Monday, February 29, 2016

The Voice Season 10: The Blind Auditions, Are You Ready?

Paxton Ingram sang Dancing on My Own by Robyn-- Blake turned first with Adam and Pharrell coming in at the end. Paxton said that Michael Jackson is his major influence. Blake said please pick me, I've never known greatness this early. Pharrell said I am at a loss for works. Adam said he was brilliant. I loved his voice, I think it was very soulful, and I liked how he slowed down the song.
Paxton chose Blake

Caity Peters sang Jealous by Labrinth-- four chair turn, Christina and Pharrell turned first and then Blake and Adam. I didn't love this song choice. All the coaches agreed that they love soulful music. Adam said she is on the cusp of greatness. Blake said you are great.
Caity chose Pharrell

Nick Hagelin sang Lost Stars by Adam Levine-- I loved that, and I do not understand why Adam turned. Adam said he was sitting there so flattered that someone was singing his song. Christina said I believed in your voice from go, it reminded me of early Michael. Blake said he heard Prince in his voice, and he said Pharrell will tell you that you have a great recording voice.
Nick chose Pharrell

Maddie Poppe sang Dog Days Are Over by Florence + The Machine-- No one turned, but Adam let her sit in his chair and Pharrell told her to try again next year.

Mary Sarah sang Where the Boys Are by Connie Francis-- 4 chair turn! This girl, on top of being stunning and a knock out, has an amazing voice. Adam said she had a consistent powerful upper register and it took him to a different time. Christina turned and said she'd be crazy not to turn and she'd love to be her coach. Blake said he has heard about her, and he is excited to have someone bring that era back to music. Pharrell urged Mary not to listen to anything Blake says. Blake said she has that vintage sounding voice and I have never heard anything like it.
Mary chose Blake

Mike Schiavo sang Body Talk by Tove Lo-- Adam turned real quick followed by Pharrell and then Blake. I loved the rasp in his voice and how he took this song and made the meaning, the lyrics, and the sound so different. Pharrell liked his crispy clear tone. Christina asked about his musical influences and he said Elvis and Maroon 5, and she said what's your fave Maroon 5 song, and he said I'd take it back to.... She Will Be Loved. And Christina said, Adam you should get up there and sing with him and seal the deal. Adam called him a natural. Blake said if you wanna grow by doing something different, you can pick me. Pharrell said don't allow yourself to be marooned.
Mike chose Adam

Queen Sassy sang Show Me Love-- I actually liked her, her blind audition was a little strong for The Voice, I hope she comes back.

Bryan Bautista sang The Hills by The Weeknd-- Bryan is back for a second chance after missing out in Season 9. Christina pressed first, and then Blake. Bryan told Pharrell and Adam that they fueled him to come back. Adam told Bryan that Christina is like the best singer of all time, and Bryan said they should sing Fire and Desire together.
Bryan chose Christina

Abby Celso sang Should've Been Us by Tori Kelly-- I wish she lifted the notes just a little more, they sit low and deep, but I was digging the runs. Adam said if I don't get you on my team, this is the song I will be singing for the rest of my life. I think there is better from you and we can win this if you're on my team. Blake pushed for Pharrell, and Pharrell said she has it. Pharrell said I want to be behind you so that if you fall, I can pick you up. Blake said to Adam I don't know what would have swayed her to pick Pharrell and Adam said, how about when you said, let me tell you why you should pick Pharrell.
Abby chose Pharrell

John Gilman sang Don't Be Cruel by Elvis Presley-- Wow, only Adam turned, so no contest here. Blake said I don't know why I didn't hit my button, I'm stupid sometimes.
Adam chose john

Alisan Porter sang Blue Bayou by Linda Ronstadt-- 4 chair turn! Her voice is magnetic, all four coaches are standing. Adam is right, this is a stunning performance. Blake said you're gonna have so much fun on this show, you're gonna have a blast. Pharrell asked how she got around to realizing that this was her first love, and she told them her story. Christina said I admire your story and I want to be a part of your history. Adam said, your performance was beautiful, flawless, and pitch perfect. You're gonna win the voice, and I want you to win it on my team.
Alisan chose Christina

Who to keep your eye on.....Alisan Porter, Mike Schiavo, Mary Sarah, and Nick Hagelin

Thursday, February 25, 2016

American Idol Season 15: Kelly Clarkson Returns and The Top Ten Revealed!

Olivia Rox-- Idol Memory Katherine McPhee singing Somewhere Over the Rainbow Season 5
Olivia sang Unconditionally by Katy Perry-- Keith called her a real artist and said it was a great song choice. Jenn loved the arrangement and thought it suited her voice beautifully. Kelly said that it takes so much more air to be all soft at the beginning and she said it was so tasteful. Harry said you did everything you had to do nice job. I liked Olivia's performance, it was thoughtful and creative in terms of the arrangement. I would say the one thing that lacked for me was her connection to the song, the emotional part of it.

Gianna Isabella-- Idol Memory Scotty McCreery crush Season 10
Gianna sang Listen by Beyonce-- Jenn said it was a shaky performance. Kelly said it was pitchy and urged her to let go because sometimes when you think about trying to make everything perfect, you lose the emotion and you go pitchy cause you're thinking about it. Harry said it felt too rehearsed. Keith told her to continue growing.  The end went flat, and although there were parts that sounded good, it was off overall and not her best performance.

I love the advice Kelly is offering, and I like she is so comfortable and real.

Lee Jean-- Idol Memory Chris Medina singing Break Even Season 10
Lee sang Skinny Love by Bon Iver-- Kelly loves how talented and easy he is and she likes his niche. Harry said concentrate on pitch. Keith said you do a very good job of telling a story. Jenn said it's about achieving what Chris Medina made you feel. It's about your performance being more impactful every time. I agree Lee is a niche singer, and I also agree that he needs to focus on pitch. There is a lot of artistry there and now he needs to bring the other parts of his performance up as well.  

