Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The Voice Season Six: 10 Perform, Who will go home?

I watched the Voice very late last night, so no recap, at least not until I get home from work today. However, I did want to let everyone know who I think will be in the bottom three or who is bottom three worthy.

My Bottom Three:

Bria Kelly
Audra McDonald
Josh Kaufman (only because of that horrible song choice, but he won't go home)

Monday, April 28, 2014

Reality TV Recap.... Who went home on Idol? Did the wrong people go home on The Voice?

You're probably wondering if you read regularly, what happened last week, why didn't I write? Well, I've been a little bit under the weather with some allergy/ sinus issues. As you can imagine, they're exhausting, but here I am, back and better than ever. The week started with me not agreeing with the results of The Voices. The wrong two people went home. The bottom three should have been Bria Kelly, Kat Perkins, and Delvin Choice deserved consequences for his bad song choice. Of course at the end of the night, everyone would have used #TheVoiceSave on Devlin because he's too talented, but to lose Bria and Kat would not have been that bad. In order to change my mind, they would need one amazing performance. Losing TJ Wilkins and Dani Moz was just wrong, never mind the fact that Tess Boyer was even in the bottom three. Come on America, get with it! None of those contestants were bottom three material. My real hope is that what should have happened last week happens this week.

I'm going to start with the bad news on American Idol, and it's two fold-- on performance night, there were very few performances that I would say knocked it out of the park, and second CJ Harris went home and once again Jessica Meuse avoided elimination. However, I don't think she will be able to hide this week. In fact my prediction for the final three, unless someone falls apart is Jena Irene, Caleb Johnson, and Sam Woolf. Look for Alex Preston to finish fourth and Jessica should make an exit this week in fifth place.

It was rock n' roll and country night on the show so each contestant sang two songs. Below is the order that each of them performed in. I put a number in front of each contestant's name indicating their placement in that particular round (in my humble opinion of course!). So, for example, I think Caleb won the rock round, and I think Alex won the country round. CJ and Jessica finished in fifth and sixth place in both rounds, so their place in the bottom two was justified.

For the first time, Jena had some pitch problems in both of her songs. Sam was confident on song one, but song two was all wrong for him. CJ suffered from picking the wrong songs in both rounds. Alex played it safe on song one, but song two was solid. Caleb's first song was stellar but song two was fodder. Jessica picked a great song one, but failed to move on stage literally, and song two was a hot mess.

Rock Round
2. Jena Irene sang Barracuda by Heart
3. Sam Woolf sang It's Time by Imagine Dragons
6. CJ Harris sang American Woman by Guess Who
4. Alex Preston sang Animal by Neon Trees
1. Caleb Johnson sang Sting Me by The Black Crows
5. Jessica Meuse sang Somebody to Love by Jefferson Airplane

Country Round
4. Sam Woolf sang You're Still the One by Shania Twain
2. Caleb Johnson sang Undo It by Carrie Underwood
1. Alex Preston sang You're Always on My Mind by Willie Nelson
3. Jena Irene sang So Small by Carrie Underwood
5. CJ Harris sang Whatever It Is by The Zac Brown Band
6. Jessica Meuse sang Jolene by Dolly Parton

Monday, April 21, 2014

The Voice Season Six: The Live Shows, 12 Work Towards the Finale

Team Usher: Bria Kelly kicked things off singing Rolling in the Deep by Adele-- Not her best. I did not like the arrangement. She struggled tonight, her pitch was off quite a bit. Despite all that, the coaches did not really have any critical feedback for her. Shakira said if anyone can take on Adele, she can, but she didn't, Shakira. Usher thought she killed it; really?
Score: I just give it a 2 out of 5

Team Adam: Delvin Choice sang Unchained Melody by The Righteous Brothers-- I do not care for the arrangement here either, particularly how the song started out. As the song went along, Delvin did hit his stride when he made it to the chorus and hit that beautiful note. However, I do want to say this was not a home run performance. I think it's a performance that puts him at the middle of the pack rather than at the front where I am used ot him being. Blake says he sang the crap out of it. Usher said he is an amazing talent. Shakira said she was not disappointed, and coach Adam felt he delivered a moment.
Score: 3 out of 5 for me

Team Shakira: Dani Moz sang Just Give Me a Reason by Pink-- Wobbly in a few areas but overall, a great effort. She also hit the money note in the song. Dani is someone to me who is an underdog in this competition. She has potential to make it to the final four. Adam says he wanted more dynamics, Shakira said there were dynamics (oh boy!). For the record, Shakira is right, there were dynamics. Blake said she picked her moment.
Score: 4 out of 5

Team Blake: Audra McLaughlin sang Angel of the Morning by Merrilee Rush/ Juice Newton-- Not digging the song choice at all. I actually find it boring and a total waste of Audra's voice. Hope she sticks around to move past this train wreck of a song and arrangement. Usher thought it was incredible and loved the character of her voice. Adam loves her and wants Audra on his team. Blake is happy to be working with her.
Score: 3.5 out of 5

