Monday, April 25, 2016

The Voice Season 10: The Top 11 Perform in Honor of Prince

Team Adam: Shalyah Fearing sang The Climb by Miley Cyrus-- I actually loved this more than last week. I liked how she changed the song towards the end, she really stayed true to herself. Blake said her journey is just starting for her. Christina loved the performance and loves her story. Pharrell liked how she delivered on what the song is all about. Adam said, I love you, you're amazing. Considering what you've been through, you're the embodiment of what this dream is all about.

Team Pharrell: Daniel Passino sang Time After Time by Cyndi Lauper-- I love this song for him, it really suits the tone of his voice. He is continuing to be a contender in this competition. Pharrell said you took your time and worked the room, the notes were signature. The last notes were so crazy, and I think you did a really great job. Christina said that it's great that Daniel is on Pharrell's team.

Team Blake: Paxton Ingram sang Break Every Chain by Tasha Cobbs-- This was so much better than last week. I think Paxton is back. How this will hold up against everyone else's performances I don't know but I loved this. The vocals were strong. Pharrell said this was an unleashing of power. Adam said that he is blown away, loved the performance. Blake thanked Pharrell for helping out with the arrangement, and said he has never seen that smile on Paxton before.

Team Adam: Owen Danoff sang Fire and Rain by James Taylor-- I like Owen but I don't think that the slowness of this song did him any favors. I like his tone and I think he tells an effective story, but I didn't think this was the best choice for him tonight. Christina didn't really seem to like it, she repeated that he is a good story teller. Adam likes that they can relate to each other on an artistic level.

Team Blake: Mary Sarah sang Johnny and June by Heidi Newfield-- Christina loved it. Pharrell said it was his first time hearing the song. Blake told Mary that she should learn how to yodel, he loved it obviously. I really liked this, I had never heard the song either, but for some reason, it sounded like something Carrie Underwood would sing. I continue to love her tone, and be impressed with her range, this was so pretty, and thoughtful.

Team Christina: Alisan Porter sang Stay With Me Baby by Lorraine Ellison-- I mean her vocals were strong, and I think all the coaches were on their feet. I didn't love the song though. Sometimes, to me, it comes across where she's trying to prove something and she doesn't really have to. I also think she lacks humility a little. Of course, all the coaches loved it.

Team Christina: Bryan Bautista sang Just the Way You Are by Bruno Mars-- I loved the arrangement of this. I think it completely plays to Bryan's strengths. I think Bryan is someone who is very confident but is grateful. Pharrell found it effortless, he loved the Marvin Gaye sound of it. Adam said you have the best range of everyone right now, your upper register is pristine, you have all the tools to make it with this. Christina said silky smooth, amazing choices, what you do is really hard. You have that old school quality to you.

Team Blake: Adam Wakefield sang Lights by Journey-- Pharrell said you sound like a 70s southern rocker, you have a little bit of Steve Winwood in you. Big Machine should be watching you right now because you are ready. Adam said you're amazing and you do everything, in one performance, you traverse a lot of musical ground. Blake said the amazing thing about you is you always can give a little bit more. I agree with all the coaches, I just am so impressed with him. It's like he is already a seasoned musician in the business.

Team Christina: Nick Hagelin sang Your Body is a Wonderland by John Mayer-- Blake said I like seeing you centered and playing the guitar. It's like you're Jason Bourne or something. Christina said you have the best energy and you are so charismatic, there's an energy you have on stage and you're so lovable. I liked this performance too, he really zoned in and had fun with this.
The song choice was great for him, I wouldn't have thought it went with his style but it more than did. I think he is someone who will be around for a while.

Team Pharrell: Hannah Huston sang I Can't Make You Love Me by Bonnie Raitt-- Adam said you can sing so well but you still have a unique character in your voice. Pharrell said I know all of Nebraska is standing up for your right now. That was eloquent, you were generous with your range, you took your time with the song. Another solid performance by Hannah, fairly obvious she is not going anywhere. Not a lot to say, except, what impresses me about her is that she is as good as Alisan but doesn't realize that she is. She is very unassuming about how good he is.

