Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The Voice Season 8: Who Returns Home in the Knockouts?

Team Blake: Cody Wickline singing Til My Last Day by Justin Moore versus Corey Kent White singing Live Like You Were Dying by Tim McGraw-- Christina said Corey came out with so much heart, and Cody you poured your heart into your performance as well. Pharrell said Cody I didn't know you had those kinds of runs, and Corey you had such a presence.  Adam said Corey you delivered your vocal in an incredibly passionate way. Blake said Cody has a sound that isn't on the radio. Corey you took what was happening in your real life and dumped it into your song.
Should win: Corey and Cody really
Who won? Corey

Team Adam: Blaze Johnson singing You Found Me by The Fray versus Deanna Johnson singing Listen to Your Heart by Roxette-- I liked Blaze's rich tone, it sounded like he went off pitch somewhere but you could tell that he really felt the meaning of the song. Deanna had pitch issues all the way through as Blake noted. Christina said Blaze had an urgency and an overall strong performance. Adam told Deanna she is running out of reasons not to believe in herself. I would choose Blaze cause he wanted it more.
Should win: Blaze
Who won? Deanna

Team Pharrell: Hannah Kirby singing Bring Me a Higher Love by Steve Winwood versus Caitlin Caporale singing War by Demi Lovato-- I didn't love Hannah's performance, to me, it seemed like she was bordering on shouting. In terms of being the technically better singer, I would go with Cailtin. Blake said, I don't know who I would go with. Christina said Caitlin's performance was very special.
Should win: Caitlin
Who won? Caitlin, but Blake stole back Hannah

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