Team Usher: TJ Wilkins sang Waiting on the World to Change by John Mayer-- This was a smoother and clearer performance than Delvin's. I really need to hand it to TJ because he has been flying under the radar and people are going to start to notice him now. I like how he made a pop/ rock song a soul song. TJ is like a modern day Marvin Gaye. Usher says he is proud that he trusted his instincts. So am I. Shakira said TJ was pure, sincere, and extraordinary. Blake said TJ was infectious in a good way. This was the best of the night so far.
Score: 4.5 out of 5

Team Adam: Christina Grimmie sang Dark Horse by Katy Perry-- Wow, she sounds better than Katy Perry singing this song. She's emerging as the strongest person on Team Adam. This is someone who is clearly a contender. I liked how she rocked this song up a little bit, it was less pop, more rock. She kind of took this song to Hayley Williams territory when she hit that big note. Blake says she is like dynamite and the person to beat on Adam's team. Shakira is impressed with her range. Usher agrees with Blake.
Score: 5 out of 5

Team Blake: Sisaundra Lewis sang Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me by George Michael and Elton John-- This was a big song and she did it up big as well. Sisaundra is proving to be one of those people who can sing anything well. The challenge for her is sounding different every week, working outside her comfort zone, and thinking outside the box. Usher said she always blows everyone's socks off which is true. Adam loved her restraint and control, also true, she has great control. Blake admires her ability to reel in a song.
Score: 4 out of 5

Team Shakira: Kristen Merlin sang Stay by Sugarland-- This started off strong, and then her mic went dead, which was weird and totally not her fault. Mid way through the song, it started to get a little bit questionable because she didn't seem totally confident in her ability to perform the song. Adam praised the way she handled the situation with the mic. Blake thinks she improves every week. Shakira called it heartfelt and moving.
Score: 3.75 out of 5

Team Adam: Kat Perkins sang Magic Man by Heart-- I wasn't familiar with this song so it was tough for me to relate. I liked Kat's ability to work the crowd and play off the band. I have decided I don't care for the song. She has a good voice, but this was a completely wasted performance. Blake enjoys her aggressiveness and Usher called her voice dope and amazing.
Score: 3 out of 5

Team Blake: Jake Worthington sang Anymore by Travis Tritt-- What a beautiful and sincere performance by Jake. This was such a great song choice for him and genuinely heartfelt. Shakira said that Jake's appeal grows every week. Blake commented on Jake's perfect pitch and the way he lets his emotions flow.
Score: 5 out of 5

Team Shakira: Tess Boyer sang I'll Be There For You by Bon Jovi-- I thought this song was magic for Tess. I loved the way the song fit her vocal range and really showcased the strengths in her voice. She has so many strong points. She is the the woman to beat on Team Shakira. I don't think the song sounded dated, to  me it just sounded like a big power ballad. Blake thinks she is the one to beat on Team Shakira. Usher said the coaches celebrate her since she has been on almost every coach's team.
Score: 5 out of 5

Team Usher: Josh Kaufman sang Stay with Me by Sam Smith-- Perfect song, perfect voice, perfect performance. If we thought it wasn't possible for Josh to outdo himself, we were wrong. Josh was pretty awesome tonight. I loved the dynamics and how the song built to that special place about two thirds of the way through. There's a lot of emotion in this song and that's so perfect for Josh. Shakira declares that she is a fan. Adam thought it was perfect and remains upset that Josh isn't on his team. Blake says Josh is the one to beat on Team Usher.
Score 5 out of 5

Bria, Delvin, and Kat are my bottom three. Keep in mind that this is based on tonight's performances only.

The Voice Season Six: Usher Picks His Final Three

Usher got it right. Completely agreed with his final three.

TJ Wilkins sang Tell Me Something Good by Rufus and Chaka Kahn-- I enjoyed this performance, TJ is someone I have liked watching since his blind audition. Shakira was impressed. Adam liked his ability to entertain people. Usher felt like he did a good job capturing the time of the song.

Melissa Jimenez sang Halo by Beyonce-- Not her best performance. There were lots of shaky spots in this. Shakira brought up the fact that she took a risk, and she did, I agree. Adam felt like there were some beautiful spots, which is true, but there were also some shaky areas as well.

Stevie Jo sang The Thrill is Gone by BB King-- Stevie Jo is an amazing talent, and this is someone I saw going to the end, but I think he ruined his chance by choosing this song. It wasn't right for him. The coaches say he nailed it, but I am not feeling this.