Team Adam: Laith Al Saadi sang Make it Rain by Ed Sheeran-- Before Laith even starts singing I am so excited because as Adam said, the song is so rooted in classic rock and blues. It's a treasure. His vocals are very bluesy and I absolutely dug the guitar solo, the whole performance was sick. Pharrell and Adam were on their feet and rightfully so. Everyone should be on their feet. Blake said it's crazy that you would be so surprised that you're here because you're a breath of fresh air and we can't wait to see what you do next. Pharrell said everyone go out and buy Laith's solo albums and buy this song on iTunes right now. Adam said Laith you were amazing.

Bottom 3: Owen Danoff, Alisan Porter, Mary Sarah

Monday, April 18, 2016

The Voice Season 10: The Top 12 Take the Stage

Team Blake: Mary Sarah sang So Small by Carrie Underwood-- The song was ambitious but I think it paid off for her. She changed some things up, and made it her own. Pharrell said did you ever imagine you'd be singing your truth here. Adam said it's cool that you did this contemporary song to show us that you can sing different things. Blake said I never paid attention to that song, and the way you sang it made me pay attention.

Team Adam: Laith Al Saadi sang Born Under a Bad Sign by Albert King-- I love, what Adam calls, Laith's musicality. He is a true blues musician. Blake said that has to be as good as it gets in terms of the blues. Pharrell said this guy is the real thing, can we just discuss that guitar solo at the end. Adam said, I am so proud to have you on my team. It's really refreshing, there's been no one like you on the show ever, and you keep getting better, I am just so proud of you man.

Team Pharrell: Daniel Passino sang Human Nature by Michael Jackson-- I love this performance, I think Daniel did a great job choosing a song that reflected his inspiration and he sang it all the better because it's a song he was passionate about. Adam said you've turned into a comfortable performer, you were able to laugh and smile in that performance, I am so impressed. Christina liked the nod in her direction, she thought it was smooth. Pharrell said I cannot take any praise from this.

Team Pharrell: Emily Kenner sang Lilac Wine by Jeff Buckley-- I liked Emily's range in that performance, but at times it was a but sleepy. Adam is excited someone did that song and loved her rendition of it. Christina said that's what she was waiting for from Emily, and called that magical.

Team Christina: Nick Hagelin sang Mine Would Be You by Blake Shelton-- I love the way that Nick transformed that song into something so original. I loved the vocal arrangement of that song, he definitely changed it from the way that Blake sang it. Pharrell said he gave that song a whole new life separate from what Blake did with it. Blake said really cool idea, it was a great job, people will be asking me to do the Nick version of that song. Adam said that will be me, and Nick moved around more in that performance than Blake has moved around in his whole life. Christina said you're so humble and you have such a great charisma.

Team Blake: Adam Wakefield sang Soulshine by The Allman Brothers Band-- All the coaches were on their feet. Pharrell said you took me to church on television and set me free. You sang with precision and vocal attention. Adam said I am so happy because I am a huge fan of yours, and you're gonna be able to do anything you want. You're so far beyond the real deal, I feel like you have 12 albums out and that was your rock n' roll hall of fame performance. Blake said you are going to be around for a long, long time dude. Adam is literally one of the most authentic musicians I have ever seen on a reality singing show in forever. He just oozes talent and originality and I love it.

Team Christina: Bryan Bautista sang Kiss From a Rose by Seal-- Pharrell said you're singing the girls to sleep. Christina said you're such a gentleman, you're so sweet, and when you come out here, you just shine. You are a star. Bryan always surprises me with his intricate runs, the notes he chooses, and how he arranges the song. To me, he deserves to be in this competition for a long time, I truly hope that the viewers get behind him.

