Monday, June 28, 2010

The Bachelorette Season 6-- Rated R is Super Lame on Week 5, Ali

Week 5

In Iceland, the guys compete for a date with Ali by writing her a poem. Kirk ultimately won because not only was his poem really sweet but he also was the only one that looked at her and walked up to her when he read it. Kirk and Ali go sweater shopping and don matching sweaters, how cute! Then they talk about Kirk's dating history and he says that he has dated some great women, but none for over a year. Ali says that this concerns her, and as a result she isn't sure she can give him a rose.

Kirk explains himself, he was an All American Track Athlete in college and he found himself getting really sick in school; he ended up discovering that the house he was living in had mold and asbestos. It was deemed unlivable. Kirk says the experience taught him to appreciate life more, and that he can definitely see himself falling for Ali and being with her.

Kasey finds out that he is to go on the two on one date with Justin and doesn't want to have any part of it. Frank urges Kasey to come clean with Ali and tell her about the tattoo.

On the group date, Ty took the lead because they went horseback riding and he's kind of a cowboy. Roberto comments that Ali is a natural riding the horse and the guys make fun of Chris L. because he can't ride a horse.

Justin (Rated R) gets his cast off, boo!

Ali comments how Frank has been non existent on the date while Frank complains about not having enough alone time with Ali.

The group arrives at a blue lagoon known for its healing properties. Ali takes off all her snow clothes in seconds to reveal a bikini and she goes into the water. Craig says he stripped down so quick he almost forgot to put his swimsuit on. Roberto said he has never taken his clothes off so fast in his life, as he was first into the water.

Hightlights: I liked Ty's manliness on this date, and Chris L's vulnerability.

Lowlights: Where was Roberto on this date? Frank: he complains all the time.

Ty receives the rose on the group date.

The two on one begins with a helicopter ride over the volcano. Justin says he is the best man between him and Kasey, ewwww! I cannot even go through this date because it is so sad. I feel bad for Kasey because Ali ends up giving the rose to someone who is full of lies.

Cocktail party highlight: Roberto tells Ali he is a shy guy. Ali says she wouldn't have gone up to Roberto if they weren't on the show because he is way too hot. He says, that's not true, and she says, you're blushing Roberto.

Kasey and Chris N. are eliminated.

Monday, June 21, 2010

The Bachelorette Season 6, Week 4 Ali!

Ali goes to New York City and gets a make over from InStyle; she says it's to prepare her for her dates this week.

Kasey gets his first one on one date with Ali; wow this should be creepy and it is. The two embark on a helicopter ride around the city. Then they go on a picnic lunch, and Kasey starts singing; it does not sound good at all. In fact, I really want him to stop singing. Ali is sitting there knocking back a glass of wine, probably wishing the date was over, so uncomfortable.

Kasey says you're different from all the other women cause you're Ali. He says I am here to guard and protect your heart, and I know that a woman is right for me when she does the same for me. The problem with Kasey is that he says all the right things and I really want to believe him, but it's too good to be true, and his voice throws me off. Ali says that she doesn't believe that everything is saying is genuine and therefore she cannot give him a rose, but she doesn't want him to leave.

Craig, Kirk, Roberto, Jesse, Jonathan, Frank, and Ty go on a group date with Ali to Broadway........

The guys compete for a date with Ali by singing for her and some Broadway producers from The Lion King.

Jesse did awesome his singing was really impressive, but Roberto (Rico suave) won the date because he was the only one who sang to Ali.

Roberto is surprised to find out that his date with Ali is that they get to be extras together in The Lion King. Ali says that going through this experience with Roberto is making them fall in love. (SPOILER! why is it then that I heard she doesn't choose anyone at the end! Ali are you crazy? Roberto is amazing!)

My question of the night...... this takes place at the wrap party after The Lion King....... Ali is sick, she goes outside in the rain with Frank........ why does she like this guy so much? He is pretty lame.

Inside, Ali tells Craig she is impressed every time she talks to him.

The weatherman (Jonathan) attempts to get one on one time with Ali but fails miserably.

Kirk tells Ali that since she is sick she should take care of herself and go to bed, and not feel bad about having to leave the party. She then tells the guys as a group that she cannot give out the rose, and that Kirk is going to walk her to her room. She invites Kirk in and they talk and kiss (this guy is a serious cutie too!).

Kasey goes to get a tattoo on his arm of a shield in front of a heart with a rose and 11 stones (the top 11 guys!). Wow, Kasey this is kind of crazy.

Ali wakes up the next morning, and is really sick, and is supposed to go on a date with Chris L. (it is also his birthday). She instead invites him to come spend the day with her in her suite. He brings her soup and flowers (how sweet is that? it's his birthday and he is taking care of her, another nice guy).

Ali feels better after eating the chicken noodle soup Chris brought her and decides they should go out on the date after all. Ali rents out a club where Chris and Ali go and talk and he gets to talk to his dad by phone on his special day. Ali gives Chris a rose. Then they go to the roof for a Joshua Radin (Ali's fave singer) concert; the date ends with them kissing on the roof.

Just some things I wanted to mention from the cocktail party:

Why is the weatherman singing? This is not good. Why is Justin calling people out for lying when he does it more than anyone else?

The Top 9

Chris L.
Chris N.

Jesse (wow this was a shocker to me, I thought they had some pretty hot chemistry)
Jonathan (not a surprise)

Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Bachelorette Season 6 Ali, Week3

Roberto and Ali's first one on one date is perfection; they are picked up by a helicopter that lands on top of a high rise. Turns out they are having dinner on top of the building next to it and must cross to the other side by walking across on high wires. While crossing to the other side Ali has her first kiss with Roberto and says it is like nothing else she has ever experienced.

They have dinner and both start complimenting each other non stop..... Roberto calls Ali captivating, she says she feels they are connecting but wonders if she is pretty enough cause Roberto is so handsome. Then he tells her she is really cute, and she starts speaking Spanish and says "dame um beso", and Roberto says he can't refuse so he starts kissing her. I love the chemistry between these two. The night ends with Ali, of course giving Roberto a rose.

Then Ali had a group date with Kirk, John, Chris N., Chris L., Frank, Jonathan, Craig, Jeese, Justin---

The guys and Ali film a music video for The Barenaked Ladies; here's the highlights and lowlights:
highlights: Jonathan was cute, don't care what anyone else says. I think the fact that he was able to express more emotion than just about any other guy there spoke volumes. Kirk continued to kiss Ali in bed during his video scene even after the director yelled "cut", and she kissed him back.
lowlights: Frank, he's just weird. John should have spiced things up a little bit more.

The Wrap Party: Chris L. tells Ali that his mom passed away, and the tattoo on his heart is in memory of her. Jonathan made an awkward move by actually asking Ali for a kiss, dude you know I like you, but don't do that. I am liking this guy Kirk, Ali says she likes his energy, feels drawn to him, and feels safe and appreciated around him. He gets the group date rose.

Justin pulls a fast one and walk seven miles to Ali's house to spend some alone time with her. He doesn't tell the guys and he cuts into Hunter's one on one date with Ali. Hunter ultimately ends up not receiving a rose and is sent packing after a boring date with little chemistry.

Roberto and Ali once again have some precious one on one time at the cocktail party before the rose ceremony. It is here that she reveals to Roberto that Justin walked to her house. Roberto shares the news with the rest of the guys. The guys turn on Justin big time.

Besides Hunter, Steven and John are also eliminated.

The Remaining 11:
Chris L.
Chris N.