Bria Kelly sang Wild Horses by The Rolling Stones-- This was a great song choice for Bria, it really displayed the rasp in her voice. I think she made a mistake this time around having the guitar with her because it seemed to be a prop and did not enhance her performance. She took a risk though with the song and the arrangement and it did pay off. She made have just bought herself a spot in the final three for Team Usher. Adam said he wished Bria was on his team. Shakira loves her unique voice. Blake loves the soft side of Bria.

Josh Kaufman sang It Will Rain by Bruno Mars-- This was my favorite performance of the night, no surprise. Josh rises to the occasion every time. This was a great song choice for him. I liked how he filled it with so much passion and was also able to make the song his own. Adam is second guessing letting him go (biggest mistake of the season, Adam pitting Delvin and Josh against each other!), and despite that, he still hopes Josh makes it to the top. Blake tells Josh that he is one of Miranda's favorites. Shakira says Josh is one of the biggest talents there.

Usher chooses Josh, Bria, and TJ to move forward as his final three.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

American Idol Season 13: The Top 7, Competitor's Picks

Awesome performances tonight by the top seven. Demi Lovato sat in on the action tonight and commented on the duets/ group performances.

Caleb Johnson sang Family Tree by Kings of Leon chosen by Alex Preston-- I had never heard that song before by King of Leon and to me it sounded like the song belonged to him. It was a good song choice for him. Keith said you are such a consistent, dynamic performer. Jenn thought it was pretty amazing. Harry said he changed up the song a little bit and he liked what he did with it.
Score: 8 out of 10

Jessica Meuse sang Gunpowder and Lead by Miranda Lambert chosen by Sam Woolf-- I didn't really like how Jessica just stood there for the whole performance. I really wanted her to run around on the stage and be more free and spontaneous. Her voice sounded great, but she didn't interact well with the audience. It's like her personality wasn't coming across easily. Jenn said she sounded a little bit off vocally in the verses; it didn't seem natural. Harry said there is a lack of rhythmic delivery when she performs. Keith thought that the energy dissipated as the song went on.
Score: 7 out of 10

Sam and Alex sang Let Her Go by Passenger-- That was one of my fave duets ever on American Idol! I loved it, loved the arrangement, loved their sound. Harry thought it was sweet and okay. Keith thought it was cute but was more interested in seeing it singularly, like what they would do as solo artists. Demi liked the energy, but wanted to hear more. Jenn could see that the girls liked it.

CJ Harris sang Gravity by John Mayer chosen by Caleb Johnson-- This was my favorite CJ performance, Caleb certainly picked the right song. CJ connected like he always does, but he was also in good voice tonight and he stayed on pitch. I smiled as the song went on because this was a home run for a performance. Keith said it was a good performance, and the song was right for you. Jenn said you get more comfortable on stage every week, now all you need to do is create the performance and work with the arrangement. Harry said you have the greatest gift, the ability to connect with an audience. You always connect personally, whether your performance is good or not, and I believe that was your best performance to date. Caleb said it was bad to the bone.
Score: 9 out of 10

Dexter Roberts sang Muckalee Creek Water by Luke Bryan chosen by CJ Harris-- Keith said be careful with the intense songs where the melody is down cause it can pull you off key. Jenn liked seeing this different side of him. Jenn gave a message to all the contestants to elevate their performances. Harry said no matter what the circumstance, take the song and make it your own. I feel similar to Jenn and agreed with her take on this performance. I enjoyed the fact that he did something quite different from what he normally does, and he did connect, and he got into the performance. This is a point though where the performances need to be at an even higher level, so I am looking for that from him cause he's so talented.
Score: 8 out of 10

Jena and Caleb sang Gimme Shelter by The Rolling Stones-- Jenn felt like that performance would be played again and again. Demi thought they killed the duet. She thought the energy was through the roof and she would love to sing with them.

Alex Preston sang The A Team by Ed Sheeran chosen by Dexter Roberts-- Jenn said Dexter picked the perfect song for him. Harry said there is great beauty in smaller performances. This is my favorite performance of the night so far. I second that comment, Harry! I loved this performance. This was like second nature for Alex, he was so comfortable and in the pocket for the whole performance.
Score: 10 out of 10

Sam Woolf sang Sail Away by David Grey chosen by Jessica Meuse-- I was loving this, Sam was sweet tonight. I enjoyed how he really got into the performance, his passion was obvious and intense. Harry said you are a work in progress and you improve every week. Harry thought it wasn't the right song choice, because he felt like he needed something more familiar. Keith thought he looked good and felt comfortable. Jenn said he did a great job connecting with people watching his performance.
Score: 9 out of 10

CJ, Dexter, and Jessica sang Compass by Lady Antebellum-- Harry said the harmonies were out of tune. Keith liked the way the song fit the guys voices. Demi said Jess has a beautiful voice, and she liked each of them singing individually. She wanted them to move around more on stage cause it was a little stiff and awkward and she didn't think the harmonies were good.