Team Adam: Owen Danoff sang 7 Years by Lukas Graham-- I thought that was the perfect song choice for him, it just goes really well with who he is as an artist. I have been saying it since the beginning but there is something so interesting about his tone, it's warm, but strong. Pharrell said I think you're quite the vocalist, that performance packed a mean punch, goal accomplished. Adam said the best part was when you busted out of the shell you'be been in for the past several months. You came alive tonight, and I know that you know what I am talking about.

Team Christina: Alisan Porter sang Stone Cold by Demi Lovato-- I love this Demi song, I felt like she pushed a little too much towards the end, and her final run was a little off. Very telling, Adam is not standing. Adam said it was unbelievable. Blake said, aren't you tired of being so great all the time. Christina said she cannot wait to hear the Alisan Porter album.

Team Blake: Paxton Ingram sang Hands to Myself by Selena Gomez-- I like how he flipped the song, it was cool to hear a guy singing it. I think Paxton has to be careful when he sings that he doesn't sound too affected. I loved the style though, and I do think he will be around for a long time in this competition. Pharrell said, lots of interesting parts in that performance. Blake said, I was thinking, you get all that from singing in church, but you are gonna be around.

Team Pharrell: Hannah Huston sang Something's Got a Hold on Me by Christina Aguilera-- For me, Hannah impresses me more than Alisan any day, but maybe that is just me. I loved that, and I feel like if she leaves this thing prematurely, I am going to be so upset.  Adam said this is her own genre of music called alien soul. Blake said your song choices are just so impressive. Pharrell said, I want everyone in Nebraska to vote for you. You have mountain ranges of notes, you are killing it and inspiring so many people.

Team Adam: Shalyah Fearing sang Up to the Mountain by Patti Griffin-- I felt every single note, what a perfect song for her. Christina said how gorgeous do you look, you are a fearless singer, you just go to the edge of that cliff and you jump off. Pharrell said I agree with Christina, it felt so natural and so on the spot. Adam said, it's hard for me to wrap my mind around the fact that you just turned 16. I am so impressed by the woman you are becoming in front of all of us, I just don't know where you get it sometimes.

Tough to pick someone to go home, but I think I need to go with Emily, Paxton, or Alisan

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

The Voice Season 10: The Lives, Team Adam and Team Pharrell

Comeback Artist Team Pharrell: Daniel Passino sang When I Was Your Man by Bruno Mars-- I am happy Pharrell brought him back because I got to see another side of Daniel. His falsetto was ridiculous. Blake said the talent level is so good and that guy is a comeback artist, you put yourself back in the mix. Christina said that song is so hard to sing and I loved your tenderness. 

Team Pharrell: Emily Keener sang Still Crazy After All These Years by Paul Simon-- Emily for me, is definitely more of an indie artist, and I get what she is trying to do. She comes across as a little old  fashioned for me, but I think it's a matter of style. Adam said that he loved her performance of one of his favorite songs. Pharrell said I am so lucky to have you on my team, and everyone at home vote for this amazing unicorn of a singer. 

Team Adam: Laith Al Saadi sang With a Little Help From My Friends by The Beatles-- Absolutely loved this performance because despite the fact that it is old school or what have you, it relates to today. He brings it to the present, and just the musical quality that this guy has is incredible. Blake said you're always good when you get on stage. Christina said that was exciting, and great to see that from you. I love that raw, gritty, soul that you have. Pharrell said as always that was awesome, and if you love classic rock, you have to vote for this guy. Adam said that you lit up this room in a different way. I'm happy you represent something that sometimes becomes unappreciated. 

Team Pharrell: Moushumi sang Love Yourself by Justin Bieber-- I love this song, but I feel like it deviated too far from the original. It seemed overly dramatic to me. Adam said he finds Moushumi interesting, but I wanted to see the glassy quality of your voice. Christina liked the cool, dark twist to it, I didn't. 

Team Pharrell: Lacy Mandigo sang Love is a Battlefield by Pat Benatar-- I actually liked this performance, I think she was one of the best on Team Pharrell tonight. Blake said you've had a messed up journey to get here, congratulations. There's something special about you. Christina said you rocked it tonight. Pharrell said you were never meant to go home. You are a 90's baby that acts like an 80's baby. 

