Thursday, February 26, 2015

American Idol Season 14: The Top 12 Ladies

I was expecting the more from the girls and some of them fell very short.

Lovey James sang Love Runs Out by One Republic-- This was disappointing for me, her pitch was all over the place, and her lower register felt uncomfortable. Harry felt she did a strong job, and Keith felt as though she improved as she went along.

Adanna Duru sang Rather Be by Clean Bandit-- I loved this entire performance from beginning to end so much. Adanna is captivating to watch and listen to. The way she flipped this song, and initially slowed it down and turned it into a power ballad was unreal. Keith said she condensed that song down and within it was so much of her capabilities as a singer, and called it a really good performance. Jenn said she needs to remember to stay in control but really good. Harry said the first half of the song is the best he has ever heard her sing.

Alexis Gomez sang Gunpowder and Lead by Miranda Lambert-- I thought this was a solid performance. A lot of aspiring country singers do sing this song, but Alexis did a great job, it's not an easy song vocally. What impressed me about Alexis is her performance quality, she played to the audience and well and moved so naturally on the stage. Harry cautioned her about singing with a twang if she doesn't have one. Keith loved it, and said she didn't really need the guitar and came to life without it.

Joey Cook sang Somebody Like You by Keith Urban-- Keith is looking shocked watching Joey sing his song. There is a part of me that was fully entertained watching Joey, but I wonder how long I will be entertained by her, and if she is more than a one trick pony. Can she really sing? Because that is what American Idol is all about. Jenn said the performance showcased exactly who Joey is.

Katherine Winston sang Safe and Sound by Taylor Swift-- I like Katherine a lot, and I love this song, but I don't think it was the right song for her to sing tonight. I get that she is extremely talented, and technically she should move on to the next round. She seemed really nervous when I watched the performance back. Keith liked the song choice but told her to remember to feel the lyrics. Jenn complimented her magical quality. Harry did not think it was the right song choice.

Shannon Berthiaume sang Who Knew by Pink-- I love Pink songs, but this wasn't a good performance for Shannon, it was weak at best. She's under pitch throughout the whole song. Harry loves that she doesn't have a lot of formal experience but says she needs to step it up. Keith didn't think it was the right song choice for her, and notes how challenging Pink songs are to sing. Jenn says Shannon is a great singer and has to start believing it.

Loren Lott sang Note to God by Jojo-- I was a huge fan of Loren when she sang Skyfall during Hollywood week. She is a very emotional and dramatic singer, and that certainly comes across loud and clear every time she takes the stage. I did not love this song choice on her, if she wanted a Jojo song, she could have done Too Little Too Late. Jenn thought it was a brave performance, Harry said it was powerful, and Keith felt like she gave everyone a run for their money.

Shi Scott sang Umbrella by Rihanna-- This wins weirdest and worst performance of the night. The vocals were terrible and her pitch was all over the place. I have no idea why she was singing the song in the lower register of her voice. Keith said he didn't get it, Jenn said that the song got the best of her, and Harry thinks she is talented, but it wasn't the right song.

Maddie Walker sang Love Gets Me Every Time by Shania Twain-- This performance was "pageanty". I was a little bit bored by it, Maddie has a solid voice, and I definitely think based on past performances that I have seem that she is talented, but this was the wrong song. Keith said she could have chose so many Shania songs and that this was not the right one. Jenn agreed with Keith.

Sarina Joi Crowe sang Mamma Knows Best by Jessie J-- Sarina was one of my favorites of the night. You have to have real vocal chops to do this song justice and Sarina has that. Her tone is gorgeous. Jenn said she loves Jessie J and felt like Sarina rivaled Jessie J on that song. Keith thought it was a chill performance. Harry felt like it was a really strong performance.

Jax sang Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down) by Cher-- I love Jax's creativity and originality in terms of her vocal and how she puts a performance together. I especially loved the whole beginning part of the performance. Once she slipped into the rock part of the performance, she lost a little bit of vocal control. Keith loved it and called it killer. Jenn said she will definitely make it through to next week. Harry said if she does make it through that it will be fun to watch Jax.

Tyanna Jones sang Lips Are Movin' by Meghan Trainor-- Tyanna has been so consistent up to this point, and as if she couldn't raise the bar, she raised the bar. What I noticed when listening to Tyanna is the richness of her voice, and she has soul beyond her years. Harry says she is ridiculously talented. Keith would have liked it in a higher key, but loved it. Jenn said Tyanna's talented is a gift from God.

My Predictions.... Who is going home? Lovey, Katherine, Shannon, Shi, and possibly Joey, Loren, and Maddie.
Loren will probably be saved cause she has been the most consistent in the past.


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