Thursday, February 26, 2015

American Idol Season 14: The Top 12 Ladies

I was expecting the more from the girls and some of them fell very short.

Lovey James sang Love Runs Out by One Republic-- This was disappointing for me, her pitch was all over the place, and her lower register felt uncomfortable. Harry felt she did a strong job, and Keith felt as though she improved as she went along.

Adanna Duru sang Rather Be by Clean Bandit-- I loved this entire performance from beginning to end so much. Adanna is captivating to watch and listen to. The way she flipped this song, and initially slowed it down and turned it into a power ballad was unreal. Keith said she condensed that song down and within it was so much of her capabilities as a singer, and called it a really good performance. Jenn said she needs to remember to stay in control but really good. Harry said the first half of the song is the best he has ever heard her sing.

Alexis Gomez sang Gunpowder and Lead by Miranda Lambert-- I thought this was a solid performance. A lot of aspiring country singers do sing this song, but Alexis did a great job, it's not an easy song vocally. What impressed me about Alexis is her performance quality, she played to the audience and well and moved so naturally on the stage. Harry cautioned her about singing with a twang if she doesn't have one. Keith loved it, and said she didn't really need the guitar and came to life without it.

Joey Cook sang Somebody Like You by Keith Urban-- Keith is looking shocked watching Joey sing his song. There is a part of me that was fully entertained watching Joey, but I wonder how long I will be entertained by her, and if she is more than a one trick pony. Can she really sing? Because that is what American Idol is all about. Jenn said the performance showcased exactly who Joey is.

Katherine Winston sang Safe and Sound by Taylor Swift-- I like Katherine a lot, and I love this song, but I don't think it was the right song for her to sing tonight. I get that she is extremely talented, and technically she should move on to the next round. She seemed really nervous when I watched the performance back. Keith liked the song choice but told her to remember to feel the lyrics. Jenn complimented her magical quality. Harry did not think it was the right song choice.

Shannon Berthiaume sang Who Knew by Pink-- I love Pink songs, but this wasn't a good performance for Shannon, it was weak at best. She's under pitch throughout the whole song. Harry loves that she doesn't have a lot of formal experience but says she needs to step it up. Keith didn't think it was the right song choice for her, and notes how challenging Pink songs are to sing. Jenn says Shannon is a great singer and has to start believing it.

Loren Lott sang Note to God by Jojo-- I was a huge fan of Loren when she sang Skyfall during Hollywood week. She is a very emotional and dramatic singer, and that certainly comes across loud and clear every time she takes the stage. I did not love this song choice on her, if she wanted a Jojo song, she could have done Too Little Too Late. Jenn thought it was a brave performance, Harry said it was powerful, and Keith felt like she gave everyone a run for their money.

Shi Scott sang Umbrella by Rihanna-- This wins weirdest and worst performance of the night. The vocals were terrible and her pitch was all over the place. I have no idea why she was singing the song in the lower register of her voice. Keith said he didn't get it, Jenn said that the song got the best of her, and Harry thinks she is talented, but it wasn't the right song.

Maddie Walker sang Love Gets Me Every Time by Shania Twain-- This performance was "pageanty". I was a little bit bored by it, Maddie has a solid voice, and I definitely think based on past performances that I have seem that she is talented, but this was the wrong song. Keith said she could have chose so many Shania songs and that this was not the right one. Jenn agreed with Keith.

Sarina Joi Crowe sang Mamma Knows Best by Jessie J-- Sarina was one of my favorites of the night. You have to have real vocal chops to do this song justice and Sarina has that. Her tone is gorgeous. Jenn said she loves Jessie J and felt like Sarina rivaled Jessie J on that song. Keith thought it was a chill performance. Harry felt like it was a really strong performance.

Jax sang Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down) by Cher-- I love Jax's creativity and originality in terms of her vocal and how she puts a performance together. I especially loved the whole beginning part of the performance. Once she slipped into the rock part of the performance, she lost a little bit of vocal control. Keith loved it and called it killer. Jenn said she will definitely make it through to next week. Harry said if she does make it through that it will be fun to watch Jax.