Jena Irene sang Creep by Radiohead chosen by Caleb Johnson-- Keith loved her fearlessness and how bold she is. Jenn thought it was beautiful and loves how she makes everything hers. Harry said you're a phenomenal talent and you sing everything with humility and intrigue. I think you did some major damage tonight. I don't get why Ryan thought this was an unlikely song for her because I thought it was pretty awesome. Jena's vocals and artistry were beautiful and obvious.
Score: 10 out of 10

My bottom three, as crazy as this sounds--- Jessica, Caleb, and Dexter. Will Jessica make it another week? Or will she leave Jena alone as the only female left in the competition?

Monday, April 14, 2014

The Voice Season Six: Shakira and Adam pick their teams

Team Shakira:

Kristen Merlin sang Two Black Cadillacs by Carrie Underwood-- Unreal vocal, and a standing ovation from Adam and Shakira. Adam felt like she broke through and became a serious contender, you're at the top of your game, your best, and one of the best of the season. Blake said it was as flawless as a live performance can be. Usher said she is consistent and one of the best voices in the competition. I loved this, it was as good as Miss Carrie herself singing it. Adam and Usher told Shakira she has to keep Kristen.

Deja Hall sang Battlefield by Jordin Sparks-- I wanted the vocal to be a little more aggressive. She needed to dirty it up a little bit, she was trying to make it sound perfect and it lost some of its grit. Blake said she came out of her shell a bit. Usher said she has grown so much. Shakira felt like she was finally believing in herself.

Tess Boyer sang Human by Christina Perri-- Tess is nothing short of amazing; I hope she keeps going in this competition. She kind of reminds of someone like Will Champlin, just the way she keeps battling back, it's just so cool, and she has that type of work ethic where she refuses to give up, she keeps raising the bar. Adam said if you win this, I will look like a ding dong for being the only person on the coaching panel to not coach you. Adam called Blake and Usher total morons for letting her go. Usher called her superhuman for the way she holds notes, and talked about the realness to her voice. Blake said she took something hard and made it seem easy. Shakira called her a little miracle and even in her low voice, her voice filled the room completely.

Patrick Thomson sang Trouble by Ray LaMontagne-- This was my favorite performance by Patrick, and I do think he connected with the song. Usher said he didn't understand who Patrick was until now. Blake said Adam looks dumb now for letting him go. Shakira said you just had that moment where everyone sees what you're capable of; your voice was right on the money.

Dani Moz sang Edge of Glory by Lady Gaga-- Awesome stripped down performance. I really had the opportunity to hear Dani's vocals and her artistry. She was clearly connected to the song. Adam said emotions are good, it was really great, and Shakira is a loony if she doesn't keep you moving forward. Blake said you were completely connected to the song and you're a game changer. Usher said you're extremely passionate, and it wasn't flawless but your emotion brought me closer to you. Shakira said Dani made her listen to that Gaga song and she thinks if Gaga is watching, she'd be proud.

Prediction: Kristen, Tess, and Dani

Shakira's final three: wow, well my prediction was 100% right, and you don't have to believe it but I did choose the three moving forward-- Tess, Kristen, and Dani

Team Adam:

Delvin Choice sang Let's Stay Together by Al Green-- Delvin has that voice that is capable of just about anything. What he has is pure unbounded talent; I can't wait to see what the next round brings for Delvin. The runs and just the overall smooth quality to his voice is incredible. Blake said you have grown leaps and bounds. Usher said there is nothing you can't do. Shakira said it was delicious. Adam said you have solidified that we're the team to beat this year.

Jake Barker sang She Will Be Loved by Maroon 5-- I enjoyed Jake's performance, his falsetto is pretty awesome, and while Usher thinks he sounds a little like Justin Timberlake, I also think he sounds a little like Adam Levine. It's hard to believe he doesn't have a lot of singing experience. Blake said you have such a strong falsetto; I feel for Adam, he has some tough decisions coming up. Usher said your growth is impressive and I hope you make it through. Shakira said you have a vulnerable, sweet voice, and it worked. Adam said Jake is a natural.

Kat Perkins sang Open Arms by Journey-- I loved Kat's performance, I didn't love the song for her. It seemed a little bit 80's for me, It was like she didn't make the song modern. The coaches seemed to really love this performance though. Shakira said she made it seem effortless. Blake said open arms my ass, open lungs. He said it sounded like Kat's song, I have no criticism. Adam said those are really challenging songs, and there is nothing to criticize.

Morgan Wallen sang Stay by Florida Georgia Line-- Honest performance from Morgan! I liked the song choice. I wonder if he will make it through though only because there are so many strong singers on Adam's team. Unfortunately, I think he is going to be left behind. He does have a good country voice though, there is no doubt. Usher said he should be singing country music, and he is happy he is still in this. Blake said I hear a lot of Pearl Jam and Stone Temple Pilots in his voice.

