Sunday, July 25, 2010

So You Think You Can Dance Season 7: So Far....

This season has been a groundbreaking one on So You Think You Can Dance. We have welcomed the all stars, contestants from the previous six seasons who have come back to dance with the new Top 10, well 11 initially, instead of 10 couples of 20 dancers. We started with six men and five ladies; we have had three injuries in three consecutive weeks (two dancers had to leave the competition because they would not be able to continue dancing this season). Alex Wong, the early front runner and quick fan favorite was forced to drop out after revealing on the show that he had a lacerated Achilles tendon. Ashley Galvan suffered a rib injury the following week causing her to also bow out of the competition. Finally, just last week, Billy Bell sat out for an undisclosed injury but promised to return next week to fight it out. No one was voted out this past week, but executive producer and judge Nigel Lythgoe told viewers that two dancers would be going home this coming week.

My prediction for the top three is AdeChike Torbert, Lauren Froderman, and Kent Boyd. I have to say though that my love this season for Jose "Full Deck" Ruiz and Robert Roldan has only grown this season, and both are amazing dancers.

The All Stars:

Ade Obayomi a contemporary dancer from Season 5 (he made it to the top 6): Ade has been touring as a dancer for the Alicia Keys Element of Freedom tour, appeared in the music video "Hard" with Rihanna, and has also danced for Beyonce on the Grammy's.

Allison Holker is a contemporary dancer from Season 2 (she made it to the Top 6): Allison has toured with Clay Aiken and worked with choreographer Louis Van Amstel on the show "Broadway with a Twist". She cites Travis Wall, Danny, and Will as her dream partners.

Anya Garis is a ballroom and Latin dancer from Season 3 (she made it to the top 12): Anya has appeared on Dancing with the Stars and been a ballroom standout for the past ten years. She has also toured with the Broadway show, "Burn the Floor" and also cites Travis Wall as her dream partner.

Comfort Fedoke is a hip hop and krump dancer from Season 4 (she made it to the top 8): Comfort has danced on the Michael Jackson European tribute tour, in the movie Honey 2, and appeared on Glee. She cites Ade and Jason from Season 5 as her dream dance partners and is inspired by Travis Wall and the mark he has left on the show. Comfort is also a writer and will soon add singer to the list when she releases her first single.

Courtney Galiano is a jazz and contemporary dancer from Season 4 (she made it to the top 4): Courtney has danced in music videos for Adam Lambert, Kat Deluna, and Daddy Yankee. She also danced for Jennifer Lopez on Dick Clark's New Years Rockin' Eve. She says Kathryn (Season 6) and Katee Shean (her current roommate) inspire her as a dancer.

Dominic "D Trix" Sandoval is a breaker and hip hop dancer from Season 3 (he made it to the top 8): Dominic auditioned for SYTYCD in 2007 and hasn't turned back since. He is now a member of Quest Crew, Stepboyz Entertainment, and Flexible Flav. He has danced for Snoop Dogg, Usher, Pitbull, Sean Kingston, and Donna Summer. He says his dream partner would be none other than Twitch.

Kathryn McCormick is a contemporary dancer from Season 6 (she made it to the top 3 and was the top female dancer): Kathryn had a supporting role in Fame remake. She lists Will Wingfield as her dream partner.

Lauren Gottlieb is an everything kind of dancer who specializes in hip hop, contemporary, and jazz from Season 3 (she made it to the top 6). She is a choreographer in her own right as well as a clothing designer and dance teacher. Lauren has danced for Carrie Underwood, Mariah Carey, on five episodes of Glee, the Hannah Monatana movie, assisted Tabitha and Napoleon Dumo with Cirque du Soliel's "Viva Elvis", and the list goes on.

Lauren says her dream partner would be Twitch, Mark Kanemura, Ade, and Travis all for different reasons and she is inspired by Chelsie Hightower.

Mark Kanemura is a contemporary dancer from Season 4 (he made it to the top 6). Mark just finished touring with Lady Gaga and has also danced for Janet Jackson, Katie Holmes, Carrie Underwood, Keri Hilson, and Beyonce. Mark has appeared in numerous Broadway shows including "Sweet Charity", "The Nutcracker"," The King and I", "Grease", and "Gypsy".

Neil Haskell is a contemporary and jazz dancer from Season 3 (he made it to the top 3). Neil appeared in the MTV film "The American Mall". He has appeared in several Broadway and off Broadway shows in main roles including, "The Times are A Changin", "Altar Boys", and "9 to 5". His dream partner is Cheslie Hightower.

