Monday, April 11, 2016

The Voice Season 10: The Lives, Team Blake and Team Christina


Team Blake and Team Christina are up first tonight:

Team Blake: Paxton Ingram sang How Deep is Your Love by Calvin Harris-- I am interested to see how this vocal goes cause I feel like it's a tough song to sing. I am actually impressed with this performance. The vocal has energy and there's lots of soul, I like how he turned it into a soul song. Christina said I was entertained by that and you worked the stage like crazy. Pharrell said you had your moment up there, congratulations. Adam said you made us feel good. Blake said, I don't think we have ever seen anything like that on this show before, no one commands the stage like you do.

Team Christina: Ryan Quinn sang I'm Not the Only One by Sam Smith-- Adam said he is overjoyed to see Ryan on Christina's team. He sees him thriving on the change in teams and he believes it was his best performance. Christina said that was so beautiful. I thought his vocal was strong but I just wasn't crazy about this.

Team Blake: Katie Basden sang Georgia Rain by Trisha Yearwood-- I agree with Blake, she sounds like Trisha. I love her authenticity, and this vocal was just killer. Blake was on his feet at the end. Pharrell said, do you think you were born to do this? She says she loves being on stage cause it's like she's a better version of herself. He says you gained a lot of fans. Adam said it's like you're already a big star and you're on your third record. Blake said if your voice is the future of country music, it's really good, because that was beautiful.

Team Christina: Kata Hay sang You Make Me Feel Like a Natural Woman by Aretha Franklin-- I wanted to not like her, but her vocals in this song are crazy. The only people who can sing it better is Aretha herself and Kelly Clarkson. I loved this whole performance from top to bottom, she's definitely in this competition, and wants to win. Pharrell said that was so spirited, that was crazy. Adam said there was no shortage of sass, that was like an exorcism, it was awesome. Christina said awesome, spirited, inspiring-- yes.

Comeback Artist for Team Christina: Nick Hagelin sang Stay by Rihanna-- Nick was one of my faves so kudos to Christina for bringing him back. This was a great choice for him in terms of songs, the song is emotional and tender, and he was able to dip into that high note with his falsetto. Pharrell said Nick you deserve to be on the show, you deserve this moment and many more. Adam said we like you as a person and an artist, you're still improving, excellent job. Christina said, Nick I am so happy you're back.

Team Blake: Joe Maye sang Long Train Runnin by The Doobie Brothers-- Blake, this was one of the best steals. Joe's performance is ridiculous, he has genuine soul in him. I definitely feel like he has a Bruno Mars throwback feel. Blake is on his feet again. Christina said that was so much fun, great. this performance beat them all. Blake said I was thrilled to get you on my team, incredible performance, we have a shot to win this thing, that blew me away.

Team Blake: Adam Wakefield sang Seven Spanish Angels by Ray Charles and Willie Nelson-- Adam has that special combination of rock and country; it's really perfect. I felt like he worked on Blake's point and enunciated so much better. Adam said Adam has a great name and is his favorite in the competition right now. I am a huge fan of yours, other than being on Blake's team, I love you man. Blake said there's three singers in country music that have what you have. I am so excited for you.

Team Christina: Tamar Davis sang Rise Up by Andra Day-- Pharrell and Blake both praised the performance. I felt like it was very pitchy. I love that song by Andra Day, and it is challenging, but all the more reason not to do that if you can't hit it spot on. Christina also thought it was gorgeous, but I am going to maintain that there were some pitch issues and even some timing issues.

Team Blake: Mary Sarah sang Rose Garden by Martina McBride-- Christina said it was a solid person. Adam said there were moments where you got into the upper register and it was explosive, I love you. Blake said, sis, you are one of the fan favorites on the show, people love you because as talented as you are, you're 100% country. I agree with Adam, I love Mary Sarah, and I think it is because she is very true to who she is and she never deviates from that. In addition to all that, her vocals are right on.

Bryan Bautista sang Pillowtalk by ZAYN-- This song is hot right now, and I actually loved Bryan's take on this, I think it was one of the best performances of the night. Every coach is on their feet; this was his moment, oh my! Pharrell said smart to wear a suit, it totally changes the context, what you came out and did, who knew? You have what it takes to win. Adam said I have always loved what you do, but tonight, I was blown away, you murdered that song, who knew? How? When? Blake said besides the range and perfect voice, the guy is smooth. Christina said, the ladies, and Adam added, the dudes were fanning themselves. I knew you were something special. I have just been trying to push you. You nailed it.

Comeback Artist for Team Blake: Justin Whisnant sang Here's a Quarter (Call Someone Who Cares) by Travis Tritt-- Pharrell thought he sang with so much feeling. Blake said Travis watches the show and I am sure he will say something about that performance, especially with the way you did it justice. I thought the vocal was solid, my only criticism would be that I felt that the song was a little bit repetitive.

Team Christina: Alisan Porter sang Cry Baby by Janis Joplin-- Why do I feel like she has done this song before? I didn't like the verse parts where she talks really fast, cause her voice is kind of nasal. Adam said I am not surprised at all because I said that's the winner of the show. Christina said I am too overheated from your performance right now.

Team Blake: moving forward I have to go with Katie, Adam, Joe, Paxton.... one of those amazing singers is going to be left out.

Team Christina: Bryan, Kata, Nick or Alisan. I think Alisan is coming across as a little too confident and people might not like that. Bryan and Kata nailed their performance without any form of arrogance. Nick may have sung his way back into this competition.

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