Monday, March 21, 2016

The Voice: Season 10 The Battles Are Fierce

Team Blake: Adam Wakefield versus Jared Harder singing Can't You See by The Marshall Tucker Band -- I lean more towards Adam because he is a natural born performer. Pharrell talked about Jared's soul and how Adam continues to come from out of nowhere. Adam said that Adam is so authentic, he said Jared is just as capable but he thinks a little bit more. Blake thought both of them sounded like a band together, and was pleased with both of them.
Blake chose Adam

Team Pharrell: Emily Kenner versus Jonathan Bach singing Explosions by Ellie Goulding-- Adam thought Jonathan did a great job and hung in there with Emily. Blake felt like he was watching a theatrical performance, and sided with Emily. Christina felt Jonathan gave himself to the performance and her vote would be for him. Pharrell said the song was not in Emily's wheelhouse but she continued to push and Jonathan made the song his own. Tough one, but for me, I would definitely go with Jonathan-- I think he grew more.
Pharrell chose Emily

Team Christina: Daniel Passino versus Kristen Marie singing Turning Tables by Adele-- I thought Daniel was the better choice, he sang so eloquently. Adam said Daniel had a better idea of where he wanted to go, Daniel you sang beautifully. Blake said I pushed my button for both of you, I would go for Daniel because I understood his vocal so clearly. Christina thought that they were so well connected to the song. I'm going to go with who I think is more sure of themselves.
Christina chose Daniel

Team Pharrell: Jonathan Hutcherson versus Moushumi singing Photograph by Ed Sheeran-- Pharrell chose Moushumi

Team Adam: Katherine Ho versus Lily Green singing Lovefool by The Cardigans-- Adam chose Katherine

Team Blake: Angie Keilhauer versus Teresa Guidry singing Backseat of a Greyhound Bus by Sara Evans-- Blake chose Angie

Team Pharrell: Abby Celso versus Brian Nhira singing Sugar by Maroon 5-- Fave battle of the night, I loved both of them. Adam said excellent song choice. Adam was impressed by Brian's full voice. Blake said he loved Abby's rock growl. Christina loved listening to Brian sing, and Abby, you had different textures in your voice. I thought Brian's voice was flawless, it was just such a pleasure listening to him.
Pharrell chose Abby .... Adam and Christina went for the steal with Brian...... Brian chose Adam

Team Adam: Caroline Burns and Mike Schiavo singing Like I'm Gonna Lose You by Meghan Trainor and John Legend-- I actually would go with Mike on this, I just thought he seemed more comfortable in this battle. Blake said he would go with Caroline because he felt like Mike gave the battle to her. Christina said she would go with Mike because he seemed to be the more consistent of the two. Pharrell thought Caroline took advantage of the opportunity, but Mike "killed it". Adam said both of them worked very hard to get there.
Adam chose Caroline

Team Christina: Alisan Porter and Lacy Mandigo singing California Dreamin' by The Mamas and The Papas-- I was a little bit unimpressed with this because to me, it sounded like a bunch of runs strung together. Pharrell and Adam found Alisan to be the stronger singer of the two. Blake said he agreed with Adam's point, but in another way didn't agree with him. Christina said she was moved by both of them.
Christina chose Alisan and Blake stole Lacy

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