Pasha Kovalev is a ballroom and Latin dancer from Season 3 (he made it to the top 6). Pasha has appeared on Broadway in "Burn the Floor" and took the show on a world tour. He and Anya make appearances together and teach dance. Pasha is most inspired by Blake, Travis, and Danny (Season 3). He has also choreographed on several season of SYTYCD.

Stephen "Twitch" Boss is a hip hop dancer and popper from Season 4 (he was the runner up to Joshua Allen). Twitch is about to become a household name (as if it wasn't already) because he is starring in "Step Up 3D" and recently landed the lead roll in "Stomp the Yard 2: Homecoming". He belongs to the dance groups Breed OCLA and Chill Factor Crew and he has been helping to promote the Dizzy Feet Foundation. This wall will also see him launch the tWitch Boss Clothing Line. His dream partner would be Lauren Gottlieb and he is most inspired by Ivan Koumaev.

The Top 6 from this Season

Adechike Torbert is a 23 year old contemporary dancer with flavor who began dancing at the age of six. What I notice most in Adechike's is his personality, precision, and strength. Adechike looks up to tWitch and attended the Boston Conservatory before auditioning for the SYTYCD.

Billy Bell is a 20 year old contemporary dancer who began dancing at the age of 12. Billy, to me, is just such a hard worker; he takes in everything the judges tell him and he executes it. Billy looks up to Legacy and is inspired by Allison Holker.

Jose "Full Deck" Ruiz 23 year old b boy dancer who started his dance career late at age 14. Jose is honestly a sensitive, gentle, passionate person, and that comes across clear as day in his dancing. His smile completely lights up a room; he looks up to Legacy .

Kent Boyd is an 18 year old contemporary jazz dancer who started dancing at age eight. He cites Travis Wall as an amazing professional dancer. Kent continues to surprise me every week with his versatility and his popularity among the public. He looks up to Kathryn from Season 6.

Lauren Froderman is an 18 year old contemporary jazz dancer who began dancing at just the age of three! Lauren is the embodiment of a female dancer, so it's no surprise that she is the final female standing in this competition. She is inspired by Lauren Gottlieb.

Robert Roldan is a 20 year old contemporary dancer who started dancing at age 11. He looks up to Travis Wall and Allison Holker. Robert is just amazing because he is totally committed to every dance, every step has meaning to Robert. He cites the press lift in the water in the movie "Dirty Dancing" as perfection.

go to and click contestants to see the rest of the contestants from this season's top 11!

In my next blog: all my face performances from this season so far, and there have been quite a few.

Monday, July 5, 2010

The Bachelorette Season 6 Week 6: Ali--- Justin Goes Down!

Ali finds out from another girl who was on Jake's Season with her that Justin has a girlfriend from the beginning and he tried to cover it up. He did this to gain publicity, and he told his girlfriend about the whole scheme before he even left to do the show. Apparently she found put that he was dating another girl besides her, and then her feelings turned to anger, so she revealed Justin's secret.

When Ali confronted him, he tried to deny the whole thing. She tells him how she gave up her job and apartment to come there and find love and he f****d with that. She said that what he did is unspeakable and not just unspeakable because of what you did to me but what you did to this woman who is supposed to be your best friend. She kicks him off the show, and then a series of voicemails are played of Justin to Jessica's (said girlfriend) voicemail.

Ty gets the one on one date and they go to the Turkish baths. Ali says that after what happened with Justin, Ty has restored her faith in men. Ty reveals to Ali that he struggled with his ex working, but says that living ans experience made him change. Ali says she has concerns about how traditional Ty is, but she offers him a rose because she appreciates how open he is. She says he surprised her.

Craig, Kirk, Chris, and Roberto oil wrestle for time with Ali and surprisingly Craig won by beating Roberto. Ali and Craig eat dinner on a boat, and Ali comments on how positive and patient Craig has been throughout this whole process, and he says he will always be this way. He tells her that she is beautiful inside and out as they are watching the fireworks.

Frank receives the second one on one date with Ali and they go to the Spice Bazaar, and Ali dresses as a belly dancer when they play dress up at the store. Ali and Frank go to a very romantic dinner spot where Ali says her relationship with Frank scares her, but she still feels something special for him. She gives him a rose.

Ali decides to fore go the cocktail party because she already knows who she wants to send home. Roberto says he and the other guys must be playing back every moment in their minds that they have spent with Ali. Ali concludes by saying that there is one guy that she didn't feel that special connection with.

The Final Five

Craig is eliminated.