Christina Grimmie sang I Won't Give Up by Jason Mraz-- I think Christina Grimmie was the best performance of the night. I think she is the shoe in for Team Adam. What an amazing vocal full of emotion and strength. Blake said Adam that is the best singer on your team. How does such a big voice come out of such a little person? Usher said you're like baby Celine Dion. Adam said Blake said I am little too, and Usher said, no, he said parts of you are little. Adam said I haven't had any complaints. Shakira said it was perfect, I loved that you sang a song that was sung by a male, and made it your own.

Prediction: Christina, Jake, and Delvin

Adam's final three: Christina, Delvin, and Kat

The Voice Season Six: Blake picks his final three

Audra McLaughlin sang Broken Wing by Martina McBride-- Audra started out slow, soft, and unsure. As her confidence picked up and the song went on, Audra's voice grew stronger and stronger. I actually loved this performance and I feel like this is going to be a hard choice for Blake. He said the same thing after hearing Audra sing.

Ryan Whyte Maloney sang Second Chance by Shinedown-- This was a strong performance. Ryan has a high vocal range for a guy, and he has tons of control considering this. He also picked a tough song so he gets extra points for that. Usher and Shakira both thought that Ryan nailed this performance. Blake seemed to like Ryan, but at the same time, he seemed nervous about whether or not he would advance him.

Madilyn Paige sang Clarity by Zedd feat. Foxes-- Madilyn's performance was the weakest out of the bunch. It's too bad cause she is talented, but she is also young and not as developed as some of the other contestants. Madilyn also picked a tough song, it was bigger than her, and there were lots of pitch issues in this performance. Adam was right on when he told Madilyn that she needed to let go more.

Jake Worthington sang Anywhere With You by Barefoot Blue Jean Night-- Jake may not have the best voice, but his performance skills have grown immensely. His voice isn't a slouch either, he has a solid vocal. I also feel like Blake really relates to Jake being that he is a country artist. Shakira called him a star, and Adam was excited to see how far he has come, these are both very true comments.

Sisaundra Lewis sang New York State of Mind by Billy Joel-- Sisaundra is someone who I look forward to seeing every week. I love how she performed this song, every note and run was total perfection, and I think she is a favorite to win this whole competition this year. She shut this down, she's the only person in my opinion who is a shoe in for this final three.

Totally forgot to write the results: Sisaundra, Audra, and Jake

Ryan and Madilyn's journey ends here....

I think ultimately Blake made the right choices.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

American Idol Season 13: The Top 8 Part 2, It's the Big 80s!

Yay! Season 7 Winner David Cook coached the final 8 this week.

01 Jena Irene sang I Love Rock n' Roll by Joan Jett-- David said he was initially confused but then really started to dig what she was doing with the song. Jena was sounding a little bit like Gwen Stefani in this performance. It's like a slowed down punk rock version of the song, and I actually found myself liking it too. Keith loved the originality she brought to the performance. Jenn wanted it to sound a little more amped up in the middle but thought she did put her stamp on it. Harry thought it felt choreographed in terms of her stage movements, and wanted her to go with what she was
Score: 8 out of 10

02 Dexter Roberts sang Keep Your Hands to Yourself by Georgia Satellites-- David told him to remember to enunciate! The pointers David gave Dexter should help to make his performance sharper. I loved the guitar solo, thought the performance was fun, and it looked like Dexter thoroughly enjoyed himself, it was a party! Jenn said it felt good today, and she felt he had a personality this time around. Harry thought he did a nice job, rocked out, and earned it. Keith said feel free to do something completely unexpected.
Score: 9 out of 10

Alex Preston and Sam Woolf sang The Girl is Mine by Michael Jackson and Paul McCartney-- Keith liked how their voices sounded together. Jenn said she felt Sam connected better.

03 Malaya Watson sang Through the Fire by Chaka Kahn-- David thought Malaya was a firecracker. He asked her to bring more focus to her performance. Malaya had several impressive moments in that performance. She hit some high notes and hit them right on. Keith agreed with David calling her a firecracker. Jenn said you're our baby, relax up there. Harry said she sacrificed the beginning of the song because she was thinking about hitting that high Chaka note which Harry said he was impressed with.
Score: 8 out of 10

Jena Irene and Caleb Johnson sang It's Only Love by Bryan Adams and Tina Turner--

04 Jessica Meuse sang Call Me by Blondie-- David told Jessica that although all her notes were spot on, she didn't seem to be enjoying herself. I am so happy David mentioned this to her. Harry said she has a great voice, but felt she needs to be in the pocket more. Keith is waiting for her to release. Jenn said she needed it to exude the sexy cool that Blondie exudes, and she needed "call me" to be "CALL. ME!". I am feeling Jenn's comment and I totally agree. This could have been better. I even understand Harry's shuffle and groove comment.
Score: 7 out of 10

05 Sam Woolf sang Time After Time by Cyndi Lauper-- David told Sam to own the stage while he is up there and said he is so so talented. Keith said your vocal ability is there. Jenn thought he did a good job and she watched him intently. She thinks Sam and the guitar is his strength. Harry said he is getting better every week, and he saw him looking into the camera the whole time but it is okay for him to look at the girls. I saw Sam connecting much more, and I agree with all the judges comments. He is one of my favorites, and when you grow every week, it means your potential is limitless.
Score: 9 out of 10

Malaya Watson and CJ Harris sang I Knew You Were Waiting For Me by Aretha Franklin and George Michael-- Jenn said I thought you two were cute together. Harry thought it was like regional theater, and Keith said you would know Harry.

