Blake's Tanner Linford versus Justin Johnes-- Tanner wins

Team Gwen's Menlik Zergabachew versus Troy Ritchie singing Maneater by Hall & Oates-- For me, Troy wins this battle because his style is great on this battle. However, I need to say that Menlik definitely deserves a steal! I love the rhythm that these guys brought to the song. Adam says he is a moron for not turning for Troy and says these two have made the biggest leap of the blinds thus far. Blake says it was the best battle of the day. Pharrell says he didn't realize that Troy is as great as he is. He says Menlik shined in that battle. Gwen said it was a hard decision and she wishes she could put them in a blender and make one of them and Adam said, that sounds horrible, don't you dare hurt them!
My opinion: Troy wins, Menlik gets the steal
Winner: Troy wins and Adam and Pharrell go for the steal on Menlik who ends up choosing Pharrell

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