Monday, April 18, 2016

The Voice Season 10: The Top 12 Take the Stage

Team Blake: Mary Sarah sang So Small by Carrie Underwood-- The song was ambitious but I think it paid off for her. She changed some things up, and made it her own. Pharrell said did you ever imagine you'd be singing your truth here. Adam said it's cool that you did this contemporary song to show us that you can sing different things. Blake said I never paid attention to that song, and the way you sang it made me pay attention.

Team Adam: Laith Al Saadi sang Born Under a Bad Sign by Albert King-- I love, what Adam calls, Laith's musicality. He is a true blues musician. Blake said that has to be as good as it gets in terms of the blues. Pharrell said this guy is the real thing, can we just discuss that guitar solo at the end. Adam said, I am so proud to have you on my team. It's really refreshing, there's been no one like you on the show ever, and you keep getting better, I am just so proud of you man.

Team Pharrell: Daniel Passino sang Human Nature by Michael Jackson-- I love this performance, I think Daniel did a great job choosing a song that reflected his inspiration and he sang it all the better because it's a song he was passionate about. Adam said you've turned into a comfortable performer, you were able to laugh and smile in that performance, I am so impressed. Christina liked the nod in her direction, she thought it was smooth. Pharrell said I cannot take any praise from this.

Team Pharrell: Emily Kenner sang Lilac Wine by Jeff Buckley-- I liked Emily's range in that performance, but at times it was a but sleepy. Adam is excited someone did that song and loved her rendition of it. Christina said that's what she was waiting for from Emily, and called that magical.

Team Christina: Nick Hagelin sang Mine Would Be You by Blake Shelton-- I love the way that Nick transformed that song into something so original. I loved the vocal arrangement of that song, he definitely changed it from the way that Blake sang it. Pharrell said he gave that song a whole new life separate from what Blake did with it. Blake said really cool idea, it was a great job, people will be asking me to do the Nick version of that song. Adam said that will be me, and Nick moved around more in that performance than Blake has moved around in his whole life. Christina said you're so humble and you have such a great charisma.

Team Blake: Adam Wakefield sang Soulshine by The Allman Brothers Band-- All the coaches were on their feet. Pharrell said you took me to church on television and set me free. You sang with precision and vocal attention. Adam said I am so happy because I am a huge fan of yours, and you're gonna be able to do anything you want. You're so far beyond the real deal, I feel like you have 12 albums out and that was your rock n' roll hall of fame performance. Blake said you are going to be around for a long, long time dude. Adam is literally one of the most authentic musicians I have ever seen on a reality singing show in forever. He just oozes talent and originality and I love it.

Team Christina: Bryan Bautista sang Kiss From a Rose by Seal-- Pharrell said you're singing the girls to sleep. Christina said you're such a gentleman, you're so sweet, and when you come out here, you just shine. You are a star. Bryan always surprises me with his intricate runs, the notes he chooses, and how he arranges the song. To me, he deserves to be in this competition for a long time, I truly hope that the viewers get behind him.

Team Adam: Owen Danoff sang 7 Years by Lukas Graham-- I thought that was the perfect song choice for him, it just goes really well with who he is as an artist. I have been saying it since the beginning but there is something so interesting about his tone, it's warm, but strong. Pharrell said I think you're quite the vocalist, that performance packed a mean punch, goal accomplished. Adam said the best part was when you busted out of the shell you'be been in for the past several months. You came alive tonight, and I know that you know what I am talking about.

Team Christina: Alisan Porter sang Stone Cold by Demi Lovato-- I love this Demi song, I felt like she pushed a little too much towards the end, and her final run was a little off. Very telling, Adam is not standing. Adam said it was unbelievable. Blake said, aren't you tired of being so great all the time. Christina said she cannot wait to hear the Alisan Porter album.

Team Blake: Paxton Ingram sang Hands to Myself by Selena Gomez-- I like how he flipped the song, it was cool to hear a guy singing it. I think Paxton has to be careful when he sings that he doesn't sound too affected. I loved the style though, and I do think he will be around for a long time in this competition. Pharrell said, lots of interesting parts in that performance. Blake said, I was thinking, you get all that from singing in church, but you are gonna be around.

Team Pharrell: Hannah Huston sang Something's Got a Hold on Me by Christina Aguilera-- For me, Hannah impresses me more than Alisan any day, but maybe that is just me. I loved that, and I feel like if she leaves this thing prematurely, I am going to be so upset.  Adam said this is her own genre of music called alien soul. Blake said your song choices are just so impressive. Pharrell said, I want everyone in Nebraska to vote for you. You have mountain ranges of notes, you are killing it and inspiring so many people.

Team Adam: Shalyah Fearing sang Up to the Mountain by Patti Griffin-- I felt every single note, what a perfect song for her. Christina said how gorgeous do you look, you are a fearless singer, you just go to the edge of that cliff and you jump off. Pharrell said I agree with Christina, it felt so natural and so on the spot. Adam said, it's hard for me to wrap my mind around the fact that you just turned 16. I am so impressed by the woman you are becoming in front of all of us, I just don't know where you get it sometimes.

Tough to pick someone to go home, but I think I need to go with Emily, Paxton, or Alisan

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