Alex Preston sang Every Breath You Take by The Police-- David thought Alex felt nervous because he was rushing the song. Not sure I like how much this strays from the original. It was a good vocal, and it sounded very John Mayer-ish. The only thing is I was waiting for that build up to when Sting belts out.... "since you're gone, I've been lost without a trace....". Harry liked how it was original and sounded like a totally new song. Harry says he is a performer more than he is an entertainer. Keith said when you started singing you grabbed my attention like that. Keith said David was right in his push and pull of the tempo. Jenn said she missed the tempo of the song, and it was too different.
Score: 7 out of 10

Jessica Meuse and Dexter Roberts sang Islands in the Stream by Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers--

CJ Harris sang Free Falling by Tom Petty-- David said everyone is so good this season. He and CJ worked on tempo which I think is important for CJ. Only thing I didn't like was how it ended and the fact that it ended. Jenn said she routes for him with every note. Harry said when you hit the high notes in that performance you were much more in tune. You have such a great connection with people. Keith felt like it was a great rendition of that song. CJ said David was an unreal person, and really helped him on the song. He added that he helped every one of them. He didn't know what he was going to do with the bridge of the song and David helped him.
Score: 9 out of 10

Caleb Johnson sang Faithfully by Journey-- David wants Caleb to give this song more reverence and this is the 80's song that takes it to church. Amazing vocal by Caleb. I just loved this performance, it encompassed what the 80's were all about. Harry said people anticipated your consistent vocal and something that was more subtle, and you did it. Nice work! Keith said it was killer, perfect song for you, I had my lighter up; I loved it man. Jenn said Steve Perry is one of the Gods. I thought it was amazing.
Score: 10 out of 10

Who is in trouble? Will two be sent home instead of one? Alex and Jessica followed by Jena and Malaya could be in some trouble tomorrow night. I think Jessica might be going home.

Monday, April 7, 2014

The Voice Season 6: Round 2 of the Battles, Part 2 and 3

Part 2:

Team Blake: Sisaundra Lewis vs. Biff Gore sang It's a Man's Man's Man's World by James Brown-- All things considered this was a fairly matched battle. Sisaundra brings the sick vocal and Biff brings the entertainment factor. What it came down to for Blake was those killer vocals.
Blake chose Sisaundra

Team Shakira: Dendyl vs. Deja Hall sang Say Something by a Great Big World and Christina Aguilera-- My favorite in this was Deja; I think she is so talented and poised for someone her age. Adam brought up Deja's rich tone. Blake liked Deja's innocence but admired Ddendyl's artistry. Usher felt like going with Deja was right because she has so much room to grow.
Shakira chose Deja

Team Shakira: Emily B vs Kristen Merlin sang I Can Love You Better by Dixie Chicks-- Kristen Merlin wins the Battle

Team Usher: Stevie Jo vs. Morgan Wallen sang Story of My Life by One Direction-- Usher said, Morgan, I didn't know you had a falsetto, and he said Stevie Jo has this amazing ability to sing tricky melodies. I enjoyed both singers, and I liked how they turned a straight pop song into a ballad.
Usher chose Stevie Jo and Adam stole Morgan

Part 3:

Team Shakira: Clarissa Serna vs Dani Moz sang Perfect by Pink-- Maybe it's cause they were first out of the gate tonight but I wasn't all that impressed with either one. Dani won! Yay!
Shakira chose Dani

Team Adam: Dawn & Hawkes vs. Kat Perkins sang Suddenly I See by K.T. Tunstall-- Blake felt like Dawn & Hawkes were backing Kat up. Usher jumped on the Kat bandwagon as well. Dawn & Hawkes sounded as one and Kat stood out, Shakira said. Adam said Kat is one of the most underrated singers in this competition. I didn't think Kat was all that great, I would have picked Dawn & Hawkes.
Adam chose Kat

Team Usher: Melissa Jimenez vs. Music Box sang Girl on Fire by Alicia Keys-- I thought both artists were quite strong, I preferred Melissa's style a little bit more, so I lean more towards her. Unsure what Shakira was talking about when she was talking about many weak moments in the performance. Adam said they both had good moments but Melissa perhaps had more good moments. Blake said Melissa is a smooth singer, but he is still curious about Music Box and for that reason would go with her. Usher said because he is looking forward to teaching her, he picks Melissa.
Usher chose Melissa