Avalon Young-- Idol Memory Justin Guarini singing Get Here Season 1
Avalon sang Stitches by Shawn Mendes-- Harry said Avalon has a cool vibe, but didn't think it was the best song for her. Keith said be comfortable from the beginning . Jenn urged her to choose songs she is comfortable with. Kelly said you make me love everything you sing, and I love you, I think you're so cool. Once again, totally agreeing with Kelly tonight.

Dalton Rapattoni-- Idol Memory Chris Daughtry not winning American Idol Season 5 and David Cook's approach to songs Season 7
Dalton sang Hey There Delilah by The Plain White T's-- Keith called the performance electric barnyard. Jenn said you're a rocker but so sweet. Kelly said you're so comfortable on stage, almost like it's home for you. You're just a completely different kind of  artist. Harry said you have completely flipped the concept of the song every time you sing and so far you are batting 1,000. I think Dalton is someone who is completely comfortable in his own skin and I love that. This is someone I see being around in this competition for a while.

Tristan McIntosh-- Idol Memory Jessica Sanchez singing I Will Always Love You Season 11
Tristan sang Nothing Like You by Dan + Shea-- Jenn said be who you are in the moment, and find the right songs. Kelly said I would love for you to sing Trisha Yearwood, sing a song that you have felt. Harry said choose songs that have more crossover appeal. I thought this was pitchy and I did not think that this was a good song choice for her. I think she is trying to be too mature.

MacKenzie Bourg-- Idol Memory William Hung singing She Bangs Season 3
MacKenzie sang I See Fire by Ed Sheeran-- Kelly said you already know where you want to go, you're already there. Harry asked him about the meaning of the song. Keith said you were so chill from the beginning and pulled us in. Jenn said he is compelling and she can't wait to hear more. I just love how MacKenzie has a real awareness as an artist, I also like how he is so in touch with his emotions in every performance. It's really beautiful to hear and watch.

LaPorsha Renae-- Idol Memory Kelly Clarkson winning Season 1
LaPorsha sang Diamonds by Rihanna-- Kelly said you're so blessed, every time you open your mouth to sang, you should say, you're welcome. Jenn said you have so much control. Keith said what you gave was pure humanity. She performs like she has been doing it her whole life. Her vocals were spot on and Kelly and Jenn were on their feet.

Sonika Vaid-- Idol Memory Kelly Clarkson singing I Surrender Season 1
Sonika sang Bring Me to Life by Evanesence-- Keith called it a killer song choice, and it played to your strengths. Jenn said if you wake up in this competition we will have a real competition here. Kelly said you're never pitchy and I liked that you followed LaPorsha. Harry said I love the way you sang the song, and you showed us a different kind of passion from you. I loved that, that is literally one of my favorite songs ever so for me, that was fierce.

Trent Harmon-- Idol Memory David Archuleta singing Imagine Season 7
Trent sang Like I Can by Sam Smith-- Jenn said you do such exciting things with your voice and you're an artist, I really love you. Kelly said it's impressive to have a voice that stands out, and she wants him to use his falsetto more. Harry thought the performance was tremendous. Keith said everyone has been rising to the occasion. I like Trent, I think the performance was a bit of a stretch, but I thought he did what he needed to do and he will be around for another week.

My predictions--- who is going home? Gianna and Tristan-- both performances were shaky at best

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Who Will Make the Final Ten? American Idol Season 15: The Final Season

Four automatically advancing to the top ten chosen by the judges-- Olivia Rox, Dalton Rapattoni, Trent Harmon, and Laporsha Renae

Manny Torres sang Master Blaster by Stevie Wonder-- Great performance quality, I love how Manny played to the crowd. I didn't think that this was the best choice of song for him.

Gianna Isabella sang I Put a Spell on You by Annie Lennox-- The potential that this young lady has is crazy. I think she is only going to get better. This performance showed her naivety as an artist, but her voice is so strong.

Thomas Stringfield sang Story of My Life by One Direction-- Not the best performance, he might have just given up his spot with that. However, I think Harry was way too harsh in his comments.

Tristan McIntosh sang What Hurts the Most by Rascal Flatts-- I absolutely loved her! Vocally, she was so strong. The song was perfect for her, and I felt like she was really connected to the song.

Avalon Young sang Yo Excuse Me Miss by Chris Brown-- I definitely would have been on my feet for that one. The vocal was smooth and confident. There is something really special about this girl.

Jenn Blosil sang True Colors by Cyndi Lauper-- Harry didn't like My Funny Valentine; I did. He liked this; I didn't. Jenn is strong enough to make it through to the top ten but how far she will get is another story.

Lee Jean sang Make it Rain by Ed Sheeran-- Poised and mature beyond his years, I loved Lee's performance. This is exactly the style of music he should be doing. Keith thought he was nervous tonight, but despite that he liked it.

Sonika Vaid sang I Surrender by Celine Dion-- This young lady is major competition for anyone in this competition. This top ten, I am just realizing will be extremely talented. Sonika's voice really soars, and she is another contestant who is mature beyond her years.

Jeneve Rose Mitchell sang Ring of Fire by Johnny Cash-- I maintain that Jeneve would be an interesting character to have on this season. She is talented. I don't know if she is ready for this, but she is unique.

MacKenzie Bourg sang Roses (original song)-- MacKenzie was a genius singing an original song, and an amazing original song at that. I love his voice, and I think he will go far in this competition.

Which 6 do I think are joining the top 10?

Gianna Isabella
Tristan McIntosh
Avalon Young
Lee Jean
Sonika Vaid
MacKenzie Bourg