Tuesday, March 29, 2016

The Knockouts Continue on Season 10 of The Voice

Team Blake: Peyton Parker singing Traveling Soldier by The Dixie Chicks versus Adam Wakefield singing Bring It On Home to Me by Sam Cooke-- I thought Adam won this. Peyton has a great country voice, but her nerves kicked in, and Adam is just so special, and the coaches have made it clear that this could be his last chance. Christina said she has a little crush on Adam and finds his voice sexy. Coach Adam said he thinks Adam is pretty great too. 
Blake chose Adam

Team Pharrell: Moushumi singing The New Americana by versus Nick Hagelin singing Lost Without You by Robin Thicke-- I didn't love Moushumi's performance, I definitely see what Pharrell likes about her. Unless Nick messes up big time I would pick him. Adam said Nick really engaged the crowd, overall it was good, and I think there is more to be seen from you. I think all the coaches chose Nick. Christina admitted that Nick should not have gone home. Wow, Pharrell, I don't think Moushumi is going to make it past the lives. 
Wow Pharrell picked Moushumi, I would not have done that. 

Team Christina: Maya Smith singing No One by Alicia Keys versus Tamar Davis singing Lay Me Down by Sam Smith-- For me, both ladies were pretty awesome. I could take either one. Pharrell said, Christina, your team is fireball after fireball. Both of you are superheros. Adam said, Maya another side of you came out, and Tamar, damn, your performance was bonkers, crazy. Blake said Tamar you're so strong, and Maya your range surprised us all. I'd give the edge to Tamar.... Blake, I agree with you. 
Christina chose Tamar

 Wow, Nick and Maya were both amazing and were good enough to be stolen and it just didn't happen! Adam and Tamar are going to be great in this thing. 

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