Monday, June 28, 2010

The Bachelorette Season 6-- Rated R is Super Lame on Week 5, Ali

Week 5

In Iceland, the guys compete for a date with Ali by writing her a poem. Kirk ultimately won because not only was his poem really sweet but he also was the only one that looked at her and walked up to her when he read it. Kirk and Ali go sweater shopping and don matching sweaters, how cute! Then they talk about Kirk's dating history and he says that he has dated some great women, but none for over a year. Ali says that this concerns her, and as a result she isn't sure she can give him a rose.

Kirk explains himself, he was an All American Track Athlete in college and he found himself getting really sick in school; he ended up discovering that the house he was living in had mold and asbestos. It was deemed unlivable. Kirk says the experience taught him to appreciate life more, and that he can definitely see himself falling for Ali and being with her.

Kasey finds out that he is to go on the two on one date with Justin and doesn't want to have any part of it. Frank urges Kasey to come clean with Ali and tell her about the tattoo.

On the group date, Ty took the lead because they went horseback riding and he's kind of a cowboy. Roberto comments that Ali is a natural riding the horse and the guys make fun of Chris L. because he can't ride a horse.

Justin (Rated R) gets his cast off, boo!

Ali comments how Frank has been non existent on the date while Frank complains about not having enough alone time with Ali.

The group arrives at a blue lagoon known for its healing properties. Ali takes off all her snow clothes in seconds to reveal a bikini and she goes into the water. Craig says he stripped down so quick he almost forgot to put his swimsuit on. Roberto said he has never taken his clothes off so fast in his life, as he was first into the water.

Hightlights: I liked Ty's manliness on this date, and Chris L's vulnerability.

Lowlights: Where was Roberto on this date? Frank: he complains all the time.

Ty receives the rose on the group date.

The two on one begins with a helicopter ride over the volcano. Justin says he is the best man between him and Kasey, ewwww! I cannot even go through this date because it is so sad. I feel bad for Kasey because Ali ends up giving the rose to someone who is full of lies.

Cocktail party highlight: Roberto tells Ali he is a shy guy. Ali says she wouldn't have gone up to Roberto if they weren't on the show because he is way too hot. He says, that's not true, and she says, you're blushing Roberto.

Kasey and Chris N. are eliminated.


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