Wednesday, April 16, 2014

American Idol Season 13: The Top 7, Competitor's Picks

Awesome performances tonight by the top seven. Demi Lovato sat in on the action tonight and commented on the duets/ group performances.

Caleb Johnson sang Family Tree by Kings of Leon chosen by Alex Preston-- I had never heard that song before by King of Leon and to me it sounded like the song belonged to him. It was a good song choice for him. Keith said you are such a consistent, dynamic performer. Jenn thought it was pretty amazing. Harry said he changed up the song a little bit and he liked what he did with it.
Score: 8 out of 10

Jessica Meuse sang Gunpowder and Lead by Miranda Lambert chosen by Sam Woolf-- I didn't really like how Jessica just stood there for the whole performance. I really wanted her to run around on the stage and be more free and spontaneous. Her voice sounded great, but she didn't interact well with the audience. It's like her personality wasn't coming across easily. Jenn said she sounded a little bit off vocally in the verses; it didn't seem natural. Harry said there is a lack of rhythmic delivery when she performs. Keith thought that the energy dissipated as the song went on.
Score: 7 out of 10

Sam and Alex sang Let Her Go by Passenger-- That was one of my fave duets ever on American Idol! I loved it, loved the arrangement, loved their sound. Harry thought it was sweet and okay. Keith thought it was cute but was more interested in seeing it singularly, like what they would do as solo artists. Demi liked the energy, but wanted to hear more. Jenn could see that the girls liked it.

CJ Harris sang Gravity by John Mayer chosen by Caleb Johnson-- This was my favorite CJ performance, Caleb certainly picked the right song. CJ connected like he always does, but he was also in good voice tonight and he stayed on pitch. I smiled as the song went on because this was a home run for a performance. Keith said it was a good performance, and the song was right for you. Jenn said you get more comfortable on stage every week, now all you need to do is create the performance and work with the arrangement. Harry said you have the greatest gift, the ability to connect with an audience. You always connect personally, whether your performance is good or not, and I believe that was your best performance to date. Caleb said it was bad to the bone.
Score: 9 out of 10

Dexter Roberts sang Muckalee Creek Water by Luke Bryan chosen by CJ Harris-- Keith said be careful with the intense songs where the melody is down cause it can pull you off key. Jenn liked seeing this different side of him. Jenn gave a message to all the contestants to elevate their performances. Harry said no matter what the circumstance, take the song and make it your own. I feel similar to Jenn and agreed with her take on this performance. I enjoyed the fact that he did something quite different from what he normally does, and he did connect, and he got into the performance. This is a point though where the performances need to be at an even higher level, so I am looking for that from him cause he's so talented.
Score: 8 out of 10

Jena and Caleb sang Gimme Shelter by The Rolling Stones-- Jenn felt like that performance would be played again and again. Demi thought they killed the duet. She thought the energy was through the roof and she would love to sing with them.

Alex Preston sang The A Team by Ed Sheeran chosen by Dexter Roberts-- Jenn said Dexter picked the perfect song for him. Harry said there is great beauty in smaller performances. This is my favorite performance of the night so far. I second that comment, Harry! I loved this performance. This was like second nature for Alex, he was so comfortable and in the pocket for the whole performance.
Score: 10 out of 10

Sam Woolf sang Sail Away by David Grey chosen by Jessica Meuse-- I was loving this, Sam was sweet tonight. I enjoyed how he really got into the performance, his passion was obvious and intense. Harry said you are a work in progress and you improve every week. Harry thought it wasn't the right song choice, because he felt like he needed something more familiar. Keith thought he looked good and felt comfortable. Jenn said he did a great job connecting with people watching his performance.
Score: 9 out of 10

CJ, Dexter, and Jessica sang Compass by Lady Antebellum-- Harry said the harmonies were out of tune. Keith liked the way the song fit the guys voices. Demi said Jess has a beautiful voice, and she liked each of them singing individually. She wanted them to move around more on stage cause it was a little stiff and awkward and she didn't think the harmonies were good.

Jena Irene sang Creep by Radiohead chosen by Caleb Johnson-- Keith loved her fearlessness and how bold she is. Jenn thought it was beautiful and loves how she makes everything hers. Harry said you're a phenomenal talent and you sing everything with humility and intrigue. I think you did some major damage tonight. I don't get why Ryan thought this was an unlikely song for her because I thought it was pretty awesome. Jena's vocals and artistry were beautiful and obvious.
Score: 10 out of 10

My bottom three, as crazy as this sounds--- Jessica, Caleb, and Dexter. Will Jessica make it another week? Or will she leave Jena alone as the only female left in the competition?

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