Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Night 4 of The Blinds on Season 8 of The Voice

Ashley Morgan sang I Wanna Dance With Somebody by Whitney Houston-- Her voice kept getting higher and higher and soaring. She was a pleasure to listen to. Blake and Pharrell turned around. Blake said you're never singing background again. Blake said there is no one like you on any of these teams. Pharrell said The Voice is all about people like you.
Ashley chose Pharrell 

Koryn Hawthorne sang My Kind of Love by Emeli Sande-- Her voice is really deep and for her to have that kind of voice at 16 is crazy. Christina and Pharrell turned. Adam said I have never heard a voice that mature from someone who is 16. Pharrell said I am so exicted to have a shot to have you on my team. Christina said no one can understand what you just did.Christina said you should follow your heart right now. 
Koryn chose Christina

Lexi Davila sang Dreaming of You by Selena-- I loved Lexi, her voice was so emotional and just full of passion. Pharrell said I didn't push because I could sense nerves. Adam and Blake turned. Adam said you're gonna be bonkers great after I coach you, I can get you to a ten. Blake said I could hear the potential in you, you have the talent and range. You could be a star. 
Lexi chose Adam

Josh Batstone went to Team Adam 
Katelyn Read went to Team Christina  
Ameera Delandro went to Team Christina
Bay Brooks went to Team Blake

Quincy Mumford sang Dancing Machine by The Jackson 5-- No one turned, his voice was too pitchy. 

Brenna Yaeger sang The House That Built Me by Miranda Lambert-- Adam turned around at the very beginning and Blake turned around at the very end. Blake said you and Adam can go to the prom together after you and I do the show together. Blake said let me lead you. Adam said Blake will help me when I ask him because he loves me and I love him. Pharrell said it will be great to watch you soar. Adam literally went up on stage and hugged Brenna. I loved the sincerity in her voice, clearly she is moved by this song and life imitates art. It was so beautiful to hear her sing about her life. 
Brenna chose Blake 

Jeremy Gaynor sang Superstar by Stevie Wonder-- Christina turned almost immediately. I think Jeremy has a great voice, it would have been great to hear him pick up the tempo a little bit more. Blake said you are a stud, you're a great singer dude, and America's gonna love you. Adam said there is such charm in what you're doing, it just adds to your natural gift, and I am competitive. Christina said your talent is undeniable, and I do love R&B music. Pharrell said Congratulations on four chairs, I'd love to have you, your voice is amazing. 
Jeremy chose Christina

Jack Gregori sang Ring of Fire by Johnny Cash-- Jack has such a rich deep voice, reminiscent of Johnny Cash himself. Adam turned and said I love this guy. Adam said you have this perfect baritone, rich, on the mark voice. Blake said you truly are a good country singer. Adam said we're gonna write a great song together about Blake called, "asleep at the wheel", we're gonna smoke this fool. Adam said, "Blake you're so small brained".
 Adam picked Jack

Briar Jonnee sang Take a Bow by Rihanna-- Briar has a smooth voice, and hit some surprisingly high notes, her voice is so full. Blake and Pharrell turned together. Blake said I love your vibratto and your voice is so full, I am sure you meant every word you sang up there. Blake said you're a country girl dammit, I need you on my team, let's win this thing. Pharrell said, I heard someone who could sing, but had some nerves. Let's work on those things, trust what got you here. Blake said, I can't stand you Pharrell, you and your fake limp. 
Briar chose Pharrell 

Jess Gallo sang Stolen Dance by Milky Chance-- I didn't think she was in the pocket with that at all. Her tone was flat and her voice sounded odd. No one turned. Adam said that she should have sang something a little less fun and more emotional, something darker, I totally agree.

Brian Johnson sang Reason to Believe by Rod Stewart-- I love Brian's voice, what a gift he has. His voice is so strong and just full of so much heart. Adam turned right away followed by Blake. Adam said you were just so engaged in such an emotional way. Blake said you have so much heart but you make it seem so easy. There is so much emotion and raw power, and I am a fan already. Blake said I protect people like you because you're unique, there is no one like you.
Brian chose Blake

Corey Kent White sang Chicken Fried by Zac Brown Band-- Corey is true country, wow! He had a great country voice. The coaches were debating who should push the button and finally under the wire Pharrell and Blake pushed their buttons. Blake said you have pride in your heart. Pharrell said, he knows country music but I know all kinds of music. Blake said I will make sure you are treated with respect based on the amount of talent that you have.
Corey chose Blake

Standouts........... Lexi Davila, Brenna Yaeger, Jeremy Gaynor, Corey Kent White 

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