Tyanna Jones sang Lips Are Movin' by Meghan Trainor-- Tyanna has been so consistent up to this point, and as if she couldn't raise the bar, she raised the bar. What I noticed when listening to Tyanna is the richness of her voice, and she has soul beyond her years. Harry says she is ridiculously talented. Keith would have liked it in a higher key, but loved it. Jenn said Tyanna's talented is a gift from God.

My Predictions.... Who is going home? Lovey, Katherine, Shannon, Shi, and possibly Joey, Loren, and Maddie.
Loren will probably be saved cause she has been the most consistent in the past.


Wednesday, February 25, 2015

American Idol Season 14: The Top 12 Guys

Adam Ezegelian sang I Wanna Rock by Twisted Sister-- Wasn't crazy about this at all, it's like he was mimicking someone who sings these types of songs. I feel like anyone can scream into a mic. The judges loved it though.

Michael Simeon sang How Am I Supposed to Live Without You by Michael Bolton-- Harry thought he did a good job. Jenn enjoyed it, and Keith loved it, felt it was a controlled performance. I remember Michael in the other rounds, and I really like him, this is somewhat of an odd song choice, but I hope he sticks around.

Savion Wright sang Hey Soul Sister by Train-- I like Savion, I liked what he did with the song, but in a way, I felt like he played it safe. All the judges like Savion, but Keith felt like it wasn't necessarily the best song choice for him, and I agree. Jenn said remember that the people at home are voting and you don't want to forget that you're playing for them.

Mark Andrew sang The Weight by The Band-- I wish the song had gone somewhere, but I like Mark a lot, and I think his voice is unique, but yet, it's what people want right now. So I think Mark is someone who has the potential to do really well in this competition if people vote for him, and he makes it through. Keith thought it was the perfect song choice for him, and Harry echoed that. Jenn said you have a real chance at this because your vibe is so right now.

Trevor Douglas sang Best I Ever Had by Gavin DeGraw-- I loved Trevor, he was my favorite so far. I loved his energy and performance level. The judges all loved his positive outlook, and energy, but they felt that his vocals were good, not what they usually are.

Clark Beckham sang When a Man Loves a Woman by Percy Sledge-- Great vocals, blew many people before him away in terms of sheer technicality. I loved how he took this classic song and interpreted it in a slightly different way. Jenn said goosies all day. Harry said you're extremely talented. Keith said Nashville representing tonight, that was killer.

Rayvon Owen sang Jealous by Nick Jonas-- This was a fun performance, such a great song, and an equally great vocal. Rayvon has a great Motown sound. Harry said great vocal, and great song choice. Jenn thought she wanted him to have a little more edge and attitude with the song. Keith said your falsetto was good, and it sounded good.

Daniel Seavey sang I'm Yours by Jason Mraz-- Daniel is clearly so likeable, I would have liked to hear him sing out a little bit more, I felt like the vocal was a little quiet. I was left wanting more. Keith said good song for you, you got to the high notes. Jenn said you need to make sure you're consistent all the way through the song.

Riley Bria sang Homeboy by Eric Church-- Nice country vocal, I didn't love the song on him. I totally agree with Jenn I love how he is sweet with a little bit of edge. Harry said you remind so much of Keith. Keith liked the song choice, and can't wait to hear more.

Quentin Alexander sang I Put a Spell on You by Screamin Jay Hawkins-- I think Quentin has great vocal skills, again, I agree with Jenn, his dynamics were spot on. Harry said I hope America gives you a chance, and you make brave choices. Jenn said you have drama and you're dynamic, one of your great performances. Keith said it was a Grammy worthy performance.

Nick Fradiani sang Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran-- Keith and Jenn both thought it was a great performance, one of the best. Harry said it was a strong vocal. I agree, it started out kinda slow, but then he picked up the pace and his vocals were great.

Quassim Middleton sand Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson-- I didn't love this, but I love Quassim. I thought the song deviated too much from what it's supposed to be. I didn't think this was the right song choice for him. Jenn said you're so my type of performer. Harry thought he left it all on the stage. Keith thought his charisma killed it.

