Monday, October 27, 2014

The Final Battles of Season 7.... Bring on the Knockouts

First battle of the night was Team Pharrell's Brittany Butler versus Ricky Manning singing On Broadway by George Benson-- I felt like this was one of the most awful song choices that they have ever had during a battle round. Pharrell ended up choosing Ricky because he connected with the song more. 
My opinion: Don't care
Winner: Ricky Manning 

Team Blakes's Kensington Moore versus Reagan James singing Team by Lorde-- This was a battle that I loved. I loved Reagan, she sounded amazing. Gwen liked Kensington's dynamics and thought Reagan was even better than before. Adam liked how Kensington's voice cut and felt like Reagan acted like a popstar. 
My opinion: Reagan James
Winner: Reagan James

*Montaged Battles*
Winner: Anita Antoinette from Team Gwen
Winner: Bryana Salaz from Team Gwen
Winner: Allison Bray from Team Blake
Team Adam's Beth Spangler versus Mia Pfirrman singing I Turn to You by Christina Aguilera-- Blake said that they were both divas. He loved Mia's raspyness and liked the country in Beth's heart. Blake would go with Mia and Pharrell would go with Beth. Adam felt they both delivered on a tough Christina Aguilera song. Gwen Stafani ended up stealing Beth as she hugged her goodbye. 
My opinion: can both move on?
Winner: Mia and Gwen stole Beth with the final steal of the battle rounds. 

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