Team Adam: Owen Danoff sang Hero by Family of the Year-- Blake said you made that seem like your song that you performed. To connect with a cover like that is rare. Pharrell said that was a magical moment, and it was because of your tone. Adam said everyone has a different opinion of what makes a great singer, and I think it's about making a song your own, and you did that. I loved that! I thought that his tone was unreal, and I completely agree with all the coaches, Owen made that song his. I honestly thought that he wrote the song and performed it. 

Team Adam: Shalyah Fearing sang Listen by Beyonce-- Oh my! That was a moving moment, her vocals were not perfect, but they were spectacular and chock full of emotion. I think she took Adam's points so well and was able to produce that. Wow! All the coaches are on their feet. Blake said you just became the front runner. Christina said you have such presence. Pharrell said you're 16, I am honored to be a part of your journey, please vote for this girl. Adam said I am so proud of you, you and Owen have the same thing, we believe you, and we get the message you are trying to convey. Everyone felt like you were telling us the truth, incredible. 

Comeback Artist Team Adam: Nate Butler sang Sara Smile by Hall & Oates-- Nate is someone who I personally thought never should have gone home. I fully expected him to be stolen to another team so to see him come back was great. Blake said I love the runs and the falsetto, the element of surprise is great for you. Adam said Nate should be here for a while. 

Team Pharrell: Caity Peters sang I'll Be Waiting by Adele-- This was not a memorable one for me tonight. I did not like the song choice. It was forgettable and I think the coaches know that as well. Christina liked her energy. 

Team Adam: Caroline Burns sang All I Want by Kodaline-- Touching performance by Caroline. Again, I feel like this is one of those performances where the song isn't well known so it's easy to forget but I feel like Caroline is one of those singers who is so connected to whatever she sings that you cannot help but remember her. Blake said Caroline is one of his favorites this season, your talent just pours out of you. Pharrell said it's amazing to see your journey and just watching you transform. Pharrell said her performance tonight was so different from everything else she has done. Adam said you've been steadily great, I think the next thing you do is going to be explosive. I am happy and proud of you Caroline. 

Team Adam: Brian Nhira sang Alive by Sia-- Christina said Sia is so hard to execute, you have a crazy range. Kudos to Adam to work with you and your range, loved it. Pharrell said congratulations on having fun like that, you stayed on key the whole time and it was so high, keep going. Adam said I always worry about my team, but Brian is game time, you have this confidence and air about you that is very refreshing. Excellent job, you will never have to sing a song that hard again. I was impressed with Brian because he always challenges himself, and I am not even a singer by trade, and I completely understand the difficulty of that song. Any Sia song, in my opinion, is so difficult to sing. Brian made it seem raw and effortless. 

Team Pharrell: Hannah Huston sang Ain't No Way by Aretha Franklin-- You know what, I love Hannah, I didn't love this song for her, but she pulled it off because she is such a great singer and she emotes so well. Pharrell said, your students are right, you are so colorful when you sing. 

My predictions: 
Moving forward on Team Adam: Shalyah, Owen, toss up between Laith and Brian
Moving forward on Team Pharrell: easily..... Daniel, Lacy, and Hannah

Monday, April 11, 2016

The Voice Season 10: The Lives, Team Blake and Team Christina


Team Blake and Team Christina are up first tonight:

Team Blake: Paxton Ingram sang How Deep is Your Love by Calvin Harris-- I am interested to see how this vocal goes cause I feel like it's a tough song to sing. I am actually impressed with this performance. The vocal has energy and there's lots of soul, I like how he turned it into a soul song. Christina said I was entertained by that and you worked the stage like crazy. Pharrell said you had your moment up there, congratulations. Adam said you made us feel good. Blake said, I don't think we have ever seen anything like that on this show before, no one commands the stage like you do.

