Tuesday, March 15, 2016

The Voice Season 10: The Battles Are in Full Swing

Team Christina: Shalyah Fearing versus Tamar Davis sang Lady Marmalade by Patti LaBelle-- In this battle, I'd give it to Tamar because she's the more experienced singer. Shalyah is young and skilled but my issue is she sounded like she was screaming at times.
Christina chose Tamar and surprisingly Shalyah was stolen by Pharrell

Team Blake: Justin Whisnant versus Mary Sarah sang Louisiana Woman, Mississippi Man by Conway Twitty and Loretta Lynn-- They were both great, but if I were picking for my team, Mary is a star. Christina said she enjoyed both of them and this would be a tough choice. Pharrell liked the way Justin controlled his verbratto and Mary's showmanship. Blake was proud of both of them, but decided to go with who he thought was a little stronger.
Blake chose Mary

Pharrell's adviser is Sean Combs
Team Pharrell: Jessica Crosbie versus Nick Hagelin sang Electric Feel by MGMT-- Diddy told them to feel the funk, feel the pocket. Jessica came out strong, but so did Nick, I really liked their stage presence and how they worked the stage together. They really took Diddy's notes well. Adam said Jessica broke his heart when she didn't choose him. Blake thought Nick spent a lot of time in his falsetto, and he liked it, and would go with Nick. Christina said if I had to pick I'd go with Nick for the high note. Pharrell said they both brought it. He liked that Nick went for the note he gave him about the full note, and he liked how Jessica took Puff's note.
Pharrell chose Nick and at the last minute, Adam stole Jessica! Yes! Both of them deserved to move on.

Team Christina: Chelsea Gann versus Kata Hay sang The Only One by Melissa Etheridge-- Unimpressed, this was a little bit throw away for me. I guess I would pick Kata based on the fact that I liked her blind audition better.
Christina chose Kata

Team Adam: Natalie Yacovazzi versus Nate Butler sang Hollow by Tori Kelly-- Blake says Natalie has originality, and Nate sounds a lot like Adam and he is pitch perfect. Christina said this is neck in neck. I liked both of them, but I would give the edge to Nate, personal preference.
Adam chose Natalie

Team Pharrell: Hannah Huston versus Maya Smith sang Elastic Heart by Sia-- Diddy talked to both of them. He told Maya to be more confident and he told Hannah to show more attitude. I liked Hannah's tone more, but I thought Maya grew a lot. Adam liked Hannah's presence and confidence. Blake said Hannah is intense and Maya seemed a little more free. Christina felt like their vibrattos were both strong.
Pharrell chose Hannah

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