Monday, October 27, 2014

The Voice Season 7: The Knockouts Provide Some Knock Out Performances

Team Gwen's Bryana Salaz singing Heart Attack by Demi Lovato versus Sugar Jones singing Love on Top by Beyonce-- Bryana took Taylor's notes well and allowed the performance to be understated til the end. Then she belted it at the end and it sounded amazing. Sugar sounded so on point throughout the entire performance and Love on Top is not by any means an easy song to sing. The key change was seamless. I was surprised because Gwen ended up choosing Bryana because of how she grew in the competition. Pharrell lives up to his promise and stole Sugar. Pharrell, I agree with you my friend, she's old school soul.
My opinion: Sugar with a steal for Bryana
Winner: Bryana with Pharrell stealing Sugar

Team Blake's James David Carter singing You've Got a Friend by James Taylor versus Grffin singing As Long As You Love Me by Justin Bieber-- I liked Griffin singing this song but I expected him to do even more with it than he did (even though he did more than Bieber). I expected him to pull out a big note and he didn't. Like Blake, I was skeptical of James' choice but he proved to me that he could take a classic song and bring it to the present. Gwen called James' performance believable and said it gave her goosebumps. Adam said Griffin's performance was a man's version of that song. Blake said he was wrong about doubting James on choosing that song.
My opinion: James
Winner: James

Team Pharrell's Danica Shirley singing Saving All My Love For You by Whitney Houston versus Katriz Trinidad singing Superwoman by Alicia Keys-- Taylor said Danica's insecurity fuels her talent. Taylor said Katriz's voice is effortless and powerful. Blake said Katriz you stepped up and Danica, you are a perfect singer. Pharrell said Katriz has grown in every performance, and Danica, you're like a unicorn, you've had an incredible transformation.
My opinion: Danica broke through and Adam thinks she has a chance of winning
Winner: Danica

Team Adam's Damien singing How Do I Live by Leann Rimes versus Toia Jones singing Crazy in Love by Beyonce-- Taylor said Damien really got her and he is so vulnerable and so strong. Taylor said play on the "crazy" part of the song. Wow, Damien's performance was so genuine and heartfelt. I absolutely loved how he breathed so much R&B influence into the song, almost personalizing it to himself. Toia's runs were amazing, and she just full out performed the song. Blake, Pharrell, and Gwen said they would go with Toia. Adam said that both of them made great song choices and were fantastic.
My opinion: Damien with a steal for Toia
Winner: Damien (no steal for Toia :-( )

Team Blake's Jessie Pitts singing Your Song by Elton John (Ellie Goulding version) versus Tanner Linford singing Calling All Angels by Train-- Jessie had such a beautiful performance. Tanner is impressive for a young man his age, but Jessie's purity in vocal makes her my choice. Pharrell said both of them have bright futures but he would give it to Jessie. Gwen thought Tanner gave a great performance, and Jessie was off the charts. Adam said Jessie is only going to get better. Blake said Tanner you're a good singer and a presence, I'm proud of you. Jessie you sound like you've already been produced when you sing into the microphone.
My opinion: Jessie
Winner: Jessie

Team Pharrell's Luke Wade Rich Girl by Hall & Oates singing versus Taylor Phelan singing Rather Be by Clean Bandit-- Taylor said I want to hear Luke on the radio, I want to buy his album, I can't even describe his tone to you. T-Swift urged Taylor to put down the guitar and he performed much better. Wowza! Luke's performance was so kick--ass! I loved every single moment, there was so much soul and Luke's signature was all over the performance. I love Taylor's song choice and I do like how he put his own spin on a song that is popular right now. I enjoyed both performances, I give the edge to Luke but I think Taylor is going to get stolen. Adam said I don't think there's a winner, it's apples and oranges and you two are the best apples and oranges this show has.
My opinion: edge to Luke, Taylor gets stolen
Winner: Luke, and there's a 3 way steal for Taylor. Taylor chose Adam because he has wanted to get him on his team every single round.

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