Team Christina: Ryan Quinn sang I'm Not the Only One by Sam Smith-- Adam said he is overjoyed to see Ryan on Christina's team. He sees him thriving on the change in teams and he believes it was his best performance. Christina said that was so beautiful. I thought his vocal was strong but I just wasn't crazy about this.

Team Blake: Katie Basden sang Georgia Rain by Trisha Yearwood-- I agree with Blake, she sounds like Trisha. I love her authenticity, and this vocal was just killer. Blake was on his feet at the end. Pharrell said, do you think you were born to do this? She says she loves being on stage cause it's like she's a better version of herself. He says you gained a lot of fans. Adam said it's like you're already a big star and you're on your third record. Blake said if your voice is the future of country music, it's really good, because that was beautiful.

Team Christina: Kata Hay sang You Make Me Feel Like a Natural Woman by Aretha Franklin-- I wanted to not like her, but her vocals in this song are crazy. The only people who can sing it better is Aretha herself and Kelly Clarkson. I loved this whole performance from top to bottom, she's definitely in this competition, and wants to win. Pharrell said that was so spirited, that was crazy. Adam said there was no shortage of sass, that was like an exorcism, it was awesome. Christina said awesome, spirited, inspiring-- yes.

Comeback Artist for Team Christina: Nick Hagelin sang Stay by Rihanna-- Nick was one of my faves so kudos to Christina for bringing him back. This was a great choice for him in terms of songs, the song is emotional and tender, and he was able to dip into that high note with his falsetto. Pharrell said Nick you deserve to be on the show, you deserve this moment and many more. Adam said we like you as a person and an artist, you're still improving, excellent job. Christina said, Nick I am so happy you're back.

Team Blake: Joe Maye sang Long Train Runnin by The Doobie Brothers-- Blake, this was one of the best steals. Joe's performance is ridiculous, he has genuine soul in him. I definitely feel like he has a Bruno Mars throwback feel. Blake is on his feet again. Christina said that was so much fun, great. this performance beat them all. Blake said I was thrilled to get you on my team, incredible performance, we have a shot to win this thing, that blew me away.

Team Blake: Adam Wakefield sang Seven Spanish Angels by Ray Charles and Willie Nelson-- Adam has that special combination of rock and country; it's really perfect. I felt like he worked on Blake's point and enunciated so much better. Adam said Adam has a great name and is his favorite in the competition right now. I am a huge fan of yours, other than being on Blake's team, I love you man. Blake said there's three singers in country music that have what you have. I am so excited for you.

Team Christina: Tamar Davis sang Rise Up by Andra Day-- Pharrell and Blake both praised the performance. I felt like it was very pitchy. I love that song by Andra Day, and it is challenging, but all the more reason not to do that if you can't hit it spot on. Christina also thought it was gorgeous, but I am going to maintain that there were some pitch issues and even some timing issues.

Team Blake: Mary Sarah sang Rose Garden by Martina McBride-- Christina said it was a solid person. Adam said there were moments where you got into the upper register and it was explosive, I love you. Blake said, sis, you are one of the fan favorites on the show, people love you because as talented as you are, you're 100% country. I agree with Adam, I love Mary Sarah, and I think it is because she is very true to who she is and she never deviates from that. In addition to all that, her vocals are right on.

Bryan Bautista sang Pillowtalk by ZAYN-- This song is hot right now, and I actually loved Bryan's take on this, I think it was one of the best performances of the night. Every coach is on their feet; this was his moment, oh my! Pharrell said smart to wear a suit, it totally changes the context, what you came out and did, who knew? You have what it takes to win. Adam said I have always loved what you do, but tonight, I was blown away, you murdered that song, who knew? How? When? Blake said besides the range and perfect voice, the guy is smooth. Christina said, the ladies, and Adam added, the dudes were fanning themselves. I knew you were something special. I have just been trying to push you. You nailed it.

