Monday, April 21, 2014

The Voice Season Six: Usher Picks His Final Three

Usher got it right. Completely agreed with his final three.

TJ Wilkins sang Tell Me Something Good by Rufus and Chaka Kahn-- I enjoyed this performance, TJ is someone I have liked watching since his blind audition. Shakira was impressed. Adam liked his ability to entertain people. Usher felt like he did a good job capturing the time of the song.

Melissa Jimenez sang Halo by Beyonce-- Not her best performance. There were lots of shaky spots in this. Shakira brought up the fact that she took a risk, and she did, I agree. Adam felt like there were some beautiful spots, which is true, but there were also some shaky areas as well.

Stevie Jo sang The Thrill is Gone by BB King-- Stevie Jo is an amazing talent, and this is someone I saw going to the end, but I think he ruined his chance by choosing this song. It wasn't right for him. The coaches say he nailed it, but I am not feeling this.

Bria Kelly sang Wild Horses by The Rolling Stones-- This was a great song choice for Bria, it really displayed the rasp in her voice. I think she made a mistake this time around having the guitar with her because it seemed to be a prop and did not enhance her performance. She took a risk though with the song and the arrangement and it did pay off. She made have just bought herself a spot in the final three for Team Usher. Adam said he wished Bria was on his team. Shakira loves her unique voice. Blake loves the soft side of Bria.

Josh Kaufman sang It Will Rain by Bruno Mars-- This was my favorite performance of the night, no surprise. Josh rises to the occasion every time. This was a great song choice for him. I liked how he filled it with so much passion and was also able to make the song his own. Adam is second guessing letting him go (biggest mistake of the season, Adam pitting Delvin and Josh against each other!), and despite that, he still hopes Josh makes it to the top. Blake tells Josh that he is one of Miranda's favorites. Shakira says Josh is one of the biggest talents there.

Usher chooses Josh, Bria, and TJ to move forward as his final three.

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