Tuesday, March 10, 2015

All Battles: The Voice Season 8

Team Pharrell: Anthony Riley versus Travis Ewing sang Get Ready by The Temptations-- Adam thought Travis did an amazing job but he would go with Anthony. Blake said Travis made it a battle, and would choose him. Christina said based on her personal preference she would choose Anthony. I didn't care much about this battle, neither one of them really stood out to me. Anthony seemed more comfortable and in the zone so I could choose him.
Pharrell chose Anthony
Surprisingly, Blake came in with the steal for Travis

Team Christina: Ameera Delandro versus Sonic sang Masterpiece by Jessie J-- The girls took Nick Jonas's notes because the harmonies sounded tight. I think both of them sound great. Sonic sounded a little more soulful so I think I'd choose her. Wow, I think both of them deserve to move on, this was an exciting battle. Pharrell said Ameera went for it. Adam said it was like a "matrix" battle, and he felt the battle was pretty equal. Blake thought Ameera has a cool voice, and liked Sonic's pocket.
Christina chose Sonic

Team Christina: Gabriel Wolfchild versus Joe Tolo and Christina chose Joe

Team Adam: Deanna Johnson versus Nicholette Mare and Adam chose Deanna

Team Adam: Josh Batstone versus Nathan Hermida and Adam chose Nathan

Team Blake: Hannah Kirby versus Sarah Potenza sang Gimme Shelter by The Rolling Stones-- Sarah has the grittier voice, but Hannah stepped up to the plate, although at times I felt she was shouting. I think I would choose Sarah. Pharrell said Hannah is afraid of no one. Adam thought it was so even so he gave it to Hannah. Blake said Sarah you toned it down and Hannah you showed us your range.
Blake chose Sarah
Pharrell and Adam chimed in to steal Hannah and she chose Pharrell

Team Adam: Blaze Johnson versus Michael Leier sang Rude by Magic-- I liked both of them but I give the edge to Blaze. He just sounded stronger and bigger. Pharrell said it became intense at the end, I thought Blaze had the stronger performance. Adam said he heard and felt Blaze, and he said Michael controlled the rock and roll.
Adam chose Blaze

Team Blake: Cody Wickline versus Matt Snook sang How Country Feels by Randy Houser-- Both guys really got into the song. I loved how they got the audience and Christina into it. Christina said I like how country feels. Adam said they were literally hitting on Christina. Christina said both guys had great energy and she thought Cody was a cutie. Adam enjoyed both of them, but he said Matt gave the better vocal. Blake said he has to go with his gut, and ......
Blake chose Cody

Team Pharrell: Meghan Linsey versus Paul Pfau sang Don't Let Me Down by The Beatles-- Both were strong here, and it seemed like they were doing a real duet. Christina said Paul is a real individual, and she said Meghan really shines. Blake said, Pharrell, if I were you, I wouldn't pick Meghan (wink, wink). Pharrell said you both proved that you should stay on the show. I think everyone is going to try and steal Meghan.
Pharrell chose Paul
It's a three way fight to the end. Adam said Christina remember in the blind auditions when we turned around for Meghan and Blake didn't. Blake said, epic fail from Adam when he had three out of four finalists and still lost.
Meghan chose Blake

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