Comeback Artist for Team Blake: Justin Whisnant sang Here's a Quarter (Call Someone Who Cares) by Travis Tritt-- Pharrell thought he sang with so much feeling. Blake said Travis watches the show and I am sure he will say something about that performance, especially with the way you did it justice. I thought the vocal was solid, my only criticism would be that I felt that the song was a little bit repetitive.

Team Christina: Alisan Porter sang Cry Baby by Janis Joplin-- Why do I feel like she has done this song before? I didn't like the verse parts where she talks really fast, cause her voice is kind of nasal. Adam said I am not surprised at all because I said that's the winner of the show. Christina said I am too overheated from your performance right now.

Team Blake: moving forward I have to go with Katie, Adam, Joe, Paxton.... one of those amazing singers is going to be left out.

Team Christina: Bryan, Kata, Nick or Alisan. I think Alisan is coming across as a little too confident and people might not like that. Bryan and Kata nailed their performance without any form of arrogance. Nick may have sung his way back into this competition.

Monday, April 4, 2016

The End of the Knockouts are Hot on Season 10 of: The Voice

Team Adam: Brian Nhira singing Grenade by Bruno Mars versus Nate Butler singing Let's Stay Together by Al Green-- Blake thought both rose to the occasion. Brian moved me, there's so much passion. Nate also had a lot of soul, well done to both of them! Christina liked Brian's intensity. Pharrell said Nate is soulful, and said Brian your energy and voice is on a ten. Adam said, Nate you were so good tonight, you understood the essence of the song. Adam said Brian, you sang the song like it was your song.
Adam chose Brian

Team Blake: Mary Sarah singing You Ain't Woman Enough to Take My Man by Loretta Lynn versus Brittany Kennell singing Still the One by Shania Twain-- Loved Mary Sarah, great song choice, and I think her personality really comes across here. Brittany did not sound good in this, this was the wrong song choice. It sounded flat and the song didn't really go anywhere.
Blake chose Mary

Team Christina: Bryan Bautista singing Sorry by Justin Bieber versus Trey O'Dell singing I Lived by OneRepublic-- Adam said Brian's range is crazy, and he is a little more seasoned so he'd go with him. Blake said Bryan took this one. Christina said, Bryan there are surprises around every corner for you. Trey you got better as you went along and the ending was super precise. For me, I was skeptical of Bryan doing  Sorry reggae style but when I heard it, I felt like he did a great job of putting that performance together so well. Trey just didn't measure up to Bryan's performance and vision.
Christina chose Bryan

Team Pharrell: Abby Celso singing Rich Girl by Hall & Oates versus Caity Peters singing Leave Your Lover by Sam Smith-- I like Abby so much, her blind was one of my faves, however, I thought the low was too low. Caity takes this one for me. Even though Caity's voice is low, she pulls this off so well because the dynamics are good as is the intensity of the performance. She is focused, and she feels the song.
Pharrell chose Caity

Team Adam: Laith Al Saadi singing In Your Eyes by Peter Gabriel versus Jessica Crosbie singing Wake Me Up by Avicii-- I loved Laith's performance, like Adam, this is one of my favorite songs also, and I felt like Adam and Miley's notes really helped to improve his performance. Adam said he had to pick the person that had something that he cannot ignore.
Adam chose Laith

Team Adam-- Caroline Burns moved on after singing Human by Christina Perri

Team Christina-- Joe Maye singing Earned It by The Weeknd versus Kata Hay singing Why Haven't I Heard From You by Reba McEntire-- Joe went all out, I loved his vocal, and by the end, he really stepped it up. He and Kate and both full out performers. I didn't like Kate that much in the past but tonight she made me a believer. Pharrell thought both of them lit up the stage. Adam said that they both killed it but he would go with Kata. Blake said this was a knockout for sure and he would choose Joe. Christina said, you both have so much showmanship.
Christina chose Kata and Blake stole Joe! Yes!

Look out for Brian, Bryan, Laith, Joe, Mary, and Kata.... just about everyone tonight is a threat