Predictions.....Who is in trouble?

Adam, Savion, Michael, Trevor, Quassim, Daniel

Who's Who--

The Top 24


Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Night Two of the Blinds on The Voice Season 8

Anthony Riley sang I Feel Good by James Brown-- Anthony has a great voice, and that was made very clear when all four coaches turned around almost immediately. Anthony comes across to me like one of those old school Motown performers and as good as his voice is, his personality and charm is just as electric. Blake told Anthony he is not in over his head and loved watching his whole performance. Christina said he worked the audience. Pharrell said he is electric. Adam said the hardest thing to do is stay hot, and he can help him do that.
Anthony chose Pharrell

Gabriel Wolfchild sang Don't Think Twice by Bob Dylan-- Everyone turned except Pharrell. Adam said, you're the coolest dude ever. Blake said you're creative, you don't sing into peoples' ears, you sing into their heart. Christina said you'd be one of a kind for me. Gabriel said he would have picked Pharrell if he got four chairs. Pharrell told him to go with his spirit. Gabriel's performance didn't excite me, but I will say that I heard every single thing he said, and his performance was emotional.
Gabriel chose Christina

Brooke Adee sang Skinny Love by Birdy-- Adam and Blake turned almost right away. This girl has a great quality in her voice, I love her tone. There was shades of Sara McLachlan, but yet there was something about her that was so original, and the fact that she is 16 is crazy. Blake said you amaze me, you're a future star. Adam said that was an amazing performance, and I can't let Blake take you.The audience was chanting for Blake.
Brooke chose Blake

Dylan Dunlap sang Talk Dirty by Jason Derulo-- No one turned, it was the wrong song to flip. Too risky, it didn't sound good.

Tonya Boyd Cannon sang Happy by Pharrell-- I loved Tonya! She just sold the song, her personality was so great, and it just made me happy to watch her up on stage performing. Christina said you're awesome and I'm ready. Pharrell said I love people who take chances and it would be awesome to work together. Adam said there was 58 seconds between when I pushed my button and they pushed theirs, don't go with me, I think you should.
Tonya chose Adam

Joe Tolo sang To Love Somebody by The Bee Gees-- Christina and Blake turned. I didn't love the song, but I think Joe has talent. Christina said let's do this together, I want to win with you. Christina asked what kind of music he wants to sing, and he said soul, and Adam said I'm pretty sure Blake doesn't even have a soul.
Joe chose Christina

Drew Parker sang Workin' Man Blues by Merle Haggard-- I was surprised no one turned on this. Drew seems like such a nice guy with a great voice, I hope he comes back.

Mia Z sang The Thrill is Gone by BB King-- I thought she deserved a four chair turn. Only Blake and Pharrell turned. This girl has a ridiculous voice, and I loved the song she chose, wow! Blake said I never heard a performance like that. Pharrell said your range is insane. Blake said I am desperate for you to be on my team.
Mia chose Pharrell

Blaze Johnson sang How to Save a Life by The Fray-- Adam turned followed by Adam. I like Blaze's vocal, it's strong. Blake said I think you would be great on my team, and when you become famous, you can be your own security. Adam said you exist outside the box, I think you're astounding.
Blaze chose Adam

Bryan Piece sang Rocket Man by Elton John-- No one turned around. I feel like there was a lot of good and bad parts of that performance.

Deanna Johnson sang All I Want by Kodaline-- It was a four chair turn. Deanna's voice is haunting. Blake said that there is no one like her. Pharrell said I wasn't here when you came the first time, and I never would have let you go. Adam said I love that you came back and got four chairs to turn around.
Deanna chose Adam

Monday, February 23, 2015

The Voice Season 8 Is Here!

