Monday, March 2, 2015

The Voice Season 8: The Blinds Continue

Kelsie May sang You're Looking at Country by Loretta Lynn-- Blake, Christina, and Pharrell turned around for Kelsie. I loved how she is a genuine country artist, and therefore, it made so much sense that she chose Blake as a her coach.
Keslie May chose Blake

Kimberly Nichole sang Nutbush City Limits by Tina Turner-- Blake turned at the very beginning and Pharrell turned at the end. I loved Kimberly, it wasn't over the top, but she pushed her voice to the limit and was awesome. I loved her performance quality. Pharrell said I feel your soul and I feel your blues, you have a unique blend and your voice is amazing. Blake said you have a good idea of who you are as an artist, and I wanna make sure the spotlight is shining on you. 
Kimberly chose Pharrell 

Michael Leier sang Last Kiss by Pearl Jam-- Adam and Blake both got in on this one. I like Michael, he has a really strong voice, I loved it. When he got to the end his voice got stronger and stronger. Adam said you didn't sound like Eddie from Pearl Jam, you sounded like you, and it was really good. Blake said, I'm confused about what Adam just said. 
Michael chose Adam

Hannah Ellis sang This One's for the Girls by Martina McBride-- Hannah didn't get chosen, I just didn't think it was good enough. Christina said it didn't soar the way it should have and Blake mentioned that she went flat. Pharrell told her to come back and that she has the right attitude. 

Travis Ewing sang Say My Name by Destiny's Child-- Three out of four, but it should have been a four chair turn, Adam where were you? Christina turned right away. I love the way he flipped this song, and I just liked his tone and the way he phrased things. His dynamics and diction were spot on. Christina said she liked his arrangement of the song, and she said music should inspire. Blake said I have had a lot of success on this show with people who are nothing like me. Pharrell said, I pushed last cause I was listening, I heard you in the pocket. 
Travis chose Pharrell 

Lightning performances...... Noelle Bybee went to Team Pharrell, Brenae DeBarge went to Team Adam, and James McNeice also went to Team Adam

Sonic sang Money on My Mind by Sam Smith-- I actually really liked her voice and I thought more people would turn than Adam and Christina. The way she went up so high and came back down right away, it was so controlled. Pharrell said she has a great voice, and it came loose a little bit, and she recognized that she did, and he said, you are a force. Christina was like, I really want you on my team, and she told Sonic to bring it home. Adam called Christina a lioness. 
Sonic chose Christina 

Ella Khorov sang I Can't Stand the Rain by Ann Peebles-- 

Jacob Rummell sang Count on Me by Bruno Mars-- Wow, he has a young and high voice, and Blake didn't know he was going to be a guy. Adam and Blake turned. Pharrell regretted not turning around, and said you have a sick tone. Christina said where is your inner fire, but I think one of these guys can figure it out.  Adam said you sound like a young Michael Jackson, and I already know what songs I am gonna pick for you. Blake said I have never had someone like you on my team before. 
Jacob chose Blake 

Barry Minniefield sang Me and Mrs. Jones by -- I loved Barry, what an amazingly rich and velvety voice. He has so much passion and personality, and being older, I know he is gonna fight for it. Pharrell said your first note was so clean and you have such a classic soul voice, Adam said you came into my life at the right time, and I loved your voice. Adam said people are going to love him
Adam picked Barry!

More Lightning Rounds... Nicolette Mare went to Team Adam, Clinton Washington went to Team Christina, Matt Snook went to Team Blake 

India Carney sang New York State of Mind by Billy Joel-- India can sing, she has a great voice, it's so strong and soulful, she's like an Alicia Keys kind of singer. Four chair turn, well deserved and the judges are on their feet! Christina said I need you on my team, I was the first one to push. Adam said I'm wherever you're from baby. Christina said you're a vocal beast, pick me as you're coach. Blake said when you started singing, I fell in love with your voice, I wanna just sit there and listen to you sing. Pharrell said congratulations, I would love to have a voice like that on your team, you could get stolen, but you might be said good that that never happens. Adam said we both love Billy Joel, you were so good I had to push my button for you, you're going to the end of this thing, and I know what to do. 
India chose Christina

Standouts tonight............ India Carney, Sonic, Travis Ewing

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