Team Blake: Kaleigh Glanton vs. Ryan Whyte Maloney sang Easy by Rascal Flatts and Natasha Bedingfield-- Usher said he felt the challenge of the song but felt that Kaleigh and Ryan were supportive of one another. Blake was impressed with both of them. He decided he needed to go with overall consistency and chose Ryan. I agree; he's conquered some tough songs. Kaleigh allowed her nerves to get the best of her. She actually sounded better during rehearsals than she did on the stage. I agree with Usher's comment in that Easy is a tough song to sing.
Blake chose Ryan

 Team Adam: Brittnee Camelle vs. Jake Barker sang Climax by Usher-- That was my fave battle of the night. I thought that they took a huge risk singing that song, it's really high, and they both pulled it off. Blake felt like Jake had the edge. Usher said it was one of his most risky songs, and he thought that they both gave great performances. Shakira said Jake embraced the challenge and she would give it to him. Adam said Brittnee had some unbelievable notes in there, and he said Jake sounds like he has been singing his whole life.
Adam chose Jake

Team Usher: Madilyn Paige vs. Bria Kelly sang I'll Stand by You by The Pretenders-- I liked both of them. Seems they can both use some work. Adam said he was left wanting more, and I agree with that. Blake echoed a similar thought. Usher believes they both need a learning experience moving forward.
Usher chose Bria and yes, Blake stole Madilyn

Saturday, April 5, 2014

The Voice Season 6: It's the Battles Part 2

From Team Blake: Megan Ruger vs. Audra McLaughlin sang The Climb by Miley Cyrus-- I thought Megan held back in this performance. For me, Audra had the stronger voice and her voice really soared through the runs and higher notes.
Blake chose Audra

From Team Usher: Cierra Mickens vs. TJ Wilkins sang Get Here by Oleta Adams-- Beautiful vocals from both of them. I wish they treated like this like more of a duet at the beginning because their voices blended well, and it's a shame that at the start it seemed like they were giving separate performances. I think Cierra would have the edge for me because her tone was flawless. TJ kept up with her though. Adam said Cierra had great control. Shakira bowed to both of them. Blake thought Cierra's performance was perfect; he said TJ's voice cuts through everything.
Usher chose TJ

From Team Blake: Jake Worthington vs. Tess Boyer sang Have a Little Faith in Me by John Hiatt-- Wowza! I am loving both of them and their strong, emotion filled vocals. I like the life that they breathed into this, and again, the male and female pairing just blends the voices so well. I would honestly go with either one of them. Usher was impressed with both of them. Shakira called Tess a revelation and said her voice was powerful, beautiful, and sweet. Adam said that was an "A" level performance, and there were so many signs of improvement. Blake congratulated both of them.
Blake chose Jake, and all the remaining coaches tried to steal Tess and Shakira won

From Team Adam: Christina Grimmie vs. Sam Behymer sang Counting Stars by One Republic-- I don't think this song choice did them any favors. Neither one of them seemed to be vocally in the pocket so to speak. I liked the distinct quality of Christina's voice more than Sam's. At times, Sam was a little bit off pitch. Blake said Christina was a little ball of fire and he said Sam was full of finesse. Shakira feels like Sam is still searching for her style whereas Christina has more maturity and confidence.
Adam chose Christina

From Team Shakira: Patrick Thomson vs. Josh Murley sang Run to You by Bryan Adams-- Good song choice, the song set in that comfy part of both of their voices. I liked both, I don't have a preference; I think both of them have good rock voices. Blake said he would probably go with Patrick whereas Adam would go with ex Team Adam member Josh. Usher didn't know who to choose.  Shakira felt this was an evenly matched battle.
Shakira chose Patrick

From Team Adam: Delvin Choice vs. Josh Kaufman sang Signed, Sealed, Delivered by Stevie Wonder-- This was not only the best battle I have ever heard on The Voice but it is probably one of the best vocals I have ever heard on any singing competition on television. Delvin and Josh threw down with abandon, and for them this wasn't about competing with each other, it was about doing the best vocal possible, and making it a performance at the same time. This song brought out everything in their voices, it was butter in certain places and brought out the smoothness in their voices. At the same time, it also brought out the grit. Both of them deserve to move on, just based on the fact that they are a cut above the other competitors. All the coaches were standing at the end of the performance. Adam said he quits and that was a flawless performance and they made it impossible for him to choose. He said either decision he makes, he loses a potential winner.
Adam chose Delvin and Usher stole Josh (Usher, props for not making Josh wait for the steal, you jumped on that!)

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

American Idol Season 13: The Top 8 Take it Back to the Start

This week was something new but old. I don't think American Idol has ever done this before, but the top 8 performed their audition songs again.