Sarah Potenza sang Stay with Me by Rod Stewart-- Adam turned first, Pharrell was next and immediately stood up, I can tell her is excited. Blake and Christina joined in and made it a four chair turn. I felt like she had some good growl in her voice, and sounded similar to Melissa Etheridge. Christina said she really went for it, and she's ready and refreshed. Pharrell said he is caught up in the moment like her. Adam said he wants to make her a rock super star. Pharrell said I don't want you to pick me, I want to go on your bus and go where you're going. Sara picked Blake cause country music tells the best stories and I need those stories.
Sarah chose Blake

Lowell Oakley sang Don't Get Around Much Anymore Tony Bennett-- He has a great voice; however, I wonder how niche he is and how much he is willing to change. Adam and Pharrell turned; I was actually surprised Christina didn't turn. I thought this would be right up her alley. Pharrell said you're not regular, you're not the same, you're other, you're not new to it, you're at home with it.
Lowell chose Pharrell

Rob Taylor sang I Want You-- Everyone turned on that except for Blake. I liked it, but I am unsure whether or not I would have turned. He has a good falsetto but not great, and it wasn't as controlled as it should have been. Christina said he is team Christina all the way and I actually agree. Adam said keep singing for your mom, you can be on any of our teams and we will all still be routing for you.
Rob chose Christina

Ivonne Acero sang Try by Colbie Caillit-- I actually loved this girl and I am so angry that no one turned around for her. Blake said you're five minutes away from having a four chair turn. Pharrell told her to let go, and not wrap up her gift.

Cody Wickline sang He Stopped Loving Her Today by George Jones-- Four chair turn! Wow, this guy has an awesome voice; he is going to go far in this competition, trust me on that. Adam said let's win The Voice together without Blake Shelton. Pharrell said he went to the CMT Awards twice. Christina said your voice was undeniably good. Adam turned first and Blake turned last. Adam said it's not fair after Cody chose Blake.
Cody chose Blake

Treeva Gibson sang Young and Beautiful by Lana del Rey-- I am shocked that Adam and Pharrell didn't turn around. Adam thought it was messy at the beginning and then it got really good. Christina and Blake turned at the same time. Christina said it was small and sincere sounding, it was a little pitchy but we can work on that. I agree with Adam, I see the messiness, and it definitely needs to be worked on, but the performance built up, and that was special. Blake said I felt like your voice draped over the band and you're born to sing that way.
Treeva chose Christina

Mason Henderson sang Rip Tide by Vance Joy-- No one turned. Adam and Blake both felt it was a little too dramatic. Christina felt like maybe if he lost the guitar he would have focused more on the performance and his voice.

Meghan Linsey sang Love Hurts by Nazareth-- Everyone turned except Blake. Blake said I've know her for over ten years, and Adam said, wow, you must feel extra bad now Blake. Blake said she is one of the best voices I have ever heard. Pharrell said he loved her soul. Christina wanted to share her bond as a fellow woman. I liked Meghan because you could hear the emotion in her voice, I believed her story and what she was singing.
Meghan chose Pharrell

Joshua Davis sang I Shall Be Released by Bob Dylan-- Christina was the only one who didn't turn. I loved his voice, it just had so much character, his tone was amazing. Blake said he would love to get the chance to work with him. Adam described his voice as smooth and inspiring. Blake said Adam wants you on his team so you can help him, I want to help you. Blake said you made my reason after...
Joshua chose Blake

Bryce Sherlow sang Cool Kids by Echosmith-- Totally wrong song, and that's why no one turned. Bryce sang Happy with Pharrell and he told her to come back next year.

Sawyer Fredericks sang I Am a Man of Constant Sorrow by the Soggy Bottom Boys-- His voice had everything, soul, fold, blues-- it is so genuine and authentic. It's a four chair turn! Adam said let's crush Blake you're not going anywhere until you're the last person standing. I wanna propel you all the way to the finish line. Christina said let's be buddies, and I promise you I will not let you down. Blake said it's almost like you were singing into an old vintage microphone. Pharrell said your voice took me to another time, and even if you're not on my team, I get to watch this happen. Adam said I give up.
Sawyer chose Pharrell

Blake said to Adam (after gaining no team members) do you want us to call Usher?...... knowing that Adam got no one it just makes this an easier pill to smallow, I'm so happy.