Monday, April 4, 2016

The End of the Knockouts are Hot on Season 10 of: The Voice

Team Adam: Brian Nhira singing Grenade by Bruno Mars versus Nate Butler singing Let's Stay Together by Al Green-- Blake thought both rose to the occasion. Brian moved me, there's so much passion. Nate also had a lot of soul, well done to both of them! Christina liked Brian's intensity. Pharrell said Nate is soulful, and said Brian your energy and voice is on a ten. Adam said, Nate you were so good tonight, you understood the essence of the song. Adam said Brian, you sang the song like it was your song.
Adam chose Brian

Team Blake: Mary Sarah singing You Ain't Woman Enough to Take My Man by Loretta Lynn versus Brittany Kennell singing Still the One by Shania Twain-- Loved Mary Sarah, great song choice, and I think her personality really comes across here. Brittany did not sound good in this, this was the wrong song choice. It sounded flat and the song didn't really go anywhere.
Blake chose Mary

Team Christina: Bryan Bautista singing Sorry by Justin Bieber versus Trey O'Dell singing I Lived by OneRepublic-- Adam said Brian's range is crazy, and he is a little more seasoned so he'd go with him. Blake said Bryan took this one. Christina said, Bryan there are surprises around every corner for you. Trey you got better as you went along and the ending was super precise. For me, I was skeptical of Bryan doing  Sorry reggae style but when I heard it, I felt like he did a great job of putting that performance together so well. Trey just didn't measure up to Bryan's performance and vision.
Christina chose Bryan

Team Pharrell: Abby Celso singing Rich Girl by Hall & Oates versus Caity Peters singing Leave Your Lover by Sam Smith-- I like Abby so much, her blind was one of my faves, however, I thought the low was too low. Caity takes this one for me. Even though Caity's voice is low, she pulls this off so well because the dynamics are good as is the intensity of the performance. She is focused, and she feels the song.
Pharrell chose Caity

Team Adam: Laith Al Saadi singing In Your Eyes by Peter Gabriel versus Jessica Crosbie singing Wake Me Up by Avicii-- I loved Laith's performance, like Adam, this is one of my favorite songs also, and I felt like Adam and Miley's notes really helped to improve his performance. Adam said he had to pick the person that had something that he cannot ignore.
Adam chose Laith

Team Adam-- Caroline Burns moved on after singing Human by Christina Perri

Team Christina-- Joe Maye singing Earned It by The Weeknd versus Kata Hay singing Why Haven't I Heard From You by Reba McEntire-- Joe went all out, I loved his vocal, and by the end, he really stepped it up. He and Kate and both full out performers. I didn't like Kate that much in the past but tonight she made me a believer. Pharrell thought both of them lit up the stage. Adam said that they both killed it but he would go with Kata. Blake said this was a knockout for sure and he would choose Joe. Christina said, you both have so much showmanship.
Christina chose Kata and Blake stole Joe! Yes!

Look out for Brian, Bryan, Laith, Joe, Mary, and Kata.... just about everyone tonight is a threat

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