Jessica Meuse sang Blue Eyed Lie (an original song)-- Jenn said you always get an idea of who people are when they sing their own original music. She loved it. Harry said it's like when you watch Cher or Nancy Sinatra from the 70s. He said there was an odd dead space near the end of the song. I liked this performance, I didn't love it, but it was strong overall, and it's always nice to hear someone sing original material because it does let you know who they are as artists or who they want to be at the very least.
Score: a strong 7 out of 10

CJ Harris sang Soul Shine by The Allman Brothers Band-- Jenn felt it was better than the first time that he did it. She feels he touches people's hearts. Harry said you're special enough to be here and so is your voice, you've been working on the things we've spoken to you about. He said work on pitch cause when you get a record deal, which I hope you will cause you're that good, if you sing on pitch they aren't going to auto tune your voice the way they would if you're singing in tune. Keith agreed it was better than the first time. I was listening intently as he sang cause I know Harry has picked on him since the beginning about pitch and singing in tune, and it was something that was sticking out to me. I feel like this was his best performance to date. He took the notes and he used the criticism to his advantage.
Score: 8 out of 10

Alex and Jena sang Just Give Me a Reason by Pink and Nate Ruess-- Started out rough but finished strong, I liked this pairing. The song suited both of their styles.

Sam Woolf sang Lego House by Ed Sheeran-- Harry said the wrong word gets thrown around with you, you're competent as a singer. When these young people are screaming for you, acknowledge it, and pick someone in the audience and smile at that. Keith said he is getting looser and more soulful, and he feels he improves every week and is happy with where he is headed. I liked this performance very much, the vocal was honest. That's a tough song to sing, and he sang it effortlessly. It seems as though he did gain some confidence from the first time he sang the song.
Score: 9 out of 10

Jessica and Caleb sang Stop Dragging My Heart Around by Stevie Nicks and Tom Petty-- Aside from Jessica being a little bit screamy at the end, this was good. They both sounded like authentic rockers.

Malaya Watson sang Ain't No Way by Aretha Franklin-- Keith gave her a standing ovation. Wow, Malaya's performance really touched me, I had chills and there were tears by the end. Her voice was so strong and emotional; she is so beyond her years. Jenn said she has so much more control and poise than when she started, and Jenn feels she could run away with this competition. Harry said you have such incredible access to such musicians, learn how to sing runs so that you're in tune with the chords underneath you. Keep singing, because you're great.
Score: 10 out of 10

Dexter Roberts sang One Mississippi by Brett Eldredge-- Jenn said everything we've been asking you to do, you did. Harry said you sang the crap out of that song, and you sang it beautifully. I was touched, and you have great ideas by the way. Keith commented on how great the song was. He said you've grown leaps and bounds; pay less attention to the sound of your voice,  and think about communicating the lyrics. That was my favorite performance by Dexter ever, and one of my favorite performances of this whole season. I found Dexter believable and genuine, and the song was touching and right in his wheelhouse. How amazing!
Score: 10 out of 10

Malaya and Sam sang Lucky by Jason Mraz and Colbie Caillat-- Sam sounded outstanding at the beginning of the song. The way that their voices mixed seemed a little bit labored.

Jena Irene sang Rolling in the Deep by Adele-- Keith gave Jena a standing ovation. Harry thought she did a great job. Keith said what I loved about that performance is that you made it your own and you never let that go. It was bold and I loved every second of it. Jenn told her to come out and destroy everyone with her performances. This was my favorite Jena performance ever. This was like a slowed down disco version of Rolling in the Deep; the performance was cosmic. Her voice sparkled and her range was incredible; she might be the most improved contestant.
Score: 10 out of 10

CJ and Dexter sang All Right by Darius Rucker-- This performance got stronger and stronger as it went along. Initially the harmonies were a little weird but they worked it out.

Caleb Johnson sang Chain of Fools by Aretha Franklin-- Keith said you're a blues warrior, a soul conqueror, you're a viking. Jenn said you always do what you set out to do, well done. Harry said your stakes are so firmly planted in this competition. He said I would like to hear you sing something that's not so loud. I appreciate how Caleb changed this song up and made it more of a blues rock oriented song. I have to say that I agree with the points that the judges brought up. I am especially in agreement with Harry. I have heard him slow it down, but I haven't hear him get quiet.
Score: 9 out of 10

Alex Preston sang Fairytales (an original song)-- Jenn said you're more comfortable now. Harry said I loved it, you did an original song, and I loved that. Keith said he was so proud of him and so proud of everyone. Amazing! If I was there, behind the judges table, I would have been on my feet with tears running down my face. Alex's performance hit it out of the park, his verbratto was incredible. There was just so much feeling and emotion in that, and that's how I see him as an artist.
Score: 10 out of 10

Who is going home tomorrow? Sadly Jessica and CJ could be in some trouble.