Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Bachelorette Season 6 Ali, Week3

Roberto and Ali's first one on one date is perfection; they are picked up by a helicopter that lands on top of a high rise. Turns out they are having dinner on top of the building next to it and must cross to the other side by walking across on high wires. While crossing to the other side Ali has her first kiss with Roberto and says it is like nothing else she has ever experienced.

They have dinner and both start complimenting each other non stop..... Roberto calls Ali captivating, she says she feels they are connecting but wonders if she is pretty enough cause Roberto is so handsome. Then he tells her she is really cute, and she starts speaking Spanish and says "dame um beso", and Roberto says he can't refuse so he starts kissing her. I love the chemistry between these two. The night ends with Ali, of course giving Roberto a rose.

Then Ali had a group date with Kirk, John, Chris N., Chris L., Frank, Jonathan, Craig, Jeese, Justin---

The guys and Ali film a music video for The Barenaked Ladies; here's the highlights and lowlights:
highlights: Jonathan was cute, don't care what anyone else says. I think the fact that he was able to express more emotion than just about any other guy there spoke volumes. Kirk continued to kiss Ali in bed during his video scene even after the director yelled "cut", and she kissed him back.
lowlights: Frank, he's just weird. John should have spiced things up a little bit more.

The Wrap Party: Chris L. tells Ali that his mom passed away, and the tattoo on his heart is in memory of her. Jonathan made an awkward move by actually asking Ali for a kiss, dude you know I like you, but don't do that. I am liking this guy Kirk, Ali says she likes his energy, feels drawn to him, and feels safe and appreciated around him. He gets the group date rose.

Justin pulls a fast one and walk seven miles to Ali's house to spend some alone time with her. He doesn't tell the guys and he cuts into Hunter's one on one date with Ali. Hunter ultimately ends up not receiving a rose and is sent packing after a boring date with little chemistry.

Roberto and Ali once again have some precious one on one time at the cocktail party before the rose ceremony. It is here that she reveals to Roberto that Justin walked to her house. Roberto shares the news with the rest of the guys. The guys turn on Justin big time.

Besides Hunter, Steven and John are also eliminated.

The Remaining 11:
Chris L.
Chris N.