Monday, February 23, 2015

The Voice Season 8 Is Here!

Sarah Potenza sang Stay with Me by Rod Stewart-- Adam turned first, Pharrell was next and immediately stood up, I can tell her is excited. Blake and Christina joined in and made it a four chair turn. I felt like she had some good growl in her voice, and sounded similar to Melissa Etheridge. Christina said she really went for it, and she's ready and refreshed. Pharrell said he is caught up in the moment like her. Adam said he wants to make her a rock super star. Pharrell said I don't want you to pick me, I want to go on your bus and go where you're going. Sara picked Blake cause country music tells the best stories and I need those stories.
Sarah chose Blake

Lowell Oakley sang Don't Get Around Much Anymore Tony Bennett-- He has a great voice; however, I wonder how niche he is and how much he is willing to change. Adam and Pharrell turned; I was actually surprised Christina didn't turn. I thought this would be right up her alley. Pharrell said you're not regular, you're not the same, you're other, you're not new to it, you're at home with it.
Lowell chose Pharrell

Rob Taylor sang I Want You-- Everyone turned on that except for Blake. I liked it, but I am unsure whether or not I would have turned. He has a good falsetto but not great, and it wasn't as controlled as it should have been. Christina said he is team Christina all the way and I actually agree. Adam said keep singing for your mom, you can be on any of our teams and we will all still be routing for you.
Rob chose Christina

Ivonne Acero sang Try by Colbie Caillit-- I actually loved this girl and I am so angry that no one turned around for her. Blake said you're five minutes away from having a four chair turn. Pharrell told her to let go, and not wrap up her gift.

Cody Wickline sang He Stopped Loving Her Today by George Jones-- Four chair turn! Wow, this guy has an awesome voice; he is going to go far in this competition, trust me on that. Adam said let's win The Voice together without Blake Shelton. Pharrell said he went to the CMT Awards twice. Christina said your voice was undeniably good. Adam turned first and Blake turned last. Adam said it's not fair after Cody chose Blake.
Cody chose Blake

Treeva Gibson sang Young and Beautiful by Lana del Rey-- I am shocked that Adam and Pharrell didn't turn around. Adam thought it was messy at the beginning and then it got really good. Christina and Blake turned at the same time. Christina said it was small and sincere sounding, it was a little pitchy but we can work on that. I agree with Adam, I see the messiness, and it definitely needs to be worked on, but the performance built up, and that was special. Blake said I felt like your voice draped over the band and you're born to sing that way.
Treeva chose Christina

Mason Henderson sang Rip Tide by Vance Joy-- No one turned. Adam and Blake both felt it was a little too dramatic. Christina felt like maybe if he lost the guitar he would have focused more on the performance and his voice.

Meghan Linsey sang Love Hurts by Nazareth-- Everyone turned except Blake. Blake said I've know her for over ten years, and Adam said, wow, you must feel extra bad now Blake. Blake said she is one of the best voices I have ever heard. Pharrell said he loved her soul. Christina wanted to share her bond as a fellow woman. I liked Meghan because you could hear the emotion in her voice, I believed her story and what she was singing.
Meghan chose Pharrell

Joshua Davis sang I Shall Be Released by Bob Dylan-- Christina was the only one who didn't turn. I loved his voice, it just had so much character, his tone was amazing. Blake said he would love to get the chance to work with him. Adam described his voice as smooth and inspiring. Blake said Adam wants you on his team so you can help him, I want to help you. Blake said you made my reason after...
Joshua chose Blake

Bryce Sherlow sang Cool Kids by Echosmith-- Totally wrong song, and that's why no one turned. Bryce sang Happy with Pharrell and he told her to come back next year.

Sawyer Fredericks sang I Am a Man of Constant Sorrow by the Soggy Bottom Boys-- His voice had everything, soul, fold, blues-- it is so genuine and authentic. It's a four chair turn! Adam said let's crush Blake you're not going anywhere until you're the last person standing. I wanna propel you all the way to the finish line. Christina said let's be buddies, and I promise you I will not let you down. Blake said it's almost like you were singing into an old vintage microphone. Pharrell said your voice took me to another time, and even if you're not on my team, I get to watch this happen. Adam said I give up.
Sawyer chose Pharrell

Blake said to Adam (after gaining no team members) do you want us to call Usher?...... knowing that Adam got no one it just makes this an easier pill to smallow, I'm so happy.

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