Monday, April 14, 2014

The Voice Season Six: Shakira and Adam pick their teams

Team Shakira:

Kristen Merlin sang Two Black Cadillacs by Carrie Underwood-- Unreal vocal, and a standing ovation from Adam and Shakira. Adam felt like she broke through and became a serious contender, you're at the top of your game, your best, and one of the best of the season. Blake said it was as flawless as a live performance can be. Usher said she is consistent and one of the best voices in the competition. I loved this, it was as good as Miss Carrie herself singing it. Adam and Usher told Shakira she has to keep Kristen.

Deja Hall sang Battlefield by Jordin Sparks-- I wanted the vocal to be a little more aggressive. She needed to dirty it up a little bit, she was trying to make it sound perfect and it lost some of its grit. Blake said she came out of her shell a bit. Usher said she has grown so much. Shakira felt like she was finally believing in herself.

Tess Boyer sang Human by Christina Perri-- Tess is nothing short of amazing; I hope she keeps going in this competition. She kind of reminds of someone like Will Champlin, just the way she keeps battling back, it's just so cool, and she has that type of work ethic where she refuses to give up, she keeps raising the bar. Adam said if you win this, I will look like a ding dong for being the only person on the coaching panel to not coach you. Adam called Blake and Usher total morons for letting her go. Usher called her superhuman for the way she holds notes, and talked about the realness to her voice. Blake said she took something hard and made it seem easy. Shakira called her a little miracle and even in her low voice, her voice filled the room completely.

Patrick Thomson sang Trouble by Ray LaMontagne-- This was my favorite performance by Patrick, and I do think he connected with the song. Usher said he didn't understand who Patrick was until now. Blake said Adam looks dumb now for letting him go. Shakira said you just had that moment where everyone sees what you're capable of; your voice was right on the money.

Dani Moz sang Edge of Glory by Lady Gaga-- Awesome stripped down performance. I really had the opportunity to hear Dani's vocals and her artistry. She was clearly connected to the song. Adam said emotions are good, it was really great, and Shakira is a loony if she doesn't keep you moving forward. Blake said you were completely connected to the song and you're a game changer. Usher said you're extremely passionate, and it wasn't flawless but your emotion brought me closer to you. Shakira said Dani made her listen to that Gaga song and she thinks if Gaga is watching, she'd be proud.

Prediction: Kristen, Tess, and Dani

Shakira's final three: wow, well my prediction was 100% right, and you don't have to believe it but I did choose the three moving forward-- Tess, Kristen, and Dani

Team Adam:

Delvin Choice sang Let's Stay Together by Al Green-- Delvin has that voice that is capable of just about anything. What he has is pure unbounded talent; I can't wait to see what the next round brings for Delvin. The runs and just the overall smooth quality to his voice is incredible. Blake said you have grown leaps and bounds. Usher said there is nothing you can't do. Shakira said it was delicious. Adam said you have solidified that we're the team to beat this year.

Jake Barker sang She Will Be Loved by Maroon 5-- I enjoyed Jake's performance, his falsetto is pretty awesome, and while Usher thinks he sounds a little like Justin Timberlake, I also think he sounds a little like Adam Levine. It's hard to believe he doesn't have a lot of singing experience. Blake said you have such a strong falsetto; I feel for Adam, he has some tough decisions coming up. Usher said your growth is impressive and I hope you make it through. Shakira said you have a vulnerable, sweet voice, and it worked. Adam said Jake is a natural.

Kat Perkins sang Open Arms by Journey-- I loved Kat's performance, I didn't love the song for her. It seemed a little bit 80's for me, It was like she didn't make the song modern. The coaches seemed to really love this performance though. Shakira said she made it seem effortless. Blake said open arms my ass, open lungs. He said it sounded like Kat's song, I have no criticism. Adam said those are really challenging songs, and there is nothing to criticize.

Morgan Wallen sang Stay by Florida Georgia Line-- Honest performance from Morgan! I liked the song choice. I wonder if he will make it through though only because there are so many strong singers on Adam's team. Unfortunately, I think he is going to be left behind. He does have a good country voice though, there is no doubt. Usher said he should be singing country music, and he is happy he is still in this. Blake said I hear a lot of Pearl Jam and Stone Temple Pilots in his voice.

Christina Grimmie sang I Won't Give Up by Jason Mraz-- I think Christina Grimmie was the best performance of the night. I think she is the shoe in for Team Adam. What an amazing vocal full of emotion and strength. Blake said Adam that is the best singer on your team. How does such a big voice come out of such a little person? Usher said you're like baby Celine Dion. Adam said Blake said I am little too, and Usher said, no, he said parts of you are little. Adam said I haven't had any complaints. Shakira said it was perfect, I loved that you sang a song that was sung by a male, and made it your own.

Prediction: Christina, Jake, and Delvin

Adam's final three: Christina, Delvin, and Kat

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