Monday, March 16, 2015

The Voice Season 8: Night Three of The Battles

Team Pharrell: Briar Jonnee versus Caitlin Caporale sang Fallin' by Alicia Keys-- Both girls were pretty evenly matched, but I think in terms of vocal strength and just personal preference, I would go with Caitlin. Blake said I would buy a ticket to this show every day. Christina said, Briar you owned it; Caitlin, I wanted you on my team, but my team was full. Pharrell wasn't sure who to choose and Chistina said, go with your heart.
Pharrell chose Ciatlin

Team Adam: Barry Minniefield versus Jack Gregori sang Feelin' Alright by Joe Cocker-- Barry and Jack brought the power. They both remind me of those old school soul singers. I don't know who I would choose. Blake said both guys did a good job, but he would go with Barry. Christina said it was like watching a conversation with old friends. Barry was soulful and Jack was solid. Pharrell said both of your personalities are so big, Jack I love your tone, and Barry I love your soul. Adam had to go with Barry cause he likes his cool vibe.
Adam chose Barry

Team Chistina: Katelyn Read versus Treeva Gibson sang Addicted to Love by Florence and the Machine-- Adam said style and influence overwhelmed the performance, but he would go with Treeva. Blake said Treeva, you're so good it's crazy; Katelyn is a more developed vocalist and I would go with you. I actually liked both girls, I see what Adam is saying, but they both have just so much raw talent. Christina picked the person she felt had the most potential, and she went with.......
Christina chose Treeva

Team Pharrell: Kimberly Nichole versus Lowell Oakley sang You Ain't Nothing 'bout a Hound Dog by Elvis Presley-- I like both of them! Kimberly is more soulful with some jazz and blues influences, and Lowell was more rock with the blues influences. I loved it, and I do not know who I would choose. Adam said classic voice moment, I don't know who the hell to pick. I lost Lowell, but Kimberly you might have taken this. Blake said Kimberly, I am obsessed with you, you might need a restraining order, but Lowell you occupy a space no one else does. I plead the fifth. Christina said it was my favorite battle so far. Pharrell said, what did I do? Oh no! Pharrell can't choose! Whoever does not get chosen is going to be stolen.
Pharrell chose Lowell ....... Christina stole Kimberly

Team Blake: Brenna Yaeger versus Kelsie May sang Fancy by Reba-- Brenna won this for me. Pharrell said Kelsie you have a strong tone. Adam thought they were very evenly matched. Adam said he would Keslie, but he likes Brenna too.
Blake chose Kelsie

Team Christina: India Carney versus Clinton Washington sang Stay by Rihanna and Mikky Ekko-- Wow, they are both really good. Their runs are so in sync and incredible, I felt every single lyric and note. All four coaches are on their feet, and I have no idea who I would choose. Pharrell said it was technically the best battle this season. Adam said you two were both equals up there. Blake said I got so wrapped up in that, it was so beautiful. Christina said you both have amazing dynamic voices, everything was executed so perfectly. You both showed you have a reason to be here. Whoever does not get chosen needs to be stolen!
Christina chose India
Adam and Pharrell pushed to steal Clinton
Adam said you are extremely confident and I heard that in your voice today. Pharrell said I honestly think you have what it takes to win the show.
Clinton chose Adam

Standouts....... Kimberly and Lowell and India and Clinton..... wow

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